cabin in the forest


This wonky and wavy shingled cabin in Övre Gla was built in the 1800s and renovated in 2004 by 24H Architecture, adding a room which can slide out over the stream to expand the space whilst still keeping within building regulations on one of Sweden’s largest nature reserves. [via Adventure Journal]

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Our stay at the Tye Haus Cabin.

Hey everyone! Whipped up a quick blog post today on my website about our stay at the Tye Haus this week! Check it out! :)

Here is a preview shot, but head to the blog post for more photos!


In the early 1800s a man named Little Jon lived in this so called earth cabin (swe. ‘backstuga’) located in southern Småland, Sweden. An earthen cabin is built partially buried in the ground, in this case there’s three walls of stone and one wall made of wood. In Sweden earthen cabins was common in the forests from the 1600s until the late 1800s. Link