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Please continue the Agricorps AU. Does Obi-wan get a respite with Qui-gon before having to go before the Senate?

“Force I needed that.” Obi-Wan sighed happily, stretching slowly as he surfaced from their shared meditation, Qui-Gon chuckling quietly as the redhead popped his back and shoulders in one move.

He stood and offered his hand to the other. “It sounded like you did.” He teased, smiling gently when Obi-Wan laughed and allowed the other to help him up. “You sound more like you need a massage or a hot shower honestly.”

“After food and the Senate meeting.” Obi-Wan chuckled. “Perhaps I’ll even take a bath, a long warm one.” He sighed hopefully.

“Do you feel ready for it?” Qui-Gon questioned as they bundled into the kitchen together to make something.

“I think so, as far as Senator Amidala explained, its going to be her, the Supreme Chancellor and four other Senators along with the press that’s going to be there to question me.” Obi-Wan peered at the things Qui-Gon was bringing out of the fridge before perking up. “Pasta cabonara?”

“Mhmm, would you fill a pot with water?”

The redhead jumped to it, wiggling ever so slightly with a warm smile.

The two cooked together, Qui-Gon enjoying the moment of being away from the front to actually do it and Obi-Wan just soaking in the calm after the sudden storm that seemed to uproot him.

“…You know, I didn’t mention it earlier but I like your plants.” He murmured, leaning against the counter as Qui-Gon cooked the bacon and the pasta bubbled away. “They’re very healthy.”

The older man chuckled and glanced at him. “I’m sure you can tell I’m part of the living Force. The plants are a comfort to me and I’ve always been a sucker for those weaker then me.” He explained as he nudged at Obi-Wan and pointed to the grater and cheese.

Obi-Wan hummed and set to grating it up for the sauce. “I see.” They settled into the quiet together, Qui-Gon marveling at how easily they seemed to slot together, it made him wonder…

“Don’t mourn for lost chances Qui-Gon.” Obi-Wan whispered, reaching out and brushing his fingers against the others wrist. “Think of the future instead.” He smiled, the harsh light of the kitchen catching in his beard and hair.

“…You’re right, live in the moment.” Qui-Gon murmured. “…Perhaps… if we’re living in the moment… may I ask if this could be considered a date?”

“I’d like that.” Obi-Wan smiled and traced his fingers against the others wrist some more. “I’d really like that.” He leaned up on his toes and pressed a kiss to Qui-Gon’s bearded cheek, feeling the whiskers tickle his lips.


“I…I wasn’t aware there would be so many reporters.” Obi-Wan slowly said, glancing at them then at the Senators, leaning back in his chair. The Jedi Order had decided that it was best not to let Obi-Wan go alone and Mace Windu had opted to go with him as support.

Originally Obi-Wan had wanted Qui-Gon but Mace, as the former Head of the Order before the war made a bigger impact and offered more protection for the core member. The Korun crossed his arms over his chest, standing beside Obi-Wan’s chair though he had been offered a seat too which he had declined.

“I apologize Master Kenobi.” Amidala offered sincerely. “But it was…insisted that all news stations that wanted to come would be allowed.” Her eyes flickered to Palpatine then back to Obi-Wan and he nodded slowly, still feeling overwhelmed.

It was hard to say a word against the Chancellor.

Haltingly, Obi-Wan started to explain the night the core had been attacked, explaining how he had been worried about the seedlings and had gone to check on it, how the first explosion had been targeted at the living quarters before everything had become a carpet bombing.

A clear intent to not leave any survivors behind.

“Then how did you survive?” One of the Senators asked, a Zabrak.

Obi-Wan shrugged. “Mostly luck. I was injured by a few of the initial blasts but I could still run. I…I took refuge in some of the larger tree roots, it was far enough away at the intial start to help me survive and then I started to grow whatever seeds I had on me and the natural flora for protection.”

“Grow?” Senator Organa leaned forward, frowning a bit.

Obi-Wan stared back before reaching into his pouch, pulling something from his utility belt. When he opened his hand, a little nut like seed rested in it.

Mace knew what was about to happen and made no move to interfere even as several Senators frowned in confusion.

And then Obi-Wan rested his other hand above the seed.

Slowly, in front of their eyes, the seed started to spout in his hand, the little brown nut turning green as it reached up towards Obi-Wan’s hand as if it was the sun.

One of the reporters dropped the microphone he was holding and a camera man shifted its eye off the lens to look with their eyes as if they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“…Agricore members job is to grow, we grow the majority yield of Coruscant’s food supply, at least its vegetable and grains.” Obi-Wan offered quietly. “Surplus is used for relief and famine stricken worlds. Before the war we were branching out into some of the fruits too but with the current demand we had to focus on growing the grains, vegetables and medical herbs that goes into daily living.”  

He looked up from the seed to the people in the room. “This is what we do. We encourage the growth of the plants, we ship it to Coruscant and the temple, we’re just…slightly fancy farmers trying to do our part.” He smiled meekly.


Mace felt his heart ping a bit at the broken tone, resting a hand on Obi-Wan’s shoulder before he leveled a look at the Senators. “I believe you have your answers. The CIS attacked a peaceful farming moon full of none-combatants and the only survivor did so by luck. And he is STILL recovering.” He said strongly. “He needs his rest. I’m taking him back to the temple.”

His tone brokered no argument

I don’t remember you.

But I read our story and I need to find out what happens next. I need to know that your husband somehow made it back to you – that this sadness was not the end of the story. I need to know there is more than Book 34, that Book 35, 36, 37… they will tell the story of how he remembers you and you two fight the world together.

I need to find out so I refuse to turn myself in. Even though, every day, my name is slandered on the news and my friends don’t believe me and beg me to turn myself in. I pull out that bullet. I staple my wounds shut. I hide away from sight even though my name turns sour every day. I wait for you – you spoke as if you would return immediately why aren’t you here yet – I wait.

While I wait, I read and reread that comic. I thumb the pages with familiarity now. What did she want her husband to do? Ah yes. When I go to the market to buy food, I keep my head down but my eye catches on a dress that would look nice on you. At the market, I think about what I can buy you – I haven’t got much money now so maybe an ice-cream will do? I practise making something better than ramyun; day after day, I eat failed attempts at cabonara spaghetti until I get it right. I can almost see you smile when you eat it; no one can say I don’t give it my all to complete my given assignments.

I go for my daily drive. The bus stop is coming up on the horizon. Will you be there? You haven’t been the last 27 times I looked. I can hardly look. Do I even know how to speak to someone normally anymore? My hand flickers into transparency as I turn onto the main road. I gaze over my translucent fingertips, past the steering wheel and hope to see you standing on the curb.

I hope you appear before I disappear.

Tonight I forgot to stop at the grocery store but really wanted a homemade meal. I had to work with whatever was laying around. I knew I had some pasta in the cabinet but all I could find in the fridge was some spaghetti sauce, ricotta cheese, eggs and peas. I decided I could try to use pasta cabonara as an inspiration, using the pasta to cook the eggs, giving me some protein. I mixed the rest of it up and it was a pretty good meal! I used a bit too much ricotta, I would recommend no more than a spoonful. I always love meals that you mush everything together, so this really hit the spot.


Hello strangers,

What a lazy day today? I was so hungry this morning, but don’t know what to eat. My lovely lady lover was craving for spaghetti cabonara since last night, and I have promised to made it for breakfast. Can’t break the promise especially when a girl is really hungry!! Roaming around in the fridge for a while and found lots of what so called better than just a cabonara. Hmm… Here comes the part where you finally realized what you want, but you have to choose between to follow your desire or keeping your promise. “Sooner or later I have to made it for her anyway”, this is what I think. In conclusion, I came up with the new food experimental for us both to have a happy breakfast that we both want to eat.

“Baked Spaghetti Creamy Sauce”

Well, if anyone can think of a better name for this menu, please let me know, or otherwise I’ll still call this menu by this name. Here are all the ingredients. Whatever vegetables I have found in my fridge, chopped it. When stir fry and mix with cream sauce, all these vegetables will give out the sweetness and you will feel less guilty to eat all those high carb/fat. 



1 - Potato

1 - Hand Full of Spinach

1 - Pack of Mixed Cheese

1 - Small Can of Corn

2 - Big Button Mushrooms

2 - Onions

2 - Garlics

150ml - Double Cream



Olive Oil

*Depend on how you like - Salt / Pepper / Sugar / Parsley (for decoration)


How to? 

1)   Put spaghetti into boiling water, add a little bit of salt, and let it cook until the spaghetti is done.

2)   Pre-heat the oven (200°c) while you start preparing all the ingredients. Apply oil/butter to the baking tray.

3)   Cut potatoes into slices and lay it all on the baking tray. Then layered it with mixed cheese. Cut/Slice/Chop vegetables and bacon however you like.

4)   Fried bacon along with pre-heat another pan for making the creamy sauce (put a little bit of olive oil into the pan). 

5)   Smashed the garlic (1 or2), chopped it and throw it into the pan. Then add onion and the rest of the vegetables. Stir fried until everything look soft and cooked. Then put double cream into the pan, mix it all together, add a little bit of salt/pepper/sugar.

6)   Turn off the heat and put spaghetti into to pan, mix everything together. Then put all the ingredient into the baking tray that we prepared earlier.

7)   Topped everything with egg and cheese. Then put it in the oven. Wait for about 15-20 minutes. After that take it out and put a little bit of parsley on top for decoration.

Done !!!

Have a tasty Tuesday!! 

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