What to do with that black hole/dead space cabinet corner dilemma:

Simple flat shelving?

¾ lazy Susan?

4/4 lazy Susan?

Swiss Army knife contraption that better damn come with an instruction manual? Try to install that one without directions…

45 degree drawers? (Makes the most use of the space I think)

DIY perpendicular shelving? (Don’t forget about perishables being tucked back there)

Spindle mounted recycling bins?

Your decision…

In addition to vintage, we do modern too. Here’s a kitchen we’re almost done with.

Cabinet locks

I used to dream as a child
Woke with fevers, itching
There was this one where I would find
Limp bodies in the kitchen
For mother had those cupboard locks
And I was an inquisitive fool
And that night, I couldn’t stop
Myself from finding tools
To pry that cabinet open
And I stood there in surprise
Reached my hand out to a little boy
But he was dead -left for flies
But I couldn’t let go
Though I swear I tried
He didn’t want to be alone
Even in his demise