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Your worship.

Ellana was so completely, entirely one hundred percent fed up with that title. “Herald of Andraste”. What in Elgar’nan’s name would it take to convince everyone that not only did she not believe in the Maker, OR the divinity of Andraste, but that she barely believed in her own pantheon? At this point, taking the Creators’ names in vain was more of a cultural habit than anything. 

If she heard ‘your worship’ one more fucking time…

She stormed into the Herald’s Rest, beelining for Cabot’s counter, where he wisely already had her usual waiting; a juniper infused liqueur with bubbly elderflower wine and a twist of lime. Sweet, heady, and guaranteed to knock the inexperienced drinker on their ass. 

She commandeered a corner table to herself and sipped at her drink with a sour face. Stupid shems. Acting like the Chantry told the only truth in Thedas, as if anything even remotely miraculous must be due to divine intervention. Sometimes the miraculous was just dumb stupid luck. ‘Your Worship’, indeed. The only thing she’d done lately worthy of worship was not to scream out loud at how many people insisted she was something she wasn’t, so smug, as if they surely knew better than her simple, bumpkin, Dalish ass.

“Your worship!”

“WHAT?” Ellana snapped, whirling on the unfortunate fool behind her. As soon as her eyes met his, she wilted. An embarrassed flush spread over her face, tinting her cheeks, her nose, the tips of her pointed ears. She could even feel the heat of shame spreading down her chest. 

“I…just wanted to see how you fared…” Cremisius faltered, with a good-natured, if awkward chuckle. 

Ellana took a deep breath and sighed. “Sorry…” she mumbled, downing the rest of her drink. “It’s been…strange.” 

“How so?”

The Inquisitor, now that was a title, looked around the bar. It was crowded at this time of night, plenty of off-duty soldiers taking the chance to loosen up and flirt with the tavern wenches. She jerked her head toward the back door, and the pair of them slipped out, drinks still in hand. 

Once they were outdoors, the frigid wind biting through the light leathers they wore within the protection of Skyhold’s walls, Ellana went on, leaning against a slapdash fence. “It was difficult enough when everyone only though I was the Herald…now that I’m the Inquisitor…” She shook her head with a rueful grimace. “No matter what I do, everyone thinks I’m some holy idol to be worshipped…and I’m sick of it. I’m Dalish for fuck’s sake!” She exclaimed. “I only worship my own gods out of habit! I don’t even believe in the Maker!”

She had expected a painful silence, but Krem only laughed, loud and uninhibited. 

“Well, that’s leadership for you, isn’t it?” He slapped his thigh with a jovial chuckle. “Everyone thinks you’re something you’re not. Even the Chargers think I can just pull a miracle out of my ass, and I’m not even supposed to be divinely appointed.”

Ellana groaned and let her head drop into her arms, braced against the fence. “I just wish everyone would stop calling me ‘your worship’ all the time. I’m a failure of a hunter within my own clan! Not some idol to be paid homage to…”

“But you are,” Krem protested, sobering even as he took another swig of his ale. “You’re the only one who can close the tears in the Veil. You fought off a dragon long enough for everyone in Haven to retreat. You saved countless lives, including mine…” He shook his head in disbelief, his voice cracking. “You…are the most incredible woman I have ever met. Can you imagine how you seem to others? You may as well be Andraste reborn. You fought a DRAGON. The Chief has sex dreams about fighting a dragon, and you did it for real!”

“I’m not Andraste!” shouted Ellana, throwing her glass to the ground. It shattered on the icy pavement as she rounded on the hapless Krem, whose dark brows shot skyward at her outburst. “I’m just some stupid elf who got tossed into a shite position that no one else wanted because I was useless to my clan, and because I’m so fucking useless, I ended up in a stupid fucking position at the wrong stupid FUCKING time and now everyone thinks I’m divine! Well guess what, I’m not. I just SUCK! That is literally the only reason I was at the Conclave when I was! I ended up where I did because I was LATE. Because my stupid arse snapped a bowstring halfway to the shrine, not even fighting anything, but because I TRIPPED. Over NOTHING.”

With each infuriated exclamation, she took a step forward, until she had crowded poor Cremisius against the back wall of the tavern and was jabbing a finger at his chest, so engulfed in her own fury that she’d forgotten why she was so upset in the first place. She found herself centimeters from him, glaring up at him with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Then she was in his arms. His mouth was on hers, snapping hungrily at her lips, pressing her hard against his chest and groaning into her mouth without a care for who might hear. Her tongue met his stroke for stroke, her fingernails scraping through the velvety soft down at the base of his neck. A strong hand found her thigh and urged her leg up over his hip. She gasped against his lips at the sudden friction between her legs when his hips rolled against hers. 

“If you call me…” she panted between crazed kisses. “Your worship…one more time…”

“You’ll what?” he breathed, taking her bottom lip between his teeth and savoring the long, low moan he drew from her throat. 

“I’ll kick your ass…” Her fingers tangled into the longer hair atop his head and pulled firmly. 

His voice shattered on a gasp as his hips jerked against hers. He tried to pull back–he hadn’t even told her yet– but her leg held him captive, her arms encircling his neck as she stole thirsty kisses from his thick, willing lips. He finally broke apart, dragging air into his lungs with a heaving chest. 

“Your–um…” he panted, trying desperately to pretend like he hadn’t engraved her first name into his mind the first time he’d laid eyes on her.

“Ellana,” she whispered, sending shivers down his spine. 

“Ellana…” Krem melted into her arms, nuzzling into the hollow of her shoulder. He held her firm against his chest, wracked with gasping breaths as he came down from the high of her touch. “Ellana…”

ok but like pls consider how fucking cute and angsty famous plots could be like boy band member n actress/model/whatever friends whose fans send her hate when they arent even dating n there like “bro wtf tell ur fans to chill pls” but then it continues w support n whoops their management wants them to date now for publicity wow

and also just like. jaded child actor. new excited puppy who hasn’t been ruined by hollywood yet actor. pls. it just combines good things. they can be co stars n its not real but it feels real fight mE ABOUT iT I DARE U


anyways in conclusion just give me a famous plot of any fuckin kind and i’ll shut up for once in my goddamn life 

Don’t ever let them tell you that you’re too stupid to do something. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy for you. Maybe you’re going to have to work for it a little harder than other people, which I know isn’t fair. But that doesn’t mean you should just give up.
—  Abandon by Meg Cabot