please donate to my paypal if you can. matthew has a seizure disorder (possibly epilepsy). Matthew takes a train every single morning two stops to the next town to go to the methadone clinic. if he doesn’t he will be dead sick. i am afraid of him going on the train when he’s had two seizures in fifteen days and I don’t want him to stand by train tracks, so I need to be able to afford the cab fare. if possible, I would like to have enough to go with him because I’m terrified of him being alone. he also has to go to the hospital. I don’t have a car and I live in the suburbs and we live two train stops away from both the clinic and the hospital.

please donate if you can this is really important and potentially detrimental to his health. these were both tonic clonic/grand mal seizures. I’m going to attach photos of his injuries so you can see how important this is. a cab is much safer than walking to the train and taking it to and from the methadone clinic and doctor or hospital is expensive. i need your help.