cabin 44

#52: Boyband VS Girlband | AU | Part 10


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Luke looked out at the window of the cabin, a tired dazed smile on his lips as the early sunrise was showing off from the distance in the woods, he chewed on his bottom and fumbling with the guitar pick between his fingers. Outside the window he had noticed how you and the girls was heading towards the canteen cabin, wanting to stop by early to get lunch before practice. “Luke?” He looked around him, dazed and confuse by the sudden voice, getting eye contact with Calum who was standing with a confused gaze on his beautiful features, his bass in his grip and trying to connect the speakers to it. “What?” He mumbled, placing the guitar pick between his lips. Michael and Ashton looked at each other confused as well by Luke’s sudden lack of concentration, Michael walking over to the window to see what the blond haired boy had been staring at. “Y/N Y/L/N..” He said with a small laugh as in sarcasm, looking over at Luke with a sarcastic smirk. “What?!” Cal said a little bit too loudly, startling Luke. Calum walked over to Michael to stand next to him, watching you and the girls disappear into the canteen cabin. He looked back at Luke with a big question sign forming on his forehead, crossing his arms over his bass that was resting secure over his shoulder. “What is actually going on with you and her?” He mumbled, walking over the stand beside Ashton’s drum kid where the curly boy was sitting behind, watching curiously as well. “”Nothing, I tell ya.” Luke stated, shaking his head in disbelief and almost laughing, but the boys weren’t in a mood of any humoristic jokes now. ”You do actually like her don’t you?” Luke rolled his eyes by Calum’s endlessly same on and on question. He had been listening to this for the past weeks; he could barely be himself anymore with the boys judging him much more. He didn’t say a thing, just glared at Calum shortly, making the dark haired Kiwi to almost lose his temper, rolling his eyes by Luke’s stubborn attitude. “Luke, we’ve been best friends since year 6, you don’t think I know you too well now? I suggest you start being serious and honest now.” Calum stated. ”Fine! Fine, fine fine!” He kept on repeating; almost putting his guitar too harshly on the table he was sitting at, standing up straight and turning around to look at the boys fully. “Yes.” He answered flat and coldly, with no other explanations in his sentence. “Yes?” Michael quoted, crossing his arms and standing next to Calum. “Yes, yes to your question. I like her. I am fucking madly in love with one of my worst enemies, who also turned out to be one of my biggest what I could possibly point at as my soulmate! There you go, I said it Cal, you happy now?” Silence felt over the room as the boys realized what Luke had just admitted, himself starting to form a small blush on his defined cheekbones in embarrassment. “Holy shit.” Ashton mumbled more to himself, his eyes going wide as he stared behind Luke. The other boys noticed it as well, their eyes going wider than before, Luke turning around in confuse to see you and the other girls standing in the door frame with guitar cases and such in your hands. Luke’s jaw felt down to his chin, no words coming out from his lips. “So you were the ones that had to practice after us.” Ashton mumbled awkwardly, you just nodding your head as you stared at Luke in amaze, but not getting any contact since he was staring down at the floor.


Calum and the boys wandered down the small trails in the woods towards the practice cabin they was scheduled at, Michael opening the door and the 4 boys heading inside the cabin, but was stopped and falling into each other as Michael in front stopped in confuse, watching as you and the girls was about to make yourself ready to play some music. ”What are you doing in here?” Emma glared the boys up and down, removing the guitar from her hands. ”Well, we’re here to practice. So get out.” Michael responded, nodding his head towards the exit. ”How about you get out yourself Clifford.” ”We’re supposed to be here now, Y/N. Get lost.” “Wait but we should be here!” Hero exclaimed, knitting her eyebrows. “Uh, it clearly says that we should be in this cabin right now.” Ashton fake laughed, crossing his arms and cocking his head. “Uh- No it doesn’t.” Hero responded, taking the schedule of practices from her pocket printed on a paper, folding it out and taking a look at it. “See?” She pointed out, showing Ashton and the boys it. “Well.” Calum chuckled taking out a note as well, “We have one too. With our name on this period!” “Okay, someone must have clearly made a mistake.” You admitted, raising your hands in the air in surrender. “Yeah. Let’s go sort this shit out.” Michael nodded his head, the 8 of you walking out of the cabin and heading towards the header cabin of the two camps. Mr. Leander looked rather confused when 8 teenagers bragged into his office in almost rage, making him push out his chair ready to stand up and handle the situation. ”What’s going on?” He asked confused, looking between you and Calum who was standing front, afterwards being surrounded by the others. ”You have fucked up our schedules!” Hero exclaimed, her and Michael throwing their schedule papers on his desk. He took a look down at it, silence falling over the room making Calum take it as a queue to intertwine your fingers to your protest, you looking up at him confused, but all he did was stare at Mr. Leander like nothing had happened. ”I’m really sorry, we all make mistakes at times.” He kept on apologizing, opening up a browser on his computer to fix his problem. He typed things in before printing out a new schedule for you guys. ”Boys, you will be in Cabin 44, and girls, you will go back to where you were before. Every nodded their heads in satisfaction, ready to leave. ”Since when did you guys start dating?” Everyone started to look at each other in confuse by the sudden question, everyone’s eyes landing on you and Calum, him only tightening the grip around your hand in case of you trying to move it away. ”We never did.” You stated, looking up at Calum annoyed but all he could do was smirk. ”Why are you guys holding hands then?” Willow smirked as well, the other boys started to grow cocky ass smiles on their lips too. You didn’t say much more to Calum’s satisfaction, just rolling your eyes and trying to get out of his grip. ”Admit it, you guys like each other.” Ashton stated, crossing his arms and looking at you. ”No. There is no romance from my perspective.” You grumbled, finally getting the chance to get out of Calum’s grip. ”And now have me excused, but I have a bass that’s waiting for me to play on it.” Without another word said, you and the girls headed out of the room to finish off your song, leaving Calum and the boys behind. ”Man, that is some shitty friendzone.” Michael laughed; Luke trying to hold in a muffle as well by Calum’s lost expression. That had hurt him a little bit more than what he had realized.


“Try doing a C.” Maya looked down at the bass, letting her fingers glide over the strings and playing a C chord as you requested, grimacing when the sound wasn’t as pleasant as you thought. “It needs more tune.” You mumbled, turning down the volume a smaller bit. “So have any of you guys found out some songs?” Silence felt over the music practice cabin, everyone looking back at Rachel who was sitting behind the drum kit with drumsticks pressing into her cheeks in boredom. “So we haven’t.” She concluded with a sigh, placing the sticks on the snare, standing up from the chair. Why are we so fucked this year?” She mumbled, walking over to take a seat next to you. “I don’t know..” You mumbled, running a hand through your hair in annoyance, clearly nobody knew what to do and the competition was too close to cancel. “Is that Michael?” Maya questioned in a quiet voice, placing her bass on the table, you guys looking out of the cabin window, and to Maya’s right, Michael was heading towards your cabin to your confuse. “What does he want?..” None of you got the chance to say anything else before Michael had opened the door and walked inside the cabin, being met by 12 judging confused eyes staring at him. “Before you judge me, I have something I wanna ask you.” He started out, directly looking at you. “Continue.” You mumbled, watching him as he walked closer. “You guys are fucked about your songs right?” “Why do you think we would be that-” “Am I right?” He interrupted Jenna, looking at her rather annoyed. “Well yes.” She shrugged, “And you guys really wanna win the competition right?” He asked, all of you nodding your heads, “Well, if Y/N haven’t already told you this, her and I once talked about performing together as two acts in one song..” “What?” Jenna and Maya looked over at you in confuse, “That’s actually a really good idea.” Rachel commented, the girls looking over at her. “This is our last year at this camp for all of us. This competition this year is the most important for us. And there’s no doubt that it would be a tuff fight but if we go together, we could create something crazy.” Michael explained, Jenna scoffing at him. “Clifford if this is one of your sneaky little tricks again I swear to god..” Jenna warned, Michael instantly moving his hands up in the air in surrender. “I’m telling ya, this is serious.” He looked at you hopefully, trying to show that he was actually telling the truth. “And what about the other boys?” You asked, crossing your arms and standing next to the other girls. “I’ve already talked to them.” Michael mumbled and as he did, Luke, Calum and Ashton walked inside the cabin with instruments in their hands. The fourth of you girls looked in between each other in confuse, “But how will you work out 2 drummers, 2 bassists, and 4 guitarists?” Rachel asked, not looking very into this project. “We’ll sort that out.” Calum smirked, taking his bass out of its case. “And what about a song?” You loosened your arms from having them crossed, dipping your hand into your pocket and taking out a guitar pick. “Michael has written one, it’s really good actually.” Ashton explained, “And not hard to learn to play.” Ashton answered making the girls scoff at him and you walking closer. “Are you underestimating us when it comes to playing instruments?” Your face was literally 5 cm from Michael’s besides the height different, cocking an eyebrow at him. “Not at all.” He mumbled, looking between your eyes and lips. “Good then.” You stated, moving away from him and walking over to your guitar. “Let’s learn this song this and kick some balls.”


A knock from your front door in the cabin made your gaze turn up towards it fast, looking back down at your music notes, being more occupied on making it done than opening the door. Hallie let out a sigh of exhaustion before removing the magazine from her lap, showing it on the bed and walking over to the door. Small puzzle sounds came from the persons she was talking too, before she turned around and caught your attention, “It’s for you.” She mumbled with wide eyes, making you remove the papers from you, walking past her as she went back to the bed. You barely got the chance to look outside who was there before a hand grabbed your arm tight, pulling you out from the cabin and smacking the door. “What the hell?” You exclaimed, staring at Calum and Luke, them trying to hold in the laughter that was ready to split from their lips. “We’ve been discussing this before, no more kidnappings here!” Calum rolled his eyes by your statement, starting to pull you away from your cabin. “We need your help.” Luke mumbled, following you guys towards their practice cabin, standing in front of the door. “How?! “You see, the thing is that Ashton has not been like himself lately. He’s been fucking up his drumming and zoned out at the worst situation.” “And how does that involve me?” Luke let out a chuckle, placing his hand on the door handle. “Apparently, you and Ashton have a past. That’s the reason why we’ve concluded that you need to help him.” You didn’t get much more words said in this before Calum had opened the door, Luke pushing you inside and shutting the door fast. Ashton looked up from his drum kit helpless and confused by your sudden presence, almost dropping his drumsticks over the drum kit. “What are you- What are you doing here?” ”I came by and saw you inside. You looked lost. So I came to help.” You announced, walking closer to him. ”Oh.” Was the only thing he mumbled, looking down at his lap in half embarrassment “What’s the matter?” “I uh- I don’t know how to do this.” He mumbled, pocking his stick into his head. You furrowed your eyebrows before walking over to stand next to him, taking the paper that was resting on his drum. “Oh, it’s easy all you have to do is uhm,” You mumbled, reaching out for the drumsticks and Ashton pressing them into your palms. You took a seat on his left thigh before looking at the music notes, drumming around on the different drums.. Ashton’s mouth felt open in impression, looking up at you. “Just that?”” He mumbled, you giving him the drum sticks, ”Yeah, it’s pretty simple if you just devote it correctly. Don’t ever doubt yourself Ashton, I know you’re pretty rad at drumming..” ”I’m just very nervous I guess. We’ve lost for so many years now and I keep on blaming myself and my drumming. I guess it’s just insecurities.” ”Insecurities? From the one and only Ashton Irwin? You must be kidding.” You stated, crossing your arms and smiling at him. ”Thank you for cheer up.” Was the only thing he could respond and shrugging his shoulders with a small smile, ready to drum off. “Is it working?” Luke mumbled outside from the window. “I have no idea. But they sure do look like someone who could fuck at any second.” Calum joked, taking a look as Ashton started to play again. ”You think he still have feelings?” Luke mumbled, taking a step back from the window. ”I’m not sure. His way of acting towards her says more than he wants to himself.” Cal shrugged, ready to leave with Luke.