cable laying

not 2 be like this but I’m obsessed with this picture I took of my coworker as we were laying cables along the cove of the planetarium

truss fall

Rating: Not Rated

Category: M/M

Fandom: Adventure Time

Relationship: Prince Gumball/Marshall Lee

Characters: Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee, Fionna the Human (briefly), Ice Queen (briefly)

Stats: 1288 words

Summary:  Inspired by this post. Somehow morphed into this mess.

Notes: the title is a pun (forgive me). overall, i feel like the quality of this fluctuates…(there’s a part two to all this).

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Henry VIII's 300-year-old pleasure palace found at Hampton Court

Archaeologists have discovered the site of a long-lost banqueting house belonging to Tudor king Henry VIII. The site was originally uncovered by workmen laying a cable for a children’s play area in the grounds near Surrey.

Finds reveal that the decoration of the building was luxuriant as items discovered include gilded lead leaves which were “a similar level of decoration” of the same high level as inside the opulent palace.

“This is prime real estate in terms of Henry VIII’s Hampton Court,” said Dan Jackson, the palace’s curator of historic buildings.

The banqueting house was located in one of the king’s five Tiltyard Towers that bordered a large six-acre site specially created for jousting and other displays of pageantry. The Towers were built in the 1530s at lavish expense to entertain visiting kings and ambassadors. Read more.