Birdhouse Cabinet by Siebring & Zoetmulder Design Products

This Birdhouse Cabinet named side table that is obviously inspired by birdhouse, is a multi-functional piece of furniture designed with the reading people in mind. The top part is made of Birch Plywood, offering the gable of the roof as a book rest. This modern creation by Siebring & Zoetmulder Design Products fits well into a bedroom as well as a living room.

I am surprised that the words of Coretta Scott King are not suitable for debate in the United States Senate.
—  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who was rebuked by the Senate for quoting Coretta Scott King’s words criticizing Senator Jeff Sessions when he was considered for a federal judgeship in 1984. Sessions is now being considered for Attorney General.

When House and Senate Democrats held a rally Monday night to oppose President Trump’s executive order on refugees and immigrants, the crowd wasn’t all on their side.

Pockets of, “Do your job!” jeers broke out, as did chants of “Walk the walk.”

A vocal wing of Democrats’ progressive base is growing increasingly frustrated that the minority party can’t seem to do much to stop Trump’s agenda. In fact, several progressive activists view the bipartisan votes for Trump Cabinet picks, like Defense Secretary James Mattis, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and CIA Director Mike Pompeo, as signs that many Democrats are failing to put up a fight.

That’s despite contentious confirmation hearings and the Trump White House complaining that it’s not getting its nominees through faster. Democrats are hamstrung when it comes to stopping the Cabinet picks. Aside from procedural delays, the elimination of the filibuster (the 60-vote threshold to advance nominees) has meant Democrats are powerless to fully stop Trump’s picks unless multiple Republicans oppose them, too.

Liberals To Senate Democrats: (Don’t) Do Your Jobs

Photo: Claire Harbage/NPR


Good wood - regardless of how remote and harsh the environment of this home in Quebec, once inside it exudes an aura of cool and calm modernity that feels more akin to city living than the wilderness.