cable suspension


Kenzo Tange, Yoyogi National Indoor Stadiums, (1961-1964)

Built for the Tokyo Summer Games in 1964, the complex consists of two indoor arenas connected by a central spine that also houses ancillary and office functions. Structural design was handled by Tsuboi Yoshikatsu and his associate Kawaguchi Mamoru, but Tange’s team participated extensively in a joint design process. The basic structure for both buildings relied on cable suspension technology developed for bridges, but as an architectural project, the challenge was to  create interior enclosures under the span. The urban aspects of Yoyogi Stadiums deserve as much notice as the project’s obvious formal virtuosity. One of the last large undeveloped tracts in central Tokyo, the stadium area was conceived as part of a ring of major open spaces in the cities dense center. The site plan extends beyond the stadium site’s boundry in the northeast corner to include a traffic intersection, a signifigant urban intervention to bring together the dense fabric of upper Shibuya and new large-scale institutional facilities such as the local ward office, the headquarters of Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NKH), and the stadiums themselves. The two spiraling tails of the stadium site provide further linkage from the upper Shibuya area to Harajuku and Meiji Shrine.

someone:  how are you?

me:  i just want people to remember that The Ring sucks not because american remakes are always terrible but because the entire horrific story, the arresting image of the ring, all of it sits, like a turd on a physicist’s dinner plate, on the idea that one can ‘seal’ a well with a huge heavy stone and still see a completely unbroken ring of light. like, i’m just so tired y’all.

Which Trolls should you fight

Aradia | Who wins; Aradia
Aradia fights with a whip. Do you know why? There is no practical application for a whip in combat. She doesn’t need it. Instead she will punch you, to death. With her fists. And a mountain. Don’t fight Aradia.

Tavros | Who wins: Doesn’t matter
Why the fuck would you fight Tavros? Why the fuck? What the fuck is wrong with you? Why the fuck would you want to fight Tavros? Shame on you. Don’t fight Tavros.

Sollux | Who wins: You
Sure he has psiionic powers that can crush buildings, propel meteors through space, and fire some kind of x-men level bullshit from his fucking eyes. Counterpoint? He’s a nerd. You have to win. Find a way. Fight Sollux.

Nepeta | Who wins: Nepeta
She has eaten larger, uglier things than you for breakfast on a bad day, I guarantee it. Do not fight Nepeta.

Karkat | Who wins: You
There is no way you lose to Karkat. If for some reason he starts getting the upper hand, distract him by insulting 50 first dates. Tell him you thought I Am Legend was a bit of a let down compared to the original short story. Attack him with improvised weapons while he cries about will smith’s dog. Fight Karkat.

Kanaya | Who wins: KANAYA

Terezi | Who wins: ???
Whether or not you beat Terezi is a matter of politics, and ultimately irrelevant. She’s already accounted for the possibility of loss. She has a backup plan. She has a backup backup plan. Even when she loses, she wins. Ask yourself; are you an irredeemable, stupid douchebag? If so, fight Terezi. You deserve it. If not, fight her anyway so you have the honor of saying you did.

Vriska | Who wins: Nobody
Don’t fight Vriska. Even if you win, you will have interacted with Vriska.

Equius | Who wins: You
Equius is very unlikely to fight back, because he’s weird like that, but also probably a good guy that doesn’t want to pop your skull like a strawberry truffle. So, fight Equius. It’ll be funny.

Gamzee | Who wins: You, maybe
But do not fight Gamzee.

Eridan | Who wins: I Don’t care
Fight Eridan. Fight him right now. Do you want money? I’ll pay you money. I have $9 in my wallet right now and $200 in my bank account and I will give it all to you if you will fight Eridan. Fight Eridan. Please.

Feferi | Who wins: Feferi
Feferi wins, and sends flowers to your recovery room. She teaches your niece how to play piano. She pays your hospital bill, and visits the kids in pediatrics down the hall. Your friends and family like her better than you. You like her better than you. Fight Feferi if you love feeling inadequate and hate having intact legbones. Otherwise, don’t fight Feferi.

Whiskey Deadeye

Pacific Rim AU Part 1

At 15:34 that day the Deadlock Jaeger boots up for the first time and initiates the neural handshake with its sole pilot, name and background unknown.

At 15:41 Lechuza Renegade is deployed to take it down and prevent a mass murder in the urban areas of Santa Fe.

Lechuza Renegade arrives at 16:47. The battle lasts three hours.

“It was a goddamn miniature mech cobbled together in a garage by teenagers with too much time on their hands! What the hell took you so long?”

Gabriel Reyes and his co-pilot take the reprimand with quietly grinding teeth. They don’t say the smaller size made it impossible to hit. It was in and out before their Jaeger could react and its smaller weaponry allowed for aimbot technology the likes of which their own can’t profit from. It was like trying to squash a fly. A panicked fly with a gun.

They don’t say all that because it’s in their report, the same the Marshall pokes at like it personally offended him.

“We did our best, sir.” Reyes says. “And we brought in the mech for study.”

“For study, great! If you haven’t noticed we have a full bay of the damn things, we don’t need some scrap heap out of Deadlock gorge!”

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tacoma gothic
  • you drive north, and mt. rainier is on your right.  you drive south, and mt. rainier is on your right.  you drive east and mt. rainier is on your right.  you drive many places, and the mountain is always there, but never where it should be.
  • a putrid smell rolls up from the black waters of the puget sound. locals call it the “tacoma aroma,” but when asked what it is, no one is willing to answer.
  • you assume there is an invisible barrier from north alder to union to proctor that keeps the ups students contained.  you have never seen a single ups student leave this area, but there are scorch marks in the street where a brave few have tried.
  • you have gone to “infinite soups” once.  it was three years ago, and you are still eating soup.  whenever you think you are scraping the last dregs from your to-go bowl, a new soup appears, and it is usually something excruciatingly delicious.  “oh no,” you murmur to yourself, because you are full but it is creamy artichoke–your favorite.  
  • at night, when the wind is blowing in the right direction, you can still hear the shudder and snap of suspension cables, the sound of a ghost bridge collapsing into the water.
  • you can’t remember the last time you saw windows that were clear, signs with words.  the street is only green crosses and sanded glass.  a strange-smelling fog creeps through the streets, but there are no clouds in the sky.  you are suddenly very, very hungry.  
The death of creativity

I know I’m a poet at heart 
But people are so critical of my art 
Saying I make myself depressed 
When I already was, just unexpressed 
And writing is my way out 
Whenever I fill with fear and doubt 
And I never meant 
For all of it to be sent
My whole family 
But true to irony
They say it’s all in my attitude
And I better show some gratitude
Because it doesn’t matter how much my eyes are runny
Poetry never makes any money
To which I heave a sigh
And numbly reply
I’m not writing for a career
I’m simply fighting my fear
Writing helps me steer
It gives me a true rarity
Passion coupled with clarity
And does cleanse
My souls contact lens
So I can see once more
You don’t need to do anything more
Than accept
The simple concept
Of that I need an outlet
To help me find the exit
Of the burning bridges I’m on
Many of which are so far gone
They cannot be saved
Only repaved
So let’s get the steel beams
And chase our dreams
Let’s get our concrete
And live each heartbeat
Build each suspension cable
And erase every label
It’s time to rebuild
It’s just how I feel fulfilled

Winter Break: Part Seven

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, Daniel Bruhl, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner(more to be added)

Word Count: 1.5k words

Warnings: Swearing?

A/N: heyo, so I just wrote this up today. the scene in here is one of my favorite scenes in CA:CW so I hope I did a good job of capturing it. thank you also to everyone who’s been messaging me and supporting me, you all are dreams, and thank you to everyone who’s been liking the story. (: enjoy

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Leipzig-Halle Airport was freezing.

It was barely eleven o’clock in the morning, and you were standing in close quarters with Elizabeth and Chris, shivering together. They were dressed as their superheroes, and you had to admit they both looked even better in person than on the screen.

“When’s Jeremy going to get here?” you ask, running your hands up and down your arms. You were wearing Damon’s jacket again, along with a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. The weather wasn’t actually that cold, but the wind that would blow across the runway sent the entire cast and crew scuttling for either thicker jackets or human warmth.

“Soon,” Joe Russo replies from a few feet away, near the main camera. “We didn’t need him until today, and he had a few interviews to get to. Once he lands over there,” Joes waves his hand towards the furthermost side of the airport, “we’ll get him suited up and ready to go.”

“So we’re just going to stand here?” Sebastian asks, hugging himself. Mackie was hugging him, and Tom was leaning closely to both of them, teeth chattering. You felt especially bad for him, since was wearing his thin Spider-Man costume and windbreaker jacket, which didn’t look like it was doing much besides keeping his hair in place.

“Renner’s flight is delayed,” Anthony Russo suddenly says, looking up from his phone. Collectively, the cast groans.

You glance back over at Tom, who’s rubbing his hands up and down his thighs, and frown. You think back to when he had offered his arm out to you on the way to the park, and you cave.

“I’ll be right back,” you say to Chris, because you know if you look at Elizabeth you’re going to turn red. You slink past Sebastian and Mackie, and dodge Robert’s swinging hands as he carries on about why Iron Man is better than Thor with Chadwick, and stand in front of Tom.

“(Y/N),” he looks up at you in surprise, and you give him a shy smile. You take Damon’s jacket off of yourself, and offer it out to Tom.

“Trade you,” you say simply.

He stares at the letterman jacket for a long moment, before glancing at his own jacket. “I don’t know if this would keep you warm.”

“It’s okay,” you reassure him. “I’m not the one wearing the Spider-Man onesie.”

Tom laughs, loud and adorably, and you find yourself smiling at him.

“I’ll give it back to you when Renner gets here,” he tells you, and begins to slide out of his windbreaker. He hands you the jacket, his cold, gloved hands sliding over your own hands, and you give him the letterman jacket.

Tom’s jacket is hardly warm, and you shiver as you put it on and zip it up. Tom looks very…well, you can’t think of the word. Strange, possibly? Wearing the Spider-Man costume covered in sensor dots and your high school’s varsity football league jacket, he was definitely something else.  

“Now you look cold,” Tom chuckles, and you glance back at him.

“I’m okay,” you tell him, smiling. “I had to repay you a favor anyways.”

Tom takes a moment before he smiles, dropping his head and shaking it. “I’m sorry,” he says.

“For what?” you ask, shifting on feet.

“That was…weird, yesterday,” he shuffles as well, looking embarrassed. “I just get nervous around beautiful girls.”

You stop for a moment, and then try to suppress the grin forcing its way onto your face. You can’t help but let out a little laugh, and slap your hand over your mouth.

“What?” Tom chuckles, looking at you.

“Nothing,” you say, shaking your head and still smiling.

“Hey lovebirds!” you hear Paul Rudd shout across the landing strip, and you almost face-palm.

“What do you want, Ant-Man?” Tom shouts back, and you give him a wide-eyed look when he didn’t correct Paul.

“Renner just landed! Want to walk over and pick him up?”

“Want to go meet Jeremy?” Tom asks you, and you nod.

“Yeah,” you say. “Yeah, I miss him.”

Tom throws his arm over your shoulder and your eyes widen in surprise, but you pull the windbreaker jacket tighter around yourself and glance in your brother’s direction. Sebastian holds his index and middle fingers to his face, making a I’m watching you motion. You stick your tongue out at him, and the group around him laughs.

“Let’s gooo,” Paul says, with Robert next to him.

“Why is Team Iron Man meeting a Team Cap?” Robert complains as you four walk behind Joe Russo and three security guards into the entrance of the airport from the ground.

“I’m not Team Iron Man,” Paul points out.

“Yeah, me neither,” you add, and Robert stops, giving you a shocked look.
“You’re Team Cap?” he demands.

“Captain America is my favorite superhero,” you shrug. “Plus, you’re trying to kill my brother the entire movie.”

“Get off of her, Parker,” Robert says, pulling Tom away from you. “She’s gone to the dark side.”

“Hey!” Paul protests. “The dark side isn’t that bad.”

“Yes, it is,” you, Tom, and Robert say in unison.

“But Anakin Skywalker-”

“Killed a bunch of little kids,” you cut him off.

“Okay but-”

“And tried to kill his own son,” Tom points out.


“Don’t forget he killed his wife and tortured Leia,” Robert adds.

“Okay!” Paul throws his hands into the air. “Fine, dark side not good. But at least Anakin was hot.”

“Before the lava or during the lava?” you ask, and Robert snorts.

Paul gives you a flat look as Tom indiscreetly drapes his arm back over your shoulders as you reenter the airport. “Before.”


You try to catch your breath as you collapse against Elizabeth, laughing so hard you can barely breath.

It was nearing the fifteenth take on the scene of Mackie and you brother being webbed to the airport floor, and every time Tom would swing over them, supported by invisible suspension cables, he would either kick Mackie in the face by accident or Sebastian would crack up. The rest of the cast and yourself were all standing out of the shot, leaning on each other since the seventh take, when Tom’s foot had slammed into Mackie, and the actor rolled out of the webbing, groaning and holding his crotch.

“Come on, guys,” Joe sighs, rubbing his forehead. “We have to get this part down so we can move on to the next part.”

“Sorry Joe,” Sebastian calls out from the lower level.

Tom, who’s closest to the highest level of the airport, waves down.

“Alright,” Anthony says, picking up his walkie talkie. “Mike, get Tom back over to the other side and shorten his rope. Don’t want to injure our Falcon again.”

Thank you!” Mackie shouts from two floors below.

“Alright,” Joe sighs as Tom dangles freely above the gap in the airport floors. He makes a peace sign as he tips upside down and scrambles to right himself on his wires.

“What a goof,” Elizabeth shakes her head.

“He’s lame,” you smile, watching as Tom tips upside down again and pulls the bottom of his mask up off of his mouth.

“You all look crazy from this angle!” Tom yells out.

“You look like you’re in your natural habitat!” Jeremy shouts back from where he’s leaning against a railing out of the camera’s frame with Chris, Scarlett, and Daniel.

“I am Spider-Man!”

“Like father, like son,” Scarlett chuckles, nudging Robert.

Robert just winks as Tom is raised back to his starting mark, and he pulls his mask back down over his chin.

“Ready?” Joe calls up to Tom.

Tom gives him a thumbs up, and you watch in baited breath as Tom leaps from the top floor, swinging down and shouting his line out while making web movements towards Mackie. You watch Sebastian run out in front of already ‘webbed up’ Mackie, and the fake glass breaks as they fall onto the mats below.

Tom makes the same web movements at Sebastian, and your brother pins his hands to the ground.

“Guys, look,” you hear Tom say. “I’d love to keep this up, but I’ve only got one job here today and I’ve gotta impress Mister Stark. So…I’m really sorry.”

Another rope that had been tied to Tom but he hadn’t used yet suddenly yanks on him, and he moves towards the green mat on the closest window of the airport, screaming.

He hits the map hard, and you jump, but no one calls cut as Tom is lowered to the floor.

“Couldn’t have done that earlier?” Sebastian groans.

“I hate you,” Mackie replies gruffly.

“Scene!” Anthony calls. “Good job guys. Tom, you alright kid?”

“I’m good!” Tom calls from where he’s sitting against the mat. “Just trying to catch my breath.”

“Why’d Tom go flying?” you ask Elizabeth.

“Redwing got him,” Elizabeth replies. “Falcon’s sidekick robot.”

“Ohh,” you nod.

“Okay guys,” Joe Russo announces clapping his hands. “Next scene I need Steve, Natasha, Bucky, and T’Challa. The rest of you can go get something to eat or something.”

“When are we going to do the showdown?” Robert asks.

“Showdown?” Chris snorts. “Like you stand a chance.”

“Want to go, old man?” Robert asks, bumping shoulders with Chris as he passes.

“You’re older than me,” Chris replies, giving Robert an estranged look.

“I’m not ninety-eight,” Robert responds snarkily.

“Pretty damn close to it though,” Jeremy says and Robert flicks him off.

“Come on,” Elizabeth says, taking you by the hand and pulling you away from the rest of the cast. “Let’s go get Tom and we can out for lunch.”

“Stan!” Anthony Russo shouts after you. “I want you to talk with Joe during the next scene!”

“Okay!” you shout back.


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Hallucination(Villain!AU)(Musical Fic)

(( Thank you to @empanadadooblez for showing me this song and discussing the scenes she imagined when hearing it. It was just such an awesome and vivid mental image that I had to try and write it! Here is the song for it: 

This is also fairly long so uh…sorry for that.))

    It wasn’t supposed to go this way. Battles never went this way….
Saitama stood across a roadway that had long since cleared at the beginning of the fight, now stricken silent. an agent of the association faced him with an expression of seriousness mixed with a tinge of fear. Saitama stared back but wore a look he was uncommon for…desperation. The agent had Genos held tight, a device lodged in the back of the cyborg’s neck that rendered his body inactive.

“Don’t move. You move and I’ll fry his brain…the one thing the doctor can’t replace.”

Genos stared with wide, frightened eyes as Saitama showed his own expression of fear.

“Surrender, and he lives.”

Genos would have shaken his head furiously in objection to the offer if he could move or speak but instead watched his master slowly lower his fists. Other agents quickly closed in and bound Saitama’s arms with large metal cuffs, blindfolding him and Genos before loading them into separate trucks.

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and that’s that

for darknesswolf221b ladynoir. based on this song. prompt: gentle and firm kiss. 

Spring is coming, Ladybug thinks as both she and her partner sit high on a bridge’s suspension cables looking over La Seine. The afternoon is mild on the rare weekend day where Chat is free to do daytime patrol. Breezes and sunshine kiss their cheeks and the smell of water reaches up to them. 

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Explaining different sexualities with shapes: how I explain it to engineers/math people

For those of you that hate math and geometry, skip this post. I’m an engineer for a living and engineers are good at math and geometry. Typically, engineers are cisgendered, heterosexual, white men who have no clue about some things, so I explain different sexualities to them using shapes. I’ve pushed for more education of the engineers at my local university because while most of them are white cis-het men who don’t even notice their own privilege, once they figure it out, they tend to have good hearts and good intentions when it comes to learning more and helping others. (I’ve also used shapes to explain multisexuals in front of a college diversity class)

Pretend that all different people are different shapes:

We use all different shapes in engineering structures, and they’re all special in their own ways. (Some of this is still getting hashed out) For engineers, who favor function over how cool something looks, I say that gay people are catenary curves. (A catenary curve is the shape of the cables on a suspension bridge.)

Most people will say they’ve never seen one because they’ve never heard of it, just like many people think they’ve never met a gay person because the person was closeted or just don’t think it’s important to tell everyone their sexuality. But while they certainly aren’t the most common shape we engineers use, catenary curves are important and hold up some of the coolest structures we’ve ever built!

Asexuals, demisexuals and graysexuals are like circles, ovals, and loops. Most people don’t think about them very much, like you don’t think about the shape of a highway exit ramp that loops around 270 degrees and you don’t think about the shape of the stadium when watching a game, but these structures are important nonetheless.

Heterosexuals are like triangles- they’re one of the most common shapes in engineering and they’re the most common sexuality.

When you ask an engineer which shape is the “best” for building something (trick question- there is no “best shape” because it depends on what you’re building), people often answer “triangles”. Look up at the ceiling in a grocery store or a craft store- the ceiling will have triangle shaped “trusses” all over the place.

Triangles are common, and are assumed to be the norm. It’s not “a big deal” when an engineer designs a structure with triangles.

I like to compare multi-sexuals to quadrilaterals. (Here’s where things get into heavy geometry). A quadrilateral is any shape with four sides, and there are lots of different kinds of shapes with four sides.

I sometimes say bisexuals are parallelograms.

A parallelogram is a shape with two pairs of parallel sides.

There are lots of shapes that can be identified as parallelograms just like there are lots of kinds of people that can (but don’t have to) identify as bisexual.

A polysexual person is like a rectangle. A rectangle is a type of parallelogram, but most people don’t call it that because the term rectangle is more specific. Calling it a rectangle implies that it is a quadrilateral (multisexual), has two pairs of parallel sides (parallelogram) but also has four ninety-degree angles that make it a more specific type of parallelogram.

A pansexual person is like a square. There are a lot of conditions that need to be met for a shape to be a square: it has to be a polygon, have four sides, have two pairs of parallel sides, have four ninety degree angles and have the lengths of all its sides be equal. It’s also a type of rectangle and a type of parallelogram, but if it wants to be called a square because that is the most specific and accurate label, than that is its right.

There are also rhombuses and diamonds and trapezoids and all sorts of other shapes with four sides! 

We have a lot in common even though we don’t all necessarily use the same name. And we’re all important. Some for engineering, some for art, some for math, and the list goes on. So while different definitions of pansexual, bisexual, polysexual, etc. have things in common, they are also different.

#Brookliyn Bridge #Brooklyn Zubia  #Ponte Di Brooklyn #Brücke von Brooklyn #Le Pont De Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Bridge is a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City and is one of the oldest bridges of either type in the United States. Completed in 1883, it connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River

Brooklyn Zubia hibrido tirantedun / zintzilikatzeko New Yorken zubi bat da, eta Estatu Batuetan, bai mota zubiak zaharrenetako bat . 1883an bukatu zen, Manhattan eta Brooklyn burguak lotzen East River zubiak eraikiz arabera

Il ponte di Brooklyn è un strallato ibrido ponte / sospensioni a New York City ed è uno dei più antichi ponti di tipo O negli Stati Uniti . Completato nel 1883, collega i quartieri di Manhattan e Brooklyn dal attraversa l'East River

Die Brooklyn Bridge ist ein Hybrid- Schrägseil / Hängebrücke in New York City und ist einer der ältesten Brücken beider Typen in den Vereinigten Staaten. Im Jahr 1883 abgeschlossen ist, verbindet die Stadtteile von Manhattan und Brooklyn durch überspannt den East River   

Le pont de Brooklyn est un pont / de suspension à haubans hybride à New York et est l'un des plus vieux ponts de Type soit dans les États-Unis . Achevé en 1883, il relie les arrondissements de Manhattan et Brooklyn en enjambant l'East River

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If you ever do another batch of all boobs are good boobs, would you include boobies with inverted nipples? I have inverted nips and I never see any art or anything acknowledging them without it being really explicit porn?!?! You're my legit idol

im on it *secret agent music* *im lowered from suspension cables in the ceiling to the boob museum* im in 

Breaking Point in Blue - Chapter 8 - “Crazy He Calls Me”

[] [AO3] [Chapter Master Post] [Soundtrack]

Rating: M (Violence and Smut)

Chapter Word Count: ~4700

Summary: Over three years after the close of the Red Killer case, Korra and Mako are called upon to investigate a poisoner whose targets include the city’s rich and powerful elite. But with three years worth of baggage between them, the duo’s task will be their most difficult yet. [Sequel to Rhapsody in Red and Mystery on the Republic City Express] Noir AU

Author Note: Longest chapter yet. Hope you enjoy.

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6]
[Chapter 7]


Chapter 8 – “Crazy He Calls Me”

Like the wind that shakes the bough
He moves me with a smile
The difficult I’ll do right now
The impossible will take a little while
I say I’ll care forever
And I mean forever”


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Could I please request no. 10 for Deadpool? *snickers* and 28 sounds sooo Dean Winchester XD

On the Night Before Christmas

“And that’s how I ended up standing naked on the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve!”

You stared indifferently at the scene in front of you: Wade Wilson was tangled in the suspension cables of the Brooklyn Bridge – well, part of him was. You dared not ask where the rest of his limbs were – dressed only in a Santa hat, his mask, and some tube socks.

You raised your hand to the communicator in your ear, connecting you to the Blackbird that hovered somewhere nearby. You and a couple more X-Men were called out after they heard news of a ‘dismembered, nude man hanging on the bridge singing Christmas carols’. Of course, they sent you to take care of it, because you were unfortunate enough to have encountered Deadpool many times before. Professor said that was more of a relationship with him than any other X-Men had.

Well, besides Wolverine, but no amount of money in the world would convince him to do this.

“Yeah, I found him.”

“Is that Wolverine? Tell him I said hi!”

“Ew, no, I’m not touching him, he’s butt-naked.”

“Excuse you,” Wade tried to wiggle himself out of the cables, which was kind of hard when he was missing half a leg. “I’ll have you know that there are some people who would spend some good money to see my treasures. You should see the fanart – the thirst is real.”

He could even make jokes while in the worst positions, you thought. You didn’t know if that was supposed to be admirable or just plain sad, implying that he has been in worst situations.

“Alright, bud, I’ll help you down for two chimichangas and a pinky promise that you won’t tell anyone this happened.”

“My hands haven’t grown back in yet.”

You rolled your eyes and cringed as Wade’s body made multiple squishy sounds. It really didn’t help when Wade would scream in overexaggerated agony whenever you moved him as much as an inch. You, of course, made a cautious effort to avoid any private areas, or just plain gross areas – which was pretty hard. Wade had multiple bullet wounds and gashes, and what seemed to be the start of an infection right under his collar bone. Wade (obviously) had one hell of a healing factor, but even you knew he pushed its limits that night. It might be hours before he even stops bleeding. It was inconceivable how he managed to keep his mask in tact.

You supported his body against yours so that his open wounds wouldn’t get even more gross by laying on the ground. It was evident that he was exhausted by the way he put all his weight on you.

“Whoops.” He pointed – well, he gestured towards – the large blood stain starting to spread from your shoulder to your chest. “Hope the school covers laundry expenses.”

“Oh please, we have enough money to repair the school after it gets blown up every three weeks. Don’t worry about it.”

He laughed at that, which in turn made you giggle.

“Well, I’ve been enough of a burden, I gotta get back t’work.” He hopped toward the side of the bridge, and looked down; probably searching for some limbs. “My target is on the move now, and this issue needs a heroic ending. Thanks, kiddo.”

You frowned at the thought of Wade fighting whoever-the-hell with no hands or leg. How the hell did he plan on doing that? Hold his swords in his mouth? He’s not that idiotic, he knows it won’t end well; super healing factor or not. You crossed your arms and thought this through. If you snuck him in through the back… oh, but the Professor might sense him. Plus it’ll be kind of hard to miss the bleeding guy in the security cameras.

Wade spotted some piece of clothing draped on the ledge, and attempted to grab it with his nubs.

Ah, screw it.

“Hey, Wade, we can save the chimichangas for another time.” He stopped his task and looked toward you, mask raised slightly indicating he was raising his eyebrows. “Yeah, uh, I have a secret stash of frozen burritos and sodas back at the school. Would be a shame if I didn’t share them with anyone.”

You mentally slapped yourself for that lame excuse. Offering to help Wade upfront wouldn’t work, that was a no-brainer. Despite being an over-affectionate loudmouth, Wade actually hates having people pay that sort of attention to him. He doesn’t like the idea of being a burden, he can take care of himself. Although, regarding his current state, it was clear that that was far from the truth. He is all about no strings attached, no emotional connections, no friends; that sort of deal. You didn’t have to see his face to realize how lonely that was.

He must’ve seen through your cover up because he hesitated and moved his gaze to his ‘hands’. He sighed and slumped in defeat, giving up on picking up the fabric. He twisted his body and  hopped over to you.

“I guess I’ll leave them on a cliffhanger this month.”

You took that as a yes and moved to support his body again, refusing to think of the amount of crap you’ll get for this back in the jet. But you didn’t care, because Wade was already telling you about this series story arc. How he’s ‘gonna finish it with a bang’ and perhaps even guest star in an X-Men issue; and he accepted your help without directly saying so. It was character development at it’s finest.


Okay, maybe not.