it’s done! From initial sketches to the finish product, it took two months! three options, doorless, natural, and white! (or white and wood at the same time)

I made everything from the cabinet, to the legs, doors, shelves, and the router lines for the sliding doors.

It’s going to support my tv, hold my cable box /Apple TV / DVD player on the top shelf, then records and DVDs and record player on the bottom.

it’s my second piece of real furniture, but my first design!

Diy ir blaster

I built one of these over the break while I was at my girlfriend’s parent’s house. Her dad has a Google tv and their new cable box wouldn’t work with its type of channel switching. He needed an ir blaster to change the channel through the Google tv. We went to best buy and thought that they might have a set for Tivo but alas they did not.  I found this how to with a quick search, went to RadioShack, bought the few required parts, and built it. After I changed the settings in the Google tv it worked without a hitch.

Is Reality TV Stealing Your Reality

I was in high school when MTV introduced their reality television hit, “Real World: New York”.…

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yzghuldar  asked:

*skitters out from a vent in your room* Hello, I like your art, so I will follow you. Have a nice one. :^) *slithers away under your bed*

Hey there! Thank you so much!
For your kind words please accept uh… idk this picture of me as a child because it goes well with your header/icon :D

btw I’m not sure you’ll fit under the bed. It’s kind of crowded (all our OCs sleep under there)