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Can you recommend other good knitting or crochet blogs? Love your content!

I’m so happy you enjoy the blog!

You know, there are so many high quality knitting and crochet blogs here on tumblr.  I’ll tell you the ones I look at most frequently but this is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list of good craft blogs.  (If I’ve left you off it’s not meant as a slight at all, I promise.)

But the following are consistently high-quality, and if you start following them you will not be sorry:


yarnaddictionfictionknitterlazy-vegetarianheart-of-yarn; letsknitmag;

allofthemaking; purple-rose-emporium; stitch-please; fannishknits;

theknittingpirate; crochetmelovely

Destash 2k16: So I haven’t actually finished using the GIANT ball of green acrylic yarn that I have (it’s a @redheartyarns super saver), but I wanted to go ahead and show you what I’m making with it! I hope to make at least 10 of these lobed cacti by the time I’m done. It’s definitely a project for in-between other projects though. If you like this one, it’s available on my Etsy shop: