cable and x force 1

x-men comics meme ₰ [ 03 of 10 CHARACTERS ]

art by greg land (cyclops v3 #1)
& salvador larocca + frank d'armata (cable + x-force v1 #7)
It’s too late to back this train up

Disclaimer:  I haven’t read Deadpool Too Soon? Infinite Comic #2 yet.  The following image has been collected free floating from the internet and thus is potentially taken out of context.

Deadpool … darling … it’s too late to imply that you have NO IDEA as to the dimensions of Cable’s …. assets.

Not after this:

Cable & Deadpool #43, page 4.

And even if you DIDN’T sleep with him, this is the man who SHOWERS IN FRONT OF HIS ASSISTANT/CHRONICLER AND MEDITATES NAKED …

Cable & Deadpool #22, page 7.

Deadpool vs. X-Force #1, page 7.

… so, yes, Wade, you have totally seen everything.  

I don’t believe even for a single second that you have not gotten at least one unintentional eyeful of Nate’s assets.