The new show piece for the spring (until I find time to make something else…)

The case is Cherry and Chechen, finished with two coats of Tung Oil and polished with Liberon Wax.

The drawers are cherry with some of my shop-made Yosegi veneer. Almost perfect alignment of the pattern across the six drawers. Finished with brushed Amber Shellac and wax. The pulls are Chechen.

Measures 13"x7"x8". I’ll let it go for $650. Contact me if interested.


Things that inspire us: 

Trunk Tall Cabinet by Neri & Hu for De la Espada

“Trunk Cabinets carry echos of ancient China, when a bride and groom would be given trunks as gifts at their wedding, and bring these trunks, full of personal items, into their new home.”

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