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Surprise @amaranthine-reign!!! I remember talking to you throughout the week and I know it was a rough one…a ROUGH one. So I decided to write something for you. Some of these lines may look familiar to you! I got some ideas from your prompt list!!

My darling, I truly hope you enjoy it!!!

Pairing: Marty Scurll x Reader


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You dragged yourself through the front door of your home. You were away on a business trip and it was complete and utter hell.

If it wasn’t the other people you had to interact with being complete assholes, it was your immediate superior being the same and the hotel you had to stay at…you swore it was haunted. It creeped you out enough that you had to move something in front of the door and even that didn’t fell reassuring. You didn’t get a whole lot of sleep over the four days you were there because of your next door neighbor acting crazy. And when you were finally able to change your room, you had to endure an arguing couple on your floor.

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How to REALLY Boycott the Inauguration

I’m seeing a ton of people posting this copy-and-paste update about boycotting the inauguration by SWITCHING YOUR TELEVISION TO A DIFFERENT CHANNEL. It’s a nice thought and a nice gesture, but that WON’T WORK.

I’m not putting those things in all caps to yell at you, I just want to make sure you see it.

How TV Ratings Work:
Viewership is measured through Nielsen ratings. Unless you’re a “Nielsen family,” you don’t really count. Nielsen Family data is recorded through their Nielsen boxes, and then that data is gathered on a value curve to represent a larger audience.

Basically, no Nielsen box = no count.

Ratings are an estimate. It’s super archaic. But so is cable. That’s why viewer data is ALSO gathered through internet clicks and posts, interaction with online videos and social feeds, and streaming data.

How to REALLY Boycott the Inauguration:
Avoid online content. Avoid clicking on videos, avoid linking articles and tweets, avoid social feeds, avoid recaps. Even hate-watching a video or posting a link to add the comment, “An oil spill in the Pacific Ocean is better for humanity than this administration,” still counts toward viewer data. Your hate-click is still an added view, and it doesn’t come with a little asterisk next to it that says, “But this person loathed it and weeps for the future.”

So changing your channel is chill, and I recommend it! There is so much beautiful, amazing television! It’s a Golden Age of scripted content! But for god’s sake, don’t then go and negate your boycott by opening your Facebook and putting angry faces on a bunch of Trump videos.

Apparently, I’m physically unable to make “simply apple pie“.

The pastry is ground hazelnuts and crushed walnuts. No flour.
Then there’s a generous layer of apples. Then a (load-bearing) layer of pudding (seriously, it’s the only thing holding this cake together). And then blueberries (because they happened to be on sale that morning).
Topped with hazelnut Streusel.

It contains a total of 270g butter but only about 100g sugar.

All done without a recipe! ♪

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This is what I take when I’m heading out for a day that might be made up of typical office work, meetings, brief outings, social media or mainstream-media appearances, equipment maintenance or stepping out for a quick nature recharge while keeping connected and ready. This is my actual everyday carry. Occasionally some items get swapped out for something smaller, or more appropriate for a known task, or just to mix things up. But for whatever the day might throw at me, this is what I carry. Everything gets used as some point. Even the redundancies. E.g. in a meeting, got my stylus/pen for notes, and someone else needs a pen; space pen. And I just realized, its all black and grey! I love colours, but it just so happens that what I go out with most often is mostly black and grey. Most items are grouped of course. The Inova Xs, the leatherman Charge AL & bit drivers, and the space pen all ride in the Leatherman pouch nicely and compactly horizontally orientated on my belt. That’s my favourite setup. Then there’s the keychain “tools” and “gadgets”. That includes the the Victorinox (which sometimes is replaced with the Signature Lite), the Nitecore TUBE, the pillbox, the micro USB and the Sandisk OTG. I don’t carry fidget items, because I do. Both my fake “Benchmade” butterfly comb, and my Kershaw Nerve are excellent fidget items. This was my first submission here. I look forward to submitting some of my more specialized EDCs at a later date. Love this platform. Thanks
What is the Internet?

In our last post, we talked about the physical structures that underlie the net - the fiber optic cables and data centers that comprise the backbone of the internet.

Here, shares a fun series of videos that explain the electronic part of the equation - how information actually gets from your computer to wherever its going and back. They even brought in Vint Cerf, one of the “fathers of the internet”, to help explain.

We think you should know these basics - because the better you understand the net, the better you’ll be at communicating securely, avoiding surveillance, and securing your data. Which is to say, the better you’ll be at not getting arrested, infiltrated, or harmed.

Perceptor/Brainstorm FanFic

I’ve been having massive writer’s block and it feels like I haven’t written anything enjoyable in ages 😣 I forced myself to finish this which is why the ending is a bit sharp. Hopefully, I’ll break out of this slump soon.


Title: Can Masturbation Cure a Headache?

Perceptor pinched the bridge of his nose and another two tablets dropped into a cold cup of energon. In the energon the tablets danced as their chemicals reacted and fizzed violently. A haze of pink bubbles filled the cup and when the performance was over, Perceptor drained the chemical soup.

Woooo,” Brainstorm made an odd, patronising coo from across the room, he was stood behind Perceptor. “You didn’t wait for four hours since your last lot. What a rebel. Must be one hell of a headache,”

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my internet died earlier today and i couldn’t be more thrilled. still managed to get work on commissions done but nothing will be sent out until tomorrow (today?? it’s 2am) when my brother and I head out to get another data cable. today has been stressful to say the least.

it irks me when people insist that Transformers ‘CANNOT HAVE SEXXXX!!!!!!” like Primus didn’t build them with the capacity to feel pleasure, only pain, ONLY BUILT FOR WARRRRR. But we’re not all bred for the battlefield.

let me remind you that there was a time before the war called the Golden Age, where they contributed to things OTHER THAN WAR, which would be their original purpose of creation considering Primus was duking it out with Unicron. which means, if they’re not fighting, what purpose would they have if they did not feel pleasure from doing everyday hobby things like painting/dancing/working or interacting with another? The fact that they can say ‘ow’ means they register sensation. 

like, even if He didn’t build them with reproductive capabilities, there are other ways to feel pleasure/have sex than dick in butt. Before the valve/spike era that jumped into the TF community, there was a more logical method of interfacing that didn’t involve reproduction whatsoever: plug-n-play, where a bot would connect something like data transfer cables or charge cables/jacks into another bot’s port, and send data packs/charge from their own systems.

Another type of play: tactile stimulation. If a bot can feel pain, it can feel pleasure. Playing with wires underneath armour, triggering sensors of both armour and protoform. To think that robots cannot be built with the ability to feel pleasure, especially when built from a GOD, is small-minded. 

And yet aNOTHER type of play: spark stimulation. That one should be obvious. Your entire being touched has got to have some type of response. Considering the spark makes up all of a bot’s emotions, it has dynamic reactions to touch. Spark merging as well. However, spark merging can often be linked to reproductive tendencies, but even if you take out the reproductive aspect, it’s still a form of pleasure. 

To say that Transformers would have absolutely no interest in activities like these is just as ignorant as believing that there is no chance alien life in our universe of billions of stars and planets, exists. Creatures seek out things that make them feel good. Ain’t nothing shameful doing it even if you’re built as a weapon first. 

submitted by Johnny Brown

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“Tearing the fabric of your mind.”

Fun fact–your optic nerve is basically just an organic data cable, meant for transferring information from your eyeballs to your brain for processing.  One of the more interesting ideas in science fiction is the idea of hijacking somebody’s personality by reprogramming them via the optic nerve, and it seems pretty viable for me.

The Gem superweapon in Lapis flashback seemed like a flash of light–what if it was designed to introduce a computer virus into the systems of any Gem that saw it?  That’d be incredibly unreliable, though–any gem not looking when it went off or just indoors would be safe, and since only four (technically six) gems survived, I can’t imagine that’s how it worked.

What the hell was it, then?

Spacewalk Friday: Installing a New "Parking Spot" on Station

This Friday, Aug. 19, two U.S. astronauts will install a new gateway for American commercial crew spacecraft at the International Space Station

Commercial crew flights from Florida’s Space Coast to the International Space Station will restore America’s human spaceflight launch capability and increase the time U.S. crews can dedicate to scientific research.

The adapter being installed (imaged below) was launched on a SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft and arrived on orbit July 20. This ring is known as an International Docking Adapter, or IDA, and its main purpose is to provide a port for spacecraft bringing astronauts to the station in the future. Outfitted with a host of sensors and systems, the adapter is built so spacecraft systems can automatically perform all the steps of arrival and docking with the station without input from the astronauts. 

NASA astronauts Jeff Williams and Kate Rubins will perform the spacewalk to install the equipment this Friday, Aug. 19. This will be the fourth spacewalk in Williams’ career and the first for Rubins.

Four previous spacewalks…like the one below…helped set the stage for installation of this docking adapter. During those previous spacewalks, other crew members laid hundreds of feet of power and data cables outside the space station. 

On Wednesday, the robotics team using the Canadarm2 and its attached “Dextre” manipulator, will reach into the SpaceX Dragon trunk and pull out the docking adapter and position it for Friday’s spacewalk activities.

The morning of the spacewalk, while the astronauts are getting suited up, the robotic arm will position the docking adaptor near the port so that it will be ready for installation.

The two astronauts will venture outside the space station to install the first International Docking Adapter (IDA). This new adapter port will provide a parking space for U.S. Commercial Crew vehicles.

Watch LIVE!

Coverage of the spacewalk begins at 6:30 a.m. EDT on Friday, Aug. 19; with the spacewalk scheduled to begin at 8:05 a.m. EDT. Stream live online HERE

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Inside the Tragic, Obsessive World of Video Game Addicts

by Cecilia D'Anastasio

The withdrawal made Brett want to die. The 12 year-old had only been cut off for a few hours and his mind was already wandering to a dark and dangerous place. Looking out the window of his family’s three-story home in Waasenaar, a suburb in the Netherlands, the American transplant imagined swan-diving out of his room and falling to the ground below, with his skull cracking open against the pavement. A grim death, sure, but at the time he felt anything had to better than not being allowed to play Counter-Strike.

Brett’s father had retrofit a metal lock on his Celeron computer to prevent his son from gaming. When it was locked, the Celeron’s data cable was disconnected from its hard drive so it couldn’t turn on, preventing Brett from gunning down digital assailants. A half-hour after Brett was mulling suicide, however, a friend called him on the phone and invited him to come over and game. Brett, nearly at his psychological brink, was relieved.

“I remember thinking, It’s probably very unnatural for someone to go from thinking about killing themselves to enjoying themselves in the span of 30 minutes,” the now 23-year-old told me ten years later.

However strange, that incident was a mere prelude to the depths that Brett would sink with his burgeoning video game addiction—an affliction that has plagued his health and his familial relationships and stunted his adult life.



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The Fic I won’t write game: The Awning of the Cage of Asparagus, feat. Clint Barton and Alec Hardison

The Awning Of The Cage Of Asparagus

Alec Hardison, forced to hide out after a gang of heavily-backed, high-firepower hackers drives Leverage International underground, finds himself bunking in with the Barton family on their low-tech, no-wireless-access farm while Parker and Eliot go take care of more physical business. Hardison hates everything about the farm, from Hawkeye’s casual superheroism to all the…animals…to the stupid puns in the garden and the fact that all the farm cats are named after Pokemon. 

But then he discovers the decommissioned secret SHIELD base under the barn, with its high-tech dedicated data cables and its access to satellite-mounted lasers. If he can convince Clint Barton to reactivate the base and man the lasers, Alec Hardison could solve all of Leverage’s problems from a barn in Iowa.