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At the end of every summer the older campers get together to play drunk battle games with foam swords, padded arrows, armour made from cardboard and kitchen pots, and have chariot races with people pulling the chariots instead of Pegasus

Eurydice, Eat Your Heart Out (Adrino Percy Jackson AU)

In the dark of Cabin 10, staring up at the roof of his bunk, Adrien could hear the distant plucking of a harp as waves lapped lazily against the shoreline.

All things considered, it wasn’t surprising that he was having trouble sleeping; less than twenty-four hours earlier his father’s limo was nearly destroyed by a rampaging Cyclops that the middle-aged fashion mogul dispatched with a quick flick of a sword he drew from seemingly nowhere. From there, it was somewhat of a blur of packing, private jet rides, and clandestine car trips to the sunny shores of Long Island, New York, a silver pen containing the only means of protection he had in case other monsters attacked.


He could still scarcely believe it. If someone had told him that he was the product of an affair between his mother and the Greco-Roman goddess of love and beauty a few days ago, he would have been dialing Gorilla’s number as quickly as he could while backing away from them. Now, surrounded by dozens of half-siblings he never knew existed, Adrien didn’t quite know what to make of his current situation. He still thought he was going to wake up, home in Paris, and the whole thing would have been just a fever dream brought on by bad cheese; the attack, the journey, the music-

Sitting up in bed, Adrien strained his ears over the snoring of his bunkmate to hear the almost aimless melody that meandered its way across the waves. It was a song that sounded so familiar; like the chorus to something he had heard on the radio years ago. It couldnt’ve been coming from far, judging by the way it cut through the sound of twenty-five teenagers’ beauty sleep, so, clutching his pen and carrying his sneakers, Adrien tip-toed towards the door as quietly as possible, stepping out into the warm Long Island night.

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Science VS. Reality

Originally posted by stzamericangods

Pairing: If I continue it there will definitely be Mad Sweeney X Reader, for now I was only having a bit of fun in the world of American Gods

Word Count: 1800

Warnings: You being a little shit of a know-it-all

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- -Part 5- -Part 6- -Part 7- -Part 8-

Growing up in an age with science on the rise, your grandmothers stories are sweet but you know they’re just that, stories. You humor the idea from time to time only to notice a certain pattern and like any true scientist, begin to experiment with it.

Your grandmother Essie was a strange one. Still telling these fanciful tales to scare your siblings and cousins, or leaving out food for the rats every night. Your father never did anything to sway her into the current times, maybe because she was too aged to try but it still bothered you. Science was clearly the wave of the future, its was useful, efficient, and could be so much more magical than little tales simply because it was real. You could see it, touch it, taste it, science was tangible and as magical as it was explainable.

“he might crawl into your mouth and make his home in your belly, for that great eater will take all the good out of your supper, so no matter how much you eat after, you’ll never be satisfied, never, never, never-” Elizabeth started to sob at the story and you rolled your eyes. Your aunt quickly grabbed your cousin and pulling her away, the other kids dispersed feeling too uneasy to stick around. Grandma Essie looked positively distraught, her lip trembling to see the blanket empty of a captive audience. In your pampered youth you didn’t care to acknowledge that with any comfort.

“Why can’t you just barf him up?”

She flinched up to find you still by her side, sighing in exasperation. “Of course a little shit like you would-”

“Or just eat really gross things until-”

“He’s magical! He cares none for what you eat nor your pryin’ to get him out! He’ll be bound to your stomach as you’re bound to keep him in there!”

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Percy Jackson AU

Imagine: the kids are normal and their godly parents are mortal too. They meet at a school for gifted teens on Long Island Sound and form a band. They soon become famous. The band’s name is “The 7”

•Percy= dad is close to #1 surfer in America
•Annabeth= mom is a college professor
•Piper= mom is model
•Jason= dad is business man owning a company (bro to Thalia)
•Leo= Dad is mechanic and has his own chain of shops
•Hazel= Dad is funeral home owner (half sister to Nico)
•Frank= Dad is war hero

Spots in the band:
•Percy is the male lead singer
•Annabeth is backup female singer and acoustic guitarist
•Piper is the female lead singer
•Jason is bass man and occasionally sings
•Leo is backup male singer and electric guitarist
•Hazel is electronic pianist
•Frank is drums (but he has small drums so he looks huge)
•Nico is sing writer
•Reyna is manager
•Grover and Rachel are the biggest fans
•Thalia is the body guard

Other stuff:
•Leo loves his fans with all his heart and all his tweets are responses and signs everyone’s papers and sometimes foreheads
•Hazel, Frank, Reyna, and Nico aren’t mad they don’t get as much attention
•Piper gets the most attention b/c of her famous parents and her good looks and sometimes hates it.
•When they were on their second US tour, between songs Percy sat on a stool, pulled a rope, and poured water on himself as a joke. Frank went deaf in one ear b/c of all the fangirling screams.
•Once a crazed fan pretended to be their limo driver to get to meet them, Thalia got Leo’s tee shirt cabin and shot them at the fan. They ran into a pole.
•Did I mention Leo and Percy shot tee shirts to the fans???
• whole band, Reyna, and Nico play pranks on Jason
•everyone was out to Starbucks and they got mobbed by paparazzi. Everyone had normal Cappacinos and Lattes, while Nico had a unicorn Frappe.
•Hazel making runs to get Nico McDonalds.
•When Nico is critiquing his “art” (aka his lyrics) he gets stressed and Will runs and gets him a Starbucks and his pink neck pillow (ya know the ones for long car rides) and is all like “ I got u bae”
•Reyna trying to book the same concert hall twice like “yes I know last time they blew up the soda machine. I promise they won’t do it again. Please I’ll give you Percy’s Cheeto stash…”
•Annabeth actually serious about practicing while everyone else tries to see who can drive the tour bus in the biggest donut.
• Is actually up beat alternative (thx Nico)
•Complain when they have to do real homework
• “oh no. My Leo ate my homework”- Hazel at some point
•Leo rigging fire canons
•When they are old enough they all get spirit animal tattoos.
•Percy gets a dolphin
•Annabeth gets an owl
•Piper gets a badger
• Jason gets an eagle
•Leo gets a dragon
•Hazel gets a horse
•Frank gets a bear
•Percy says they should all wear neon 80s track suits
•Leo says they should wear leather and chains. He tried a Mohawk.
•Hazel and Frank hugging every fan they find.
•Reyna actually tearing up when she finds an 8 year old girl in a wheel chair in a purple pants suit who says she wants to grow up and be like her.
•Having a contest to see which 9 lucky fans get to spend a day with their idols.

•Teenibopper tabloids trying to figure out who’s Jason’s mystery girl: “Reyna or Piper??”
•Piper burning every tabloid. She hates rumors.
•Jason Dosent know anything about the magazines
•Leo likes that supposedly he is dating JLaw and like 11 other people
• Annabeth and Percy shrine page in the magazines when Percabeth is official
•People thinking Thalia and Jason could be a thing before they find out they are siblings
•The internet explodes when thy find out Hazel and Nico are half siblings
• Percy and Annabeth have a competition to see who’s magazines are more redicolous.
•Percy: Apparently we broke up
•Annabeth: Ooh I hooked up with Frank, why about you?
• Percy: I hooked up with Jason.


(I taste you on my lips and I can get rid of youuuuuu. yEAH UR WORSE THAN NICOTINE)

(lmao do you get it. NICOtine. I’m fucking trash bye)

(this has nothing to do with cigarettes or drugs and whatever. I guess Y/N is as addicted to Nico as some people are addicted to cigarettes)

ask : I know this isn’t specific, but can you do some Nico fluff of some sort please ?

fuck yeah I can do some Nico fluff. Everyone could use some Nico fluff. If you don’t want some Nico fluff you don’t have a fucking soul and I’m sorry.

warning : fLUFF ABOUTA FUCK Y'ALL UP MY GUY(also there’s like two swears in this like who am I ? A saint ?)

You groaned, finding yourself up once again at the early time of 3:26 am. Finding your footing in (g/p)’s cabin, you paced back and forth beside your bed, fingers gliding across the sheets you slept in. A cold sweat began to settle on you from the nightmare, and you shivered in the darkness of your cabin.

No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t sleep. Climbing back into your bed, your fingers found the pendant your boyfriend, Nico, gave to you not too long ago. You sighed peacefully. Heart hammering in your chest, you rose again, slipping on a pair of sneakers and one of your sibling’s hoodies.

Were you going to risk getting scratched alive by the harpies? You grabbed your dagger just incase, tucking into the pocket of the hoodie. Making it to the back window, you opened up the latch, a soft squeak coming from the metal.

“Fuck-” You grumbled, turning around. Someone stirred, but there was nothing more. Pushing the window out, you climbed out, landing on your feet, and you closed the window once more. Realizing you were close to Nico’s cabin, you made your way there, pausing and holding your breath as a harpy passed by. Rushing to the back of another cabin, you collided with someone, a faint smack echoing slightly.

“Y/N!” Annabeth hissed, and you waved sheepishly, before helping her back to her feet. She dusted herself off, her storm grey eyes focusing on you. “Couldn’t sleep?” She asked, and you nodded in response.

“Nico’s.” Was all you said, pointing your finger towards the direction of the Ghost King’s cabin. Annabeth shot you a smile.

“Percy’s.” She responded, and after exchanging good lucks, both of you went on your way. Trying to shake the memory of your nightmare, you ended up behind Cabin 13. Reaching up, your fingers looped around the latch of the back window, and you pulled, tugging it open. A soft creak escaped the metal, and you froze.

Finally realizing that the coast was clear, you hoisted yourself up and into Nico’s cabin, falling not so gracefully onto the hard, wooden floor. It wasn’t long until Nico had the tip of his sword digging into your neck. “Neeks! It’s me! Fucking Tartarus, it’s me!” You whispered, heart racing in your chest. In the faint light coming from the moon, you saw Nico cock his head slightly, obviously tired.

“Y/N?” He asked, and you frantically nodded, pushing the point of his sword away. “How’d you get here-Why are you here?” Nico rubbed his eye lazily, his hair messier than usual, and he tugged down on his oversized black t-shirt.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I snuck out to come see you.” You whispered, realizing how sheepish you sound. You stared at your feet for a while, before looking up. In a hushed whisper, you spoke softly, “I had a horrible nightmare. Can I sleep with you?”

You expected a quick no, or an awkward silence to fill the room. Nico isn’t an affectionate person, and you respected that, but you couldn’t help but wonder if this simple request was too much for the son of Hades. Hell, he barely kissed your cheek when people were around.

“Yeah, c'mon.” Turning on his heel, he beckoned you to follow him towards his huge bed. Slightly giddy inside, you kicked off your shoes, and tugged off the hoodie, tossing both aside as you followed your boyfriend. Crawling into the bed beside him, you gave him his space, content with the fact that you guys were in the same presence.

“Y/N-” Grabbing your arm, Nico pulled you swiftly into his embrace, holding your waist as his forehead pressed up against the back of your neck. A gasp of shock escaped your lips, and Nico pulled you closer, your back against his chest. “Are you alright?” He asked, his hands finding yours and he rested his on top of yours, effortlessly finding the space between your fingers.

“Um, yeah. I just-” You stoped, as you felt Nico’s face get hot against your neck. Feeling him go to pull away, you frowned, turning in his embrace. Grasping the front of his t-shirt, you tugged him back, pressing your lips against his. Nico gasped against your lips, before sinking into the kiss. Soft and sweet, you both pulled away, and you smiled.

Your fingers found their way to Nico’s hair, and they played with the hair on the nape of his neck, and you closed your eyes. “I love you, you know that, right?” You mumbled, half asleep. Resting your forehead against his, he could help but crack a soft, small smile.

“I love you too, Y/N.” Nico muttered, a slight blush creeping across his cheeks. You let out a breath of relief, pulling back and laying down once more.

“Okay, good. If you didn’t there were going to be some serious issues, Di Angelo.” You yawned, pulling the blanket up around you. Despite it being the middle of summer, it was still cold in Cabin 13. Nico snorted in amusement, laying beside you.

“Not like I couldn’t handle them.” Nico muttered lowly, pulling you close once more. Rolling your eyes, you glared at the son of Hades, who shot you a surprised look. “Not that, I would never think of leaving you, well, I-” Nico stuttered, turning considerably red as his sentence went on.

“I get it Neeks.” You chuckled, closing your eyes once more. “Now go to bed, it’s like four in the morning.” You scolded playfully, before burying yourself in his arms. Feeling safe and sound in Nico’s arms, you fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

(is this even a good ending guys comment and tell me how this is bc am I doing this imagines thing right)

- nez !!!


Hi, all! Thank you so much for the asks - I had a ton of fun reading your requests! The scenes are as follows: 

Fic / Scene / POV


1.  Obsidian / Part II, after Y/N leaves V’s concert / Taehyung’s POV

2. Guardian / When Baekhyun’s feelings changed towards Y/N / Baekhyun’s POV

3. No Strings / Part V, Jimin taking care of Y/N / Jimin’s POV

To Be Completed

4. Addewid / Part VI, Y/N enters Kai’s study / Kai’s POV

5. Control / Part I, Mark finding Y/N’s photo / Mark’s POV

6. Guardian / Part XI, the torture scene / Baekhyun’s POV

7. Addewid / Part VII, Kai rescuing Y/N and taking her to the cabin / Kai’s POV

8. One Shot / Part VII, when Chanyeol wakes up to Y/N in his apartment / Chanyeol’s POV

9.  Row AQ / When Yoongi discovers someone else is writing in the books / Yoongi’s POV

10. Obsidian / Part II, Y/N going to V’s apartment and the kiss / Taehyung’s POV

11. Pillowtalk / Part II, Jaebum finds out you called Jinyoung / Jaebum’s POV

OKAY, I COULDN’T EVEN DO IT - I PICKED ELEVEN. LOL thank you so much! I am very excited to start to write <3


Fairytale log cabin portfolio shots by Torisaur
Via Flickr:
This has been such an amazing project but it’s time to for the little cabin to find its forever home. In addition, this cabin will be featured in a fairy house book next year, so these are some of the pics for the book editor to choose from :) Thx everyone for your support and for sharing my progress during the past months! For further info or inquiries, please see my profile for Etsy link. Tori

more good rp trailer clips

if anyone needs AestheticTM clips for town/city/summer camp/plotless/roadtrip rp trailers, check out videos by the german band sportfreunde stiller. all of their videos are beautifully shot with great, consistent colouring and since most people don’t use the members as fcs, it’s easy to include them in a trailer. they’re also NEVER used, so use these beautiful men.

here’s a few suggestions:

new york, rio, rosenheim takes place over a gorgeous road trip (with good clips for summer camp rps and scenery for town rps), as does das geschenk (but less summery)

applaus, applaus has lots of cabin and forest shots as well as some unexplainable ones with people in animal costumes. it’s like a commercial for flannel crossed with taylor swift’s ‘we are never, ever getting back together’

wieder kein hit is hipsters playing slow-mo soccer in the prettiest colouring seen with two eyes

raus in den rausch is in high-contrast black and white and primo for tour/music rps that don’t want to super famous band in their trailer

and that’s just a few of them! they’re also a great band, so look them up if you want some good green day (early days) / mumford & sons (recent days)

if anyone needs more good aesthetic video clips for rp trailers, hit me up!









  - updated on 10th July, 2017

the picture

I think we can all agree by now that the man on the right is Tyler. I mean, curly brown hair, tall and the same outfit as in the ADWM where he acted the cinema employee. Black bowtie, black vest, and white sleeves, more or less. It looks like he has a white sleeve on the right side, but not on the other side. Or is that white thing even a sleeve? It could be something attached to the thing that I think Tyler is carrying, which is red/purple-ish, or just something white in the way. No matter what it is, I think it’s still safe to say that this is Tyler, and probably his character from ADWM. also, he has a smile.

So that leaves us the identity of the person on the left. Mark or the chef, is what I have seen people discussing. There are reasons why it could be either of them, but I’m still leaning more towards him being Mark, who just happens to be wearing white clothes and a white, funny hat. Maybe that’s why he looks so annoyed? 

So why it could be the chef?

Presuming that Tyler is the cinema employee, who also is the waitress in the very beginning of the ADWM, it fits the picture. But that leaves us with the question why would someone scriblle over their, a chef’s and a waitress’,  eyes with a marker, burn the picture a little bit, and then tear it apart? Not to even mention why it’s put on a wall. A wooden wall. Like a cabin. They shot the video in a castle/mansion and they aren’t usually made of wood. Is this pic in some kind of a hideout or a shed in the yard?

His looks do resemble the chef

He has the “v hairline” or what is it called, like in the torn picture, also a mustache. White clothing and the hat is pretty obvious too.

But what did they do? Did they anger someone? Dark probably? How? Are they dead? If that is the chef, the possible way he could have angered Dark was how in the ADWM the chef kidnaps you and Mark, making Dark’s plan to overtake the date fail. Also, that way you met Will, and maybe there’s some kind of competitiveness between the bosses, and now that Will got to meet with you first, Dark got pissy about it? Dark can be a moody little bitch, so I can see why he would have taken the chef out, but why Tyler? Because he said “watch out” or something like that when you were going to see the “Dark Mark” play with Mark? Because he tried to warn you? What about Ethan? He was an employer too, but who, as far as I remember, didn’t really do anything that would have possibly pissed Dark off. So that’s maybe why he isn’t there. Or is he the next one to appear in a vid?

But I think It’s Mark, and someone just wants us to believe that it’s the chef.

You can see that the chef is wearing earrings so that would be an obvious sign that he’s the person in the torn picture, BUT the black marker has scribbled over his head just so that it happens also be over his ears. So we can’t know by that. Mark and the chef both have the similar mustache, so that’s not telling us anything. Also, what @spoopypuppet and I thought was just us making things up in the frenzy of theorizing, there seems to read something underneath the picture. It really does look like it says “chef”, but then again, we see what we want to see, sometimes. It could possibly say Chef very, very vaguely, on purpose, just to make us think more that it is the chef.

And then let’s talk why it could be Mark.

The height difference. That’s one obvious sign why it is Mark, but then again, if it’s the chef, he could be just slouching. It’s still a huge height difference. However, Mark’s hair is not the “usual,” but that can be explained with the hair being pulled back because of the hat. And Mark also has the “v hairline”.

If it is Mark and Tyler, not the employee Tyler, then what are they doing in the picture? They’re obviously dressed nicely, for a wedding or a celebration of something? And the same question applies here too: what did they do?

The more I’m writing this, the more I’m starting to question the importance of theorizing the picture. What’s so important about this? Why was it only half a picture yesterday and today a full picture? Is this just trying to confuse us because damn, it’s working. This was a little hurried and incoherent theory because I have work tomorrow so I can’t stay up too late to make this perfect. 

I would like to hear anyone’s thoughts, if anyone even read it this far haha

Also tagging you here @sarameyalli if it’s ok!! Just thought you would like to hear this after your ask

one time the Apollo cabin (with the help of the Hermes cabin and one Hephaestus kid) set up a little speaker on the doors of all the cabins so that a song would play very loudly for whenever the door was opened. It took the rest of the Hephaestus cabin a full three days to dismantle all the speakers.

  • Thunderstruck, by ACDC was played for the Zeus cabin
  • Marry You, By Bruno Mars was played for the Hera cabin
  • Under The Sea, from The Little Mermaid was played for the Poseidon cabin
  • Amarillo Sky, by Jason Aldean was played for the Demeter cabin
  • Ill Make A Man Out Of You, from Mulan was played for the Ares cabin
  • Something I Dont Know, by Selena Gomez was played for the Athena cabin
  • Walking On Sunshine, by Katrina & the waves was played for the Apollo cabin
  • Single Ladies, by Beyonce was played for the Artemis cabin
  • Light Em’ Up, by Fall Out Boy was played for the Hephaestus cabin
  • We Found Love, by Rihanna was played for the Aphrodite cabin
  • Smooth Criminal, by Micheal Jackson was played for the Hermes cabin
  • Shots, by LMFAO was played for the Dionysus cabin
  • Highway To Hell, by ACDC was played for the Hades cabin
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow, was played for the Iris cabin
  • Better Than Revenge, by Taylor Swift was played for the Nemesis cabin
  • Remember The Name, by Fort Minor was played for the Nike cabin
  • Forever Young, sun g by One Direction was played for the Hebe cabin
  • The Lucky One, by Taylor Swift was played for the Tyche cabin
  • Ive Got The Magic In Me, by B.o.B was played for the Hecate cabin

Sorry, I really couldn’t think of one for the Hypnos cabin, but it probably wouldnt make much of difference since theyre always sleeping and almost never leave they’re cabins.

Summer Camp (Minicat)

Prompt: Imagine your OTP as counselors at a summer camp who sneak off when all the kids are asleep to go make out/Imagine your OTP fleeing in terror from a chainsaw wielding maniac at summer camp

A small knock on his door interrupted Mini’s laughter at Brock’s latest pun.

“Hold on, boys. I’ll be right back.” He said into his mic. Brian was quick to mimic the Terminator and Mini shook his head before removing the headphones.

He opened his door to reveal his mother, who stood there with a hand on her hip.

“Mom, what’s up? I’m recording.”

She pursed her lips, just as she always did when he mentioned YouTube. He knew she supported him, but he also knew that she really didn’t think anything would come from playing video games and posting videos all day.

“Craig, honey, I know you’re making your videos, but I really want to see you doing something this summer. I want to see you out and about, not just sitting in your room playing video games with your friends.” She said.

“But I enjoy playing video games with my friends.” Mini insisted. Who wanted to go outside when inside was so nice? And air conditioned?

“Craig, there’s a summer camp that is looking for counselors. Mrs. Warner is sending her children, but they might have to cancel if they don’t hire people. I want you to do it.”

Mini’s jaw dropped. Summer camp? “But Mom! What about my channel?”

“I’ll buy you a wifi hotspot so you can post your videos while you’re there. I’m sure you have plenty of material saved, judging by how much you play.” She raised her eyebrow. “And I’ve already talked to Tyler’s mother about it and he will be going as well.”

There was one consolation to this horrifying situation. At least he’d have his boyfriend. “You’re really going to make me do this?”

She nodded. “Yes I am. You’re eighteen, Craig. And I know how much you love your channel, and I’m very proud of you. I am. But you need to get out in the world. You graduated a week ago, and I’ve only seen you leave this house once.”

And it had been to go to Evan’s house for a graduation party, where they played more video games.

“Why don’t you ask your other friends as well? You can make it a summer for all of you to enjoy.” She handed him a piece of paper with a phone number written on it in her neat handwriting. Next to the number was the name, Mr. Sark.

“That’s who you need to call to confirm that you’ll be working there.”

Mini sighed. “Yes, ma'am.”

She reached up and kissed his cheek. “It’ll be fun, Craig. Chin up.”

He went back to his computer and once he got his headset back on, screamed into the microphone.

“What the hell was that?” Evan asked.

“My mom is making me become a counselor at a summer camp. And all of you fuckers are coming with me.” The response was immediate, and loud.

“No fucking way.”

“But that’s outside.”

“That’s real funny, Miniladd.”

“It’s not a joke. If Tyler and I have to go, then so do you pieces of shit.” Mini told them.

“Hold on, what do you mean if I have to go?” Tyler asked loudly.

“Oh I guess your mom didn’t tell you, babe. My mom called yours and suggested it.”

“God fucking dammit!” Tyler yelled. “That is not how I wanted to spend my summer!”

“Trust me, I’m right there with you.” Mini scratched the stubble on his chin. “And you guys know that once my mom gets going, there’s no stopping her. I bet she’s already on the phone with Marcel’s mom.”

“No, no, no, no,” Marcel said quickly and Mini heard him kick away from his desk. “Mom! Don’t you are answer that phone! Mom! I said don’t! No!” They heard the door slam and he was back. “Goddammit. Guess I’m going to camp, boys.”

Mini managed to convince the rest of the group and took time to call Mr. Sark. He informed him that he had 10 counselors “Ready for duty, sir!”

“Thank god! The last counselor I had just quit this morning and I have 50 boys to corral. Thanks kid.” He gave him the details of the job, and told him to arrive at the campsite a week from tomorrow. He also said that he would allot some time for them to spend posting their videos when Mini mentioned it. “You guys really are saving my camp.”

Mini and the guys spent that last week editing and queuing videos. Tyler spent most of the time sitting on Mini’s floor with his laptop in his lap, stealing kisses occasionally and passing out with his head on Mini’s bean bag chair.

They would be at the camp for 2 weeks, and Mini was actually starting to get a little excited. It was going to be two weeks of hanging out with his best friends and his boyfriend. Sure, they had to watch 5 little kids each every day and make sure they were entertained, but that was easy.

Or so Mini thought.

By the end of the first day, Mini collapsed on his bed, face first into his pillow. He groaned, his eyes shut tight. He had finally gotten his little gremlins to sleep after hours of them bouncing and screaming. He knew they were just excited for their first day of camp, but holy shit 9 year olds were hyper!

There was a whistle from outside of the cabin, and Mini’s eyes shot open.

“Oh Miniladd!” Tyler was whispering through the screen.

Mini got up with a push and walked to the door of his cabin. He looked back at the sleeping kids and carefully opened the creaking door as quietly as he could.

Tyler was waiting on the porch, flashlight shining and a grin on his face.

“Wanna go sneak into the woods and make out?”

Mini rolled his eyes and huffed. “We can’t just leave the kids, Tyler.”

“Sure we can. They’re all sleeping.” Tyler stepped into his space and bent down to nibble his ear. “Come on, Craig.”

Mini shivered, even though it was hot and humid outside. It was 10pm for Christ sake.

“Okay fine.” He said finally and Tyler grabbed his hand before pulling him off into the woods.

They ended up sneaking off most nights, finding the same fallen tree in the woods and straddling it, facing each other. Tyler would grab Mini’s face and lightly place kisses all over it before settling on his lips. Mini blushed at the ministrations, amazed at how gentle this giant man could be.

After a day of swimming and water sports, his kids fell asleep almost immediately. Tyler was already waiting for him, sitting on the stairs of the cabin and playing Candy Crush on his phone.

“That was the quickest that they’ve ever fallen asleep.” Mini lamented, grabbing Tyler’s hand and pulling him up. “Good thing too, because all I’ve been thinking about is you in a swimsuit today.”

Tyler raised an eyebrow and smirked. “That right?”

“Don’t pretend that you didn’t see me staring at you. I saw your smirk!” Mini pointed accusingly.

Tyler stepped up to him and wrapped his arms around his waist, hands settling on his ass. Mini gasped when he gave it a tight squeeze.

“Maybe I was just thinking about how good you look without a swimsuit.” He said, voice deep.

“There are children around, Tyler.” Mini squeaked.

Tyler laughed. “You started it. Come on.” He let him go and the two headed towards their spot. It wasn’t terribly deep in the woods. They couldn’t be seen by the camp for sure, but they weren’t far enough away that they could get back quickly if they needed to.

It was a quiet night and for the first time, Mini legitimately felt uneasy. The hairs on the back of his neck tingled and goosebumps erupted on his arms.

He tugged Tyler’s hand and pulled him to a stop.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“It feels like we’re being watched.” Mini said, eyes laser focused on their dark surroundings.

Tyler rolled his eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous, Mini. There’s no one out here.”

But as he said it, there was a peal of maniacal laughter coming from the trees. Mini latched on to Tyler and tried to pinpoint the direction it had come from.

“What the fuck?” Tyler held Mini close and squinted into the darkness. The laugh sounded again.

“It got closer!” Mini was shaking. He didn’t want to die.

The voice now was humming and it was the creepiest thing he had ever heard in his life. It was coming from all directions, and Mini felt his skin crawl with dread.

From the trees emerged a figure in dark clothes and a hockey mask. Clutched in his hand was a dark stained machete.

“I’m gonna get you!” The person said with a musical lilt.

“Tyler!” Mini cried and with that, Tyler had shot off through the trees, pulling Mini behind him.

The figure followed them, his laugh haunting them.

It took a second to realize that Tyler was leading them back towards camp.

“Tyler! The kids!” Mini yelled. “We can’t lead him to the kids!”

Tyler cursed under his breath and took a sharp turn. Mini nearly lost his balance from the sudden change in direction but he managed to stay on his feet. Tyler had longer legs than him, and by the time they reached the lake and no longer heard their pursuer, Mini was out of breath and gasping.

He bent over and Tyler rubbed his back soothingly, his eyes never leaving the tree line.

“Who..the…fuck…was that?” He asked between breaths.

“I have no fucking idea.” Mini could tell that Tyler was scared. Fuck, Mini was goddamn terrified. How were they going to get out of this alive?

He thought about his friends, and how he was sure he’d never see them again. No one knew that they weren’t sleeping soundly in their cabins.

“I’m gonna call Evan.” Tyler said, pulling out his phone. He placed the call and put the phone to his ear. Suddenly, the pair heard the distinct ringing of a phone from the forest.

“Oh my god! Tyler, it got Evan!” Mini yelled frantically.

Tyler looked at him with wide, panicked eyes.

A branch snapped.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!” The machete wielding man came out from the tree line and Tyler pushed Mini behind him. They had no where to escape. The water was at their backs and if they ran to the side, their attacker could easily cut them off.

“Get the fuck away from us!” Tyler yelled.

It was then that Mini heard laughing. It wasn’t the creepy laughing that had sent them running to begin with, but deep boisterous laughing that Mini recognized immediately.

He stepped from behind Tyler, fury raging on his eyes. “Evan fucking Fong. Get your goddamn ass out here right now!”

The laughter increased, this time joined by the high pitched giggle of Jonathan’s.

The attacker reached up to remove his mask and Jonathan grinned back at them, toothy and hella proud of himself. Evan walked out of the woods, face red and tears streaming down his cheeks.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Tyler growled.

“You should’ve seen your faces!” Evan wheezed.

“Why the hell would you do that to us?” Mini scolded. “We thought we were going to die!”

“Cause your punk asses kept sneaking out every night and we wanted to fuck with you.” Jonathan supplied.

“Where the fuck did you get the machete?” Tyler asked, his voice still thick with anger.

“Sark.” Evan said, laughter finally dying down. “You guys aren’t very sneaky. Everyone knows. Nogla started a bet to see how long it’d be before you got caught, but we thought this would be better.”

“Right, cause us sneaking out to make out is better than catching you with your hands down each other’s pants!” Tyler spat at his friends and that was news to Mini. Evan and Jonathan?

Evan was visibly blushing and Jonathan’s hand was rubbing the back of his neck.

“You saw that?” Evan mumbled.

“Yes, you fucking dunce. You guys were behind the mess hall where anyone could see your dumb asses. You’re just lucky it was me and kept the kids away!” Tyler said. Mini placed his hands on Tyler’s back to calm him down. It seemed to work because he sighed. “This was fucked up guys.”

“It was still funny.” Evan shrugged. “The guys are waiting back at camp to watch the video.” He grabbed Jonathan’s hand and ran back through the forest. Mini didn’t even notice the small camera in Evan’s hand.

“You recorded it?!” Tyler’s rage was back, and he shot off after the pair.

Mini was still slightly shaken from the experience and almost cried when he realized he was alone. But suddenly Tyler was back by his side, arm around his shoulder.

“Come on. We can get back at them by telling everyone that they’re super gay together.” Mini just laughed and followed his boyfriend back to camp.