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Cabaret Voltaire “Sensoria” (1983)

A few summers ago I felt like I was missing out on Cabaret Voltaire and finally did a run on them. This was during a urgent time when I re-connected with my addict friend and things were picking up. It feels like I’m making up for lost time and feeling very bad about it but I’m very happy I got in touch with them. Connected with the likes of Clock DVA, Throbbing Gristle, and Eric Random; Cabaret Voltaire is forever connected with the early stages of groovy experimentation, (UK) industrial music, and then techno. Their great sounds combined with their seriousness and themes of surveillance, disillusion, politics, and invasion had me hooked ever since. “Sensoria” is one of their most known singles of theirs which music television noticed for camera movement, stop-start, and quick motion filming. “Sensoria” along with 1984′s Micro-Phonies showed Voltaire continually changing direction towards a more powerful catchy synthpop-oriented sound. The 12″ single mix re-appears on the disc re-issue along with the album version and a derivative called “Do Right”.