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A HECK TON  OF NANO KIDS…. well actually literally mostly ppg related kids

I know legacy hasnt shown my other two boys yet but i wanted to try my own designs of them before theyre released, my mischievous sons probably out raiding cabins or soda machines.

Also the Powerpunk Nano’s i talked about before! and that you mightve seen on instagram ahah, but i just had to draw them. It was a must. 

And lastly, my Fusionfall OC Faye, in nano form. You hear that legacy, now you can add Faye to that evergrowing nano list. I’m kidding please dont 

Also please dont repost!!
Movie Night

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader (Y/N), Castiel (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean/reader

Warnings: Implied smut, scary big ass spider, swearing, guardians of the galaxy talk (no real spoilers though), fluffiness,

Word count: 3400ish

A/N: This is my first 3 for 3 one shot (yes we will be doing this again) You guys voted for a character, title and pick up line. So here it is. I will be tagging the ones that voted of anon and few others that might be interested at the end

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You should have known better than to get your hopes up. You clutched the phone in your hand as you tried to fight back the tears. You didn’t know why you were getting so upset. It was just some random guy and he hadn’t even been that hot. Well he hadn’t been bad looking but living with the Winchesters for the past year had kinda given you an entirely new definition of the word hot!

The Winchesters! That was another thing! You had been so excited for this date. For a chance of some normalcy you had paraded around the bunker all dressed up for the past hour just to annoy them. Sam had just laughed at you but your strategy had seemed to work on the older Winchester. And now… You hadn’t even made it out of the garage and the guy calls you he is stuck at work and had to cancel. It was humiliation!

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Rug Burn Dinner Theatre : A LoVe Story

It’s been six months since Veronica, Logan and Lilly were all together, to celebrate their graduation from high school. While Logan and Veronica went off to college, Lilly went travelling across the world, but they all made a promise to get back together during winter break and catch each other up on how things were going out in the adult world. 

Logan offers up his parents’ old ski cabin for a long weekend - no one is particularly keen to go back to Neptune, which holds less than pleasant memories for all of them. But no sooner have he and Veronica arrived than a snowstorm has them trapped and Lilly’s flight cancelled. According to the weather channels, the storm’s going to last at least three days with no chance of any flights in or out. 

For Logan and Veronica, there’s little to do in the cabin other than raid the fridge and watch the collection of classic movies they find tucked away - and talk. They’ve been friends since childhood, but always considered Lilly the lynchpin their little trio circled around. They’re both surprised to find that they have a lot more in common that they thought, and after three days with just each other for company they may have to face up to the fact that the fireplace isn’t the only source of heat in this cabin.


After all of the Union armies’ victories reported recently in the South, newspaper readers in the East were astounded to read this column headline in the New York Times.


The newspaper told its readers Watie did not command the Confederate force of 1,500 men. However, the paper did not know the name of the general who was in command of the Southern force. According to the paper, few Union men were reported killed or hurt.

In a followup story printed the next day, the Times reported none of the forces guarding the train were killed or taken prisoner and few were wounded.

From Z to A: EzrA wears the hood!

I’ve got to admit, I never really thought it was his style.

Well, turns out I was wrong.

After looking deeper into the Ravenswood Lair and noticing more connections, I can say with certainty:

EzrA has worn the hood.

Take a look at this…

Here’s a shot from Ezra’s cabin hideout, where he moved most of the stuff from the Ravenswood Lair. (I’ve already covered that in a previous post.)

What you need to pay attention to here is the office chair. Notice the aluminum frame, particularly the horizontal bar across the back. Also notice the way the leather rolls back over the top, and the thick back cushion.



But that’s not all.

At the top left of the frame, you can see the poster from the Ravenswood Halloween event. Also notice the photo of Wilden, top right. The blue folder on the left side of the desk, and the rolled maps on the right side of the desk.

The same stuff can be seen in Ezra’s Ravenswood Lair, and later in his home apartment.

To the far right, there’s Wilden’s picture. And just to the left of it, draped over the pillow is the Ravenswood Halloween poster

There’s the blue folder on Ezra’s desk at school…

And again, the blue folder

Prescription pads from Dr. Wren Kingston. Fake, stolen, or donated? This is an important question. Unfortunately, we don’t know.

EzrA plants one of these pads in Spencer’s bag to make her lose credibility as she’s finding more evidence against him.

And this can of red spray paint from the Ravenswood Lair was used for…

Oh yes, EzrA vandalizes too!

Thought he was too mature for that type of behavior, did ya? Think again.

This stunt was intended to scare Shana away. Consider that. The plot thickens and the power plays just keep getting more fascinating!

An apple for teacher? I think this one is actually Mona. She was working for Ezra at the time, but the details of their working relationship were never revealed.

What we see here are some hacks to restore the factory settings on Emily’s car.

The car engine had mysteriously gone dead as the girls were en route to the Busy Bee Inn. Not so coincidentally, they broke down within walking distance of Ezra’s cabin.

The cabin was then raided by two black hoodies – Ezra and Mona, who stole Alison’s silver diary.

I just want to point out the film (Dark Passage) once more because seeing Humphrey Bogart with his face in bandages seems even more relevant after the burn unit scenes in 5x21.

Check out the post linked below which points out that the guy in bandages is wearing shoes identical to a pair Ezra owns! Good chance Ezra is the mummy!

How crazy is that?

Here’s my first post about the Ravenswood Lair

Thanks to rosewoodspy for the post that prompted me further along this path:

Also thanks to caytebeth for pointing out Ezra’s shoes:


Gen. Gano presented his superior, Maj. Gen. Samuel Maxey, with two bolts of calico, five dozen star candles and cans of pineapple and oysters taken from the wagons captured in the Cabin Creek raid. He also sent a bolt of calico from one of the wagons to Mrs. Edmund Kirby Smith. (wife of Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith, the Trans-Mississippi department commander)

Gano kept only one item from the raid for his personal use. It was a small sorrell saddle mare, which he named “Bird,” because she was swift and alert.

During the Cabin Creek battle, a shell had burst over her head and the sound left blood running from her ears – the horse was totally deaf.

Gano continued to ride her until the war ended. Then he took Bird home with him and she became a member of his family. The Gano children were all taught how to ride using the much-loved mare, which lived to ripe old age.


Niko was hunting in the north-side of the woods when he saw walkers approaching, at least forty of them. Hastily, he clambered up a tree, pulling the hood of his green coat up over his head, trying to blend in to the dark green leaves of the tree. He held his breath, one noise and he’d be stuck up this tree, having to wait till the walkers managed to uproot the tree or for him to starve. Walkers obliviously went past the tree, carrying on towards the second cabin he’d raided last week. Once all the walkers had staggered past, Niko silently but quickly climbed down back to the forest floor.

That’s when he heard the first scream. Piercing the air, a girl’s voice, shouting for someone’s help, he couldn’t quite hear who she was asking for but he ran towards the screams. Pulling an arrow from his sheath, he jumped over a stray log, loading his bow. In front of the cabin he saw a young woman with blonde hair, wielding a kitchen knife, desperately trying to fight off the walkers. Niko shot his first arrow, killing the walker that had just grabbed the girl’s necklace. He ran to her side, grabbing a knife from his pocket burying it in the next walker. Pushing the girl behind him protectively he kicked a walker in the stomach causing it to topple over on to another walker.

They had a short time window to escape through a small gap in the group of walkers. Grabbing the girls arm he told her to run and that he’d be right behind her. Shooting down another walker he too ran, his hood still falling across his forehead.