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Post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves !

1.) I’m currently on a cruise
2.) I just got kicked out my cabin by maid service
3.) I left my room card in there
4.) My mum isn’t answering the phone so i don’t know where she is
5.) I can’t get back in my room
6.) I also don’t know my room number so i can’t go to reception
7.) I’m currently hiding in the internet cafe on the boat
8.) I can’t go on the computers here cause you need your room card
9.) I need to pee
10.) Wish me luck

some interesting facts about me!

Other people: I ship Amedot

Me: I’ve checked in, unpacked my bags, waved goodbye as we set sail from the port, picked up some brochures, enjoyed lunch, went back to my cabin, changed into my swimsuit, went downstairs and chilled by the pool, dried off, went back to the cabin to change into formal wear, went to a restaurant to get dinner, went back to my cabin, ordered room service and am now drinking wine whilst admiring the view from the balcony of the Amedot ship.

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ok but after reading carboxyls' new fic (in one sitting) i'm dying to hear all the movie plots bc they all sound amazing and worth making a movie out of and some of them (coughtimeshakercough) really messed me up. like if i wasn't so lazy about watching movies, i would watch ever single one. so can we hear plots of all the movies mentioned? pretty please?

HAHA thank you!!~ i’m glad you enjoyed the premises of all the movies! ೕ(・ㅂ・ ) i also must confess that the next day i realized that some movies were more fleshed out than others so the conclusion is: my pie hole is a lie hole (._.) BUT i still have some fun details about them to share so sit tight!! these are all the ones with at least halfway substantial headcanons~ 

also under a read more because lots of words! (•̀o•́)ง

the timeshaker

  • mentioned here
  • it sounds like this! of course ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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take what you can (give nothing back)

Happy Valentines Day, @queenofchildren!

Summary:  For Clarke Griffin from the Arcadia Colonies, being abducted by space pirates was not what she had in mind. Being ransomed back to her potential husband, was definitely not what she had in mind.

Tags: alternate universe: space pirates, abduction, violence, swearing, multiple languages, nsfw, smut

Clarke Griffin knew that travelling via the Collin’s Collective freighters was probably not the best idea. She had only met Finn Collins one time, and as charming and wonderful as he appeared, she knew all too well about the façade that some people could keep up despite everything around them. So no, she wasn’t interested in joining the Collins family and their collective of planets this instant, even if the marriage would help her own family, and her people too (though how much remained to be seen). Her mother had even offered her to take her, full procession. But a full procession meant that she was accepting their union, joining their systems together.

Clarke should have followed her intuition, that feeling deep down in her gut telling her something was wrong, but like a fool, she ignored it. Opting instead to travel with the crew of the Polis. It was halfway between the Andromeda galaxy and the M32 elliptical galaxy, on board the T3 class freighter, that her bad feeling came to fruition. An explosion rocked the ship, starting fires all over the place and causing the artificial gravity to fail intermittently.

At first, she thought it might have been a meteor shower, or an undiscovered asteroid belt, or maybe even a stray solar system. Then the hum of the engines cut out, followed by what was undoubtedly multiple grappling hooks attaching to the hull of the ship.

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Enjoy your first class seat lady...

I arrive at the gate to work a flight. The crew finds out that the plane has been downgraded to a smaller aircraft. This new aircraft has only one cabin of service and holds about 20 less people. There is a very wealthy woman (identified by her designer luggage, jewelry, and entitlement) screaming at the gate agent that she wants a first class seat. The gate agent explains that this aircraft does not have a first class cabin, but she is in row three and that is close to the front.

She continues to scream at the gate agent and makes unreasonable demands. When boarding begins I find her. She sits down in row 1 and refuses to move when I ask to see her boarding pass and redirect her to row 3. I ask her again to move and she says to the window, “I am through speaking to the help.”

I move the nice couple originally sitting in row 1 to row 3. I move a mom with her screaming crying infant into row 1 next to the lady who doesn’t speak to the help. The entire flight the baby cried, and the entire flight the woman looked around for a new seat but we were full. Ha.

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gallifreyfallsnomore: grew up as best friends but you got hot over the summer can i touch ur biceps AU.

Castiel was so relieved that camp was over.

It’s not that he minds it, really, even though they do denounce homosexuality and other basic rights, but he misses Dean terribly, just like every year. It had actually been a lot better this year. He had been a counselor, which meant he got to sleep in the cabin with great service and actually had a chance to talk to his best friend.

Now he was on his way home, answering his parents questions about what they did with feigned interest. They did what all kids did at camp. Hiking, swimming, s'mores, canoeing, the only special thing about their camp was bible story time.

Once he finally got up to his bedroom, Castiel debated just throwing himself onto the mattress and going to sleep in a real bed. He also wanted a decent shower, but both of those things could wait.

“I’m going to the Winchesters’s!” He yelled as he ran out the door.

He and Dean had been best friends since they met in kindergarten. Gordon Walker had been being mean to Castiel and Dean had pushed him out of the sandbox. Dean got put in time out, but he and Cas became inseparable.

Cas was worried about the upcoming year, though. Ninth grade was looming before them, and Dean was already guaranteed a place on the baseball team. Cas just knew that he was going to become a popular jock and leave Castiel behind. Not that Cas blamed him, all had going for him was being treasurer of the FCA, which he didn’t even want to be part of.

He knocked on the front door, even though he didn’t have to. He had been told time and time again that he was family, and family didn’t knock. John opened the door and smiled at him.

“Hey, Cas. Come on in. The boys are out back.”

“Thank you, John.”

John ruffled his hair and Cas ducked out from his hand. He wasn’t used to the easy affection the Winchesters doled out. His parents were reserved and barely ever showed their love. John and Mary were always giving out hair ruffles and kissing foreheads. Cas usually just avoided it if he could.

Cas walked through the living room to the kitchen. He opened the back door and saw the brothers by the pool. Sam was swimming and Dean was being life guard.

Castiel stopped when he saw Dean. Whatever his friend had been doing while he was gone, it was working for him. Dean had a tan that turned his skin golden, Cas knew that there would be new freckles for him to memorize as well. He had bulked up, too, new muscles defining his body. How could this have happened in the few months that he was gone?

“Cas!” Sam called, when he saw him. Cas smiled at the younger brother. He had also changed a bit. His hair was longer. Cas came closer and climbed up onto the makeshift deck they had built the summer before.

“How was summer camp?”

“Same as always,” Cas shrugged.

“Watch how fast I can go!” Sam dived under the water and started to swim. Castiel sat down beside Dean and put his feet in the water.

“How bad was it?” Dean asked, eyes trained on Sam as his brother splashed around.

“Pretty bad. What did you do while I was gone?”

“Baseball training, yard work, garage work. Same thing I always do.”

“Uh-huh.” Dean talked a little bit more, but Cas’s mind and eyes kept wandering to his arms. Cas’s crush on Dean had never been much of a secret, but now with more to ogle, it was going to harder to hide.

Without thinking, Cas reached over and laid a hand on Dean’s bicep. Dean glanced at him, signature smirk on display.

“Yeah?” Realizing what he had done, Cas tried to come up with an excuse.

“Um, let’s go to the Roadhouse. I’ve been dying for a burger for weeks.”

“Sounds good. C’mon, Sammy!” Cas let out a sigh of relief, but he should have known that Dean wouldn’t let go that easy. “And, Cas, the next time you wanna feel me up, all you have to do is ask.”

Dean laughed when Cas turned beet red and waved away his stuttered apology. It was going to be a long year.


Watch woman yell “bear don’t eat my kayak” as bear eats kayak    

If karma is real, then it’s neatly demonstrated by this video — starring a bear, a kayak, and an increasingly upset woman — from Southeast Alaska. “Thank you for leaving my kayak alone,” camera operator Mary Maley shouts to a bear roving around outside a US Forest Service cabin in Berg Bay. “I’m going to pepper spray you in the face.” The bear then turns on its furry heels and decides to set about destroying the thing the unseen Maley apparently loves the most.

Caleb reviews horror movies

all of these can be found on Netflix and this is how I’ve been spending the past few days

Odd Thomas - Anton Yelchin is an angel and I love him also idk the movie wasn’t totally awful but eh
You’re Next - well that took a turn for the worst AND had a twist
The Blair Witch Project - genuinely scary and a fav definitely
The Mirror - what the fuck
Creep - yeah I guess he was a creep, but more random jump scares than anything else tbh
Teeth - what the ever living fuck did I just watch wtf the fuck
Oculus - hey it’s doctor who girl and this movie sucked
Ouija - meh
The Fourth Kind - aliens are real and we are all fucked
Dark Skies - get wrecked
Shrooms - p cool but kinda weird backstory to keep up with
Would You Rather - THAT WAS SO FUCKED UP I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED also do not watch if squeamish abt EYES
Mercy - ehhhhh, lots of familiar actors tho so
Extraterrestrial - not awful, aliens are real and we are still fucked
Mine Games - “let’s go out to this secluded cabin with no cell service and a creepy history what could POSSIBLY go wrong *laughter*”
Cabin in the Woods - literally one of the shittiest movies I’ve seen
Vile - not that great, nothing memorable anyway
Apartment 143 - BORING
A Haunting at Silver Falls - so boring I couldn’t even finish it
Haunter - I only watched this bc the girl on the promo pic looked familiar and tbh it was a boring ass movie and she wasn’t even the actress I thought she was
Paranormal Activity: the marked ones - all of the PA movies are a joke tbh I only watched it bc I’ve seen the other 3 and figured what the hell

so yeah that’s that, hmu if u want more in depth reviews on specific ones

Let me say this....

After a moment of decompression and a Mike’s Hard Lemonade, yes, lemons…., when and if we get another “crumb” from Sam I will not jump up to the top deck so fast. I might want to stay in my cabin with room service and watch out the porthole for a while…fool me too many times I get see sick. So whatever reason they need to be playing these games….my constitution is waning…I’m not as young as I use to be…..I feel like I’m on the SS MINOW with Gilligan as Skipper……

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