“Listen- Listen- You seem like a reasonable organism, yeah?”

“I get it - I’m trespassing. This is your… structure. Place. I’m sorry. I understand. There’s no need to go making this into a hostage situation, okay??” 

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sacred rules of the doggos: 1) thou shalt snuggle thine pupper at least twice daily, 2) thou shalt not bring caaaaats in the area of your puppers, 3) thou shalt give all thine foodstuffs, 4) Baths shall not be tolerated, 5 and 6) Belly rubs and ear pats are encouraged, the rest) we are allowed to sleep on anything we want. Break any of these sacred rules and thine doggos will sleep on thine face for all eternity.

“This is all true”

happy new years! ft. s.j.m characters

tog : 

aelin : party animal. lost her clothes halfway through the night and started to strut around in rowan’s shirt. rowan had to follow her and snarl every time fenrys gawked at aelin’s bare legs. bare goddess™ legs. will dance to any music or no music at all. drunk™ my g od she is so drunk™ 3…2…1 “hAPPY NEW YEARS MY BUZZIE BUZZARD” giving rowan the sloppiest kiss ever, then goes back to dancing on the table.  

rowan : sighing, sighing, sighing. babysitter™ everyone is drunk™, but he has to keep following aelin around. snarls every time fenrys stares at her backside. really testing his luck, that one. go d he thought christmas was bad, he hates new years more. and believe me, he hated christmas. 3…2..1 “happy new years, fireheart”

aedion : created the bump and grind. showing his bi™ side. “stop dancing with my cadre, aedion!” “live a little, aelin!” mr. twerk fest. even did a bit of belly dancing and body shots™ cant wait for this year to end. he’s waited long enough. 3…2…1 “lysANDR-” “oh there you are. gimme kissy”

lysandra : playing board games with evangeline. keeping her away from the booze. spiked her apple juice. smiling and watching everyone making a fool of themselves. took them to church when she danced that one time and left them all speechless. 3….2…1 “aedion i’m right here” . “happy new years, you drunk rat”

dorian : dirty dancing™ with aelin. aye, aye, aye, back it up, two shots now y’all. one thrust this time, two thrusts this time, twerk-twerk real slow. somewhere between his fifth shot and his twentieth shot, dorian ended up being the stripper. “girl i love it how you move it like dis” aye, aye, ayeee. dorian got turnt. 3…2…1 “manny!”

manon : halfway between glaring at dorian and ripping aelin to shreds, but also just shaking her head. sighing and watching dorian. low key she was kind of enjoying the show. but you cant prove anything. not a thing. 3…2…1 “don’t call me manny”

chaol : “AELIN! DORIAN! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Nesryn, wonderful to see you dear. Bed EMPTY! No NOTES! Booze and clothes gone! You could have died! You could have been seen! Of course, I don’t blame you, Nesryn dear” furiously rubbing his temples. he’s so embarrassed that he knows these two. “killjoy!” “yOU’RE IN YOUR BRA” 3…2..1… “where is nesryn?”

nesryn : “y'all some white trash”™ “this is so embarrassing” “calm your white self down im laughing” “i have so many white frens™ bye” “cant one of you just be normal?” @11:59 “Y'all im out bye ha” 3…2…1 [cricket noises]. 

fenrys : fabulous fenrys™ aka magic mike 2.0. break it down. literally. he broke the table because he was dancing on it. taught elide how to twerk. “fenrys, stop it!” “my body too bootylicious for you, babe!” did belly dancing with aedion. 3…2…1 “WILDTHING!” falls and breaks table.

asterin : she’s been ignoring fenrys since the whole “ho ho ho” fiasco on christmas. this is no different. fenrys had no warning label and everyone let her walk right into a trap. drink™ more™ talk™ less™ 3…2…1… “i’m not picking him up”

lorcan : new phone, who dis? new year, who dis? lol i know none of you™ bye™ couldnt wait to get away™ see you never losers™ tried to make his great escape but elide caught him. was perfectly content with elide testing out her new twerking skills. on him, of course. 3…2…1 “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ELIDE”

elide : at about 11:55 a drunk fenrys had the perfect plan. he dragged elide into aelin and lysandra’s closets and dressed her up in glittering silver clothes, making her look like a ball. elide was the new year’s ball™ she looked amazing™ ball-tactic™ 3…2…1… “hIIII LORRCAAAN”. lorcan caught her of course. and gave a Hellas worthy snarl and glare to fenrys. 

connall : wearing sunglasses in doors. too cool™ for these people and their straightness™. his petty side is coMING OUt. just like he did. he came out the closet™. cuddling with his gay boyfriend, vaughan. sipping champagne. 3…2…1 [curls finger] “come here, vaughan-vaughan” slightly drunk™ 

vaughan : “I AM STILL PRAYING FOR YOU HEATHENS!” says the fae who is cuddling with his gay boy™friend. finally got a squirt bottle full of holy water. started spraying it on everyone, hissing “let the lord reign true, glory to god in the highest, you are amazing lord”. 3…2…1 [throws squirt bottle and kisses his gay™ boy™friend on the mouth™].

gavriel : “im seriously disowning all of you” dad™ daddy™ has had enough! so tired of these hoeligans. ate all the food. might be judging™ you. 3…2…1 “gavy gimme a kiss kiss” “go away aelin” “but uncle kitty caaaaat”

bonus, evangeline : honestly just happy she has a family to spend new years with. saw their true™ colors and loved them even more. full of giggles. blushed every time the twins smothered her faces, her scars, with kisses. 3…2…1. rowan gave her a sweet kiss on her cheek and evangeline frowned “when you get a little older” 


rhys : wearing those 2017 glasses where the glasses part is the 0. wearing a 2017 shirt. wearing tight black pants. did the conga line with himself, dragged azriel and cassian too. dirty danced with feyre. lied down on the bar and made cassian pour booze down his throat. 3…2…1 “feyre daarrrlinnngggg” idiot™ drunk™.

feyre : dancing with her sisters and mor. secretly thankful everyone is here to be able to do stupid stuff like that. just a bunch of smiling and laughing, and making sure rhys didn’t try to fly while drunk. wearing a crown bc boss™ 3…2…1 “hello, rhysand archeron” 

cassian : too cool™ for this™ … sIKE MOVE™ OUT THE WAY™ SUCKAS™ was a real smoothie. danced with everyone. ‘accidentally’ lost his shirt somehow. no one minds. them sinnamon rolls was looking real nice™ lick™ lick™ 3…2…1 “nes-” “no”

nesta : elegantly sipping a glass of wine. eating cheese and crackers. just plain classy. watching everyone else make fools of themselves. somehow got dragged into dancing once. knew how to bump™ and grind™ like no one was watching. 3…2…1 “nes-” “no” 

azriel : disappeared in his shadows on christmas day and he decided to come back. is like that guy in the gif where he comes back to a burning apartment, holding pizza. yea™. thats him. disappeared back into his shadows. 3…2..1… nope he gone™ 

mor : dRUNK™ kEE P T HE B o oZ e aWA Y fR Om mo R™ work it queen, work it. knows how to get a party started and keep it going. work mama work. got that tight dress on, i see™ you. 3….2….1..ended up making out with a wall, thinking it was azriel. 

lucien : no, no, no, no, did i mention…nO! “ugh fine, one dance elain, ONE DANCE” one dance turned into many dances. sure knows how too woo a woman via™ the flick of his hips™. 3…2…1 [longest yeah boi ever]

elain : had one sip of alcohol and somehow?? end?? up?? drunk??™ no one knows. almost lost her shirt, but lucien to the rescue. a lot of giggles and sweet dances with her mate. 3…2….1 “hAPPY NEW YE-” yeah boi™ 

amren : couples. couples everywhere. rolling her eyes but secretly™ happy for them. takes a shot every time someone does something stupid. somehow didn’t die™ of alcohol poisoning™ magic, true magic. 3…2…1. takes another shot

tamlin : …

#LetsGoBoys (Game Day)

On very rare and very special occasions, Eric R. Bittle will get live-tweety and photo-happy and particularly social media-y. Yesterday was one of those days.

“Seconds before Ransom’s face "got sniped” #RIP" Because Shitty played soccer for two years in middle school and is slightly delusional about his “mad juggling skills”. Everyone on the team has gotten their shit rocked by a soccer ball at least once.

Dex asked Jack why he wasn’t playing soccer and Jack said “Shitty always manages to hit me in the face before our first game. It’s happened for three years. Not this time.”

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Relationship: Taken
Favourite Colour: Pastel colors & white!
Pets: 4 cats, Yuki, Salem, Charli & Luna!
Wake Up To: 7 am (weekdays) & 9-10 am (weekends)
Cats or Dogs: CAAAAATS!!!
Coke or Pepsi: None, I don’t like soft drinks 
Day or Night: Day ^^
Text or Call: Text, it’s too hard for me to be on the phone;;;
Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick
Last Book I Read: Hare Kon (manga)
Last song I listened to: Don’t remember lol
Last Movie I Watched:  The General’s Daughter with my mom
Top 3 TV Shows: I only watch anime;; So… Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Chobits & Love Live!
Top 3 Characters: Eli Ayase, Chii, Ichigo Momomiya
Top 3 Ships: Eli x Nozomi, Tomoe x Nanami & Orihime x Ichigo

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Name: chloe
Nickname: panda, catty
Zodiac sign: cancer
Height: 5′5 ish
Orientation: bi
Nationality:  english
Favorite fruit: i guess grapes maybe?
Favorite season: winter because christmaaaas
Favorite book: i don’t really read :p
Favorite flower: i don’t really know anything about flowers so i’m gonna be boring and say rose
Favorite scent: my mum had a scented candle that smelled like marshmallows so i guess that since it was SO nice
Favorite color:  i have lots of faves, but i suppose teal is my #1
Favorite animal: cats and bears
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: hot chocolate
Average hours of sleep:  varies between 7-9 usually
Cat or dog: caaaaats.
Favorite fictional character: oh god don’t do this to me. i’m gonna go for chloe price
Number of blankets you sleep with: one duvet with a red blanket folded on top
Dream trip: finland for the bae
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Number of followers: 3,179

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Steven Universe Rose’s Rebellion Theory. Looking At Episode 1

Originally posted by krulemoon

Cookie Cats, the first thing we see other then beach city and the donuts shop. Now, I’ve seen the first episode quite a few times but I only now decided to pull my thoughts in from outside the box as I looked closer into this episode. Because, I think there is way more to this episode then meets the eye. I think the first episode tells the story about Rose’s Rebellion. Now how can the first episode of a kid summoning a shield through ice cream be any kind of foreshadowing to war. Well, here it is. As I’m sure you guys are aware of the theory that Cookie Cat’s being replaced by Lion Lickers represents Greg’s cat turning into Lion. And I do support this. But can’t things have two different meanings. I think The Donuts Shop, as far fetched as this sounds, represents The Kindergarten. And Cookie Cat’s being replaced by Lion Lickers could represent the gems growing there at the start being replaced with soldier gems such as Jasper or Amethyst. Or perhaps Cookie Cat’s are humans being replaced by gems. 

Originally posted by katenastudios

Now why would they be replaced? Simple, it’s because of Pink Diamond. See, I believe there was a war going on on Earth or around the time it was being invaded that happened before Rose ever started the Rebellion. I say this because reflecting back on the sky temple it had the symbol of all four diamonds. I think soldier gems were needed in this war against Pink Diamonds or perhaps with her and that’s why they were all specifically being grown here on Earth. And I think Steven’s home in this episode actually represent’s Earth. Steven arriving in on a war zone as the Crystal Gems fight off the Centipeedles. Just as I believe Rose arrived to a war when she came to Earth some time later. 

Originally posted by kathon

Centipeedle as we know is a green gem, and the three diamonds; White, Blue, and Yellow. They have been used all together with the color green to symbolize the three. The Centipeedle’s with acid abilities destroy the floor board’s of Steven’s house. And although he doesn’t join in at the fighting the Crystal Gems do so. Which I think symbolizes Rose seeing the war going on and the destruction that the Diamonds are doing to earth. Now this is when a Centipeedle monster opens the fridge, exposing a freezer full of Cookie Cats. Cookie Cat’s I believe represent the refugees of the battle, or those in need of help, those that perhaps were being threatened by the diamonds. This I believe symbolizes Rose’s future army, her reason to rebel. And as we know Rose loved humans, so it’s possible, Cookie Cat’s symbolize…us.

Originally posted by island-delver-go

Now Steven sings a song as he eat’s one of his Cookie Cat’s. 

Oohhhhh! He’s a frozen treat with an all new taste! ‘cause he came to this planet from outer space! A refugee of an interstellar war! But now he’s at your local grocery store! Cookie Cat! He’s a pet for your tummy! Cookie Cat! He’s super duper yummy! Cookie Cat! He left his family behind! Cookie Caaaaat! Now available at Gurgens off Route 109!

Originally posted by gem-clusters

Now this song has been said to symbolize the gem war. And I believe like so many others that the Cookie cat in the song represent’s Rose Quartz. I mean just look at that red circle at it’s stomach looking a lot like her gem as well as it’s location. She’s a refugee from the war with Pink Diamond, who left homeworld behind. But maybe just not at first. 

Originally posted by charlesoberonn

Now, the Crystal Gems try to teach Steven how to summon his shield. Pearl does so in front of a tree, Amethyst by the donuts shop, and Garnet at the top of the temple. Now I don’t really have an idea of what the location for Garnet and Pearl means. I think maybe these locations symbolize where each of the Crystal Gem’s possibly rebelled. The only one I know for sure being Amethyst’s location. If you look back at as I said earlier, lion lickers being solider gems and the donuts shop being the kindergarten. it would make sense for Amethyst to be there, as being born there after the war, she was born to be on the rebellion’s side. 

Originally posted by mediocre-clarinet-player

Anyway it’s later on when Steven actually summon’s his shield. I think this symbolizes Rose finally stepping up and actually rebelling. And it’s after Steven’s shield destroys his t.v that Centipeetle, the mother, finally shows up. Which possibly is the Diamonds in their attack. And it’s a heavy attack that had the Crystal Gem’s on one side and Steven on the other. Now Steven try as he might he can’t really summon his shield again now can he. He brings out the Cookie Cat’s and uses them to try and fight the Centipeetle Mother eating them all in the process. It’s only when he finally uses one last attempt at throwing the electric fridge at her does it work. And Centipeetle poofs in a huge flash of green light. Similar to the light we see when the Diamonds fled Earth.

Originally posted by bucketofsunflowers

 And then there it is. The end of the episode. Steven bury’s and mourns the Cookie Cat’s with the Crystal Gem’s he managed to save. As Rose mourned those she lost in the war with her closest friends whom she managed to save. Now, as we know Rose did do some bad things in war. The less people knew about her was the better. But well, this is all I could find out about this episode. I hope the theory or more so just pointing stuff out, makes sense. 

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“Oops, did I do that?.. Oh well.” with Supercat of course 😉Thanks in advance.

This was partially/loosely inspired by a story a friend told me about real life events.  Embellished, of course ;-)

Garden Party

Cat stood next to the drooping azaleas and sipped her iced tea; ‘unsweetened, thank you.’  The push and pull of National City’s elite mothers milled about in a cloud of one-upsmanship and helicopter parenting all while pretending they were the most successful whatevers at whatever they did.  Feeling haughty and bored all at the same time was a dangerous combo for Cat Grant.  It usually landed her in the gossip columns for making an ingenue cry or causing some old has-been to take a swing at her.  

Today was no different.  One particularly braggadocious seven-year-old was tearing through her own party bragging that ‘Aunt Rosaline gave me a diamond necklace for my birthday, why didn’t you get one?

This, of course, set off a chain reaction of spoiled brats complaining that they didn’t get diamonds for their birthdays and many promises of said gifts to come.

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59 supercat

“How do you work like this?” Kara groans, stealing Cat’s pillow and pulling it over her face. “You’ve had more hangovers than I’ve had near misses with aliens, and you still run a company.”

“Amateurs,” Cat sighs. “You’re the one who wanted to find out the fuss about champagne while your powers were blown.”

“They’re never coming back,” Kara wails softly. “I can feel my cells dying.”

“Drama queen.” Cat has the decency to look briefly ashamed of throwing that term around when Kara peeks out from under the pillow. “You need bacon, Advil, and about three pints of water. To start with.”

“Caaaaat,” Kara whines. “Do the humane thing. Just smother me.”

“With what?” Cat asks, wicked glint in her eye. “You know, a really long shower also helps. I could supervise you. For your own safety.”

“Always the boss, huh?” Kara teases. As she sits up, Cat hands her painkillers and a bottle of water. “Isn’t that my job?”

“I felt like mixing things up a little,” Cat replies with a little shrug. The naked planes of her shoulders entice Kara to reach out and touch, even as she’s gulping down the chilled water gratefully. Cat shivers happily under the caress. “Come on, Danvers. To the shower with you.”

“I’m never drinking again,” Kara groans, but she complies.

“Well if I kickstart your adrenaline, you’ll be just fine,” Cat says, winking at her. “So get moving.”


Stephen Universe:  COOKIE CAT FRAPPE

(vanilla ice cream, Cool Whip, grenadine, gingersnaps)

Crush five gingersnaps into crumbs!
Put half in a glass, then the ice cream comes–
Half’s a cup vanilla with a teaspoon cool whip mix!
Half’s a cup vanilla with a teaspoon cherry fix!

Cookie cat!
Spoon the white goop in!
Cookie cat!
Then the pink goop joins its friend!
Cookie cat!
Remaining crumbs should form a cap!
Cookie cat!
That’s how you make his frappe!
Cookie caaaaat!

Now available in your glass.