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What does a person's favorite sufjan song say abt them?

Fuqq I meant album

carrie & lowell: they have severe clinical depression but they’re pretty chill and probably don’t have too many weird fetishes.

the age of adz: LOTS of weird fetishes. campy shit is their lifeblood. they love big wild tacky things and they are constantly filling their place of residence with random ugly broken shit they found in antique shops or thrift stores. probably a functioning alcoholic. has a weird relationship with their religious upbringing.

all delighted people ep: they’re very language-oriented and at risk of becoming an english major. they love thorough analysis. they wish they could be louder and campier but they’re too anxious to potentially attract the attention of other people. they really really like birds.

illinois: at risk of already being a fan of neutral milk hotel. either a late-20s straight man who takes unnecessarily attentive care of his beard and thinks too much about beer, or a socialist-leaning woman who’s still not over her ex-girlfriend.

seven swans: has a REALLY weird relationship with their religious upbringing. 

michigan: just wants to retire to a small, energy-efficient woodland cabin somewhere up north with the multiple large dogs they will own in the future that they have already picked out names for.

a sun came: has collected or will one day begin collecting knives. thinks performance art gets a bad rap. definitely a stoner.

sweet creature


after being overseas for six years, bucky is struggling to adjust. being home after an honorable discharge isn’t as easy as the movies make it seem, but could you and your child be the key to bucky’s happiness?

pairing: bucky x reader

word count: ~10K 

warnings: angst, children, mentions of abandonment, nightmares, mentions of PTSD, mentions of guilt, mostly fluff, happy ending

a/n: this is for @bionic-buckyb‘s 5K AU writing challenge. my prompt was number 18 (“I’m such an idiot. I made the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”), and i may have gone a bit overboard (like way overboard) but. oh well. i hope you guys like it! 

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Vital: Part One - Terra (A Yondu x Reader Fic): Chapter Eight: Life is a Highway

Click here for: Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven

Rated M for language and future NSFW chapters (these will be marked as such).

As you pull away from the house, a strange sense of closure falls over you, the same sense you had when you packed a picture of your family and your brother’s medal. Like you’re not coming home again. That’s ridiculous. Get a hold of yourself. 

By the time you get on the road in earnest, it’s starting to get dark. It’s a long, three and half hour drive to the cabin (plus a fast food drive through for dinner, a stop at the gas station to fill up, and a bathroom break off the side of the road for Yondu), but time passes quickly as you listen to music and talk.

“So, what did you do before you were a Ravager?” you ask a little while into your drive, turning down the music. He doesn’t answer right away, which is unusual for him. He usually answers your questions right away. You glance at him. He sits a little lower in his seat, hand clenched on the arm rest. “I’m sorry,” you say quickly. “You don’t have to-”

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Isolation- Loki One Shot

Pairing: Loki X Reader

Prompt: You are a princess and, when your kingdom gets attacked, the Avengers save you. They relocated you to a secret cabin with Loki assigned to protect you.

Word Count: 2600

A/N: I watch too many Hallmark Christmas movies about the girl becoming a princess… oops???

Background: For this, Loki never went full-on evil. He is still the God of Mischief, but, instead of doing things such as plotting Thor’s death and trying to rule Earth, Loki focuses on winning prank wars and making sassy comments. He works with the Avengers and is an outsider to them; they trust him only because Thor does.


“I demand to know where I am being taken.” You said angrily as Happy drove you in the sleek Audi. He shook his head regretfully.

“Sorry, your highness, but I was given orders from Tony to keep your location a secret.”

You let out a huff in annoyance. Your whole week was going horribly. The duke, a close friend of your father’s, was assassinated, and there was an assassination attempt on the top member of your country’s Parliament. Your father decided it would be safest if you, the princess and heir to the throne, were relocated elsewhere until they discovered the culprits behind these attacks. That’s when the Avengers showed up in your palace. The famous Black Widow escorted you away from your royal home and onto a Quinjet, and it was from there where you were flown to the Avengers Compound in America. They, as in Iron Man and Captain America, informed you that you would be moved, once again, but this time to a secret cabin “up north”. You wished more than anything else to return home, where you could read anything in your exquisite library, roam about the large rose garden, and be pampered endlessly. The team of superheroes would not even allow you to take your gowns; they insisted you wear clothing that will make you blend in in America and they handed you a suitcase full of commoner clothing.

“We’re here, your highness.” Happy announced, pulling the car into a lonesome driveway. The rustic cabin and its surrounding area was covered in a thin layer of snow. Happy helped you out of the car and grabbed your suitcase. He lead you to the modest front door and opened it for you. You stepped into the cabin and immediately felt warmth. There was a fire burning in the fireplace and it cast a faint orange glow over the room. As Happy shut the door behind him, you looked about the room as a way to study it. In the middle of the room, there was a large, plushy red couch and it faced a small television. The room transitioned to a kitchen on the far side. There was a simple oak staircase leading upwards beside a large bookcase. It was a very traditional, modest cabin home- the opposite of what you were used to.

“Thank you, Happy. I’ll be fine from here.” You spoke softly.

“I can’t leave yet-” He said, before calling out “Loki! We’re here!” You looked at him confused before a new figure, Loki you assumed, made his way down the stairs.

“You’re a horrible guardian already.” Happy stated.

“I’m here though, aren’t I?” Loki asked with a smirk.

“Excuse me? Guardian?” You questioned, looking at Loki.

“Yes, guardian. I was assigned to stay here with you as a way to make sure you are safe. Hello, your highness. I am Loki of Asgard.” He took your hand and kissed it as he bowed. You felt butterflies in your stomach from his casual, yet mysterious nature. He slowly let go of your hand and turned to Happy, “You may leave now, Happy.”

“I’ll have Tony check in on you two when I return to the Compound. Hopefully by then we have a game plan.” Happy said. “It was lovely meeting you, your highness. Stay safe.” He exited the cabin without another word and you heard him drive off in the Audi Stark had given him.

“Am I allowed outside of this cabin at all?”

“Unfortunately no.” Loki said casually as he took a seat on the couch with a book in hand.

“How long am I to stay here?” You asked, not having moved from your spot.

“To be decided.” He replied and you sighed. You glanced down at your watch to discover it was well into the night in your home country, which would explain the exhaustion you felt.

“Where is my room?”

“The bedroom is the only door on the left. Bathroom is second on the right.” You waited for him to move to assist you, but he made no motion other than flipping the page of his book.

“Will you not take my luggage to my room?”

“Your highness,” Loki said, finally looking up at you, “I am your protector- I am simply here to make sure you are safe. It’s not in my job description to be your slave.” With that, he turned back to his story and gasped in shock. You had never been talked to in such a manner. You huffed and grabbed your suitcase. It was heavier than you thought, so you struggled to carry it up the stairs. You were relieved to make it to your room. The queen size bed sitting in the middle of the far wall was grand and inviting. You set your suitcase on the windowsill and searched for pajamas. Unfortunately for you, the Avengers had not given you your choice of silk pajamas, and, instead, they left you with fleece pants and a baggy t-shirt, both of which were items you never wear. You changed into the comfortable clothing and snuggled down in the large bed in hopes of getting a decent amount of sleep.


Loki really did not like this mission all that much. Thor had approached him about having the “most important” job for a new mission, and, when Loki accepted, he didn’t realize that meant babysitting an European princess. The benefit from the mission was that he could be left alone in peace, for the most part at least. The other Avengers were scattered out in attempt to help her family. Steve, Sam, Natasha, and Clint were all busy running undercover ops in Europe. At the Compound, the ops were run by Tony, Thor, and Bruce. Wanda and Vision were protecting the queen and king at the palace. They were all trying incredibly hard to work quickly in finding the assassins.

Loki’s quiet reading time was interrupted when a new sound struck his ears about a hour after you had left. Sure, he had been listening to the snow falling faintly against the cabin’s windows; but there was a sound that grew louder in a matter of moments. It was crying- no, screaming- coming for the bedroom. Loki hurried up the stairs; he would not allow himself to fail on the first day. He felt a wave of relief rush over him when he discovered that you were dreaming and no one was in the room murdering you. He quietly walked over to your sleeping figure and gently tried to shake you.

“Your highness, please wake up.” He said, kneeling beside the bed. You awoke with a start. Your heart was racing and your breathing was heavy. “It was just a dream,” Your eyes settled on Loki and you threw your arms around, pulling him closer to you. He held you closely, despite it being a bad position for him. “It was all just a dream. I’m here,” He whispered soothingly.

“I-I’m sorry.” You said, letting go of him once you had finally calmed down, “It was so realistic.”

“It was just a nightmare, your highness-” Loki reassured you.

“Y/N, just call me Y/N. I may not even have a kingdom at the end of all this. There’s no reason to call me ‘your highness’ anymore.”

“I will call you whatever you wish to be called, but do not say that. The team will fix this and your kingdom will be restored.” Loki said confidently, though he did not fully believe it himself.

“I’d like to get more sleep, but can you- well-” You stopped yourself short and he offered you a kind smile.

“If you wish for me to stay, then I shall stay.” He stated. You scooted over in the bed, so that he could join you. He held you tenderly as you fell asleep in his arms. Yes, he was a stranger, but there was something about him that made you feel completely safe.


A few days had passed and you had yet to hear anything directly regarding your kingdom. Loki, on the other hand, knew that chaos had erupted over there and that his brother and friends were currently working on controlling the damage. In your isolation from the rest of the world, you two grew close. Loki would hold you until you fell asleep every night because the nightmares would otherwise consume you. You introduced him to simple board games that you had grown up playing and the two of you even cooked meals together. On the third day, Loki grew worried as he stood in the kitchen.

“What is it?” You asked as you arrived downstairs at the beginning of your day.

“Stark seemed to have miscalculated just how much food two people, especially a God, would eat.” He said and you made your way over to where he was standing to look into the pantry. He was right; there was only a couple cans of beans left and few slices of bread. You already knew from yesterday that there was little milk left in the fridge and only three eggs sat in the container.

“Will he be bringing us more food?”

“I wouldn’t count on it.” Loki replied, knowing that Stark was currently battling rebels in your home country. He walked over to the coatrack in the corner and grabbed his black coat.

“What are you doing? You can’t leave me here alone.” You said, fearing someone would find you if you were left by yourself.

“Then come with me, princess.” He said, handing you your fur coat. You blushed lightly at his nickname and tugged on your coat. You both put on your shoes and Loki lead you outside. He groaned looking at the grey sky above.

“We’ll have to be quick.” He unlocked the small grey truck that sat in the driveway. He held the door open for you to enter and then he got in on the driver’s side. Despite the cabin’s isolation, it only took a few minutes for the two of you to be in a rural town’s grocery store. Loki rushed inside with you trailing behind him. The two of you got milk, eggs, and foods that you could count on to last a while. You quickly got checked out and Loki drove both of you back to the cabin. You both just barely escaped the snow storm as it struck the cabin. As Loki placed the groceries in their rightful places, you sat on the ground in front of the fire with your back leaning against the sofa..

“Hot chocolate, princess?” Loki asked, holding a mug out to you.

“Thank you,” You replied, taking the offering. With his own mug in hand, he sat beside you. He wrapped an arm around you and pulled you into him. “I miss them.”

“I know. It will be over soon.” He said. It hurt him to lie to you, but it hurt him even more to see you worrying. He couldn’t let you know the pain his teammates were going through.

“I wish I could see them again. I wish we could go back to before.”

“If you were still at the palace, we would have never met.” Loki stated, attempting to ease your mind.

“You’re right,” You took a sip of you warm drink and turned to him with a smile, “You’re the one good thing coming from all of this.” You snuggled back into his side, just as you were before. “I’m glad to have met you.”

“And I am glad to have met you as well.” He replied, rubbing your arm gently with his hand.

“Would it be crazy for me to say that I have enjoyed this isolation?”

“Well, I know I have enjoyed it.” He paused, “Would it be crazy for me to say that I quite like the company I have?”

“I know I like the company.” You let out a small laugh, looking up at him once more. He slowly leaned down and placed his lips on yours. You could taste the small hint of hot chocolate on his lips as he timidly kissed you. He moved his hand from your arm to your cheek in a way to deepen the sweet kiss.

You were interrupted by a loud roar of thunder from outside. Loki pulled away with his eyes fastened on the front door. He slowly stood up and made his way over to it, protectively keeping himself blocking you. The door opened with a bang to reveal his brother.

“Thor,” Loki sighed in relief, “You had me worried. What is the news?” He asked. The blond looked past Loki to see you and then reverted his eyes back to his brother.

“I think it’s best if we discuss the matters at hand alone.” Thor said.

“Y/N,” Loki started and you nodded, cutting him off.

“I’ll be in my bedroom.” You vanished up the stairs, leaving the two Gods alone.

“The king has been killed.” Thor stated, “A palace guard betrayed him. Wanda avenged the king, but it was too late for he had already passed. The queen was also killed by the same guard. That leaves Y/N as the current ruler.”

“It’s not safe for her- she cannot return.”

“The rebels were all stopped. Our captain found their base and destroyed it. The country is stable once more. Upon Y/N’s return, there will be both a coronation crowning her queen and a funeral bidding farewell to the late king and queen.”

“Brother, is it a good idea to let her go back so soon?”

“I know what you feel for her is stopping you from letting her go, but the kingdom is without a ruler right now. The longer she stays away, the more likely it fall again.” Thor spoke the truth and Loki knew that. With sadness growing in his heart, he looked over at the staircase.

“You may return to the others, brother. I shall bring her to the Compound in the morning.” Loki said. The God of Thunder nodded and left the cabin. Loki proceeded up the staircase and discovered you staring out your bedroom window.

“Is the news truly so bad that you must relay it to me?” You asked quietly. Loki placed a hand on your shoulder and you moved your head to rest on it.

“I’m so sorry, my princess.” He replied with his voice barely above a whisper. You lurched forward as your body began to shake with sobs. Loki held you close to him, allowing you to cry your sorrows onto his chest.


The next morning, Loki did as promised and brought you back to the Compound. It was a silent morning between the two of you. You were grieving over your parents while also worrying about being pronounced queen. Loki knew of your thoughts and let you be for the time being. He rode beside you on the Quinjet back to your country, holding one of your hands gently in his.

“Am I fit to rule a kingdom?” You asked him in a hushed voice.

“Yes, you are.” He replied.

“Stay.” You told him and he looked at you questioningly, “Stay with me here. I can give you a title- anything you’d like. You are the reason I made it through this past week.”

“I don’t need anything but you, my queen.” Loki said, making a smile form on your face for the first time all day. He never left your side after that day. He stayed by you as your top protector and as your partnering king.

Stars || F. W

Request: I just felt the need to write this, there are a few Richie and Peter fics coming up for y’all

Characters: Reader x older!Finn Wolfhard 


Word count: 558

 Warning: none

You had known Finn for years, You were a child actor and after Stranger Things You ending up acting with him in various roles. Now you were both 19 and still acting. Right now on a show about high school and supernatural stuff, it was blast, although it was taking a lot out of you.  The writers must hate you with what they do to your character. You were hoping to get killed off soon and we’re just waiting for the day. What made it even worse was that you had a movie in filming and press going on for another all at the same time. This week was the first week you had off in literally months.

Your family owned a cabin up north in the countryside. You decided to go home and visit, it was your grandparents cabin so they’d be there, your parents and you invited Finn to come with. He of course agreed and was ready to fly out the next morning with you.

It was a cold night, a little windy. There were no clouds in the sky. You couldn’t sleep so you rolled out of bed, made a quick cup of hot chocolate, slipped on some shoes and quietly tiptoed outside shutting the door behind you. You walked out into the clearing of the trees a bit and let your eyes against. You looked up and saw the stars freckling the sky like mother nature’s rosey cheeks. You started to spin a little, taking in the full beauty of the small specks of light. You sighed and turned at the sound of the door opening behind you. Finn gave you a sheepish grin, you held out your hand, welcoming for him to join you.

“What are you doing out here?” He asked. All you could hear under his sweet voice was the rustle of the leaves. “Hmmm, couldn’t sleep i suppose.” when he got closer to you, you took his hand in yours and pulled him closer to you. “Look. have you ever seen anything more mesmerizing.” “never.” you couldn’t see him still looking at you as he spoke. You leaned into him slightly. “Thank God for this break.” “waiting for the sweet release of death? We can talk to the writers.” you shook your head. “Wouldn’t want to upset their self righteous creative plan… besides, i just tired. Between filming and fans, who don’t get me wrong I love, but it’s so much.” He nodded. “I get it. Just take it easy for now.” you laughed and sat down on the ground, he followed your actions.

“They’re thinking of making me go with this random model dude as a date to a red carpet. They said it would look better or something.” you sighed. “I could go with you.” you laughed, “they want me to date someone Finn, apparently single women aren’t in fashion.” “i can still go with you.” you turned around to face him. “Wait, are you offering as in a date?” your eyes got wider. “I mean if you’re okay with that.” “yes! Yes. i would love that.” He smiled and pulled you closer to him. “I guess all those fanficions of us were right huh?” you chuckled. “I guess so.” he kissed your forehead as you looked back up to the stars, thanking them for bearing witness.

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Kimberly: What are you doing here?

Trini: I just wanted to see you before we leave for the weekend.

Zack: Awwwwww, that’s so gross. What’s this weekend?

Kimberly: We rented a cabin up north, and we’re taking a couple’s cooking class. And there’s this great antique fair-

Zack: Sounds like you two have a wonderful little lesbian vacation planned.

stolen identity

persephone has always been persephone, at least to herself. she knew the story before she could read, picked it up through psychic impressions of her downstairs neighbor who was a classics professor. she knew more about gods and monsters from thousands of years ago than the world around her, and made her reality fit the formulas and tropes that her soul knew before she could speak.

persephone’s last name hasn’t always been poldma. she walked to school every morning with a girl from the brick building on the corner of her block whose entire extended family lived together in a two-bedroom apartment that always smelled like cabbage. the girl smelled like soap and starch, and she had a ruby red headband she wore everyday. on saturdays, they sat on her stoop together to look at strangers and escape the smell of cabbage.

the neighbor kids teased that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, even though when persephone was alone they teased that she was a pansy and a fairy and that she didn’t like girls at all. they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend at all. the girl on the corner just liked to hear the stories persephone told her about the strangers that walked by, liked the way that they never seemed like strangers after she was finished.

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Knife River - Feature Documentary
A look into the intersecting lives of ordinary people that form the extraordinary community of Knife River, Minnesota.

Uffda. We’ve officially launched the campaign. I’ve been thinking about this documentary for nearly ten years. We hope you’ll take a look and share with others. #KnifeRiverDocumentary @cabinporn @cabinology @cabinsdaily @cabinsinthewoods @duluthloveslocal

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Sansa/Margaery prompt - Margaery gets shovel talks from the Starks (including Jon, maybe Theon too?)

Okay anon, first, I want to apologize that it has taken my nearly a year to answer this. Literally, the year make is in a few days and I have been trying to work on this fic the entire time but for some unknown reason I couldn’t make the words work. So, secondly, I apologize for the words here. They aren’t good but I hope the point still gets across. I don’t know why this prompt stumped me so much but I just had to post something at this point. I hope you are still around and still like it <3

Also: @nolongerbugging is now mostly inactive. I have moved to @youbuggingme. Feel free to come follow me there :)

Ao3 Fic Link: Not a Shovel Talk
: Sansaery with minor/background throbb and jongritte
Summary:  Margaery and Sansa are now dating and it is time for the customary Stark Sibling Shovel Talks. Margaery isn’t that worried.


“So,” Bran prompted, eyeing the woman in front of him skeptically. “You and my sister are…dating, correct?”

Margaery nodded her head slowly, not daring to break eye contact knowing the exact direction this conversation would be going. “I am.”

 “Are you prepared?” Bran asked, cocking his head to the side as if to inspect her for any weakness. She straightened her shoulders accordingly.

Margaery carefully raised one eyebrow in questioning. “Elaborate.”

Bran smiled but it wasn’t kind, more…pitying. “You don’t think you are being cleared of shovel talks just because you’ve been Sansa’s friend for a few years, do you?”

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