cabin pressure series 1


“Let’s keep the pressure up, keep the chorus of disapproval going, because right now we have a rare and genuine opportunity to tell the people who influence our lives, elected or not, what sort of media ethics we’re prepared to tolerate, right now we can make a difference, right now - if we don’t lose our focus- the choir get to preach back.” (x)

Cabin Pressure, Series 1 Episode 6: Fitton

Of course, if we’d been drinking vodka, you wouldn’t be able to smell it!

My main agenda with drawing this was to make Martin’s hat look better on Arthur than Martin. (And to catch up.)


Cabin Pressure, Series 3 Episode 5: Rotterdam

1. You simply must have the most awfully lovely super-scrumptious flight.

2. Do you have anything less … sharky?

Two-parter today, as I wanted to draw Herc and Carolyn but the lines I particularly liked didn’t have them together.

The voice-off has to be a classic moment in radio comedy. And this episode brings us one of the most brilliant descriptions ever, ‘like Stephen Fry’s favourite uncle.’

Cabin Pressure Series 1, Episode 1: Abu Dhabi

If you missed my post a few days ago, Cabin Pressure Advent is upon us! Starting last Friday, if you listen to one episode a day, it’ll get you through the series in time for the final two-part episode airing Dec 23 & 24. I cannot recommend this exercise highly enough, even if you have to do some catching up, especially if you’ve never heard the show before. You can buy it on iTunes (you won’t regret it).

I promised to do one drawing per episode so here’s my contribution for Abu Dhabi.

Cabin Pressure Series 4 Episode 1: Timbuktu

Nearly a year overdue, but you can listen to the episode this time (until 29 December), which you couldn’t have done when I ought to have done the illustration… 

Within a week of the original airdate, French and Malian forces took Timbuktu back from rebel command.  Coincidence?  Probably.  But only probably.