The Comic Arts Brooklyn Festival was a great success!  I had a lot of fun meeting people and seeing all the inspiring work everyone has been doing.  Also, I sold out of the first run of Maui Prime!  I’ll be printing more soon (If you want a copy, send me an email or a message in my ask box, and I can better estimate how large this next print run should be). 

Here are the spreads from the zine.  I had a lot of fun making this one, and I think I’d like to do more small micro zines of drawings in the future. 


Here are some WIP shots of my new zine, Maui Prime.  I’m trying a new thing for my process with this one.  Im doing rough thumbs in photoshop to block out compositions, then i print those on computer paper, tighten up the pencils ( but still keep them pretty rough), and then I’m going to lightbox those and ink the pages on bristol paper.  So far its given me much more freedom to mess around in the pencilling phase, and I’m hoping this will give me more leeway if I make a mistake inking.

Back in Maryland with my haul from Comic Arts Brooklyn:

Lala Albert / Alien Invasion 3 + Selected Sketches
Lala Albert + Inés Estrada / Geomephilia
Antoine Cossé / J.1137
Alex Degen (AD) / AREA CC
GW Duncanson / Christmas Card
Inés Estrada / Borrowed Tails + Exit Stance + Peluche
Simon Hanselmann / Life Zone
Joe Kessler / Windowpane 1 + Windowpane 2
Koyama Press / blank sketchbook
Aleks Sennwald / Ponte las Pilas #2
Pete Toms / A Message from Pete Toms + Another Message from Pete Toms
Zach Hazard Vaupen / 2013 Sketchbook
Leah Wishnia / Gut Feelings
Various / Jeans 2
Various / Smoke Signal


Thanks to Dash and the Spectacle theater for hosting a super fun screening event on Friday… to Ben, François, Jason, Julia, and Sean for letting me tag along for drinks afterwards… to the CAB organizers who made Saturday’s show run smoothly and brought so many people out to the tables… to Andrew, Frank, Dash, and Simon for being excellent Comics Workbook table-mates… to the folks who bought Comics Workbook Magazine #1 or one of my Emotional Distance comics… to Alex, Antoine, Dave, Geoff, Inés, Joe, Katie, two Kevins, L, Lala, Leah, Paul, Pete, Robyn, Sasha, Walker, Zach, and everyone else I got to catch up with or meet for the first time.

(Feeling really encouraged and inspired by the people at this show.)


I made this book over the summer, but never put it on the internet, so here it is: take a gander. Two color silk-screen accordion book, “It’s All Your Goddamn Fault.” I didn’t do a clear-cut edition for this one, but there are about 30 copies all told, in addition to a handful of proofs. Don’t think I’ll be reprinting it.

Made in two versions: unbound with a swanky hand-printed strip, and a hand-bound, limited edition, ‘artisanal,’ ultra super #rare hardcover version.

These will be available at CAB this Saturday (November 9th, table D25.) You can also purchase the unbound version at Desert Island. Unbound is 9 dollars, hardbound is 25.

I’m going to be at Comic Arts Brooklyn this year, though won’t be behind a table; I will be attending most of the programming and occasionally wondering the floor with a bag full of these comics (and probably some older minis/prints/etc as well).

Available for sale, trade, or maybe free!

Look for round glasses and a green pouch on a red belt.

Quick pic of a new book, will do a more detailed post later. Book of drawings with a 2-color silkscreen cover, handbound etc.

I’ll have this today at CAB, table D25, so come by, yes yes! (Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church, 275 N 8th st. Our table is in the basement.)