cab 900

Temporary Bliss (Luke Hemmings Series)

{{based off the song Temporary Bliss by The Cab}}

words: 900+

rating: slightly mature content

Part 1

2am. That’s the time your phone screen read when it kept on violently vibrating on your nightstand. Without actually checking the caller ID you swiped your thumb along the screen accepting the call. “Hello?” You mumbled obviously still sleepy. “Fuck, (Y/N). I need you, baby please.” The all too familiar voice at the other end of the line groaned. A sigh left your lips as you contemplated what to do. “You’re gonna be the death of me, Hemmings. I hate you, but I’ll be there in 10.” You murmured before hanging up, getting out of bed and quickly brushing through your hair with your hands before grabbing your wallet, car keys and phone and silently sneaking out of the house, luckily without getting caught. You got into your car and buckled up before making your way over to his house. When you got there you could already see the dim light in his room, being able to make out the dark shadow laying on the bed through the left curtain. So you parked the car, unbuckled your seatbelt, got out and locked it. You made your way over to the back door and sneaked upstairs, once again careful not to get caught. If Luke’s (or as a matter of fact, your parents, knew about what you guys had going on hell would break loose - literally). Finally reaching his room you walked inside without knocking, closing the door behind you and then putting your belongings on his desk, walking over to his bed. There he was, Luke Hemmings, your “friends with benefits”, in all his naked glory, laying upon his plain black bedsheets, still stroking himself. Your breath hitched in your throat as you looked him in the eyes and he smirked at you. “C'mon over, (Y/N). You’re usually not that shy.” He spoke with a grin on his face. A barely audible sigh left your lips. Yeah, last time was actually 6 months back before he went away on tour. Also, last time you weren’t sure if you felt more than just the usual “friends with benefits” connection. Now you knew, though. This relationship was toxic, it kept pulling you down and even further down. Whenever he was away on tour he’d find himself groupies or just random girls at clubs, there were pictures, videos, everything. Of course Luke was oblivious to all of that. He’d never notice you actually felt more. That’s why a week ago, before the boys came back from tour, you were sure to end this. But now you knew you wouldn’t have the strength to do so. He actually was the only guy who ever took interest in you, which definitely made things more difficult than they already were. He was your first kiss, first time, first everything - but of course he didn’t know that. You always kept your mouth shut about those things, trying to get as little feelings involved as possible. Yet, it obviously didn’t work.

Anyway, you made your way over to his bed, crawling on it and hovering above him, licking your own lips before pressing them to his. He immediately responded and you put one hand on his chest, slowly trailing it lower and lower. This was all you’d ever be to him, a fuck buddy, a booty call. It hurt, but for now it momentarily filled the hole in your chest while you found yourself lying underneath him, him pounding in you, giving you his all. At least physically you were close to him this way and if that’s the best you can get, then so be it.


You rolled onto your side, throwing your arm around the person next to you. Wait, there was no person. Groggily you sat up rubbing your eyes before opening them, squinting at the bright light flooding into the room through the already opened curtains and then a sigh left your lips. Of fucking course. There was a note laying on Luke’s pillow saying something along the lines “sorry, emergency band meeting - had to leave early, but thanks for the great night ;)” You angrily crumbled the note in your hand and threw it across the room before getting up, putting your clothes back on and sneaking past Liz and Andy who were downstairs in the kitchen, most likely having breakfast. No sign of Luke and you didn’t even bother to check the time. Normally Luke would never get up before 12am, but whenever you guys had your “fun”, he’d be out of the house at at least 9am, leaving you to wake up by yourself and also deal with sneaking out by yourself. It was the same thing every single time, yet you still fell for it, every single time. You shook your head at yourself for being so naive, but you couldn’t help it. He had you wrapped around his finger, literally. A few angry tears made their way to the surface as you got into your car, buckling up and driving away. You tried blinking them away but soon you were trying hard to contain yourself from sobbing hopelessly as tears were streaming down your cheeks, as if that wasn’t enough already you could barely see anything on the streets anymore because of the tears completely blurring your vision, but right now you couldn’t care less. You couldn’t wait to just get home and curl up in bed again. This is basically what your life consisted of. Luke messing with your head, you falling for him - deeper and deeper - and you laying in bed 24/7 thinking about how messed up this really is. Though you couldn’t help but do it over and over again just in order to be close to him. It seemed as if it was a never ending circle.