cabin fever crew

The Nevernight 

by Vesa Lehtimäki 

// Little known fact: the imperial walkers, AT-AT’s, weren’t merely assault vehicles, they were also ideal for long ground patrol missions. 

Usually, if planets were needed to be monitored from the surface, probe droids would do the job. Some planets however, were a little too demanding for droids only and a ground crew was deployed. 

The big hull of an AT-AT could be equipped with gear and rations for small crew for months at the time. The long patrol missions were tedious, keeping an eye on the endless monotonous landscapes for weeks could induce cabin fever to the crew. To avoid that, daily pauses were necessary and the troopers were allowed to walk outside freely. 

On one of these missions TK-24/7 was accidentally left outside for the night cycle. Above the polar circle in the northern hemisphere, the sun did not go down at all. Ever! He later recalled those hours as the loveliest and loneliest hours he ever experienced. 

This isn’t the most original work I’ve done, this style has been around for a while (Cédric Delsaux et al). Still, it’s a lot of fun to try it out. :)


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