Hey friends of Tumblr! So very recently, a family friend of mine took in this cute little guy named Phineas. He’s a Pitt Bull who was severely beaten, possibly by a baseball bat, and suffered a broken jaw which is now fused shut. This dog wants nothing more than to love, and be loved. He tries to hard to kiss and lick everyone, but clearly he cannot. He is bottle fed at this point because he can’t even open his mouth all the way. The good news is, this is something that is fixable. Which is where you all come into play. His surgery is going to be very, very pricey and we need all the help we could get. The campaign is called “Help Phinny Kiss Again.” Even by donating $5, you’re helping us, and Phinny. If you can’t donate, please reblog and help us signal boost. 

By clicking this link, you can see pictures and videos of Phinny, and learn more about him and how to donate to his campaign. If you have any questions or wish to contact me, my ask box is open for all! Thank you so much for you time. It means the world to me!