cabbie is a tool


Cabbie Presents: The Podcast - Taylor Hall (by TSNCanada)

Cabbie is actually a really horrible interviewer, guys. He takes ten minutes to set up any question, and many, many times his questions are the literal dumbest. BUT. TAYLOR HALL.

a) he doesn’t like movies

b) he won’t watch Game of Thrones because it’s fantasy, and whatever

c) he didn’t understand the question “are you the wolf or the wingman” until after Cabbie asked it fourteen times, because apparently Taylor doesn’t actually look at chicks when he’s hanging out with Ebs

d) he and Ebs are definitely in a bromance

e) Nuge isn’t jealous, but he is better friends with Ebs than he is with Hallsy, and it sounds like TAYLOR is actually the one who’s jealous

f) he flies economy around Canada and the US, and wants to know why he always ends up next to boring businessmen instead of hot girls

f.1) I want to know why I never end up next to Taylor Hall in economy