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Merry Christmas, @ectoplasmicavatar! Hope you like this crossover with ATLA :D sorry I’m so late, but I was very sick, so I couldn’t post it before ç_ç

(in this AU Aang died, the fire nation won and every Avatar is killed as soon as he/she is discovered- so basically, children. In this grim scenario, the Fentons are Avatar Hunters from the water tribe. Danny’s hair bacome White when he enters the avatar state and stay like that for a while, so he uses it to hide his identity :->)

m watching the oa bc of that 1 post w the actor ian alexander right and like

what rly gets me is that ian alexander went from being a 14 year old tagging pics of celebrities w shit like “IM gonna SHIT is this LEGAL” bc teenager to BEING the celebrity having 14 year olds (or teenagers in general) tagging pics of you with “IM gonna SHIT is this LEGAL” like what a goddamn trip that must be my guy