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“Relax, okay?” Jim said, peering over his sunglasses at his boyfriend and trying to give him a stern look.  It was hard to maintain, what with all of Bones’ bronze skin on display.  

“You’re gonna turn crispy,” the doctor grumbled, but he flopped back against his chair under the umbrella.

“You just rubbed sunscreen all over me a half hour ago, Bonesy, look, I’m fine,” Jim replied.  He retreated back behind his sunglasses once more and closed his eyes.  They had both needed this vacation, the sand and sun and surf, Bones walking around the whole day without a shirt, his swim trunks slung low on his hips.  Yeah, they both needed it.  If only Bones could relax a bit more.

“You wanna go anywhere today?” Bones asked after a minute.

“Nope,” Jim said and popped the ‘p’ for extra emphasis.  He wanted to lie on this sandy, beautiful beach and soak up the sun.  It wasn’t fair that Bones tanned immediately, his skin golden and delicious.  Jim had to actually put some work into it.  “Well,” he added, eyes darting to the ocean across from their temporary beach cottage, “I might wanna go for a swim later.”

“Of course,” Bones murmured.  It drew Jim’s attention, the softness of his voice, and he was about to admonish Bones for his disapproval, but quickly realized that wasn’t what made the other man suddenly quiet.

“Maybe he gets off early today, we could see if he wants to get drinks,” Jim teased as he caught sight of their cabana boy.

“Stop it,” Bones huffed but his cheeks were heating up with a red blush that Jim could see and it had nothing to do with the warmth of a tropical beach.  He had been mildly jealous that Bones acted so flustered when Spock first appeared, shirtless, lean, sunkissed, bringing drinks in coconuts complete with little umbrellas.  Mildly, because he could definitely see the appeal.

“He’d probably be a handful, I mean, you can pretty much tell that through his slacks already, but—”

“Stop it,” Bones repeated.  “You’re makin’ me feel like a dirty old man for looking.”

“There’s nothing wrong with looking, baby,” Jim said with less teasing this time.  “I mean, I’m looking.  Does that make me a dirty old man?”

“You’ve got a couple years before thirty still, kid,” Bones retorted.  “But I’d never argue that you aren’t dirty as all sin.”

Jim laughed and pushed his sunglasses up again as they slid down his nose.  “Well, doctor, you’re barely thirty, so it’s not so bad.  And you know, I know you love me.  We haven’t talked about asking anyone else to join us in a while.  We could have that discussion again.  Last time you were worried you’d be too jealous.  How about now?”

Bones looked down and Jim waited, resisting the urge to get off his lounge chair and drag him straight back into bed.  When he looked up again, his eyes sought out their cabana boy, wiping down the table on the deck of their neighboring cottage.  Jim followed that gaze.  Maybe he was making it too simple, and it made him worry suddenly.  They’d been dating for years, Dr. Leonard Mccoy, neurosurgeon, legendary hands, and Jim Kirk, successful entrepreneur of a dot com business.  

“I don’t know, Jim, I think I need a couple drinks before we talk have this conversation,” Bones said finally.  “I know I wanna wake up next to you for the rest of my life, I just wonder about… some things.”

Jim smiled fondly.  “Well, I know where we can get a few drinks then,” he replied, waving at Spock.

I hope Joey doesn’t strangle me for posting this, but this proves he’s the best assistant in the world:
He’s never cleaned a pool before yesterday’s shoot with me!
(& he wouldn’t take off his shirt in the heat to do it, because he didn’t want to offend our subject’s dad! Isn’t that professional? What a great guy!
(~darn and I was going to call him my “Cabana Boy” after that!! Lol;) (jk!!)
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Advanced backwards round #skateland #cabanaboy (at Northridge Skateland)