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Ravi – Chained Up (The Show)

a muggle of science

Character: Newt Scamander
Categories: fluff, modern au, romantic
Words: 1352
Warnings: mentions of anxiety

Imagine being a science nerd and teaching Newt your nerdy muggle ways.
(A small collection of drabbles featuring movie snacks, creature care, and stargazing.)

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  • Nico: *wakes Leo up in the middle of the night*
  • Leo: What do you want?
  • Nico: How do I put on channel 19???
  • Leo: Push the 1 and 9 on the remote
  • Nico: Which remote???
  • Leo: The cable remote
  • Nico: Where's the cable remote?
  • Leo: I don't know
  • Nico: Well can you help me find it?
  • Leo: *looks into the camera like he's on the Office*
RotG fic: Counterweight 3/?

Title: Counterweight 3/?

Rating: NC-17 (soon enough, anyway)

Note: Modern day AU of my fantasy blackice fic The heavy weight of duty but can be read standalone.

Word count: 968

Summary: The fundraiser is insufferably dull and Jack goes onto the balcony for a smoke. When a tall dark stranger named Pitch follows him, suddenly it’s not so dull any more.

1 + 2 + 4

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a Jackson scenario where he finds out you're a Victoria's Secret model? :) Thanks xx


“Jackson! Hurry! We’re going to miss the show!” You yelled from the living room.

You settled the snacks on the little coffee table, and grabbed the cable remote. As you were switching the channels from the Shopping Channel to Fox, Jackson settles the cans of soda beside the food.

“Yah, why did you put on the Fox channel? The Walking Dead is on AMC.” He pouted.

“Yes I know, but it doesn’t start for another hour. I want to watch something else in the meanwhile.” He smiled.

He dramatically sighed as he sat down on the couch, gesturing you to do the same. You sat down beside him, letting his arms engulf you. You put on the volume to 30, as the title “Victoria’s Secret Runway Show 2015” appeared on the screen.

“This is what we’re watching? Ugh.” He muttered.

But looking at him from the corner of your eye, you could see a smirk form on his face.

You two sat in silence as the hosts talked and introduced the event. You grabbed a bowl of yogurt covered pretzels and set it on your lap, patiently waiting for the show to begin. Once the guest musician started singing on the runway, you smiled to yourself.

The first four model strutted their way on the runway, dancing a bit to the song.

“This is…great.* Jackson said nonchalantly.

“It gets better.” You chuckled, popping a few pretzels into your mouth.

As the fifth model walked onto the runway, you smirked and got up.

“I’m going to go get some napkins.” You said.

As you searches through the cupboards for paper napkins, you heard glass fall onto the wood floor.

“Y-yah. Jagi. Come here… won’t believe what I’m seeing.” Jackson yelled.

“Araso~” you smirked, making your way to the living room.

To your surprise Jackson was only two centimeters away from the living room, on his knees squinting at the screen.

“Jackson. What are you doing? You’re going to damage your eyes.” You scorned.

“Do you see what I’m seeing?” He said slowly backing away on his knees.

“I see a model walking down the runway.” You replies, sitting on the arm of the couch.

“Yes but…..this probably sounds crazy.” He chuckled. “But she looks a lot like you.”

“Is that so?” You asked.

“Yeah. You guys have the  exact same features. Look at the thighs on her.” He said, staring at the screen in awe.

“Jackson.” You said, motioning him to sit beside you on the couch.

Jackson got up from his knees and walked backwards towards you, eye not leaving the screen.

You grabbed the remote and pressed rewind, and pressed play when you began walking out. Your name quickly appeared on the screen. The cameramen zoomed in onto your face, as you showcased a Colgate smile.

“You have the same name.” He chuckled.

You looked at him and smiled. You watched in amusement as he froze, mouth hanging open.

“You have the same name.” He repeated. “You have the same name.”

“Mhm. Its me.” You grinned.

Jackson blankly stared at you, scaring you a bit.

“Jackson are you OK?” You asked.

He got up from his seat on the couch, a gigantic smile appearing onto his face.

“Is this a joke?” He laughed nervously. “Are we on Punk’d?”

“Jackson, that show isn’t even on air anymore.” You giggled.

“So then this is forreal?” He gasped.

“Yes.” You nodded.

He ran towards the window and opened it, sticking his head out.

“Jackson what are-”


You pulled him away from the window and closed it, laughing at his reaction. He pulled you into a hug, petting your head.

“Wah~ This is great.” He squealed.“You look like a goddess.”

“Thank you Jackson.” You blushed, wrapping your arms around his neck.

He gave you a peck on the lips and grinned widely.

“This isn’t a joke right?” He asked.

“You saw the proof on the TV. So no it isn’t a joke.” You chuckled.

“So…. Does that mean you can showcase some of these fancy lingeries to me?” He smirked, waggling his eyebrows.

“Jackson” you gasped, smacking his chest.

“Please (Y/N).” He pouted

“I don’t think you’ll be able to handle all this.” You teased.

“YAH. You are asking me? Jackson Wang? They don’t call me wild and sexy for nothing jagi.” He winked

“Then show me.” You smirked.

He picked you up with his strong hands and put you over his shoulder, bringing you to your bedroom. Leading you to a night full of fun and pleasure.



Would you ride in a car without seatbelts? Wear a brown polyester leisure suit? Get a perm? Watch a black and white TV with no remote, or cable? Of course not, because you don’t live in the past.

So why do you think onstage wedges are better than IEMs? In the 70’s wedges were the only way to get onstage monitoring, but times have thankfully changed. In Ears provide outstanding sound quality, help eliminate feedback, and protect your hearing. What’s not to love?

To get us started, we are going to give you a bullet point overview of these advantages. In future installments of UE University we will take a deeper look into the advantages of IEMS over wedges. We’ll also be speaking to some musician and audio pros who have made the switch and get their input too.

You get to avoid “volume wars” with your band.

When you use wedges you have to turn up to be heard, and so does everyone else on stage. If you are using IEMs, you get to hear what you want to hear, clearly.

You get to hear at the perfect volume, for you.

Sound people are really busy folks especially during soundcheck. The last thing they want to hear is “can you turn me up”. IEMs will give you studio quality sound when you play live no matter what’s going on in the room. Your engineer will be able to put their energy elsewhere..

No more feedback!

Feedback, it’s the absolute worst. It hurts, and it’s potentially damaging. Using IEMs eliminates the feedback  between wedges and microphones.

IEMs Help conserve your hearing.

Stages can be really LOUD. Exposing yourself to that kind of volume and intensity can mess up your hearing, but good just ask Pete Townshend. IEMs keep out the sounds you don’t want while making sure you are getting the sounds you want to hear right into your ears. That is much healthier.

IEMs Help conserve your voice.

Singing is really tough on your voice. Singing over loud guitars and drums just makes it so much worse. IEMs will make it so you don’t have to scream over the rest of the band.

You can monitor in true stereo.

Because you have control over the elements in your mix, you can have a truly stereo mix of what is happening on stage.

You can still hear the audience if you want.

The engineer can use a room mic to pick up crowd noise and pipe that right into your inEars. That way you can hear what’s going on and not feel disconnected from the crowd.

Portability is key!

Wedges are heavy. IEMs are not. A IEM system can fit in rack, or even in a backpack if that is your thing saving your back and your gas tank.Your back will thank you

You can move around stage and still have the same sound.

if you rely on wedges you are relying on staying in your sweet spot for sound, when you make the move to IEMs your mix goes with you.

Get the sound you want

Maybe the best thing about about IEMs is that you are in control of what and how you hear.

New night / Same sound

Not enough wedges? New sound guy? No Sound guy? All these things can mess with your mojo on stage. With IEMs you are carrying your own monitor system.

UE University is committed to showcasing monthly interviews with prominent audio technicians and hearing health care professionals, and The InEar Guy is here to answer your questions.  Read these ongoing articles and learn tips and tricks from the pros. If there is an engineer that you want to read about, or if you have a question about your UE Pros let us know. Drop us a line: