Wave Cabinet

Furniture designed by Sebastian Errazuriz is wooden storage with a flexible twist:

The Wave Cabinet by Artist and designer Sebastian ErraZuriz is the new creation of his series of functional sculptures, which embody his translation of craftsmanship and mastery of material into fine art.

The Wave cabinet opens with true delicacy and beauty; each individual slat pulls along the following much like a paper fan. With multiple configurations which allow for various options of aperture, the artist has re-engineered the familiar process of opening and closing, into rotating and undulating adaptations.

The ‘Wave cabinet reinvents the paradigm of cabinet as a re-visualization of the domestic, quotidian objects that surround us. Like his previously surprising sculptural furniture, Sebastian invites us to break open the box as a literal metaphor for reminding the viewer to stop and look again.

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Rare and beautiful sewing kit. The carved shell lid mounted cabinet and engraved gilt engraved inside and blue silk.
It contains 8 pieces, crystal, pearl and vermeil. 5 have a thought embedded in enamelled gold (emblem luxury items sold in galleries of the Palais Royal.
Apart from instruments dedicated to sewing, this box presents two round boxes for cosmetic and a rare crystal bottle carved forming theater telescope 2 draws.
Very nice condition. A hair to die.
Dimensions: 16 cm x 13 cm
 Paris, c. 1815-1820


Pharmacy cabinet, 1400-1850. Over a metre high, cedar wood overlaid with brass, engraved and embossed. The inside is decorated with mother-of-pearl. Middle East.

Islamic medicine saw the opening of the first pharmacies in the 1200s. Islamic pharmacy drew partly on Greek knowledge of herbal medicine and also contributed new information about previously unknown plants and herbs. Via sciencemuseum