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A look into the intersecting lives of ordinary people that form the extraordinary community of Knife River, Minnesota.

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Sherlock x Reader - WOLF Chapter seven


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The dull thud of shoes hitting a marble floor could be heard as Xavier Garrison was lead down a hall by two armed men. He didn’t try to struggle; he knew this was going to happen eventually. 
In one of the many rooms, sat Mycroft Holmes, awaiting his guest, he checks his wrist watch just as the door opens, “Ah, Mr Garrison, wonderful to make your acquaintance.” Mycroft says as Garrison was pushed roughly into the room, “It took us a very long time to find you.”
The room was dimly lit, white lights on the ceiling above them, one table, two steel chairs, and a glass window.

Basic interrogation room.

Mycroft leans back into the chair he occupied, watching the dark haired man with cold eyes. It’s taken him days to track him down, and every time he got an inch closer, he slipped away. He was always ten steps ahead, but just this once, he slept a little too heavy. Mycroft’s men were able to find him; he was in a cabin way up north, completely unconnected and off the radar. Mycroft had spoken to Sherlock a week ago, to ask about his progress on his new case, and based on his answer, he was getting nowhere; Though Mycroft knows something is being kept out of the loop. So for now, Mycroft decided to take matters into his own hands, because as much as Sherlock doesn’t want him interfering, this is also a matter of national security. “Seems to me, that you and your men have no respect for your guests Mr Holmes, considering they broke into my cabin in the middle of the bloody night to drag me here.” Garrison argues, his Scottish accent made thicker by anger. The man was in fact in his sleep wear, 
“Please, have a seat,” Mycroft says calmly, motioning to the metal chair across the table, waiting patiently for Xavier to comply. The man sits, and Mycroft leans forward, more than ready to delve into his interrogation. 
Xavier leans back into the uncomfortable steel chair, folding his arms across his chest, an act of defiance that Mycroft is all too familiar with. He’s about to deny everything thrown at him - guilty or not - The eldest Holmes has reasons to believe that Xavier Garrison is behind the recent murders that have happening around England. All his evidence points right back to him, he did run the black market scheme years aback. As Sherlock said, the letters he left behind on Olsen’s and Francis’ murder scene meant something, though he refused to tell him if he figured it out. 
“Mr Garrison, you do understand that your actions can put you behind bars for the rest of your life.” Mycroft begins, and Garrison keeps his guard up, watching Mycroft with an equally cold stare but says nothing. “Your Black market scheme was shut down years ago. Why?” Mycroft asks, watching Garrison carefully for any signs of breakage. Garrison chuckles, shaking his head at the Government official, “Isn’t this something you should leave to the police Mr Holmes? Why don’t you just turn me in? Like you said, my actions can put me behind bars for the rest of my life. So do it." 
Mycroft narrows his eyes at this; clearly he’s trying to get away from something–or someone. 
"I ended it because I had to, and after that, I went into hiding. End of story." 
"But there’s more to that isn’t there. Others were involved, because you weren’t just running the black market scheme, you had a band of smugglers working for you. They left the game a year before you did." 
"I was never in charge of Wolf; my job was to pass messages to them from the boss. Other than that, I ran the scheme. That’s it.” he says, shifting in his chair. Mycroft raises an eyebrow at him, he’s not lying.

“So, who gave the orders?”


Garrison sits in a cold cell, after being taken in by Scotland Yard for further questioning, he was arrested. Sitting on the bench, he leans back against the cold wall of the holding cell, and closes his eyes. A loud grunt followed by a thud comes from down the hall, the sound made Garrison open his eyes again; he sits up straight on the bench. Then there was a noise, the sound of something repeatedly hitting against the steel bars of his cell. Someone comes into his view, dressed as a night guard.

"Hello Garrison.”

“Wasn’t hard to find me was it?” Garrison sighs, “It was only a matter of time," 
The man outside sighs wistfully, pulling a gun from his jacket. Garrison sat unfazed by the sight of the dull silver weapon, "Any last words?” The man asks and Garrison chuckles, leaning back against the wall again, letting his body relax. 
“See you in hell X.”

Sherlock has been up for days, and it’s not only because he’s trying to finish this case, he’s confused. Very confused. 
Because Sherlock Holmes doesn’t like Y/n Lestrade–not in that way anyhow…. right? 
“You alright Sherlock?” Sherlock flinches at the sound of John’s voice, but he nods. They had been called in to Scotland Yard, after a phone call from Mycroft. He said that he had send Garrison in when he was done with his side of the interrogation and when they went to check on him in the morning. He was dead, and so was the night guard there, the camera footage was also cut. Sherlock walks into the holding area where Garrison’s body was, forensics was there and Sherlock finds himself looking around for Y/n. He hasn’t seen her since her break down at Lorraine’s a few nights ago. And it’s for the best; Sherlock wouldn’t be able to concentrate around her. But he can’t help it; maybe a small part of him just wants to make sure that she was alright. 
Sherlock rolls his eyes as Anderson walks in with Sally behind him, ignoring them he looks around the area, looking for clues. Sherlock was sure that Xavier was the one doing the killings, but now he’s dead. So does that mean that he had no part in that? He died the same way that Kate and Tyler did, which could mean the killer is still out there. Or that Garrison was doing the killings and the person who killed him copied his style to throw him off. The biggest question of this case is; who’s playing murder? 
“….And right under our noses too,” Anderson was saying this to Sally as they walked over to where Sherlock and John were; only stopping right outside the cell. “What’s the freak doing here?” Sally asks, turning around to face Greg, who stood nearby waiting to hear from Sherlock. 
“‘Cause he’s working the case, he’s actually doing something. Unlike you lot, sitting around.” A new voice says, Sally looks over her shoulder, seeing Y/n walk in, pulling a latex glove off her hand after dropping something that looked like a piece of metal into a zip lock bag. 
Donovan turns around, folding her arms, “Defending him now are you? What, he’s your boyfriend now?” she asks, and Y/n wordlessly drop the bag in Anderson’s hand. “That’s from someone’s shoe, analyze it.” she says, pointing at the bag. Sally smirks, “I heard about your little break down some nights ago, too bad I wasn’t there to see it." 
Y/n clenches her fist at her side; there isn’t something she dislikes more than someone she doesn’t like, talking about her weak moments. Greg, sensing his niece’s intentions before it happened, takes hold of her hand, "Hey, how about you go check the evidence.” He says, pulling her away from the still smirking Donovan, “I just came from checking evidence. Can I just–” she tries to shake off her uncle’s grip, wanting nothing more than to introduce Sally to her fist. “She’s insulting me by just standing there." 
"Go, recheck the evidence, you might’ve missed something.” He gently pushes her through the door, sending her off with a flick of his wrist. “Go on." 
Sherlock stands up from his stooping position, he eyes immediately going to the zip locked bag in Anderson’s hand. He quickly takes it, walking past them, "Sherlock you know you can’t take that, you’re allowed to work on the case but you can’t tamper with the evidence.” Greg says, trying to stop the detective, “Tampering with this is working the case. This is a vital piece of evidence that will possibly lead us directly to the killer. Don’t worry; you’ll have it back when I’m done.” Sherlock says, still walking out, John briskly apologizes for Sherlock before following him.

Later that day, Sherlock and John were in 221B, John doing some research and Sherlock in the kitchen analyzing the piece of metal. “Have you found anything yet Holmes?” Y/n asks as she comes back into the flat carrying a bag with take out. John thanks her as she puts his down on the table next to his laptop. Sherlock said that he wanted her close, she’s vital to the case he said, but John suspects it’s more than that. He has noticed a few changes in Sherlock’s behavior when the girl’s around, he’s quieter than usual, and he tends to tense up if she’s too close. “The metals rusted, wherever our killer picked this up, it’s old. That, there are two different types of dirt on it,” Came Sherlock’s answer from the kitchen where he peered into a microscope. Y/n hums thoughtfully, nodding to him, “My question is; how’d he get past everyone out the front? Someone must’ve seen him.” John pipes up. 
“If I had a face that’s easily recognizable I wouldn’t walk through the front door of Scotland Yard either.” Sherlock says, moving away from his microscope, Y/n furrows her eyebrows at him, “Are you saying this is someone you know?" 
"I don’t know, possibly." 
Y/n’s phone rings out in her pocket, the sound startling her, she reaches into the pocket of her jacket, "Lestrade," 
"Y/n, I need you to go to the hospital,” Greg says, “What for? I’m busy,”

“It’s Willows." 

"Hey you,” Y/n greets Sarah softly, the girl was lying in the hospital bed, all bandaged up. She had a lot of broken bones, a busted nose, a punctured lung. The doctors said that someone broke into her flat and she tried to stop them, but Y/n knows exactly what happened. This was just a warning, to let them know he’s coming, Y/n was lucky that all she got was a bullet.
The redhead was unconscious, but Y/n still had to come see her, she sighs, blinking away tears. It was only a matter of time before she loses her best friend. Y/n was so lost in her thoughts, she didn’t realize that someone had come in. 
“How is she?” a voice asks, causing Y/n to jump, she quickly turns her head. A guy stood by the open door; he runs a hand through his mess of dark brown hair. “I called the ambulance, I heard her scream when I was passing by her flat, but whoever it was left before I got in.” he explains, Y/n smiles a bit, “Yeah, the Doctor’s said she should recover without any complications. Thanks, for helping her." 
"That’s no problem,” he shrugs, “May I?” he motions to the chair next to her and she nods. He smiles, a sparkle in his chocolate brown eyes, “I’m James by the way,”


Hope you liked that little twist 

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Sansa/Margaery prompt - Margaery gets shovel talks from the Starks (including Jon, maybe Theon too?)

Okay anon, first, I want to apologize that it has taken my nearly a year to answer this. Literally, the year make is in a few days and I have been trying to work on this fic the entire time but for some unknown reason I couldn’t make the words work. So, secondly, I apologize for the words here. They aren’t good but I hope the point still gets across. I don’t know why this prompt stumped me so much but I just had to post something at this point. I hope you are still around and still like it <3

Also: @nolongerbugging is now mostly inactive. I have moved to @youbuggingme. Feel free to come follow me there :)

Ao3 Fic Link: Not a Shovel Talk
: Sansaery with minor/background throbb and jongritte
Summary:  Margaery and Sansa are now dating and it is time for the customary Stark Sibling Shovel Talks. Margaery isn’t that worried.


“So,” Bran prompted, eyeing the woman in front of him skeptically. “You and my sister are…dating, correct?”

Margaery nodded her head slowly, not daring to break eye contact knowing the exact direction this conversation would be going. “I am.”

 “Are you prepared?” Bran asked, cocking his head to the side as if to inspect her for any weakness. She straightened her shoulders accordingly.

Margaery carefully raised one eyebrow in questioning. “Elaborate.”

Bran smiled but it wasn’t kind, more…pitying. “You don’t think you are being cleared of shovel talks just because you’ve been Sansa’s friend for a few years, do you?”

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So what if as Alec gets older and realizes he’ll be leaving Magnus in no time at all (maybe he gets diagnosed with the very beginning stages of Alzheimer’s) and he decides he wants to find someone for Magnus to love after he’s gone.

He goes on one of those dating sites under Magnus’s name and face to find interested people.  Then he meets with them and explains what is going on and most of them turn away until he finally finds one willing to stay.  Maybe his name is Aaron, and he has dark brown hair and deep, blue eyes.  Alec knows it isn’t Magnus’s favorite combination, but anything closer to his looks and he might lose it.   Aaron is nice, and he’s very kind.  He likes the same kinds of music Magnus does and he doesn’t dress like a disaster.  Alec isn’t completely stupid, he knows Magnus would like to fix at least a few things about him.  

He has several meetings with Aaron and others over the course of months before he decides Aaron is the one.  He explains what’s going to happen, and how he needs to help Magnus through his very slow and untimely death.  He explains that it might take Magnus a decade or more to truly fall in love with him, but that once he did there was no better feeling in the world than Magnus Bane’s love.  

Then he has to go through the meticulous process of introducing Aaron to the Shadow World, the Clave be damned.  He’d deal with them later when the time came.  If this man was perfect for his husband, everything else was worth it.  He explains who Magnus is, and what he’d have to deal with.  He tells him of their eccentric clients, and the crazy late nights.  He starts to cry as he talks about their son,and how he’d only barely be an adult when Alec probably wouldn’t remember him anymore.   He told Aaron everything possible thing he could think of and while Aaron was overwhelmed, he seemed determined to help and to love the man Alec could describe in perfect detail. 

He brings Aaron home as a good friend he’d made through the coffee shop he stops by every day.  Alec made up a sad story of him being alone at Christmas so Magnus wouldn’t think anything deeper of it.  He sees the awe and fascination on Aaron’s face as he meets Magnus for the first time and starts to maybe question his decision.  He needed someone who was much deeper than just being awed by some good looks.  Then he remembered the night walking home from meeting Magnus for the first time and his sister had to keep him walking in a straight line, that’s how dazed he had been by the warlock’s beauty and forgives the other man.

He has to bite his tongue so hard it bleeds when Magnus and Max warm up to Aaron quickly.  Magnus putting on his theatrical act and Max sitting next to him on the couch.  Aaron was funny, and very good with kids.  He was a good listener but he could give Magnus as good as Magnus dished out.  He fit in so well with their dynamic, and it broke Alec’s heart.  

Six months after the family met Aaron for the first time Alec forgets how to get home after one of his late night wanders around the city.  He knows Manhattan and Brooklyn so well by now that he’d wander in one direction for an hour and then find his way back.   One night he couldn’t get back and it scared him to his bones.  He sat for two hours in a coffee shop before he realized just how he could get home.  Magnus was worried, but Alec still couldn’t find a way to tell him.  

The next few months finds Alec forgetting more and more simple things.  He doesn’t know where he puts his keys, ever.  He can’t remember his phone number when asked, or even Magnus’s number when he wants to call him to ask what it is.  Alec is starting to truly be afraid, but he can’t tell Magnus.  He tries to just say it aloud to the mirror, and he can’t even do that.  The words won’t come, and the longer he waits the more afraid Alec is that he’ll never be able to tell Magnus and Max what is happening to him.  

Aaron remains in the background for awhile.  He comes by once a month or so just so Magnus and Max remember who he is and are still fond of him.  Alec can’t handle more than that, especially the more times he finds his keys in the shower, or the kitchen cuboards.  He stays calm and reassures himself that he has years before anything will happen to him.  He has time to love Magnus, lots of it.  

The next spring he gets lost on the way home from driving Max from a cabin up north.  He had taken a trip with some friends and Alec had told Magnus he’d pick him up after the weekend was over.  It was a little tricky getting there, but nothing too different.  He completely forgets where to go and ends up driving to the next state line before realizing how lost they were.  Max woke to see his father crying and pulled over to the side of the road.  Max managed to stay calm and send a message to Magnus that they needed help.  Alec was damn lucky he had two warlocks who cared for him so much.  

Magnus was there in moments and got him calm before trying to ask what happened.  Alec was so flustered he could barely remember the correct words to explain what had happened.  He heard Max’s rich tenor voice fill in the detailis while Alec stood shaking in Magnus’s arms.  Their son’s first portal was the one that brought them to the loft again while Magnus held him tight.

The time had come when he had to tell Magnus what was happening and Alec had to call Aaron.  He had known the other man for nearly two years now, and he’d become a friend to all of them.  He let Alec cry and rant to him about how horrible this was and how he didn’t know what to tell Magnus.  The two of them had planned on him dying, but not wasting away like this.  Alec knew this would all be  harder on his boys, but he was so scared and so sad it was like this.  Aaron held his hand and helped him find the words to say.  When Alec asked him to be there Aaron declined, he’d be there enough later on.  

That evening Alec gathered them together and sat them on the couches.  He sat on the edge of the coffee table and wrapped himself up in a sweater as he told them what the doctor had said nearly two years ago now.  He didn’t know how he got through it without crying, but one look at the make-up smeared on his husband’s cheeks did him in.  He flung himself into Magnus’s arms and apologized in every way he could think of for this happening to their family.  

“Darling,” Magnus put a finger on his lips and looked at him tenderly.  “I thought you’d learned long ago not to apologize for things that weren’t your fault.”

“I’m going to not know who you are,” Alec whispered as he traced his husband’s face.  “I can’t imagine not knowing who you are, but one day soon I won’t.  Or maybe I will but I won’t be able to take care of myself.  I’m so sorry you’re going to watch me disappear like this  This isn’t what you signed up for.”

“I signed up for you,” Magnus said firmly.  Max got up with a sob and went to his room.  Alec made to go after him, but Magnus tugged him back in place.  He kissed Alec like it was their last.  He pulled Alec against him like he had when they were ten years younger.  Alec straddles his hips and held Magnus tightly as their kisses grew gentle and less frantic.  He felt his heart pounding in his chest as they caught their breath.  

“Alexander,” Magnus’s voice was hot on his ear.  “We vowed a long time ago to make every day count, this doesn’t change that.”

“There’s just less days than we ever imagined,” Alec whispered sadly as he buried his face in Magnus’s neck.  

That Christmas Aaron joined them again and this time Magnus got suspicious when Alec kept forcing them all to spend time together while he hung back to watch and observe.  Max still adored Aaron and chatted to him happily.  He was probably happy for a distraction after the last few depressing months.  His diagnosis hadn’t gotten easier or better as time went on.  He slept more and socialized even less than usual.  Jace and Izzy were so busy they hadn’t noticed yet, but they would soon.  It wasn’t until Max was safely in bed and Aaron was home that Magnus confronted him.

“Alexander,” Magnus’s voice was unusually firm, especially in their bed.  “Who, exactly, is Aaron?  You two aren’t friends.  I don’t care what you say.”

“We are friends,” Alec told him truthfully.  He’d sat on the phone with Aaron plenty of times when talking to Magnus was too hard.  “Then again, it’s complicated.”

“You were crying when he was goofing around with Max,” Magnus said carefully.  “You stood in the kitchen crying.  I wanted to comfort you, but your eyes were so far away it was like you weren’t here anymore.  Tell me what’s going on.”

“Aaron is for you,” Alec said quietly.  He sighed and brought the duvet up to his chin.  “He’s here for you to love when I’m gone.”

A look of horror came over Magnus’s face.  “Alec, how could you even-”

“I don’t want you to sit alone,” Alec said firmly, remembering the day he first got his diagnosis and how he had felt.  His first thought had been of Magnus, and during his long walk through the park he had contemplated just what Magnus would do when he was gone. “Max is only a young teenager right now, and he might only be eighteen when you have to put me in a home.”

“I’d never do that!” Magnus protested.  “I’m going to take care of you.”

“That isn’t practical,” Alec argued.  “You have a son to look after, plus a career.  You can’t just sit and watch me all the time.  I could be violent, and I won’t know where I am after some time.  You can’t let Max watch his dad like that.”

“So your idea is to distract me with this-this guy?” Magnus was angry as he started to pace.  “You honestly think you could be replaced?  You think it’s going to be that easy?!  You’re dying and you want me to just forget about you.”

“No,” Alec fought the tears burning at his eyes.  “You can’t just waste your life with a vegetable.  I want you to accept that and move on  I know you’ll be devastated and I want someone to help you through that when I can’t.”  Alec looked at him as he swallowed the lump in his throat  “I can’t imagine how you’re going to feel the first time I don’t know you, or Max.   I’m going to lose some speech function, or how to bathe myself.  I know you’re going to be with me til the very end.  But it’s going to kill you, and I want someone there to pick up the pieces.  I want someone to love you.  To love you when I can’t anymore, when I won’t know how.”

“Alec,” Magnus choked out as he clutched the dresser to keep himself standing.  His shoulders were shaking with silent sobs.  “I could never love anyone the way I love you.”

“Nobody is asking you to,” Alec said with a small, wry smile.  “I told Aaron that.  I told him it might be decades before you begin to love him and not resent him.  I also told him that if he was patient, and if you two got there, then there was nothing better in the whole world.  He’s going to be great for Max.  Max wil need someone as he grows into being an adult and finds someone for him to love.  He’ll need help with his first kid and advice after his first married fight.”

“Max wants you.” Magnus slowly lowered himself to the bed where Alec drew him close to him.  

“I know,” Alec let the tears fall freely as he stared at the ceiling.  “Magnus, I’m not doing this to be cruel.  I’m going to teach him how to love you.  I’m not going to make you love him, but I’m going to make sure you are loved.  I can’t stand you being alone.”

“I’ll always love you,” Magnus promised him.  “Always, I promise you.  Even when all you do is stare out the window at the birds I’ll still love you.  When you don’t remember our love story, I’ll tell it to you.  I promise I’ll visit.”

“If you don’t, I’ll understand.” Alec told him softly.  “I’m not going to tell you to love Aaron, but I hope you do.  I hope you find a way to love him.  He’s a great person, and I like him. “  He gave a shuddering sigh and stroked Magnus’s hair.  “When I was eighteen I was horrified that one day you might forget me and move on with someone else, and now that’s all I can hope for.”

“I’m not going to forget you,” Magnus said with finality.  

Alec kissed his hair.  “I know you won’t baby, I know that.”


To the one that loves him next,

Today I received a diagnosis for early onset Alzheimer’s.  It’s as horrifying as you can imagine.  I’m not a man of words, but this is important.  Magnus is worth all the words I have to give.  The doctors tell me I’ll probably be in a home within five years, and the years before that won’t be easy.  I can’t imagine things the other way around, and I guess I’m selfishly grateful they aren’t.  

So, down to business.  If you’re holding this letter then that means I like you enough to trust you with the best thing that’s ever happened to me, my husband.  I love him more than I could ever say, and I’m leaving that to you.  This letter won’t cover everything but it will cover some basics.  This letter is hard for me to write so if I forget some things I apologize.  I know you’ll do your best with him, or you would never get this letter in the first place.  

I guess I’ll start with his night  habits.  Magnus is a night owl and he works til ungodly hours.  You’ll want to go to bed, but wait for him.  He likes when someone sits on the couch by him even if he’ll tell you that you can go to bed.  He likes the company and bouncing ideas you won’t understand off of you  You need to watch him for signs of exhaustion though, as he ignores them most of the time.  As well as the classic signs like nodding off and slumping shoulders, his blue sparks become paler when he’s exhausted and his energy is nearly gone.  The normal rich blue becomes pale and that’s when you drag him to bed.  Tuck him in tightly after you take his clothes and and let him be the little spoon when he’s tired.  Normally he wraps you up in his long arms, but when he’s exhausted he likes to be cuddled.

Then there’s his coffee  He likes it with ten creams and ten sugars, no matter the size of the cup.  He liked caramel in it too every so often.  Bring him the first cup in bed and he’ll wake up in a very good  mood.  This is very effective when the two of you have somewhere to be in the morning.  

Chairman Meow will probably pass away soon, get him another cat.  He’ll be all dramatic saying he’ll never love another cat.  Trust me, get him another.  Wait a few months and then just bring one home.  He’ll love it immediately.  I’ve never seen anyone love any cat more than Magnus.   Make sure it’s a kitten and that it has a sweet personality.  Nothing that looks too much like Chairman, black hair and blue eyes are his favorite combination. 

I’m quickly running out of ideas I can write out without breaking down.  Just love him, as much as humanly possible.  I know it won’t be easy at first, if ever.  Magnus isn’t always easy to love, and I understand.  He’s moody, stubborn, and he steals the covers most of the time.  He’ll change furniture when you’re sleeping and make you hit your shins more than once.  He’ll act like the cat is more important than you are.  He plays pop music too loudly most of the time and sings with it.  He drags you into dancing when you’re in the middle of paperwork.  He loves impromptu ice cream trips.   These things seem fun and cute right now, but after a few years it gets annoying.  Love him anyways.  Love him when he’s angry and will probably hate you.  Know that he doesn’t hate you, only that you aren’t me.  He’s going to be sad for a long, long time, but when he smiles it’s like the clouds clearing for the sun.  Love him through the days when he can’t get out of bed.  Love him when he’s happy and dancing naked through the house.  Love him forever, and you won’t regret it.

Please make sure he’s alright for me.  Make sure he’s happy again someday.  Make sure he throws his head back and laughs without a care again.  Make sure he eats that tub of ice cream during show marathons.  It’s unhealthy, but he loves it.  Take him outside and remind him why life is so beautiful even after loss.  Tell him that I’ll always love him, no matter what.  

He’ll talk about me and other people a lot.  It’s going to make you jealous and drive you crazy, but don’t let it.  This is how he remembers, by dropping hints about them.  

I’m trusting you with two amazing people that will make you so happy.  I loved my time with them, so please appreciate it too.  This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but I trust my judgement.  Magnus will teach you all about Max,, since that one I can’t write about.  Max is our ray of sun on every single bad day.  We adore him more than anyone in this world.  He’s easy to love, much easier than his father sometimes.  

I guess that’s all I can think of to tell you.  Thank you for being patient with us, and for being there for him.  Enjoy your ever day you get with him to the fullest, make the minutes count.   I can’t tell you what this means to me that he has someone to be with.  Love him when I can’t any longer, be there when I won’t.  

Alexander Lightwood

Have some christmas fluff

Okay guys Peony has been angst galore but it’s frikkin’ Christmas guys and I don’t wanna be sad even though our whole family is kinda sad;; Sunflower’s here to brighten the day guys. Sunflower’s here

Also guys be proud of me I finally got Mystic Messenger to work on my phone!

Anyways, here’s Christmas time with the RFA

  • Let’s say for the holidays the RFA all got together to celebrate together
  • So you planned a trip a little before Christmas
  • Jumin wanted to go somewhere warm but the vote on where to go was overridden. Cold and snowy won over warm tropical
  • What’s Christmas without snow??
  • You all end up going to a cabin that Seven had somewhere up north
  • why do you have a cabin up north??
  • You plan to stay only for a few days, but a giant snowstorm that rages on for two days straight makes a few days into a couple weeks
  • Although Seven was somehow prepared for this. Lots of hot cocoa, coffee, pillows, and blankets were stocked up at the cabin, and a chimney warmed the house at all hours along with the furnace and heating system
  • You made the best of your time. This includes barely managing to plow out the front door with Yoosung and Seven and giving up to go inside and enjoy cocoa and coffee with Jaehee
  • and then watching Zen drag the two back out to finish making a path outside
  • Time outside was spent building an odd two-headed five armed snow man who wore a scarf bikini and had a cucumber for a nose and Honey Buddha chip crumbles for eyes
  • You even managed to find sleds somewhere. Seven dragged you on many times and called out points whenever you hit someone on the way down
  • “SEVEN NO”
  • Yoosung was deeply torn about leaving his games behind when you guys left on the trip, but he found out he can play a mean game of monopoly you’re all wondering how???
  • But so can Jumin
  • This game lasted long after you and everyone else lost. Ridiculously long. An impatient Seven cheered on by you and Zen eventually flipped the board
  • Baking cookies was an interesting time though
  • You and Jaehee thought it would be easy but everyone kept sneaking in trying to steal cookie dough
  • *glare at Seven and Yoosung*
  • There would be no cookies if they kept stealing it
  • And so you started to hit them with spoons to shoo them away
  • …the flour war started when you didn’t notice one of the spoons was holding flour and you went to hit Seven. It catapulted onto Seven’s jacket in a splattered puff of fluffy smoke
  • The kitchen went from a quaint little thing to a powdery flour wonderland in a matter of minutes
  • It was all ended when a flour bomb was chucked at Jumin’s fancy tux
  • Decorating cookies was fun, but frosting and sprinkles got everywhere too 
  • how did those dinosaur sprinkles get in your hair
  • where did they even come from???
  • The storm still had you snowed in til Christmas, and you all realized that your presents were left at home since you didn’t plan to stay over Christmas
  • But that didn’t mean you wouldn’t have a tree
  • You were determined and no one wanted to let you down
  • So yes they went out to find a tree for you
  • It was perfect! Tall and green and very full
  • and then they couldn’t figure out how to cut it down and get it back to the cabin
  • They had to settle for a scrawny little thing. Although you had to admit, their effort was precious and the scrawny little tree had some charm in it’s own way
  • Even though it kinda resembled a glorified Charlie Brown tree
  • Seven found lights somewhere in storage, normal white lights, but good enough to light up the tree
  • You, Zen and Yoosung worked on making paper ornaments of sorts
  • Mostly it was cutting out snowflakes and stars and coating them in glitter ‘cause paperfolding seemed to fail horribly
  • Jaehee strung up microwave buttery popcorn on string to decorate the tree with
  • Jumin actually knew some weird paper technique to make paper folded stars that were really cute. He even made a big one to put at the top of the tree
  • When the tree was decorated and set up, it was late late
  • Everyone dragged out pillows and blankets, and you all slept around the fireplace and the tree
  • The fire cackled and popped and the lights on the Christmas tree let off a gentle glow
  • Even with not being home
  • You realized unexpectedly spending Christmas with the RFA turned out to be just as wonderful and amazing as you would have expected it to be

Merry Christmas everyone!! And to everyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, happy holidays/holiday season! Stay safe and warm, your admins all love you and want you to be happy during this season.

I’m hopefully gonna be back and gonna start working on some actual asks instead of posting random unasked for stuff, hehe

Much love guys!!  <3

~Sunflower (:

I’m going camping this weekend at my friend’s cabin four hours up north AND FOR ONCE I’M NOT THE ONE DRIVING YESSSS.

But damn four hours is a long while. I’m gonna update my iPod for the first time in like a year, download all the Overwatch comics on my phone, probably re-read an entire fan fic I’ve been working slowly on, and bring my 3DS pfft. I dunno what I’ll play on it since I don’t really have any new games but hey. I think I still have a lot of post-game stuff to do in Pokemon Moon.

SO I’m usually not online much anyway on the weekends but he has no internet up there and our phones probably won’t have much signal so I doubt I’ll be on much from tomorrow until Sunday night.

I know this is late to post but I still wanted to post something for the holiday.

Darry: After a stressful week not only with his boss at work but the gang at home, he really needed to get away for the weekend. He took you up to his friends cabin up north for a weekend get together with his high school buddies and their girls. Darry was skiing, drinking beer, and even laughing. Just seeing him relax for once in his damn life was enough to make you smile.

Sodapop: Unfortunately he got stuck working at The DX all weekend so you two weren’t able to do anything fun. Seeing him so down about it you fixed up a basket full of food to bring over to him at work. You hung out the afternoon laughing and feeding each other food, stealing kisses in between.

Ponyboy: With both of his brothers gone for the weekend he invited you over just to watch some movies on television. This led to the two of you making out until Two-bit showed up piss drunk.

Two-bit: Drunk, of course. Two-bit got drunk. After deciding that was not how you wanted to celebrate the holiday you decided to ditch him. He ended up going to The Curtis house.

Steve: Somehow you managed to get Steve to come over to your house for a BBQ with your parents. He actually let his tuff greaser side down a bit to charm them. Afterwards you two went to a party.

Johnny: Neither of you wanted to party so you went to the local gas station and stole some sparklers to light up. Once you got to the park you two lit ‘em up and saw some firecrackers some kids were lighting off.

Dallas: The two of you got into an argument. You wanted to go out and do something and he wanted to stay at Bucks. You both were too stubborn to change your minds so you both went you separate ways for the weekend.

It’s Complicated

This one is for my baby, @teddyowl-bbs. I love you! <3

He’d gotten the last text message from Evan at three that afternoon, right after he had landed in Ontario.   

From Evan: I’m here. Safe and sound. I’ll skype when I get to the cabin. Reception is shitty up north. I love you. Wish you were here.

He had told him that it takes about an hour to drive from the airport to the cabin his family owned in northern Ontario, near the mountains. It was a family vacation, one that Evan had bailed on for the past two years because of work. But it was now eleven at night, and Jonathan had yet to hear from him.

He was pacing his bedroom, simultaneously looking from the phone in his hand, to the Skype screen on the desktop in the corner. Eight hours: eight hours without a word from his boyfriend. He didn’t know if he was alive or dead, or merely ignoring him. Jonathan’s mind was jumping to the worst conclusions: dead in a ditch, eaten by bears, killed by a serial killer, figuring out a way to break up with him…  

The last thought was the one to make him stop, because of all of them, it seemed the most likely. Sure, they were happy, but their relationship was…complicated. Jonathan was still H2O Delirious, the masked gamer, and Evan was still Vanoss Gaming, one of the most popular and most recognizable Youtuber’s out there. Besides the fact that they lived on complete opposite sides of the country, whenever they were together, they had to be cautious, lest someone out them, or Jonathan. It took a toll on their relationship, and though neither one ever said anything, Jonathan knew it bothered Evan. Evan had invited him to meet his family this weekend, but Jonathan said no, too afraid to admit that he was terrified that their relationship wasn’t going to last through the turbulence: that he didn’t want to fall in love with his family only to let them down when he couldn’t provide what Evan needed. And now, Evan was thousands of miles away, on a vacation that Jonathan chose not to accompany him on, not answering his phone.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Word count: 297
Request: Anonymous. Reader and Sam spend the rest of Christmas (After Dean goes to bed) cuddling in front of the fire while watching the snow fall outside..Super fluffy please? And maybe at the end he asks her to marry him finally? :))

Christmas masterlist

In a rare turn of events, you and the Winchesters were spending Christmas Eve through the day after New Year’s in a cute little cabin up North. It was almost midnight of Christmas Day, and you were up with Sam. You were leaning against him in front of the roaring fire while your eyes watched the snow fall gently outside the window.

Closing your eyes, you leaned your head back against his shoulder, enjoying the peace. His fingertips trailed up and down your arm, relaxing you.

“I have something for you.” He said quietly.

You chuckled and looked up, seeing those beautiful dimples. “You’ve given me enough, babe.” You told him.

He grinned, shaking his head. “Well, this one is extra special.” Sam moved you so that you were facing him. He leaned over to where his coat was and grabbed it, fishing for something in his pocket. Licking his lips, he looked at you, adorably nervous. “Y/F/N Y/L/N, you mean the world to me.” He started. “You put up with both of our issues. You just smile and laugh when Dean reminds you to get pie, you kick ass with the best of them, and you give me a run for my money when it comes to research.” Your heart was pounding in your chest as you could tell where this was going. “Our life wouldn’t be the same without you in it, my life would be empty, and I can’t picture anyone else by my side. Marry me?” He smiled, opening the box, showing off a simple ring with a single diamond.

Grinning with tear filled eyes, you nodded. “Yes!” You choked out, pulling him in for a kiss. After the kiss, he slid the ring on your finger, neither of you losing your smiles.

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traveling companion

the journey of a thousand miles begins with
                                                a single step.

They board a train in Magnolia and get off five stops later. Juvia thinks they are near, but she is dead wrong.

Walking is a chore for her, especially considering the the heavy pack of things she has slung across her back. But Gray seems to not mind. There is even a slight glimmer of determination in his eyes as they journey across the forest, which is slowly becoming sleeked with snow.

Gray had explained to her onboard the train that they would go to a remote cabin up North to train. She speculates that it is Ur’s cabin they are going to, but she doesn’t say a word.

After five days of trekking, they reach a small hill, capped with mounds of snow. Gray lets out a relieved laugh, and Juvia can’t help but smile. Words were rather sparse as they traveled together. She didn’t quite mind that he was so quiet, especially since the wound of his Father’s second death must’ve been fresh still. But truth be told, she was beginning to go crazy in the silence that hovered over them.

“Juvia,” Gray says, “this is it. This is the place.” His face is turned to her and she doesn’t miss the affectionate crinkle in his dark eyes.

She thinks he’s home.

Training starts the morning after they arrive.

Despite the soreness in her body that still lingers from their long journey, she makes it a point to wake up and prepare breakfast for the both of them. After all, it was her decision to join him.

Still, she’s tired. And so, when Gray awakens and causes a ruckus by colliding into the small island in the kitchen, she startles.

“Ah!” she squeals. It very much isn’t like her, but exhaustion can make you a different person.

Her reaction seems to put a smile on Gray’s face though, so she thinks it’s fine.


Months go by in their little white corner of the world. They make do with the game Gray hunts and the berries that Juvia finds in the forest. Occasionally, though, they go to the marketplace to trade and do small day jobs. They have made friends of the merchants and their wives. The townspeople think they are a couple, but they both have stopped caring enough to correct them.

People invite them over to their homes, to games, to pubs. It feels like friendship, and it probably is. But this friendship opens a gap in their souls that used to be filled by their nakama.

On days like those, they wish they didn’t train so hard.


It’s Juvia’s birthday tomorrow and Gray is worried because he still hasn’t gotten her a gift. He feels bad becuase Juvia made him pie for his birthday, even when they didn’t exactly have much. And it’s not like he has enough jewels to buy that pretty necklace that she saw in town, so that wasn’t an option. And he sure as hell couldn’t cook; he would burn their cabin down.

He’s nearly tearing his hair out when he realizes that maybe the answer was simpler than he thought.

When she wakes up in the morning, the sun shines through the window of her room. She stretches and rolls out of the cocoon of blankets she has burrowed into and pads out the door to the kitchen.

The smell of freshly baked bread registers and she is shocked. Gray must’ve been up early to get those.

“Happy birthday, Juvia,” Gray says, the corners of his thin lips quirking into a lopsided grin. “Here.”

His hands carry a small box wrapped in crude brown paper, tied together by a small blue bow.

“Gray-sama… You didn’t have to get me anything,” she states. And he really didn’t. His presence was enough.

“Well, I sorta wanted to,” he replies. “C'mon, open it.”

And she does. What’s inside causes her to gasp. “Gray-sama, Juvia can’t accept this!” she protests, pushing the box into his hands once more.

He had expected her to react like this, refusing the gift. So rather forcibly, he gave her the box once more, saying, “It’s yours.”

Just like my heart is.

(This probs makes zero sense at all, but I had to write something to still my heart man.)

trans-dizzee-d  asked:

I just finished unravel and thank you, your whole team! But i just had one question, are the two girls in one level (i forget the name of it), the ones who held hands and put their lock on the bridge, are they intended to be romantically involved?

Yes they are, if that’s how you choose to see it. I always wanted people to be able to make Unravel’s story their own, so I’m not going to say “that’s true” because it’s just one possible truth.

But yes, they could totally be in love. To me, that level is basically about curiosity and departure, about leaving old things behind, being brave and exploring new things. As you move through the level the environments shift quite drastically, you sometimes go left instead of right, you climb to great heights, and no section plays quite like the others. It’s a bit chaotic, and you never quite know what will happen next. So love would fit right in with those themes.

And I guess it’s also about how much departure can hurt, both for those who leave, and for those who are left behind, because you do get crushed and fall a lot in that level :)

I hope I don’t say too much now, as I said, I really don’t want to limit the ways people can interpret the story. But I thought it might be fun to talk about how that level became what it is. There were three major inspirations for that level setting, three memories that really helped shape it.

The first thing was this place I used to go to when I was little, a cabin up north, right by these big, roaring whitewhater rapids. There was an old narrow train track nearby, it was all overgrown and no longer used, but I always wondered where it led. It set my imagination off. I tried exploring it, wandering off as far as I dared, but I never actually made it to the other end. Which is alright I guess, because I can keep wondering now…

The second thing was a bridge I saw in Cologne, an iron rail bridge, absolutely covered in love locks. I hadn’t seen anything like that before, but I loved the idea, the symbol. It definitely made a lasting impact on me.

The third was a crazy fun thing some friends did, back when we were all younger and still immortal. There’s these two really tall rail bridges near here, right next to each other. My friends basically turned them into a giant swingset, where they jumped off one bridge while tethered to the other (they’re climbers, so they actually know a lot about safety gear, they didn’t just randomly jump), so they could swiiiing under it. I wanted to make something that felt just like that - definitely dangerous but totally liberating and exhilarating too.

Those three memories were the starting point for that level. Of course, things grew from there. The people of the story had to matter too, not just the places. But that’s how it began.

Hope you’re happy with that answer :)

Unexpected Night Luke Hemmings Smut for Anonymous

“So how are you and Luke?” My friend said as I poured her a glass of wine and sat on my couch next to her.

“Were doing good. Really good.” I answered with a small smile taking a sip of my wine.

“How’s the sex?” She asked.

“We actually haven’t had sex yet.” I said and she almost so spit out her drink.

“Seriously!? It’s been what two months. How have you not had sex?!” She yelled with a loud laugh.

“I don’t know. We’ve been having so many wonderful dates and I guess it just hasn’t happened yet. I mean I want it to but I don’t need it.” I said and she smiled.

“Well not everyone gets to date a hot rich CEO. Go get ready for your date.” She said as she helped me.

I got ready and Luke picked me up.

“So where are we going tonight?” I asked and he smiled.

“I was thinking maybe we can go back to my place. I wanted to watch some movies, I have this great surround system.” He said with a chuckle and I smiled.

“You know I’ve never been to your place.” I said and he smiled.

“I know, if you don’t mind. If not we can just—”

“No I would love that.” I said and he smiled and we drove to his house. We got to the building and when we went into the elevator he cliked in a special code.

“You live in a penthouse?” I asked shocked expecting a mansion or something.

“I do. But my favorite place to stay is a quiet cabin I own up north. It’s my best place to get my thoughts together.” He said and I smiled. The elevator door opened to reveal a beautiful house with a giant kitchen and a great TV. That was only half the room, there was a flight of stairs and I was just amazed.

“Do you like it?” He asked noticing my awe as I slowly walked around slowly feeling like I would break anything.

“Love. Like my dream house.” I whispered and he laughed.

“Well go pick a movie and I’ll set up some popcorn. What would you like to drink?” He asked.

“Red wine if you have?” I asked and he nodded his head and I smiled and went to his movie collection.

“What do you wanna watch?” I asked.

“You pick!” He called out.

“Horror sound good?” I asked and he laughed and I turned around to see him walk in with two glasses of wine.

“What part about you pick don’t you understand?” He said and I laughed.

“I want something we both want to watch.” I said with a small smile as I grabbed it put it in and we walked to the couch.

“That’s sweet. You’re adorable.” He said and lightly kissed my head. We watched the movie and a couple–or a lot– of wine glasses later we started a heavy make out session.

“Luke?” I asked and he hummed a yeah as he kissed my neck.

“Why haven’t we had sex?” I asked out loud and he stopped kissing me and his reaction was kind of serious.

“Listen I–”

“Do you not want to have sex with me?” I asked and he quickly shook his head.

“No of course I do I just—”

“Just what? Not want it now? I’m sorry I was talking with–”

He shut up me up by kissing me I couldn’t help but smile in our kiss.

“I want to have sex with you. But I’m about to show you something and I won’t mind if you back out or panic. It’s okay no one has really accepted–”

“Luke now youre the one rambling. It’s okay really. Just show me.” I said and he nodded his head and lead me up the stairs and into the room all the way in the back of the hallway.

“Okay are you ready?” He asked and I took a deep breath and nodded my head. He opened the door with both a key and a code and I gasped.

“Wow.” I said walking in and immediately heading toward the line of different whips he had on a table.

“Wow like….” He continued and I let my hands wonder lightly over the long whip.

“Amazed. Oddly.” I said really surprised with myself.

“Amazed. That is definitely a first. I know this is surprising but would you like to try this?” He asked coming right behind me and lightly kissing my neck.

“Yes.” I said in a sigh and his hands found my shirt and he started unbuttoning it.

“Close your eyes and take a deep breath. We need a safe word.” He said and I bit my bottom lip.

“Vanilla. Because I have a feeling we won’t be doing that tonight.” I said and he laughed as he lead me to his bed that was in that room.

“Vanilla it is.” He whispered as he took his blindfold from the nightstand and showed it to me and I nodded my head. He placed it on me and I took a deep breath.

“I’ve never done this before. Will it hurt?” I asked and he lightly laughed.

“I promise love I will not hurt you. But if I do that’s where Vanilla comes in. You ready?” He asked and I nodded my head feeling him lean down and kiss my lips. I got really into it and when I tried to kiss back I felt a lift on the bed and realized he had left.

“First you’re clothes need to go.” He said and I smiled glad I wore my sexy lingerie. I felt two cold metal clamps on my wrist assuming it was handcuffs which turned me on even more.

“Will you undress to?” I asked and he laughed as I felt him undo my dress and zip it down quickly removing it. I went to laugh but it turned into a gasp when I felt him unclipped my bra and lightly yanked my underwear off I believe breaking it.

“I didn’t bring extra underwear.” I called out and he laughed and hovered above me.

“Don’t talk unless I ask you a question.” He said with a light chuckle and kissed me, I felt his hand creep up my thigh and I gasped when I felt the tall of the whip right after. It was a shocking and erotic feeling.

“How did that feel?” He asked and I bit my lip. Not being able to see anything and feeling the whip all mixed the anticipation was just so overwhelming.

“Great.” I said and he laughed and I felt the whip across my legs and my stomach. Before I knew it Luke was above me once more and he lightly rubbed my clit causing my body to jolt.

“Fuck Luke!” I moaned out and he smoothly slid in his length causing me to moan pour even louder.

“Be as loud as you want love no one can hear us.” He grunted as he started to thrust his hips at a quick pace. Knowing I wouldn’t last long.

“I want to see you please.” I begged and a dark laugh came from his lips.

“After you’re second orgasm you can see. Deal?” He asked and I couldn’t help but not my head.

“I’ve only orgasmed two times in one night. I don’t know if I can go more than that.” I panted as his hands gripped my breast.

“Trust me with me you’ll get there.” He said and at that moment I hit my first high of the night. He got off me and I was about to relax but then I heard a vibrating noise and my heart skipped a beat.

“Ready?” He asked.

“I don’t know for what but okay. I’m ready.” I answered nervously and I felt him kneel at my waist. He placed the vibrator on my clit and I then felt his tongue on my core.

“Oh my god! Luke keep going.” I begged and I felt him smile and he went deeper. With my recently first orgasm I was super sensitive and knew my second one was close behind.

“I’m coming!” I yelled and came for the second time which was slightly painful and twice as hard, taking out all the energy I had left.

“Luke I can’t do another one.” I planted out as he took off my blindfold and he uncuffed my handcuffs.

“Babe yes you can. Just one more.” He said and I laughed.

“Okay.” I said and he smiled before lightly rubbing my sides and I couldn’t help but relax. He slid into me and I gasped.

“Fuck Luke I know I’m not going to last.” I said and he nodded his head moving his hips at a much slower paste them before.

“Love it’s okay just come when you’re ready.” He said and I knew my climax was close.

“LUKE!” I yelled as I came and Luke followed right after and we both lasted there panting. Luke for of the bed and before I could question it he carried me and we went into another bedroom.

“I don’t have any underwear.” I said in a tired tone and he laughed.

“It’s okay you can wear my boxers.” He said as he threw me some and changed into his own pair.

“Luke that was amazing. I’ve never done anything like this before. It felt so—”

“You?” He asked as I laid on his chest and he lightly drew patterns on my back.

“Yeah. Is this you’re dirty little secret?” I asked and he laughed.

“It is. I love you. This has been the best two months of my life.” He said and I kissed him lightly.

“I love you too Luke. I’ve never cared for someone so much.” I said and he smiled.