CBR's art challenge, The Line It is Drawn, tackles some Muppet/comic mash-ups this week. My favs are above, but check out plenty more HERE.

Cookie Monster as Galactus by David Branstetter

Deadpool/Gonzo & Beaker, Agent of Hydra by Fernando Pinto

Kermit as The Spirit by Cynthia Sousa / Tumblr & Amanda Rodgers

Dazzler and The Electric Mayhem by Caanan Grall / Website

Forgetful Jones is Jonah Hex by Brendan Tobin

Animal as Wolverine by Axel Medellin / Blog

Iron Muppets by Derek Langille / Tumblr

Reign of the Super Grovers by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr


Collection of just SOME of the incredible STORYKILLER illustrations released to date!

If you want the illustrated novel - with illustrations by some of comics’ best artists - get yourself over to Kickstarter now - we’re in the final hours!

Thanks for the support everyone!

xo - Kelly


The Line It is Drawn mashes up some inspired new ‘Super Teams’ this week over on CBR. My fav picks are above, but there’s tons more to check out HERE.

X-23, Superboy, Rei Ayanami, Boba Fett, Deadpool & Scarlet Spider by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

Wonder Woman, Valkyrie, Red Sonja, Xena & Vampirella by Bill Walko / Website / Tumblr

Supergirl, Squirrel Girl, Hit Girl, Wordgirl, & Tank Girl by Caanan Grall 

Batman, Luke Cage, Hellboy, Spike, Don Draper & lo by Caanan Grall 

Lobo, Deadpool, The Goon, Snake Plissken & Spike Spiegel by Fernando Pinto

Star Sapphire, Emma Frost, Witchblade, Starfire & Vampirella by Xum Yukinori

Daredevil, Batman, Marv, Robocop & Martha Washington by Mathieu Parent


Hey, Kids!

My new book STORYKILLER is live on Kickstarter.

This time around I’ve got a ton of amazing artists on board doing illustrations for the limited edition illustrated hardcover.

Here’s the current list!

KRIS ANKA – artist for X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Marvel cover artist

THOMAS BOATWRIGHT – artist and creator of Cemetery Blues, Zeke Deadwood: Zombie Lawman, artist on Orc Girl

BEN CALDWELL – artist for Wednesday Comics Wonder Woman, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, artist and creator of Dare Detectives!

ROSS CAMPBELL – artist for Glory, TMNT, artist and creator of Wet Moon, Shadoweyes

RENAE DE LIZ & RAY DILLON – artist and creator of Peter Pan and Womanthology, artist for The Last Unicorn. Colorist for Peter Pan, The Last Unicorn

MING DOYLE – artist for Mara, Fantastic Four, Womanthology

CAANAN GRALL – artist and creator of Max Overacts and Celadore

STEPHANIE HANS – artist for Spider-Man, Fearless Defenders, Journey Into Mystery

REBEKAH ISAACS – artist for Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Ten, Angel & Faith, DV8: Gods & Monsters, Magus

CASSANDRA JAMES – artist for Red Sonja, Valentine, Womanthology

MEREDITH MCCLAREN – artist for Hopeless Savages, Adventure Time, artist and creator of Hinges

DUSTIN NGUYEN – artist for Detective Comics, Batman: Streets of Gotham, Batman: Li’l Gotham, American Vampire

DECLAN SHALVEY & JORDIE BELLAIRE – artist for Hero Killers, Thunderbolts, Deadpool, American Vampire. Colorist for Pretty Deadly, Mara, Journey Into Mystery, The Wake.

MATTHEW SOUTHWORTH – artist for Stumptown, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, X-Men, Spider-Girl

NOELLE STEVENSON – artist and creator of Nimona, co-writer for Lumberjanes

BRETT WELDELE – artist and co-creator of The Surrogates, artist and creator of The Light, artist for Southland Tales, 28 Days Later

JAKE WYATT – artist and creator of Necropolis

So make sure to head on over and check it out. Here’s an illustration by cover artist STEPHANIE HANS of STORYKILLER’s Tessa Battle and her axe The Black Dove.

[Image: A black and white sketch of Marvel Comics characters Rictor, Shatterstar and Siryn. Siryn is rapidly fleeing a room with a huge, amused smile hidden behind her hand; she says “Oh my…”. Beyond the door she’s closing we see Rictor and Shatterstar, both shirtless and with their pants undone— the position they’re in suggests they were totally going to do it. They both say, pointing at one another, “He started it!!”]

By Caanan Grall 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day…STORYKILLER Valentines!!!

Collect them all, share with your friends, in other words…viral this s***! :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And don’t forget to back STORYKILLER on Kickstarter. Campaign ends 2/20!

- Kelly