Something.. Fun.

Given that it’s april fools and i already torment the hell out of you guys with Blackrock things.. I’m going to make a list of things.. One of them will be true the rest of them shall be lies… AND YOU’LL NEVER KNOW.

Here we go!

Blackrock is all a hallucination caused by Mushrooms.

Rythian has horrible potion burns on his face and hence he hides it under his mask

Zoey dies in the final episode sacrificing herself to save Rythian

Tee dies in the second last episode in a battle to the death.

Gary Oak will become a citizen of Cabertown

Rythian has a tattoo that reads Bazinga IRL

Rythians favorite TV character ever is Sheldon Cooper (Bazinga!)

Ravs becomes a god

Ravs loses his position as Mayor

The Cabertown Mine’s collapse killing the entire town and everyone in it

Olivia Wilde is actually in the Cabertown Mines

Ravs will steal a bucket of water from Nilesy and pour it on Baby Jim

and finally - Duncan and Sjin finally get their revenge on Rythian and kidnap Zoey!

HAVE FUN. Remember only ONE is true.

It seems Ravs is not as lost as we had first hoped, for he has found the town’s Blog here that I am updating now.

Hello Mayor, we have sent out a search party to look for you. Please try not to get killed by any skeletons while you are away, I’ve heard those creatures make awful mayors.

Rythian sitting by the little river near Cabertown sketching the landscape is a scene I really love. He’s been to so many dark places, has long been surrounded by barren rock and flat plains - why would he not be appreciative of the Brightlands?

When he first came to it he drew it all, embedding magic in the paper, piecing together swirling pictures with whatever he could get his hands on: charcoal, pastels, homemade dies and paints and pigments. Here was the red of the sun in the morning, here was the green of the wood, here were the greys on the tufted feathers of birds and the lavender shades in the frog’s green throat and the thousands of vibrant hues of orange and yellow in the light off the blues and greens and pinks of the water.

A rainbow meant a lot to a person who had only ever seen the night.

zirqu  asked:

Hey cabertown. ;) Thanks for re-blogging my Jeeves art. I'm a big fan of your blog and this means a lot to me. Keep being amazing and reporting the events that take place in everyone's favourite town! ^_^

It is my duty to upkeep this blog and all events happening in Cabertown!

I am very glad that you are enjoying your stay here in our lovely village. I was afraid that I was doing this for no reason! (Not many of the villagers here really know how to use a computer you see… I’m still learning myself!)

Feel free to drop by any time, the gates of Cabertown are always open to visitors!

Unless of course you’re trying to visit during the Weekly Endorsement Protocol, in which case please reschedule your vacation to Cabertown as no outsiders are welcome during this time and must maintain a 666 meter radius from Cabertown. Any visitors who have violated this law will be immediately classified as an immutable habitant of Cabertown and must never leave. 


The other villagers and I have collectively decided that though this blog has been used as a log for most interesting Cabertown shenanigans, we will also be “Re-blogging” art and other things relating to Cabertown, or our lovely mayor Ravs. 

Thank you, and I will from now on be tagging all original text posts with “Cabertown News”

So far the progress on building the new pub Ravs asked for is going well. However while we were collecting the materials to build it, Nurse Carla tripped and scraped her knee.

Doctor Nick almost immediately came to her aid…. Am I sensing some friendship developing…. or maybe, something more?