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So I’m having a clear out, is anyone interested in some of this stuff? I need the space and I don’t need multiple copies of the cds

1: signed John Finnemore face (weird I know) captains hat signed by Roger Allam and John Finnemore, and a newspaper clipping signed by John Finnemore.
2:cabin pressure the collected series 1-3, cabin pressure series 3, 4, and Zurich. And JFSP series 3&4
3: cabin pressure series 1 and 2 both signed by John Finnemore.
4: a “the best thing to happen to the sky since rainbows” mug signed by Antony head.

Update: the hat and the mug have been claimed Also the JFSP cds have gone too! The newspaper clipping too! And the signed cds

“Let’s keep the pressure up, keep the chorus of disapproval going, because right now we have a rare and genuine opportunity to tell the people who influence our lives, elected or not, what sort of media ethics we’re prepared to tolerate, right now we can make a difference, right now - if we don’t lose our focus- the choir get to preach back.” (x)

Cabin Pressure, Series 1 Episode 6: Fitton

Of course, if we’d been drinking vodka, you wouldn’t be able to smell it!

My main agenda with drawing this was to make Martin’s hat look better on Arthur than Martin. (And to catch up.)


Croydon Airport Visitors Centre pt 2/2

the-real-enigel and I went to the open day at Croydon Airport Visitors Centre today. Above: 

Oh dear, Martin, you’ve only just arrived at Zurich and you’ve been sacked by SwissAir already? 

1930s Karl the ATC

the-real-enigel “plays” Yellow Plane on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

the keeper of the simulator points out the altimeters (don’t they sound like a lovely couple?)

Part 1

So I tried to come up with the ultimate Cabin Pressure playlist for the loving fan - this is a collection of the proper versions of (nearly) every song mentioned or sung in Cabin Pressure. Enjoy!

1. Mikhail Glinka: Ruslan and Ludmila Overture

2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

3. Frank Sinatra: Come Fly With Me

4. The Simpsons Theme Song (The sound a genuine Patek Philippe makes at 7 o'clock)

5. Let’s all go down the strand (Have a banana!)

6. The Beatles - When I’m Sixty Four

7. Georges Bizet: The Toreador Song

8. The Platters: Smoke gets in your eye

9. BBC Test Match Cricket Song (Arthur’s ringtone)

10. Frank Sinatra - Fly me to the Moon

11. The Italian Job (The Self-Preservation Society)

12. Ten Green Bottles

13. Happy Birthday

14. Circus Theme Song (Juggling apples)

15. Andry Stewart - Campbeltown Loch (Wish you were Whisky)

16. We’re busy doing nothing

17. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Non Più Andrai

18. One Man went to mow a Meadow

19. Keith Harris and Orville the Duck: I wish I could fly

20. Cwm Rhondda (Bread of Heaven)

21. It’s a long way to Tipperary

22. Peggy Lee - Big Spender (The miniature walked through the door)

23. Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime

24. Dean Martin - That’s Amore

25. Frédéric Chopin - Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2

26. Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines

(Missing: The “Dragon Song” in Cremona, the two songs played during the safety recordings, and the song that plays in the lobby in the Excelsior. Did I miss anything?)

Cabin Pressure Series 1, Episode 1: Abu Dhabi

If you missed my post a few days ago, Cabin Pressure Advent is upon us! Starting last Friday, if you listen to one episode a day, it’ll get you through the series in time for the final two-part episode airing Dec 23 & 24. I cannot recommend this exercise highly enough, even if you have to do some catching up, especially if you’ve never heard the show before. You can buy it on iTunes (you won’t regret it).

I promised to do one drawing per episode so here’s my contribution for Abu Dhabi.

Cabin Pressure Series 4 Episode 1: Timbuktu

Nearly a year overdue, but you can listen to the episode this time (until 29 December), which you couldn’t have done when I ought to have done the illustration… 

Within a week of the original airdate, French and Malian forces took Timbuktu back from rebel command.  Coincidence?  Probably.  But only probably.