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How to be a courteous hotel guest

Hello! My name is Claude and I am a Texas cosplayer who also workers as a hotel housekeeper. I haven’t been working in housekeeping for very long but I’ve seen the impact of all sorts of guest and I have to say that Anime/Comic Con attendees are honestly some of the messiest guests and it puts a lot of strain on the housekeeping staff. Did you know we are warned in advance about you guys? I even have horror stories about con guest. This job is very physically demanding and we’re under a lot of pressure to meet our room cleaning times. Below are some tips about being a more helpful and respectful guest. These are only a suggestion. Not rules. Courtesy is a choice.

1.) Before leaving don’t make the bed. We understand you mean well, but all sheets need to be washed and therefore the beds stripped. The best way to leave the bed? Place all the sheets on top of the bed and remove the pillowcases from the pillows. You can leave them bunched up, that’s fine.

2.) Place all your trash into trash bags, tie it up, and leave the trash next to the door before leaving.That way we can just toss it in the trash cart and move on. Leave anything that we can vacuum. You can also leave the dirty towels next to the door before leaving.

3.) Please check all the drawers, cabinets, and closets to make sure you have all your things. Anything found will be placed into lost and found for 90 days. If you’ve left something, just call the hotel and tell them what you’ve lost and in what room.

4.) If you place a DND sign on your door we CANNOT ENTER at all. We mark it down and move on. If you later remove it and decide that you want service call the front desk and let them know because housekeeping usually end up leaving anywhere from 3pm-5pm.

5.) When housekeeping refreshes your room we make the bed, refill amenities, place fresh towels, take out trash, and do a quick wipedown. Don’t want your bed made? Need extra amenities? Need extra trash bags? Etc? Let us know! We leave notepads and pens in every room and you can write down any instructions for us. Ex: “No need to make the bed, just fresh towels and extra shampoos please.” “Extra trash bags and bath towels please, no more shampoos please.”

6.) Housekeeping cannot make the beds when you have personal belongings on the bed. Simple things like clothes and towels we move while making the bed then put back but anything else we DO NOT TOUCH. Laptops, jewels, suitcases, etc. Please keep this in mind if you want your bed made.

7.) Please do not leave your hair curlers and straighteners plugged in the bathroom. Guest always leave them connected usually next to the sink with water all over and it’s a safety hazard. Housekeeping will usually unplug them but I, personally, fear that maybe one day we won’t reach the room in time.

8.) If a hotel is Pet friendly, you still have to let the hotel know that you are bringing a furry friend along. We need to know what rooms need the pet treatment. What if the next guest is allergic and we weren’t notified about the previous guest?

9.) Try and bring some supplies to clean up after your pet. We’ve had guest allow their pets to pee and poop on the carpets and it not only affects the housekeeping staff but maintenance staff as well.

10.) Most hotels are non-smoking and we ask that you please respect that. We are trained to find out if a guest has been smoking and when we catch it, you get a $250 charge. Don’t risk it!! There are smoking areas that you can ask about.

11.) Have left over alcohol that you can’t take with you when you leave? You don’t have to throw it away. It’s very common for guest to leave them as a tip for housekeeping staff.

12.) Yes! You can tip housekeeping! It’s not required. But we constantly get tips and little notes to thank us for our work and we deeply appriciate it. (I actually have all my thank you notes!) How much you tip is up to you. Ive gotten anywhere from change to 25$.

13.) If you’re sick (like influenza, strep throat, cold, etc.) let the hotel staff know. That way we can notify the housekeepers to take extra precautions. (mask, gloves, etc) and provide a deeper clean. (I actually got Influenza B and ended up in the hospital from this one!)

14.) You don’t have to leave your room if housekeeping comes by to refresh it.  You can stay and tell us how to make your stay more comfortable. Plus, we appreciate the conversation.

15.) Please notify ANY of the hotel staff when you encounter a problem. (bedbugs, clogged toilet, broken lamps, etc) We are committed to make your stay as perfect as possible and can be reached at anytime for help.

16.) If you throw up or bleed (excessively)  in the room please notify us as soon as possible and we can have maintenance come clean up. Please do not leave it for us to clean until after your stay. It causes stains that won’t come out and a deeply embedded smell in the room.

17.) Things you can ask for that guest don’t usually know about (can vary by hotel. Some hotels require purchase.): cribs, extra blankets, shower caps, slippers, toothpaste, toothbrush, tampons, pads, razors.

That’s about all I can think of so far. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about how to be a more courteous guest or anything about hotel service. I’ll be happy to help to the best of my ability. I cant wait to see you all at San Japan! :)

Any questions? 
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Jeffrey Dahmer’s Stuff

Below is a list of stuff found in Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment, compiled from Lionel Dahmer’s book “A Father’s Story” and an article on Murderpedia:

Food & Drink:
  • Supplements: Yerba Prima, Vita and Anabolic Fuel
  • Doritos and Ruffles Potato Chips
  • Alcohol:
    Bottles of rum and beer cans. Brands: Budweiser, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Miller High Life.


  • Movies: “Blade Runner,” “Return of the Jedi” and Exorcist III”
  • Pornographic: “Cocktales,” “Chippendale’s Tall, Dark and Handsome,” “Hard Men II,” “Hard Men III “Rock Hard,” “Peepshow” and “Tropical Heat Wave.”
  • An episode of “The Bill Cosby Show” and a lecture on evolution.

Reading material:

  • Pornographic (Unnamed)
  • four books on caring for fish,
  • King James Bible

Audio cassettes on Creation Science and the Bible and other biblical tapes:

  • “The Genesis Flood”
  • “The Bible, Science and the Age of the Earth”
  • “Numerology and The Divine Triangle”
  • A learning kit of books and tapes in Latin


  • Motley Crue 
  • Def Leppard’s “Hysteria”

Cleaning Agents & Chemicals:

  • 1 gallon bottle of Clorox bleach
  • Woolworth Pine Cleaner
  • Lysol
  • Odor-sorb
  • 4 boxes of muriatic acid
  • Formaldehyde
  • Choloroform
  • Ether
  • Halcion
  • 6 boxes of Soilex

Miscelleneous items:

  • 3 black-handled forks
  • 2  butcher knives
  • 1 pair of chemical-resistant gloves
  • Handsaw with five detachable blades
  • ¾ inch drill
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Meat tenderizer.
  • Polaroid camera
  • 50 envelopes from Woolworth’s
  • Tube of acne lotion
  • Shaving kit
  • Oral-B toothbrush
  • Lease for apartment 213
  • Library card with Jeffrey Dahmer’s name on it
  • Pair of men’s black nylon shorts
  • Business cards with the name “Lionel Dahmer Ph.D”
  • Large hypodermic needle
  • Contact lense cleaning kit
  • “Ornamental driftwood”
  • Artificial peacock feathers
  • Aquarium with tropical fish
  • Male nudes hanging in bedroom & hallway
  • Computer
  • A guide to learning DOS
  • A blue and white laptop box cover
  • 2 plastic griffins
  • Incense burner
  • Incense sticks
  • Fish food
  • Nickel-plated handcuffs


  • 1 blood-stained white pillow with light blue floral pattern
  • 1 blood-stained pillow with black case
  • 1 blood-stained black fitted sheet
  • 1 blood-stained white mattress cover
  • 1 blood-stained black pillow case
  • 1 blood stained mattress (both sides) with blue floral pattern
  • Man’s head in cardboard box
  • 3 plastic bags: 2 had a human heart in them and part of a muscle was found in the third.

Floor-standing freezer:

  • Plastic bag containing flesh and various human internal organs
Hallway closet:
  • 2 human hands in large aluminum kettle
  • Human genitals including penises, testicles and pubic hair region


      Metal filing cabinet:

  • Top drawer: 3 human skulls on dark blue towel, painted gray to a “marble-like texture.”
  • Bottom drawer: Complete human skeleton with two paper bags: One had dried remains of human scalp and the other dried, mummified genitals
  • Box with a styrofoam lid: 2 human skulls
  • 57-gallon blue plastic drum containing three human torsos in various 
  • Top drawer: 74 photos of bodies in various poses and stages of dismemberment.

Identification cards and driver’s licenses with the following names were found: Oliver Lacy, Tony Hughes and Joseph Bradehoft.

So you’re in a magickal funk. You haven’t done a spell in months, and let’s face it, you’re already exhausted, but the thought of not dedicating any time to your practice is stressing you out more than you’d like. There’s nothing major going on in your life right now that warrants the energy to do a spell or ritual so you’re stuck thinking “why bother?” 

This has been the case with me on more than one occasion, especially lately. I’m sitting here thinking…”man, I learned all of this stuff, had a lot of success and a few failures; I want to do magick but I just…can’t.” I work too much. I’ve got a lot on my mind. Nothing about raising energy and putting it to rest sounds appealing because all I really want to do is sleep. 

I’m sure some of you have read my “Passive Magick” series; if not, here is part I and part II; but what happens if you don’t even have the time or energy to do some of the most basic things I mentioned in those posts (like clean house, cook dinner, or even take a shower)? 

Since this is a personal struggle that I’m sure many of you also face, I’ve had to think long and hard about how I can practice magick in a minimalistic way without giving up all together, so here is what I’ve come up with. 

  • Think of all the reasons why you’ve become unmotivated or uninterested in your practice, and make a list. If you don’t feel like busting out a pen and paper, use the memo pad on your phone. It’ll take 5 minutes at the very most. For me, it’s got a lot to do with work, stress from work, being tired, adulthood in general, personal relationships, and overall worry about the people I love (gotta love being an empath). 
  • Alright, you’ve made a short and simple list of all of the stressors in your life, which might have stressed you out more than you already were, but let’s move on.
  • This next part sounds simple but might end up being a little more complicated than you think - it’s okay, stick with it: make some notes on your list about how to improve those situations, or simply jot down the opposite of what’s going on. For example, I might not be so tired all the time if I got a good night’s sleep - it doesn’t always help, but it might if I actually tried, who knows. I might have an easier time at work if my communication skills were up to par, and if I knew how to handle stress without getting overwhelmed. Home stress may be relieved if I was better organized as far as like, paying my bills early and trying to save money. I might worry less about my family if I visited with them more. You get the idea. Next… 
  • So basically, by listing ideas to combat your stressors, you’ve inadvertently come up with ideas for spells to help you along the way. For me, this entails…
    • an anti-stress spell
    • a communication spell (for both work and interpersonal relationships)
    • a sleep spell (preferably one where I have no dreams)
    • an organization spell
    • a motivation spell
  • You get the picture, I’m sure. 
  • Okay, so now…. you have to do the spells. Ugh. Even the thought of doing such a thing wears me out, but let’s entertain the idea of putting together a multipurpose spell jar. You can easily figure out the correspondences for things like better communication, better sleep, relieving stress, and staying motivated. You might even know a few correspondences off hand so you don’t have to do too much digging for information. 
  • At this point, head over to your spice cabinet, kitchen pantry, craft drawer, or whatever and gather some supplies. Don’t even bother trying to go buy new stuff. Use what you already have, and try not to choose multiple ingredients for the same intent. Just pick one, it’ll make your life easier.
  • Now, anyone who has ever made a spell jar before knows the process of stating your intent as you add your ingredients to the jar. It takes little effort on your part to mumble some words like “ok lavender your job is to keep me relaxed and relieve my stress.” Do this with each ingredient and bam, done. Seal the jar and…then what?
  • Well, what about timing the spell? That part is up to you: you might choose to utilize a certain phase of the moon, or you might not even care to wait until a particular lunar phase because you don’t give two hoots about the moon, at all. Maybe you choose to do the spell at night because for the first time all day, you’re somewhat relaxed. Once again, that’s totally fine. 
  • Okay…but I have to charge this stupid jar somehow. Well, you can lightly channel energy from external sources to power your spell so you don’t tire yourself out and lose motivation before you even begin. Craft a super simple sigil that states “this spell jar is charged and activated” or write that sentence on paper and set your spell jar on top of it. Draw a picture of a constellation or rune that corresponds to power or enchanting and set the jar on top of that. Stick a piece of quartz on top of the jar. Add a little sea salt water to the jar (it’s a natural conductor of electricity and energy). There are lots of easy ways to charge your jar. Done and done. 
  • Alright, my spell jar is made and charged so…now what do I do?? Remember that mundane effort is just as important when it comes to magickal workings. Buy a planner to keep you organized, or open the calendar app on your phone and mark important dates. If you know you need at least 8 hours of sleep to feel energized, then don’t wait until 2am to lay down in bed. If communication is an issue, then actually try to talk to people and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, especially in the workplace. 
  • These are just examples that mostly cater to my specific and personal situations, but you can easily modify these ideas to suit your needs. One good spell may be just the thing you need to kickstart your practice again, and this method is simple and straightforward enough that pretty much anyone can do it, even on your worst days. 

Good luck. 🔮✨


>Observer_  (Bloober Team  2017)

On August 15th, the developers behind Layers of Fear will release their new game, >Observer_. Set in a dystopian cyberpunk world, you play as Dan Lazarski, a neural detective known as an Observer. With your augmentations, you can hack into peoples minds to solve crimes all while reliving some of their biggest fears and nightmares. One rainy night you get a call from your estranged son, seemingly in danger and asking for help. Once you trace that call to a decrepit apartment complex in the slums of Krakow, your investigation begins.

This game hit me just like Soma did. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but the environment immediately grabbed my attention and before long, i was immersed completely in the world and its characters. With a mix of Blade Runner, Midgar from Final Fantasy 7, the movie Brazil and the developers own unique touch, the gritty look, feel and atmosphere of Observer are pretty much perfect. We’re talking Rapture/Arkham Asylum/Tallon IV (Metroid Prime), level of detail and quality here. While most of the game takes place in and around a single apartment complex, its size and labyrinth like layout are deceiving. I was often reminded of how Stanley Kubrick purposely built the hotel in The Shining to be confusing and off-putting. You constantly feel a sense of unease at the multitude of tight hallways with rooms that are so close, or at such odd places, they couldn’t possibly fit inside the building. While the observing (hacking minds) parts are interesting, thrilling and a nice change of pace, the true star of the show in my opinion is the incredibly realized “real world” aspect of the game. Whether you’re going door to door learning about the residents, or finding rooms that are open/unlockable and searching them for clues, or simply just exploring this steamy, crumbling, wire-strewn slum, each aspect is immensely enjoyable and rewarding.

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Does no one else have this headcanon?

Like, Kara gradually introduces herself into Lena’s life.

But being a Luthor, Lena never even once considered any visitors because, you know, everyone hates her guts, so her house/flat/apartment/whatever is small and lavish, but everything from the appliances to the furniture in her house is literally made for a single, lonely occupant. Like, her place is modern and minimalist and it has the colors black, white, gray, maybe even umber, but there are no brighter colors and it’s just dull. And there’s the music room with instruments Lena is proficient at that are collecting dust because she doesn’t have time to play, but she mostly doesn’t have anyone to play them for and it’s more satisfying to do something for someone and not alone. Then there’s the fact that Lena doesn’t have any personal belongings that have sentimental value to her; obviously no photos of family or friends, no posters, no nerdy knick knacks, no antique souvenirs from her business trips even, so the walls only have a few canvases of art to fill in that empty void, and it just makes Kara so fucking sad.

But because Kara comes over so often, Lena has had to make changes to her abode to accommodate her only friend. And slowly, but surely, there’s a dining table large enough for two, more food in the refrigerator, a guest bedroom, a bigger coffee table, a larger couch/sofa, a bigger television screen, more drawers and cabinets, and Lena doesn’t notice anything because she’s so focused on buying new furniture every time Kara comes over and is worried that they’ll have yet another impasse because something is made for one person only. But like, Kara does notice, and it makes her so giddy to even think about it because now Lena’s place has shades (though still dark shades because pastel nor pink is her thing) of red, green, blue, etc. Then Lena plays music more often and the instruments aren’t so horridly out of tune anymore and then there’s a single framed photo of her and Kara sitting in her bedroom’s nightstand.

And yes, I’m implementing this to my fics.

Our First Time (smut)

She felt the cool metal of the cabinet drawers hit her back, his long fingers weaving through her loose blonde strands. Was it possible to die from ecstasy? If so, what a way to go. His lips trailed a path from her neck to her collar bone as she squeezed her eyes shut and wrapped her long legs around him, pulling him even tighter against her body.

Her hands moved to unbuckle the belt around his waist, but they were quickly knocked out of the moment by an obnoxiously loud banging on the door of the trailer.

“Is that your mom!?” Jughead ripped away from his sexy girlfriend and pulled his shirt back on, heading for the door.

She hadn’t witnessed the whole interaction, just the exchange of jackets and his surprised face when she called his name. Heading back into the trailer, Betty started to gather her things, leaving Jughead to speak to his new “friends”. She had to get out of here, what was she thinking? Hanging around Serpent territory after everything that had happened in the past month. Buttoning her jacket and searching for her bag she hardly registered Jughead walking towards her, she never even heard him speak her name. She jumped when he placed a hand on her shoulder

“Betty..” he started before she cut him off

“I should go. It’s late, It’s not too far from here.. I’ll walk, the fresh air will be good for me.” She moved towards the door but he quickly put his hand out to stop her

“You’re not going out there on your own, talk to me. Let’s talk about this.” He begged, his hands playing with the buttons on her jacket.

“There’s nothing to talk about, you made your decision.” She wrapped her arms around herself, it was what she did when she was bidding from someone, it made Jughead heart ache to see her hide herself from him.

“Nothing’s been decided, it’s just a stupid jacket. It doesn’t matter, you matter, we matter” he emphasized the we as she stepped back finally getting a look at him in the jacket.

Fuck. It was sexy as hell.

Obviously not the criminalistic activities tagged along with the logo but the way the jacket wrapped around his broad shoulders, his tossled black hair falling in his face, as he stared at her with wide, scared eyes. This was still Jughead, this was still the boy who had declared his love for her a mere minutes ago, the boy who had made her ache in places she didn’t know possible. He was still her Jughead, just an incredibly sexy version.

His eyes ducked to meet hers before she mumbled under her breath

“Screw it”

The long pink peacoat hit the ground in seconds flat and before Jughead could even catch his balance, Betty was wrapped around him, her fingers tangled in his hair before running over the swirly snake emblazed on his back.

“I want you” She growled into his ear, her hands pulling the leather from his body as they stumbled into his bedroom.

Jughead pulled back, looking into his girlfriends glazed and lust filled eyes as she pulled off her tank top , revealing the lacy pink bra he had admired a few minutes ago. As he stared down at the perfect specimen laying on her back on his old mattress, he couldn’t think of his father or the Southside or his future, all he could think of was being with Betty completely, showing their love in the most absolute way.

“Are you sure?” He asked quickly, his own shirt now laying on the floor as she gazed up at him through her eyelashes

“Never been so sure” she whispered

That was all it took for him to dive into her, lifting her by the hips and tugging her into the headboard, his jeans hanging loose on his hips while she unzipped her skirt letting him tug it all the way down his fingers tracing her long smooth legs. She whined from above him, her hands reaching for him, he dragged his palms the entire length of her body and moaned when she pressed her chest into his hands

“Right there” she let out on a breathy sigh, he glanced up to find her eyes closed as he quickly disposed of her bra, taking the time to admire her breasts before letting his inexperienced fingers wander, by the way she sighed he assumed he was doing something right. Betty could feel how excited he was digging into her thigh

“Protection, do you have it?” She asked dazed as he pulled something from the side drawer

“Never thought this would happen, dad wanted me to be prepared just in case. Never imagined it’d be with you, only dreamed it” he mumbled against her neck, grinding into her, his soft cotton boxers causing friction with the lace of her panties.

She watched as he pulled the condom on, and slowly pulled the lace away, staring intently at something she was certain he had never seen before. Her eyes took in all of him, once he finished he looked up at her with unsure eyes

“I love you Jughead Jones, no matter what you are, who you become. I love you” she encouraged, wrapping her legs around his waist and bringing him inside of her. She winced at the pain, it hurt more than she expected, but hearing the deep guttural groan of her normally composed boyfriend, eased the ache a bit.

“I love you. God I love you” he moaned into her neck, pulling in and out of her excruciatingly slow. It al happened so fast she wasn’t even sure when she had hit her high, only coming down from it just in time to see Jugheads eyes roll back and his shoulders shake. He slumped beside her, dragging her into his side and peppering kisses to her hair

“Thankyou, I love you. That was.. did I hurt you? Was it awful..” he trailed off suddenly stiffening as he tried to pull away.

Betty shook her head quickly, pulling him back down and nuzzling against his bare chest
“It was perfect. Absolutely perfect” she whispered and smiled when she felt him sigh in relief.

“Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it. I won’t join the serpents, I’ll… I’ll figure something else out” his hands played with her sweaty strands.

Betty sighed softly
“You do what you have to do. I meant what I said, I love you Jughead, no matter what you are, I’m going to love you.” She turned her cheek to look at him and went breathless at the intense look of love in his eyes.

“Besides” she continued, a teasing smirk on her face “we’ll finally be the real Romeo and Juliet you’re always talking about” she giggled.

Jughead rolled his eyes, pulling the covers tighter around the couple

“Except no one dies, alright?.”

Betty yawned, slowly closing her eyes

“Deal” she whispered before both the love sick teens fell into their dreams.

I like to think by the time Gotham’s Batman Proper era rolls around nothing phases James Gordon any more. He’s unflappable, jaded even. He’s seen it all, man, and then some. 

Bruce confesses he’s Batman, and Jim doesn’t even look up from his paperwork. “Good to know.”

Someone at the GCPD bursts into his office yelling that a giant mobile venus fly trap is downstairs eating officers, and he pulls a ginormous jug of Weed-Be-Gone out of his cabinet drawer and slaps it on his desk. 

Valeska shows up at his apartment with a surfboard wearing tropical print swim trunks and a crap load of C4 strapped to his chest, and Jim’s like, “unless you’ve brought me coffee, I don’t have time for you right now” and just continues on to his car.

Commissioner James “Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt” Gordon.

Living with Tom Holland would include...

Whether you’re living with Tom while co-starring in a movie or being a couple you can expect:

  • Tom would wake up before you everyday because he’s an early bird
  • This means you’d wake up on many days to the sound of him tripping over something or being clumsy in general
  • You would raid each other’s wardrobe and eventually you both would forget who owned what orginally
  • You’re rooms are close together (if not shared)
  • Because Tom likes being nearby
  • Getting tipsy together at midnight while watching random youtube videos
  • Movies nights with the gang every week but you barley pay attention to the movie because you guys mess around too much
  • Sometimes movie night is just you and Tom enjoying a romance comedy
  • Tom would occasionally fall asleep halfway through the movie and you’d wake him up after it’s over and nag him to his bed
  • “Put on a shirt Tom.”
  • Finding what room Tom is in is a struggle
  • Because he’s waddling around aimlessly as he rehearses his lines
  • A bunch of sweets and snacks in every single cabinet and drawer (doritos, cakes, donuts)
  • A good amount of “healthy” snacks to balance out the bad ones cause you guys always feel guilty for eating so bad (fruits, nuts, health bars)
  • But the healthy snacks are barley touched
  • “Let’s go to McDonalds.” becomes something said every night
  • When you do actually sit down and have a meal together Tom tries his best to make it over the top and perfect
  • Coffee every morning of every day of every week of every month
  • Enjoying a variety of tea every evening that Tom has chosen since he’s the “tea expert” 
  • You aren’t really home much 
  • You rather be out exploring
  • But when you are home it’s pretty laid back and chill
  • Tom singing in the shower is a common occurrence
  • Tom’s space is surprisingly neat and organized
  • Because you end up picking up after him most of the time
  • Unless when it comes to his many pair of shoes and boots that he basically has a shrine for
  • Blankets and pillows everywhere
  • “Hey…where’s my charger at?”
  • Sitting in the living room engrossed in your phones for hours
  • Sharing memes and teasing Tom with posts about him
  • Posting instagram stories and snaps of Tom’s many lame antics
  • Some of yours make it onto Tom’s story too
  • Tessa would basically own the house
  • Tom ends up breaking and damaging something every week cause he’s always flipping around
  • The house is filled with Spider-Man merch and gifts from fans
  • “Do we really need another Spidey poster for the house? Why?”
  • “Because I’m Spider-Man”

pairing: reader x jungkook

rating: pg14

word count: 1.0k

m a s t e r l i s t 

Only three things were required in order for a movie night to be considered successful: a) a movie, obviously, b) blankets, to cuddle into, of course, and c) popcorn, self-explanatory. Unfortunately, this particular movie night was running low on c, and it was your turn to heat some more.

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Your Savior (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Prompt: Can I have a oneshot about my bae Jasper Hale ❤ With like his human mate. And have the Major ends up coming through when someone breaks into their mates house. Please? ❤ (requested)

Word Count: 786

A/N: I’m sorry if this is kind of shitty, I’m not feeling my best (I’m sick af) and I squished my brain trying to think of something good, but I tried! I still hope you like it <3 @rosequeensiera also, I’M EXTREMELY SORRY FOR BEING SO LATEEE, I’ve wrote this days ago but I couldn’t find the doc and  I wasn’t feeling good to write it again! sorry babe :(

I stirred in my sleep when I heard a sound downstairs, at first I thought that it was just the wind knocking at my windows but when I heard the sound of a chair moving I knew I wasn’t alone. I sat up straight on my bed and cursed under my breath when I remembered that Jasper wasn’t at my side taking care of me, he was in his house.

I moved trying to move quietly on my bed reaching for my cellphone that was sitting on my nightstand; I grabbed it and unblocked it as fast as I could, my fingers were trembling as I dialed Jasper’s number, I put the phone to my ear and heard the dial but in a second Jasper’s voice came through it.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong, baby?” he said with a worried tone in his voice.

“Jasper, I think someone broke into my house” I whispered back.

Jasper’s POV (third person)

The moment he picked up the phone he knew something was wrong; it was odd that (Y/N) was calling him at almost 1:30 a.m.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong, baby?” he was beyond worried especially when he could hear her unsteady breathing.

“Jasper, I think someone broke into my house” she whispered and something clicked inside of him, he no longer felt like himself, fury was running through his body.

“Don’t move, (Y/N), don’t even make a sound, I’ll be there in a minute” his voice came out darker than his usually calm one, he knew he wasn’t himself anymore, he was The Major, and he was going to make pay whoever had the audacity to break into (Y/N)’s house.

In a second he throws the phone onto the floor calling Edward’s attention, who was standing next to him reading all of the disturbing thoughts that were displaying on Jasper’s mind.

“I’ll go with you” he stated and Jasper simply nodded before he started running outside of his house into the forest with Edward following closely behind. In a matter of seconds he found himself on the front door of (Y/N)’s house, he quickly felt the scent of another person inside, growling he made his way to the front door and pushed it, silence surrounded him and Edward; he moved around the house but he wasn’t able to hear or see anything, the only thing that stood out where her belongings were trashed around, the cabinets and drawers were all opened, everything was a mess; anger went through his body like a powerful wave; he turned around to see Edward but he was already looking at him.

“I can’t hear anyone, I think whoever was here left already” he turned again and made his way upstairs to her room, from behind the door he could already hear the faint sound of crying so he pushed the door quickly.

(Y/N)’s POV

I knew someone was in my house, the sound of things being broken filled my ears and the only thing I managed to do was to hide under my bed wondering when the hell Jasper was going to come. Surpassingly the sounds faded rather quickly, I moved slowly from under my bed and sat in my bed, tears started flooding from my eyes letting all the stress out.

Suddenly my door opened and Jasper was on the other side looking intensely at me, his eyes were a little bit darker than normal and his features hardener once he saw me. I looked behind him where Edward was, looking at me with concern in his eyes.

Jasper started pacing around my room with his fist clenched and murmuring something under his breath, I could feel myself getting more anxious and it seemed that Jasper wasn’t able to notice that because he continued moving around.

Edward made his way quickly to my side and hugged me which made me relax a little more.

“Jasper is not himself right now” he whispered into my ear but we both looked at Jasper when we heard his voice.

“Let her go, Edward and move” his voice sounded harsh and his face showed no emotion whatsoever, Edward moves quickly, not before sending me a warning look; he got out of the room and disappeared.

Jasper made his way to my bed and sat down pulling me into his arms in a swift motion, I was starting to feel more relaxed but I knew that he was doing that and before I could even control myself the tears started flooding again and he tightened his grip on me.

“Hush baby, I’m here now, no one can harm you” his voice sounded more like himself and I let myself relax even more now that I knew he was back.


If you do a Google search for “card catalog” it will likely return Pinterest-worthy images of antique furniture for sale — boxy, wooden cabinets with tiny drawers, great for storing knick-knacks, jewelry or art supplies.

But before these cabinets held household objects, they held countless index cards — which, at the time, were the pathways to knowledge and information. A new book from the Library of Congress celebrates these catalogs as the analog ancestor of the search engine.

File This Under Nostalgia: New Book Pays Tribute To The Library Card Catalog

Cooking with boyfriend!Tom
  • “recipes are just guidelines, you don’t have to use them exactly” he says, reaching for a spice that would ruin the dish
  • he’s a simple man with simple desires. he loves a good cheese toastie or sunday roast dinner but they taste to much better when you do it!!! (he swears)
  • even though you decided on where to put everything in the kitchen together, he forgets where everything is and has to do at least one lap around the cabinets and drawers before he finds what he needs 
  • when you guys are tidying up while the food is in the oven, he starts to dance around you, whether they’re serious or silly moves depends on his mood
  • if he’s cooking alone he listens to music, usually singing along
  • sometimes it will be a soft, under his breath sort of thing but if he knows you can hear him in the next room, it’s loud and off key to make you laugh
  • “hey look at my knife skills” then does a very average cuts of an onion
  • always drops at least 5 crumbs of whatever he makes on the floor then looks up at you with a sheepish smile and a “whoopsie”
  • has a ‘one for the bowl, one for me’ sort of attitude when he’s preparing food
  • if his food turns out bad, he always will demand “whO COOKED THIS????” to make you laugh
  • “yeah, i mean we could cook….i mean we COULD. Or we could just…order a curry?”
  • tries to throw things into the pot from a while away, like he’s playing basketball
  • “he shouts, he SCORES” he laughs when one mushroom cap lands in a saucepan 
  • you both sneak scraps to tessa but keep trying to hide to from one another
  • he loves to cook when he’s a had a few, so you’ll be propped up on the island, watching him as he puts a frozen pizza in the oven. “babe what if we used our feet to eat instead of our hands?” he asks, completely serious when setting the timer
  • once you’re finished cooking and eating, he reaches across your plate to steal a food before you grab his wrist and he GIGGLES because he’s so cheEKY
  • somehow always manages to burn popcorn every. single. time. like he never learns????

tietiex  asked:

I don't know if you are taking requests or prompts but maybe a fic about Lance having been captured by Lotor and when he's rescued his hair starts Turing white from the PTSD and bottled up stress. Which Lance would be ashamed or scared about/of telling the team or something?

Ooohhh interesting!!! Sorry if this is a bit long, I kinda got carried away. Hope you like it! 🖤
When the team rescued Lance from Lotor, to say that he was relieved was an understatement. He had been missing for a few weeks after some of Lotor guards captured him on a solo mission. Lotor had took a interest to him and wanted him as a pet, all to himself. When Lotor quickly discovered that Lance wasn’t going down without a fight, he put Lance through various torture, physically, emotionally, and mentally. He now had scars covering his back, arms and thighs. But that couldn’t compare to the mental scarring. Lance was often plagued with nightmares, him hurting his team, the team telling him he was worthless and replaceable. And it didn’t end there.

Lance would have to stop himself from flinching every time one of his friends touched him. His instincts would tell him to get away, to fight, stop them, convinced that they were trying to hurt him. He also couldn’t stop the panic attacks. He could feel them coming on, but they always happened randomly, often while he was training with the others. He would give a lame excuse, ignoring the concerned looks from the others, and went to his room to shut them all out, to ride out the attack on his own. All these attacks and stress was pulling a toll on Lance, he was often exhausted in every way, bags under his eyes. It wasn’t until one morning that he noticed that something else about his physical appearance had changed.

Lance had woken up from a fitful sleep like many nights before and went into the bathroom to wask off his face mask. He cupped the water in his hands, splashing it in his face to wake himself up and wash his skin. He grabbed a blue towel and began to dry his face. When he finally dropped the towel to look at himself in the mirror, that’s when he noticed. He jaw fell opened and he vigorously rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Nope, he was awake. Slowly, Lance brought a hand to his hair. His warm brunette hair was just as shaggy as every, but it was now streaked with white. Several white locks drastically stood out, Lance pulling at them gently. He kept toying with them in shock, staring at them in disbelief, he quickly grabbed his brush and went to work, trying to cover as much of the white as possible. After a few unsuccessful minutes, he threw his brush to the floor, running his hands through his newly colored locks. He quickly stumbled out of his bathroom, going back to his bedroom, rummaging around the drawers and cabinets.

“Aha!” Lance smirked as he found a blue baseball cap in one of the compartments.
He then changed out of his pajamas and into his normal clothes, putting on the hat as the final touch. Lance looked at himself in the mirror one last time. He frowned at his reflection. He didn’t want the team to find out. It was kind of embarrassing and he was ashamed of it. He didn’t want the team to view him differently or seeing him as weak. So, he decided he would keep it to himself. With a determined nod, he stalked out of his room, ready to face the day.
“Uhh…Lance?” Pidge asked, dropping the pen cap they had been chewing on. “What are you wearing?”
Lance turned toward them and striked a pose, trying to cover up his nerves.
“Oh you mean THIS?” He explained, pointing to his new hat. “Just trying out a new style. I mean, I look great in everything, don’t you agree?”
Pidge scoffed and rolled her eyes, the others walking into the dining room where they were. Keith arched an eyebrow when he took in Lance’s appearance.
“What’s with the hat?”
Lance wriggled his eyebrows and gave him a smirk. “Why do you ask mullet? Are you jealous that I can pull it off better than you? I used to play baseball with my family, so I can totally rock this look.”
Lance striked a few more poses, causing the others to laugh and shake their heads. They finally dropped the subject and went about their business. Lance let out a sigh of relief and walk out of the room, trying to go about his day as normal as possible. The day had come to an end and the team was all getting ready for bed. Lance had managed to pass by with flying colors, nobody finding about his new look. When he told the others good night and shut his room door behind him, he ripped off the hat and practically ran to the bathroom mirror. With a sigh of relief, he noticed that he hair hadn’t changed. Sure there was still some white, but it hadn’t spread. He stripped out of his clothes, and tried to get a peaceful night sleep, hoping that all would go back to normal.
When Lance woke up the following morning, he felt refreshed. It was the first night that he didn’t have any dreams or nightmares. A small smile began to spread across his face. He thought things were finally going his way. He kicked his covers off of him, and made his way to the bathroom to do his morning routine. He hummed to himself as he put toothpaste on his toothbrush, raising it to his mouth. When he saw his reflection, however, the toothbrush fell to the counter, dropping toothpaste all over. With a shaky hands, Lance softly touched the mirror, willing that what he was seeing was just some sort of nightmare, anything other than reality. Lance closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths.

When he slowly opened his eyes, his heart sank. His reflection, HE, ran his fingers through his hair, but this time, there was no brown color. His hair had completely turned white. Lance couldn’t help the tears that spilled from his eyes. He cursed under his breath and stormed out of the bedroom, looking for the baseball cap. He placed it back on his head and willed himself to take a few calming breaths. He went back to the mirror to look at his reflection. He braced his palms on the counter, gripping the edges so tight that his knuckles began to turn white. He closed his eyes and straightened up. He couldn’t let the others find out. He wouldn’t. Whether he had to keep wearing that stupid hat or find some hair dye at a space small, he would find someway to keep this secret to himself. He didn’t want to be viewed as weak, as a freak. He had to be strong. He opened his eyes and muttered to his reflection while glaring.
“Fake it ‘till you make it.”

Yes, Your Bucky

Summary: This is a sequel to My James, Your Bucky. The reader and her plum dumpling come to terms with what happened to James.

Word count: 2.5k

Warnings: Angst central, people. You’ve been warned.

A/N: The response to My James, Your Bucky has been so awesome. I did say that if I write the next part it will be painful. You still wanted more. I hope you like it.

I went through all comments and asks to tag people so I hope I haven’t missed anyone out?

Originally posted by dailybuckybarnes

It’s been good few hours since you discovered your flat in a complete mess. You’ve been practically dragged out of there by a man with the bow. Hawkeye, you think was his name. Frankly, quite a few people introduced themselves to you outside, but you couldn’t care less for who they were. Why would you? They all just barged into your life expecting you to be calm and understanding. Calm and understanding?!

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Open It

Title: Open It

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You get shit-faced drunk on Negan’s birthday.

Warnings: NSFW, smut!

Note: Here’s my smut for @negansmutweek​ JDM birthday celebration! Not entire happy with it (but then again, when was I ever satisfied with my fics lmao) but I hope y’all enjoy this! xoxo

You opened your eyes and was met by a surreal blur, match that with an extreme headache with a side of sore throat. Scrunching your face, you let out a groan as you turned to your side to find a more comfortable position on the bed. And then it hit you— you weren’t in your room. You sat up almost too quickly, forgetting about the horrible hangover you woke up to.

“Fuck!” you hissed as you held your head in both your hands.

When you relaxed a tiny bit, you took it as a chance to look around the place. You were sitting on a king-sized bed with clean white sheets. There was a couch across from you, a drawer and cabinet leaning against the wall and a couple more pieces of furniture that somehow gave you an idea whose room you were in. Your heart pounded heavily against your ribcage and your headache grew a hundred times worse when you remembered getting really shit-faced drunk on your boss’ birthday. You looked down and let out a small gasp when you noticed that you were bra-less and was only clad in a loose, grey shirt and just your undies.

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the little things in life - part 1

summary: One of Roman’s adventures takes an interesting turn, resulting in Logan coming back looking much different than before.

characters: logan, patton, virgil, roman

pairings: none

warnings: age regression; some intrusive thoughts; thoughts of injury (very brief); thoughts of choking on food (very brief); mention of death (very brief)

word count: 1,968

a/n: a cute piece inspired by @mewsicalmiss‘s adorable hcs and @pirate-patton‘s own fic based off of them. this got a little long so I decided to break it up into a few chapters. hope you guys enjoy!

tag list: @tinysidestrashcaptain @logan-logic @holdnarrytight @the-sanders-snides @darude-sanderstorm @mewsicalmiss @thegoldenmink @cefmua56 @madd-catter @amazable01@camillenicole @dudlebuggs @evilmuffin

“He’s so small! Ah, I just wanna scoop him right up!”

“I hate to admit it, but he’s just downright adorable! And he hardly talks as much as he used to. I shall chalk this up as an improvement!”

Virgil opened his mouth to protest; he closed it in favor of screwing his face into an expression that was near impossible to describe, but perfectly conveyed his character.

“What?” he finally burst out. “No! We can’t keep him like this. Do you think Thomas is gonna have any idea how to do anything?”

Roman groaned, shoulders sliding into a dejected position. “Fine. I suppose you do have a point. The only thing is…how do we fix…this?”

He gestured to their current problem, which sat on the couch.

This problem happened to be a very displeased Logan, who was now reduced to the state of about a two-year-old, courtesy of a glittering crystal lake he had fallen into after being dragged along on one of Roman’s adventures.

He was small, he was clumsy, he was—

Well, to be quite honest, he was the most adorable thing any of them had ever seen.

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