cable patch

Finally upgraded from cheap rainbow patch cables to pancake cables! Next step is a proper power supply!

This is my ambient/post-punk board. The Bit Commander gives me a very, very, very different sound compared to the Fallout Cloud + Whammy.

Submitted by @napalmstickstokids

This is such a lovely, lovely board. I’m super about the dual Waza DM-2Ws. The EQD IO is amazing. Your triple reverb setup is godly and you have some heavies and pitch nonsense that throws down HARD. 

Really love your board. 

I miss working in theatre this summer

I miss cable salads. I miss 15 hour days. I miss running up and down from the booth four hundred times. I miss taping cables. I miss hearing sound through a speaker that wasn’t working. I miss crawling behind a stack of amps to patch one cable. I miss ladders. I miss doing vaguely dangerous and sketchy things to get a job done. I miss focusing speakers. I miss every aspect of work.

I just really miss it. It feels like part of me is missing.