cabbage wrap

The signs as things that would be better than Donald Trump

Aries: a dead fucking leaf

Taurus: the creator of Jumanji

Gemini: Spock

Cancer: Steven Universe himself

Leo: bubble wrap that has already been popped

Virgo: Donald Trump’s hair

Libra: a piece of poop that won’t flush

Scorpio: The Shredder

Sagittarius: a Subaru Outback

Capricorn: a garbage can

Aquarius: a comical amount of cabbage

Pisces: a monkey


Lunch and dinner today 3/14 - Pi day!!

Lunch was 2 lean pockets, chicken and jalapeño something or other in a pretzel bread. I had been shoveling and needed something quick before I went back out.

Dinner however was a little more heathy. I made my cabbage, carrot and crab wraps again. I do admit, I put some hoisin sauce on it bc I love the sauce better that soy sauce.