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↳Cabin Pressure, by John Finnemore | 2nd July 2008 - 24th December 2014

"When I was planning series three, I decided that (BBC and cast permitting), I would write two more series, and build towards a cliff-hanger, followed by a special. I knew by then how important it is when writing an episode to have the ending in mind, and I thought the same would probably be true of a series. This way I get to build towards an ending that I feel is satisfying, rather than it simply stopping one day... or worse, getting tired and repetitive. It's also allowed me to let the characters and their relationships change and develop over the last couple of series, knowing that I'm building in a particular direction, in a way that I couldn't have done if I'd had to keep them in sitcom limbo."

My new 30 Days of Johnlock Fanbook finally arrived from the printer today, and small posters of my Sherlock ABC.

Also there’s postcards, one Sherlock and four Cabin Pressure ones, too, but I can’t show them all yet since the drawings were made for the Cabin Pressure Artbook. And finally there'smy other fanbook, Sherlock after the Fall.

If you want to purchase any of the stuff, let me know. The fanbooks are 7,50 Euros each, but together they go for 12 Euros. The poster is 2,50 Euros. The postcards … don’t know … guess I’ll just add them if someone orders a book. It wouldn’t be very cost effective to mail them separately, would it?

Shipping internationally is 3,50 Euros, and 1,50 Euros for shipments inside of Germany. Payment works best via Paypal (please contact me via email to arrange payment and shipping: khorazir [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Sneak peeks at the interior of the fanbooks can be found here: