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Tumbleweed, Her (M) #1 - [BAP] Mafia!Au

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[A/N] This kind of writing falls under the ‘Noir’ category. It involves crime and is rated M for mature contents. One part, every week. OK? OK.

The Lieutenant: Bang Yongguk.

The smell of cigarettes from his superior is blocking his mind. He tried to shake his discomforts, a few times, but he had to settle for a walk for a minute. He never bothered to take his phone to the toilet but this time, he did. He picked the cubicle farthest from the entrance and placed the seat cover down. He slip his phone out of his back pocket and he sighed, before anything else. He sighed, tiredly. As if he’ll be expecting some unwanted texts. And like he predicted, he did.

“Please, answer my call.”
“I need you.”
“Call me.”
“I won’t be asking you for help. Not anymore.”
“This will be the last time.”

He locked the screen and hovered his eyes away from it, while tilting his head back. “You have seven missed calls, since Monday.” The last text arrived. He had been out of town, but isn’t very far from where he lives. This was the kind of text messages he refused to reply to. He cares about you too much, and for that same reason he had been avoiding you. So that you’ll grow out of it.

[Several months ago]

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Friday Night Yikes


pairing: hamilsquad x reader

word count: 2400

warnings: swearing, period talk!

summary: game night wasn’t quite going as planned.

a/n: for all you lovely people who may be going through that time of the month, this is for you (and me bc i had cramps all day n im suffering) enjoy

Friday was game night and movie night.

“Yo, Alex, where’d you put the Coke?” John Laurens called, his head stuck inside of the fridge.

“In the drawers with the vegetables,” Alexander Hamilton, who was finishing up an essay, answered from his bedroom.

John looked at you, perched on the countertop, and rolled his eyes. You laughed and swung your legs back and forth, leaning your head back against the cabinet.

You had become friends with the boys your first year of university, although you didn’t quite see them as much as you liked due to your course load. You were taking five classes and spent every minute living in a state of constant stress and worry. You were at school from 9 to 6 every single day, with only a half an hour break at lunch, and when you got home you were either revising, writing essays, or sleeping. The guys tried to get you to go out with them, but you were always too busy. This was upsetting for every party in the situation, but especially you, because you just wished you hadn’t taken so many courses from the beginning. If you hadn’t, you would be able to spend time with people who made you feel genuinely happy and free. Finally, right after your finals in your second year, you had a breakdown (that Hercules Mulligan had to sop up your tears during) and decided that you would take two less classes your third year. By the time September rolled around, you were a lot less stressed. And yes, you still had a lot of work to do, but at least now you could spend some amount of time every week dedicated to your boys. Friday was the day that worked best for everyone. So Friday became your date night.

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I'm gonna ask it...RFA+Saeran finding out GASP that MC hadn't eaten all day. It's for no particular reason. She was just alone all day and got herself distracted so she forgot (lol I'm guilty of this sometimes). Haha. Thanks! I love your imagines so far:)

so basically, if RFA+Saeran were real people in my life? lollll :’) 


  • Chef Yoosung is sad and disappointed
  • And he is absolutely determined to give you a love for food
  • He starts looking through tons of online recipes even after you reassure him it was an accident
  • “Yoosung I just forgot to eat I’m fine”
  • “No! I’ll find something that you’ll love so much that you’ll look forward to eating!!”
  • He puts on his kimchi-making apron and makes you watch him cook
  • He’s a good teacher though, and teaches you how to put things in your ramen for a fast but interesting meal
  • “You really like my mom’s panchan, right? I’ll ask her how to make it so I can make it for you”
  • What a sweet boy


  • She’s worried about your health but she really isn’t one to talk 
  • “I thought you took your lunch break, MC”
  • “Oh. I did but I got kinda distracted.”
  • “MC…”
  • i’m not mad. i’m just disappointed.
  • She starts making it a point to eat her meals with you, whether that be at home or at the cafe or just takeout
  • seriously, mc how did you manage this. you co-own a CAFE for god’s sake


  • Jumin comes home late, as he is oft to do
  • Idle talk is usually part of your evening, especially on nights like this when dinner is long past
  • He talks about his day, and he asks you:
  • “What did you have for dinner?”
  • You’re about to answer, but after thinking about it you realize that you completely skipped dinner
  • and lunch… and breakfast too…
  • He wastes no time in calling up the chef, waking him up and promising to recompense whatever amount was necessary
  • He also asks Assistant Kang to book a nutritionist for you, despite your protests


  • He is only mildly concerned, as he is prone to skipping meals himself
  • Although his are more due to business/necessity
  • And he hates seeing you do it since you mean much more to him than he does to himself
  • He offers you Honey Buddha Chips and Dr. Pepper, since it’s the only food he really has
  • But the next day, the fridge is stuffed with sandwiches that he made himself
  • Any kind of sandwich you could possibly imagine
  • You’re grateful for the gesture but you bring him some sandwiches to make sure he eats too ~~


  • It’s late evening when you realize you’re hungry
  • Zen is shocked and worried when you both realize you haven’t eaten anything
  • “Oh no MC I’ve been a bad influence on you”
  • He panics further when he finds that his fridge only has beer and water
  • He brings back some bboongobbang from the truck outside and won’t stop worrying over you
  • “Is everything okay? Are you having… body issues?”
  • You laugh, which doesn’t ease his concern
  • “MC, you know you look perfect just the way you are, right?”
  • “Zen, I’m fine. I just forget to eat sometimes if I’m all alone here.”
  • He looks like his heart breaks even more, if possible
  • “You’re lonely here??”
  • He calls his director and calls in sick for the next day
  • And he goes grocery shopping and takes you on the best dinner date you’ve ever had


  • He’s definitely concerned when he realizes you haven’t eaten anything all day
  • But we all know this tsundere motherfucker shows love in enigmatic ways
  • He starts making little bento-style meals for you
  • And leaves post-its on cabinets or on the bathroom mirror reminding you to eat
  • He knows that you’re just forgetful
  • But he also gets so frustrated 
  • “It’s the easiest thing! Just… sustain yourself!!”
  • … He shouts to his pillow, and never ever to your face
Those who are Broken | Chapter Eight

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

↬ Word count: 3195

I spent most of the weekend writing for ten minutes before going back to bed with a heating pad and accepting death. Ya girl got this shit in check

Chapter list

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You eventually found your way back to your apartment. After leaving Taehyung, you were so pissed at how stupid he was, that you went for a walk around the academy. There was no point in lying when you know you were lost hours ago and had no idea where to go to find something that looked familiar. You also hated yourself for being that mad that you ended up lost. You haven’t been that mad since you were first kicked out of the orphanage—briefly kicked out if you were going to be technical.

After punching in the code, you entered your apartment just as Jimin came in through your window. As he looked up, the two of you met gazes in complete, awkward silence.

You forgot to lock your fucking window.

You looked away, not wanting to feel your heart race and those damn butterflies flutter in your stomach. Looking down towards his chest region, something red caught your attention. Looking down towards his hand, you noticed blood trickling. You were at his side within seconds, taking his bloody hand in yours.

“Are you okay? Does it hurt? We should clean it up,” you said in a rush, the tips of your fingers trying to lightly wipe away the blood so that you could see how deep the wound on his knuckles were. You felt him flinch. You apologized, looking up at him. He was staring down at you in slight surprise. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it when nothing came out. You took a step back, letting go of his hand. “We should clean that up. I have a first aid kit in the bathroom,” you informed, turning around and walking towards your bathroom without even giving a glance in his direction.

What is wrong with you? What the hell happened back there?

When did you become concerned for Jimin? That’s the question that should be asked.

But you knew. You knew exactly why you were like this. And you were beginning to hate yourself for it.

“Keep your hand under the water,” you told him, going for the first aid kit in the mirror cabinet. You heard him turn on the sink water. Turning back towards him, you placed the kit on the counter, opening the lid and began to pull out the necessities. Grabbing the towel from the corner of the counter, you carefully took his hand from under the water and began to lightly pat his cut dry. Tossing the towel to the ground, you began to work on cleaning and bandaging his hand.

You were quiet as you tried your best not to hurt him, but you knew the ointment would sting. You apologized to him several times when he lightly flinched, but he remained quiet. When you finished taking care of his hand, you looked up at the small cut on his lip. You cupped his cheeks, careful not to touch him with your finger covered in ointment, and brought him to eye level. With your finger, you lightly dabbed the ointment on his cut before placing a Band-Aid over it.

You finally went from his lips to meet his eyes. It was then that you realized how close the two of you were. You wanted to jump back, but played it off by turning your attention to the first aid kit. You began to pack up. “You didn’t come here to have your cuts cleaned,” you began, placing the items back in the box, “so why are you here?”

“Is he okay?” he asked, somewhat avoiding your question.

“Who? Taehyung?” you asked, and when he didn’t reply, it confirmed your answer. “He’s being an idiot—just like you.” You closed the lid to the first aid kit and placed it back to its original place. “Whatever the hell the two of you are fighting over, get over it and apologize.” Turning to face him, you were met with a blank stare. Growing frustrated by his lack of expression, you rolled up your sleeves and ran a hand through your hair. “I don’t know how Taehyung is because I yelled at him, too.” You walked past him. “So, if you want to know how he’s doing, go ask Jungkook, or ask him yourself.”

You sometimes wondered if he was as stubborn as Taehyung. He never apologizes first, and he would never admit to being in the wrong. Either he was right, or you’d probably never hear from him again. With you, however, Taehyung never disappeared off the face of the earth when the two of you fought. He would disappear for a couple of hours and come back to “apologize.” The funny thing is, Taehyung never actually apologizes. He either bought you something cute to say how sorry he was, or “I’m sorry, I was wrong” sex. Usually the latter.

You made your way towards the front door, telling him, “Taehyung should either be somewhere wandering around, or at his place. You can go look for him there.” Grabbing the handle, you were about to turn it when Jimin grabbed your hand. A small yelp escaped past your lips as he spun you around to face him. You stared up at him, his eyes on you before traveling down to his hand holding yours. You followed his gaze until your eyes landed on his name inked on your inner wrist. You immediately covered it with your hand.

“My name is on your wrist,” he said in a low voice. Using his other hand, he lightly grabbed a hold of your hand covering your wrist. You weakly gave in, letting him move your hand back to your side. “Why?”

You let out a soft scoff. “You make it sound like I know. I’m guessing because of all the encounters we had, and all the persistence coming from you,” you told him, looking off to the side. “I’m more broken than before.” He brushed his fingers along your wrist—as if he was trying to wipe it away. “I’ve already tried—” A sudden knock interrupted you causing you to jump a bit. You turned your head towards the door behind you, but Jimin carefully cupped your cheek, turning your attention back towards him. He shook his head.

The knock came again. “Cupcake, open up. I need to talk to Jimin,” Taehyung said from the other side of the door.

Jimin? How does Taehyung know Jimin is at your place?

“How did you know I was here?” Jimin asked, eyes still on you.

The butterflies in your stomach were multiplying.

“You came in through her window like a fucking creep. If you’re going to be sneaking into people’s apartments, at least do it when no one is looking,” Taehyung replied, voice low and exhausted. “Can you open the door?”

Jimin took several steps back, allowing you to open the door for the brunette waiting outside. You turned around, unlocking the door, and opened it. Taehyung leaned a hand against the doorframe, several cuts on his cheek and corner of his lip. His clothes were dirty, and his hair disheveled.

“Taehyung, what the hell happened to you?” you asked, opening the door more for him to enter.

Pushing himself off the doorframe, his familiar box-like grin appeared on his face. “I ran into Seohyun and her boy toy—”

Before he could finish his statement, a figure appeared out of nowhere, tackling Taehyung to the ground. Jimin was out in the hall in an instant, staring down the hall where you could hear grunts and fists meeting body parts. Jimin opened his mouth to say something, but another figure appeared from behind him, attacking him and both falling to the ground.

“Jimin!” As you took one step towards the hallway to stop the fight that was happening, you felt something hard hit your cheek.

Your cheek stung as you turned your head to see a familiar face smirking at you. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now,” Seohyun said, bringing her hand back and throwing a punch in your direction. You threw yourself backwards, barely missing her fist. You stumbled a bit, but quickly regained your balance as you watched Seohyun enter your apartment and run straight for you. When you moved to the side, watching her stumble past you, she yelled, “Why the hell are you ruining my life!” She turned back around to throw another punch in your direction, but she missed again. “First you leave a cut on my face—ruining my party.” She threw another punch, missing you again. “Now you’re trying to steal Jimin away from me!”

Steal him away? You don’t even talk to Jimin, and she’s accusing you of stealing him from her? She can have Jimin all she wants—

Seohyun took advantage of the confused look on your face, and brought her fist to your cheek. You stumbled back. “Come on, you stupid bitch. I thought you were the tough one?” she mocked, making her way towards you.

As quickly as you could, you lunged for her, throwing both of you to the ground. You got on top of her, but Seohyun was faster, hitting you across the face. She hit you again, but you caught her hand before she could throw her third punch. You threw in two good hits before you were lifted off her and tossed to the side. You glared up at as an unfamiliar man lift Seohyun to her feet, sleep evident on his face, but he was beyond pissed. Seohyun was yelling, holding her bleeding nose, as she was dragged out of your apartment. You quickly followed, watching as Seohyun continued to scream and curse.

“Would you shut the fuck up?” the man dragging her yelled, lifting her off the ground as she continued to struggle. It was then you realized it was the same voice who hit your neighbor for having loud sex in the middle of the night. “Get the rest of these fuckers out of here,” he said, never looking back as he continued down the hall with a screaming Seohyun.

You turned towards the group of guys. Jimin and Taehyung, along with two other guys were being escorted out the building. “Wait,” you called running up to the group. You pushed past the guys until you reached Taehyung and Jimin. Grabbing their hands, you told them, “They’re with me.” Staring up at one of the guys, who didn’t look like he got the shit beat out of him, you watched him stare at you for a second before nodding, pushing the other two down the hall. When the three of you were alone in the hallway, you let out a sigh. “Tae, what the hell was that?” You turned to look up at the brunette next to you.

He looked down at you, a big smile plastered on his face. “Sorry about that, Cupcake. I didn’t think they’d actually follow me, or bring a friend for that matter.”

You shook your head, letting out a sigh. “Let’s get inside and clean your cuts.” You turned towards Jimin, staring down at his bandaged hand in yours. Blood seeped through the bandage. “We’ll have to rebandage this.” You dragged the two into your apartment, letting their hands go once they were inside.

You walked back into the bathroom to grab the first aid kit from the cabinet. Walking out of the bathroom, you made your way towards the couch where Taehyung and Jimin sat. Taehyung had his eyes close as he rested his head on the backrest. Jimin sat on the couch in silence, staring down at his hands. You placed yourself between them, getting on your knees as you began to work on Taehyung. He let out a hum as you rubbed the ointment on his cuts.

“Tae…” Jimin trailed off.

“Just,” Taehyung began, bringing his hand closer to your bare leg, rubbing circles on your skin with his thumb, “find someone better than her.”

“Sorry, Tae,” Jimin quietly said, his voice barely loud enough for you to hear.

“Me too. Are we cool?” Taehyung asked, his circles slowing down.

“Of course.”

Taehyung let out a small smile. “That’s good…” Taehyung’s breathing slowed.

You finished what you could as you go off the couch. “Can you help me?” you asked, gesturing towards the sleeping brunette. Jimin grabbed Taehyung’s legs as you held his head. Together, the two of you shifted him into a lying position on the couch. You went to the small dresser up against the wall and grabbed a small, white blanket. You draped it over Taehyung’s sleeping form before grabbing the first aid kit and made your way towards the table. You sat down, placing the kit on the table and grabbed the chair, pulling it in front of you. You looked towards Jimin, patting the chair expectantly. “You’re next.”

You watched as Jimin made his way over to you, sitting himself on the chair in front of you. You got to work on his old cuts, and now new ones. It was silent between the two of you as you tried to focus on cleaning his cuts, but you could feel his eyes on you.

If the two of you continued to sit in this silence, you’d probably explode. From whatever was causing you to squirm under his gaze.

“I’m sorry she did whatever she did,” you told him, wrapping his hand in a new bandage.

“She cheated.”

“Ah.” You gave a curt nod. You could tell him how much of a bitch she is, and how he deserves better. Well, everyone deserves better if they were to date her. Seohyun was trash, but you figured Jimin already knew that. Plus, she is his soulmate, so you can’t talk bad about her. You finally finished cleaning his cuts. “Thankfully both you and Taehyung know how to fight, so your cuts aren’t anything serious.” You began to pack, but stopped when Jimin’s hand took a hold of yours. You turned towards him, hoping the blush appearing on your cheeks weren’t that visible. “What?”

“You have cuts, too,” he said, grabbing the kit from your hands and began to pull out the ointment and Band-Aid. You watched as he lightly dabbed his finger in the ointment before carefully smearing it on the cut on your cheek. You lightly winced. It was cold and stung a bit. “Why did you date Taehyung?”

Sooner or later, you knew this question would come. You were honestly hoping it would be later, but fate just said fuck you and presented the question you didn’t want to answer. But with Jimin cleaning your cut carefully, and your heart racing, you found yourself answering him, “I didn’t believe the rumors of Broken not being able to feel love.” You kept your attention on the Band-Aid on his cheek. “I met Taehyung by accident when we were both trying to steal the same thing. He was more of a “first come, first serve” kind of person and sort of stole what I was aiming for.” You chuckled. “Bastard gave it to me for our anniversary.”

“So, you dated him out of curiosity,” Jimin said, placing a Band-Aid on your left cheek.

“I wanted to believe that we could feel, but after two years of dating, I guess the rumors were true.” You closed your eyes as he got to work on the cut on your cheekbone.

“Do you believe any rumors Broken spread?” Jimin asked, rubbing a small circle on your cheekbone.

“You mean the doppelganger one? That’s the most recent rumor. That’s a lie. It’s just giving us hope for something that can never happen.” There was a rumor going around saying that if a Broken’s doppelganger did something worse than what a Broken had did, then that doppelganger is basically sentenced to death. The Broken dies, but is reincarnated as their doppelganger. Memories and all are there. A rumor that is giving them nothing but false hope.

Same thing with some other dimension giving people one hundred days to find their soulmate before they die. Everyone has a soulmate. Again, lies.

“You’re finished,” he said, placing all the items back in the box before sliding it over to you.

“Thank you,” you said, picking up the box. You got to your feet, but immediately sat back down. “Why are you suddenly different?” you couldn’t help but ask, catching him off guard by your question. “You’ve hated me since we first met.”

Jimin leaned back in his chair, a sigh escaping past his lips. “I never hated you.”

“That’s a lie.”

“I was protecting Taehyung.” Jimin’s eyes wandered to the couch where the brunette was fast asleep. “He’s my best friend.”

You stared at Jimin. You could see it in his eyes how much Taehyung meant to him. Taehyung never mentioned any of the guys to you, but just the look on Jimin’s face said everything. They’ve been through a lot of hard times, great moments, and so much more. Jimin would do anything for Taehyung, and so would you.

“I guess you can say he’s my best friend, too,” you told him, watching his gaze land back on you. “More like he’s all I have. He’s keeping me sane in this fucked up world.” You shrugged, getting up from your seat. “I’d recommend you climb through the window to go back to your place. Those guys might be outside the complex waiting for you.” You pushed your chair back to its original place. “I’m sorry your soulmate is a bitch.” You froze, mentally hitting yourself for being so blunt. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

“She’s not my soulmate,” he said, getting up from his seat and pushing the chair in. You frowned, looking up at him. Seeing your confusion as to why he would date someone like her, he continued, “She was, but not anymore.”

“She was…”

“I woke up this morning with a new name on my wrist.”

Jimin was the last rare case in the group. It wasn’t Namjoon or the other two. It was Jimin.

“Ah. So, how does that work?” you asked.

“It’s usually based off of my feelings for someone,” he said in a nonchalant manner.

“You had feelings for—” you stopped yourself, holding up your hands. “I’m sorry. You must have liked her for a reason.”

You were just fucking things up badly. Maybe keeping your mouth shut is the best option.

“Are you sure my name is on your wrist?” Jimin asked, eyes on his name inked into your wrist.

“I’ve spent hours trying to wipe it off thinking it was a pen or marker, but apparently, it’s real,” you told him staring down at your wrist. “But don’t worry, your soulmate doesn’t need to know about this.” Incoherent words left Jimin’s mouth, causing you to look up at him in confusion. “What?”

Letting out a sigh, he pushed his sleeve up, revealing his inked wrist. “Your name was found on my wrist this morning.”

Looking down at his hand, you found your name inked across his wrist in perfect cursive.

contrivedcoincidences6  asked:

Dialogue prompts 2!

2. I thought we agreed to never use butter for that reason again.(I doubt this is what you had in mind, but I hope you like it anyway.)

  You have good days and bad days with him.  On the good days you can almost see him.  Almost see Mulder bubbling under the surface.  Just out of reach, as if you extended your fingers a bit further he’d be able to grasp on and come back to you.  On the bad days he doesn’t recognize you or himself.  He is hostile, combative, angry at everything for a reason he just can’t put his finger on.

  Today is a bad day.  You knew it would be from the moment you woke him up and got him dressed.  Pulling the soft cotton tee over his head your eyes register the aged version of him.  The more than slightly wrinkled, gray, hunched over version of Mulder.  But his eyes are one thing time will never taint, the one thing that has not aged.  Your reflection in them the same for more years than you care to count.

  You help him into the bathroom intent on shaving his face for him, but he fights you.  He wants to do it himself.  Experience has taught you not to argue with him when he’s like this.  So you fill the sink with water, handing him the razor and shaving cream from the cabinet.  You shut the mirror watching as he readies himself, then you hear him gasp as he looks up at his reflection.

  “Who, who is that?”  He asks as he touches his face in confusion.  “Who is that old man?”

  You don’t want to tell him.  You can’t tell him.  You’ve been down this road before and it ended in the destruction of the bathroom.  Instead you take the razor from his hand and softly touch his cheek.  “Here, let me sweetheart.”

  The day carries on like so many others have, Mulder watches baseball quietly content on the couch.  You have lunch and dinner without incident.  You catch the sun setting out of the corner of your eye, knowing this is the worst time of the day for him.  You take a deep breath and call him over to have a cup of tea before bed.  He sits down at the table and without missing a beat, reaches to the center grabbing a hunk of butter with his spoon, dropping it into his cup.

  “Remember sweetheart, remember.”  He just gazes at you.  “I thought we agreed to never use butter for that reason again.”  Your words aren’t registering.  “Butter isn’t for the tea Mulder.”

  “You’re right.  I’m sorry.”

  “It’s ok Mulder it’s ok.”

  You give him your cup of tea, watching him as he sips it, unfettered by how excruciating this is for you.  Immortality a crime of the highest order.  To have to be the one to carry on when all your reasons for living have left.  When all you love and have loved become nothing more than fragments, tiny puzzle pieces of the people they once were.  Of course he’s still Mulder, physically anyway.  To have to watch him suffer everyday as his eyes glaze over with the inability to recognize or understand who he is, where he is, or who you are.  You’ll take care of him to his last breath, but what is to become of you when your soul is lowered into the ground beside his.  How are you to keep on living without him there, no matter his state.  You shake a loose tear from your eye as you help him up from his chair.

  You wrap the covers around him in bed, bending down gently to kiss his lips.  “I love you Mulder.  I love you.”

  “Scully?”  He whispers.  He takes hold of your face his eyes searching, rummaging through his brain, begging it to offer up answers, understanding of who you are, who he is.  He strokes your cheek with his thumb before slowly dropping his hands from your face.  “I… I’m… I’m sorry.  It’s just… it’s just… you… you look exactly like the woman I’m in love with.”

This Broken You

Admin Author: @wrenwritesometimes (sorry, it’s my writing blog)

A/N: @little-princess-wiccan asked: “Hi there I was wondering if you could make an imagine about Sam walking in on you trying to kill yourself and or self harming because of your abusive boyfriend but Sam loves you and you love him too. I know this seems weird but it helps me get through hard times. Can you make it very detailed?”

Dude, it’s not weird. x) If that’s what you’re afraid is weird, don’t be afraid to ask “weirder” ones! It makes writing interesting, to have a complicated plot or idea. It’s like a puzzle we gotta solve - means more brainwork. And don’t worry about detail, I’m gr8 at that. xD

Quick side note, beginning HEAVILY influenced by the beginning of “A Car, A Torch, A Death” by twenty one pilots whilst writing. Sorry? Nupe.
The ending was written to “Big Picture” by London Grammar, which is a very beautiful song. Kinda fits to.

Thanks too @imnoaingeal for reading through this and helping me!

Warnings: Mentions and kinda graphic explanation of self harm?? Woopsh??, mentions of (and actual un-intended not-so-“mentioned”-such-as-maybe-actual, woopsh) abuse, cursing, angst, and let’s add some floof… “a song’s never just sad”. Ooh, let’s have some confrontation too… violence.
Am I making it obvious that I’m outlining what potentially will be in this story through the warnings? Am I sorry? Nupe. Am I talking to myself in my own “author’s notes”?… Let’s move on.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

I hope your hard times become soft, my friend, and here we go:

The air felt thin when you started the car, as you seethed in your own special way…
Feeling angry and heartbroken at a situation you could easily end and walk away from.

But could you? Really?
It had been years… he knew everything about you… maybe that was the bad thing… every detail about you felt like blackmail when on his tongue.

There was always the lingering fear that he’d go to the authorities with your background as a hunter.
… at least that’s what he said once, when you said you’d leave him.

Suddenly, your heart seized, then sped up as your body forced an unpleasantly sharp inhale as you sobbed.
You couldn’t really breathe right…
You needed to pull over.

You didn’t realize where the destination you were aiming for was until you had cried for a good ten minutes.

You were silent, nothing but your car’s engine and the sparse passing cars rumbling down the road making a sound.

You stared at the road sign announcing the road you usually took to get to the one place you felt at home - really at home.

You had been on your way to the bunker.

You were hesitant, your shoulders hunched as you hung to the steering wheel desperately.

Sniffling, you shifted out of park and drove again.


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anonymous asked:

Do ya have any headcannons for an short Omega and their decently taller Alpha mate? Sorry if you've already don't this or it's too stereotypical.

Of course! Sorry these took so long, love!

  • The alpha constantly being called into the kitchen/bathroom to reach something on a higher shelf
  • The omega would get v v v annoyed at not being able to just kiss their mate, so they end up either pulling them down to their level or climbing on something to kiss them
  • The two trying to dance together but it just doesn’t work so the alpha ends up lifting the omega and letting them stand on their feet while they dance around
  • The alpha deliberately putting things out of the omega’s reach just so they can feel useful
  • Imagine them cuddling in the nest…the alpha’s long legs and arms hanging out because the omega made the nest for their size, not thinking about having to accommodate their alpha. Their alpha doesn’t mind, though
  • The omega wearing high heels, and the alpha doing a double take as they see their omega, now about 4 inches higher, walking beside them
  • The alpha having to reposition all the cabinets and mirrors so both they and the omega can get into them. It stills ends up with the omega having to stand on tiptoe and the alpha having to crouch
  • Movie nights where the alpha stretches out completely on the sofa so their omega has no choice but to let them cuddle them
  • Morning cuddle sessions where the omega insists on being the big spoon, and the alpha letting them because their omega obviously won’t let it go. Human jet packing ensues

anonymous asked:

Long jeongcheolcheol hybrid au maybe?(with smut in between) were jeonghans a hybrid and seungcheol adopts him?

Fluff, smut (mostly fluff). No reader. Jeongcheol with a v e r y small side of Meanie. This is my first hybrid AU and I haven’t exactly read any properly before, but I hope you find this enjoyable ♥

→ Seungcheol is lonely (and full of love to give someone), and with the help of his trusty friend Wonwoo he adopts a cat hybrid named Jeonghan.

+ huge thanks to the three anons who sent in ideas, they were really helpful! ;u; if I didn’t directly incorporate your idea into the story, it still definitely helped me move forward with it! ♥ (+ this took a bit longer than intended because I’ve been super tired and kinda worried about my health, but it’s finally done!)

→ 11,109 words

If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! ♥ 

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Favorite Things-chapter 3

Favorite Things Masterlist (Max, The Resident)

Summary- Max let’s his needs take over.

Warnings- Fluff, Non-Con Voyeurism, Smut, Masturbation, Angst

Author’s Note- Yeah, so Max is not a pure fluffy bunny (per se) in this fic. He is still going to do his creepy thing. That begins now. Quick chapter tonight. I live for comments and feedback. This isn’t beta’d even though my husband has offered…he doesn’t know I’ve branched off from Negan yet. Lol. Hey, honey!

Word Count-1.1k-ish

Tag List- If you want on or off, let me know.  Sorry if I forgot anyone..just remind me. Thanks!

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Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

Max stood and stared at her door. He put the food containers on the ground and knocked with a new found determination. Avonlea answered her eyes barely able to meet his. He crossed the threshold, wrapped an arm around her waist, and pulled her body against his. His other hand caressed her neck. His thumb resting lightly along her jaw. He bent forward and gently pressed his lips against hers. His mouth moved in slow open kisses coaxing her lips apart. His tongue softly dipped into her mouth. Her body relaxed, and her hands traveled up his chest, around his neck, and into his hair. She pulled him closer as her tongue began to move with his. He pressed his lips harder against her. Their movements became frenzied in their passion. Their bodies pressed against each other in search of friction. She moaned into his mouth. A hair’s breadth away from carrying her to the bedroom, Max pulled back. He leaned his forehead and against hers as they both sought to catch their breath.

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Jim Gordon finding your antidepressant and ADHD pills that you’ve been hiding from him.
••• Requested by Anon •••

You had forgotten to empty out the pill bottles from the mirror cabinet before Jim Gordon came over, and the minute you had woken up that morning dread consumed your entire being. Hoping to God that he had yet to wake up, you turned over in your bed to face him, only to find him not there.

The sheets flew off of your near naked body and you practically fell out of bed. Stumbling across the room, wrapping a rope around your body, you ran to the bathroom, praying that he had been sidetracked into the kitchen instead.

You had no such luck.

Finding Jim there, standing in his boxers and yesterday’s t-shirt, your eyes fell to the prescribed pill bottles in his hands. His brows were creased in confusion - or perhaps it was anger - as he looked up at you standing in the doorway with his gorgeous puppy brown eyes.

“Jim - ”

“Are these what I think they are?” He asked, turning his whole body towards you. Feeling your body begin to shake, you clasped a hand over you mouth in a feeble attempt to silence the violent sob that escaped you.

“If what you think they are is what it says in the bottle, then yes. Yes they are.” With those words, you collapsed there in the doorway, letting the tears fall. “I c-couldn’t - I didn’t want you thinking that I-I’m…”

Jim fell to his knees, dropping the bottles in the sink before enveloping you in his embrace.

“Sweetheart,” he started, pressing a kiss into your hair. “Don’t think that any of that stuff matters to me. I love you and I’m going to help you in anyway that I can.”

I'm Just The Pizza Guy- Brendon Urie Imagine

~TW: domestic abuse~

You sit in your room with your best friend, watching some movie they had picked out. You were so engrossed in the film that when the door bell rang, you both jumped.

 "That scared the shit outta me.“ You say and stand up to go answer the door, fairly certain that it’s the pizza guy, the cute one that always flirts with you. He always delivers on the weekends and you just happen to always order on the weekends so you’ve met multiple times. He’s about your age but you wouldn’t know. Hell, you don’t even know his name but you kind of consider yourselves friends. You open the door and sure enough, there he is. 

 "Hey.” He smiles.

 "Hi. Oh my god, I can smell the jalapeño. It’s smells amaaazing.“ You absolutely love the little jalapeño pepper they put in each box of pizza. He laughs a little and you giggle, handing him the $20 bill and him giving you the pizza.

 "Keep the change,” this was no surprise to him at this point because you always let him keep it. 

 "Thanks.“ He shoots you a million dollar smile as he walks away. You just nod and shut the door. You take the box upstairs and put it on the bed next to (Y/F/N).

 "What took you so long?” They ask without taking their eyes off the tv and blindly grabbing a slice. You smile to yourself. 



 "Get the fuck out of my house you fucking asshole!” Your boyfriend, Michael, pushes you roughly aside and storms towards the door.

 "Fuck you!“ He slams the door. 

You stand in silence for a few moments, not knowing what to do. Michael has never been the nicest guy but after he cooled down he was always so apologetic and you always forgave him. You always thought things would get better but they’re not. They’re actually getting worse. You reach your hand to touch your cheek where it was burning from the contact his hand made with your face a few minutes ago. This was nothing new; but today, for some reason it really made you think.

 You sit on the ground quietly sobbing into the sleeves of your hoodie when all of a sudden, there’s an knock on the door which makes you jump. You think it’s one of three things : Michael coming back to get his stuff, Michael coming back to apologise, or Michael coming back to make sure he shut you up well enough. The person knocks again and anxiety runs through your veins.

 "It’s Marie’s pizza!” A male voice yells through the door. You sigh in relief. 

“I forgot he made me order that fucking pizza.” You unlock and open the door to reveal a boy in a black tshirt and black jeans, holding a pizza box and a receipt. The boy smiles and hands you the pizza. 

 "Hey, stranger. Long time, no see.“ He laughs a little and you smile in return.

 "I saw you last Friday, doofus.” You hear him giggle as you dig the cash out of your pocket and hand it to him. You look up and he just stares at you for a couple seconds, as if he’s waiting for you to say something. You chuckle and roll your eyes. 

 "You know I don’t want change. Get outta here.“ He winks before turning and walking back to his car. 

You watch his long legs stride down the driveway before you shut the door, smiling to yourself. You set the pizza on the counter and go to get a plate from the cabinet. You pick up a slice and start to put it on the plate when you realise that you’re not gonna want to come back down for more so you just take the whole box up to your room and never come out the rest of the night.

 ~~~~~~~NEXT WEEK~~~~~~~~

 It’s Friday night again and of course, Michael is asleep in your bed as you shower, washing off the blood and dirt from the brutal beating you’d just received. He was not happy about that fact that you were talking to another boy besides him while he wasn’t around. You were only catching up with a friend but when he saw you it was all over. You have bruises up and down your arms, your ribs hurt, and you’re pretty sure you have a black eye. None of it matters though, it’s not anything some concealer can’t cover up, you never really leave the house anyway. You sigh and continue trying to wash away the pain as the pinkish coloured water runs down the drain.

 Once you’re done, you throw on some leggings and a tshirt and then put a hoodie on because your house seems so much colder than usual. For a second you think maybe it’s Michael’s presence that makes your house seem so less warm and cozy but you shake the thought, deciding it was stupid. You’re drying your hair with a towel when you hear a knock at the door. Pizza. It’s like the rainbow after the hurricane. This also means you’ll see the cute pizza boy. You almost skip to the door to answer it. When you open it you of course see the tall, skinny boy standing on your doorstep. You smile, glad to see him but his face drops. 

 "Oh my god, are you okay?” You wrinkle your forehead in confusion until you see his hand slowly reaching for your face and then you realise that you haven’t covered any of Michael’s damage up. His thumb gently strokes your cheekbone and you can feel the bruise forming there. 

 "Y-yeah. I’m fine. I just…get into trouble sometimes. You should see the other guy.“ You chuckle a little and his eyebrows draw up in sympathy, probably not buying your story at all. You don’t look like the type to get into fights.

 "Are you sure you’re okay?” He asks. You see him glance back in your house, looking for the person responsible for this but there was no one. You simply nod.  

“I promise.” You hold put the cash and he hands you the pizza skeptically but nods. 

 "O-okay. Enjoy your pizza.“ You smile and he does too before going back to his car.

 You set the pizza on the counter, ready to dig into the food but when you open the box, you’re caught off guard by a note written on the inside of the lid in what appears to be black sharpie. ‘I threw some extra peppers in for you :) -Brendon’ He even left a number on the receipt. You grin like an idiot.

 "So pizza boy has a name….” You quietly say to yourself as you pick up one of the jalapeños, taking a bite. You take your food to the couch and enjoy it a lot more than usual. You smile as you watch reruns of Friends on tv and text Brendon, the latter bring your main priority. You find out that he is even more adorable when you exchange more than 3 sentences with him. As you read his texts you could imagine his voice in your head. He was the only thing running through your mind all night and you weren’t made about it at all.

 *******BRENDON’S POV********* 

 It’s Saturday evening and the smell of 4 jalapeño peppers fills my nose as I drive the familiar road to (Y/N)’s house to deliver her pizza. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been putting extra peppers in her boxes since I found out she likes them so much. It’s been a week since I’ve seen her but putting my phone number on that receipt was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

 I pull up at her house and fix my hair in my rear view mirror. I pick up the box and walk up to the door. I knock and hear yelling inside before (Y/N) opens the door. She barely gets the door open halfway before she’s forcefully pulled back by someone. She yells out in pain and then I realise that she’s actually in trouble. I set the pizza on the ground and push the door open to see her boyfriend grabbing her by the shoulders as she sobs and begs him not to hurt her. 

 "Hey!“ I yell. He turns to see me and shoves her to the ground as she whimpers.  

"What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I say approaching him.

 "Why don’t you mind your own damn business? Who even are you?“ He scowls at me.

 "I’m just the pizza guy…but I don’t let assholes like you go around beating up pretty girls." 

 *********(Y/N)’S POV*********** 

 All of a sudden you hear shoes scuffling on the ground and grunting from people being punched. You can’t even open your eyes to look because you’re basically having a panic attack. You didn’t want Brendon to get hurt but you couldn’t do anything. The yelling and punching goes on for about 3 minutes until you hear someone hit the floor, hard and you pray it’s not Brendon. Someone groans, taking the hits from someone else.

 "Don’t. Fucking. Touch. Her. Ever. Again.” You hear Brendon grit through his teeth in between either punches or kicks, you can’t tell. All you hear is Michael groaning in pain. 

 "Now get out! And don’t fucking come back.“ Brendon yells as you hear Michael shuffling out the house. You keep your eyes shut and stay curled up on the ground. You hear a sigh and the door shutting, then footsteps walking towards you. 

 ”(Y/N). (Y/N), it’s Brendon. It’s okay. He’s gone.“ He places a hand on your shoulder and you flinch a little then relax. You open your eyes and see Brendon kneeling next to you, hair messed up, falling in his face and his nose is bleeding a little. You immediately wrap your arms around his neck and he wraps his arms under you legs, picking you up and sitting down on the couch with you. 

 "Are you alright?” He asks, you could tell he’s concerned as hell. You nod your head and look up at his face again.

 "Are you okay? You know your nose is bleeding, right?“ He lets out a small chuckle and nods.

 You stand up and he stays seated on the couch, wondering what you’re doing. You hold out your hand and he takes it. You lead him upstairs to the bathroom and close the toilet lid, motioning for him to sit on it. He does so as you get the rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls from the mirror cabinet. You press the cotton ball against the opening of the bottle and tilt it down, soaking the cotton in alcohol. You stand in front of Brendon and start dabbing his cuts on his face and cleaning the spots of blood. He winces a little and you apologise but continue. Once you’re done he smiles and thanks you. You just sit on his lap, resting your head on his shoulder. Brendon wraps his arms around you and you guys just sit in silence for a few moments. 

 "You didn’t get in a fight, did you?” He asks referring to a couple weeks ago when he saw your black eye and bruised face. 

 "No.“ You whisper out as tears begin to fall down your face. Brendon sighs.

 "Oh my god… long has he been doing this to you, (Y/N)?” You stay silent for a couple seconds before answering. 

 "A few months. But if you would’ve asked me a few months ago if I thought it would end up this, I would’ve been offended that you’d even think Michael would do something like that.“ You shake your head in shame.

 "I don’t even know how this happened…” Your voice strains as you begin to cry harder. Brendon rubs your back, trying to calm you down.

 "Hey, look at me.“ You sniffle and sit up to be face to face with him. He uses his thumbs to wipe away your tears. 

 "He’s an absolute dick. He didn’t deserve to ever have you, alright?” His hands cup your face. 

 "And I just want you to know that I’d never ever hurt you in any way. I never want to see you cry. You’re too beautiful to cry.“ You sniffle and smile, looking down before you look up and place your lips on his. You can feel him smile into the kiss and you wrap your arms around his neck as your lips move in sync. You tangle your hands in his hair and grind your hips down a little which causes him to moan. You pull away to your my breath and he just smirks at you. 

 "Are you too injured to keep going?” He asks you and you shake your head, your chest rising and falling. 

 "Nope. You?“ You ask. 

 "Not at all.” He picks you up and starts carrying you to the closest bedroom with an open door.

 "Good. Let’s do it.“ 


 Here’s the second one! This ones kinda short and it was hard to edit and write cuz I’m on my phone but let me know what you think and requests are open! :)

 - Blue

Mortifer - Pt. 1

Video Teaser   |   Part 1   |   Part 2

Summary: Hoseok is what you call a mystery. You don’t know anything about him except for the fact he works at your favourite coffee shop. Until he gets you out of a dangerous situation one day. You want to grow closer to him but in order to find answers, you’ll have to face his demons.

Word count: 4.1k

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff, Fallen Angel! AU

A/N: In replacement of the prologue i recently deleted, here’s the real first chapter of the series! Enjoy the feels! 

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Prompt 86

Tol Person B purposely putting all of Smol Person A’s things on the top shelf (from plates and cups in the kitchen cabinet to putting their favorite books on the top of the bookshelf, even hiding their toothbrush and hairbrush on the top shelf of the cabinet behind the mirror). Person A is salty about this and since there are no stepping stools, Person A just tries to climb and get things, which worries Person B to no end.

Title: Period Panic
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 500
Characters: Warren Worthington III x Reader
Reader Gender: Female (not that I’m not aware that non-female individuals have periods, it’s just the way the request was worded, and how I ended up writing it)
Warnings: None
Notes: Request from anon for “BABE I AM HAVING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PERIOD CRAMPS AND MOOD SWINGS AND I NEED SOME FLUFF!!! oh that sounded over dramatic but also my uterus is being ripped out by satan. Anyway…when you’re not busy could you pretty pretty please write me a thing where Warren wants to take care of his PMS-ing girl but he has no idea how and it’s cute and he just wants to take away the pain and he calls her babygirl and he’s so worried and overprotective?” // You’re probs not on your period anymore (at least, I hope for your sake that you’re not lmao), so I’m sorry this is late, but I hope you like it!

Originally posted by claracivry

       Warren knew there was something wrong as soon as Y/N didn’t show up for their date. He had planned on taking her to her favorite restaurant, so when she didn’t meet him outside at the designated time, he knew something was going on.
       His knuckles rapped against her door a few times, and he called her name. The only response he received was a groan, which filled him with worry.
       “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Another groan. “I’m coming in.”
       After a fleeting feeling of gratitude that the door was unlocked, he entered Y/N’s room, and at first, Warren wasn’t sure she was actually there. He stood there for a moment, before he saw a hand thrust out from underneath the large pile of blankets on the bed. Carefully, he pulled them back to reveal a very disheveled-looking Y/N: her hair was a mess, she had dark circles under her eyes, she was still in her pajamas, and she was curled up in the fetal position.
       “Hey, babygirl,” Warren said softly, brushing her hair out of her face. “What’s wrong?”
       The silence that followed the brief conversation was an awkward one. Warren had zero experience with handling a person on their period. The only explanation he had been given as an adolescent was from his father, and it was quite simply, “Blood comes out of somewhere you wish you didn’t know it came out of, and they go batshit.” So, Warren was clueless to anything further than that.
       “What can I do?”
       “You’re not going to, like… run for the hills?” Y/N inquired with a raised brow.
       “No, you’re my girl, and I wanna take care of you. I just… don’t know what to do.”
       “Midol from my bathroom mirror cabinet, whatever chocolate you can get your hands on, a heating pad, and the cheesiest chick flick you can find.”
       Warren gave a mock salute, then pressed a kiss to her forehead and left.
       He returned roughly fifteen minutes later, with three candy bars, two chocolate cupcakes, two heating pads, and the movies Bridesmaids, Mean Girls, The Notebook, She’s the Man, and A Walk to Remember.
       “Sorry, it took me a while to figure out what the fuck Midol was,” Warren admitted, then laid the stuff next to her. He then plugged in one of the heating pads and handed it to Y/N, which she immediately laid across her lower stomach with a sigh of relief. He held up the movies, and she pointed at a random one. He retrieved her laptop, inserted the disc, then climbed into the bed with her. She snuggled into his side, then he wrapped an arm and one of his wings around her.
       “Are you going to share any of that with me? Scott warned me that you might bite my hand off if I tried to take it without asking,” Warren inquired teasingly, smiling down at her.
       “About biting my hand off, or sharing it?”

I wasn’t going to post this for another couple days, but I figured I’d go ahead and post it for the anon on @trashimagines‘s blog who is dealing with their period. Hopefully this helps, lovely!

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A Very Sick Kookie

I’m back from California guys! Since I haven’t posted in so long I wrote a fluffy little one-shot on the plane ride back home. Hope you enjoy! Requests are now back open!

His eyelids slowly fluttered open; letting  morning light flow into his vision. He squinted at the light, scrunched his nose in protest, and rolled over in his soft and warm bed. Nothing could get him out of this cozy cocoon, or at least that’s what the golden maknae thought.

A harsh alarm broke through the calm air of the dorm, and tired groans emitted from the seven boys. Jungkook swallowed: his throat stung badly. He groaned some more and waited for someone to come get him up. He really felt like shit.

The other hyungs slowly rose from their beds, their hair sticking up in every direction, tossed the covers aside, and began to get ready for the day. Their schedule was the usual; get up and wash your face, get dressed, head over to the restaurant next door for breakfast, walk to the dance studio and practice, then work on music until dinner. There were no interviews or anything like that today, so the day overall would be pretty chill.

Kookie rolled in and out of sleep until someone gently started rubbing his shoulder. He peered out from the fluffy sheets and saw Jin kneeling over him, his face sleepy and puffy.

“Come on, Jungkookie. We have to get up now.” The hyung cooed as he continued to rise Jungkook from his slumber. The maknae just hummed, immediately regretting it from the condition his throat was in, and heaved himself into a sitting position. He felt a type of hot pressure on his head, but discarded it as just having a lack of sleep. 

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Mortifer - Pt. 2

Teaser video   |   Part 1

Pairing: Hoseok x reader

Summary: Hoseok is what you call a mystery. You don’t know anything about him except for the fact he works at your favourite coffee shop. Until he gets you out of a dangerous situation one day. You want to grow closer to him but in order to find answers, you’ll have to face his demons.

Word count: 6.5k

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Fallen Angel! AU

Warnings: depression, attempted suicide, drug/alcohol abuse, mentions of death

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