caballero aguila


Art by 曉戰
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💙Y aqui tenemos la devera rason en por que se desaparecio Marin.(tambien yo) (Se me olvidaron los calsetines y mi guante en casa por ultimo minuto) 😢
💙Here we have the real reason why Marin disappeared from the anime Lol.(sadly I forgot her legwarmers/glove at home due to last minute packing)

anonymous asked:

Have you every drawn Marin before ? Plz draw her .

Hi there dear anon! thank you for asking!

Do you know what? lately I’ve not been in the mood to draw anything ;__; where’re you inspiration? but I read your ask and wanted to try.
I’ve never drawn her before, this is the first time so I hope I did a good job and hope you like it (: