Rozavaya Bralette & Not Another Pair of Panties

  • bralette found in tops, panties found in bottoms
  • 12 colours: bralette is a recolour of @citrontart‘s mesh in my own duckling palette, panties are my own
  • custom thumbnails for both items
  • both items are disabled for random and alien
  • required: bralette original mesh by @citrontart

bralette DOWNLOAD // MESH

panties DOWNLOAD

“ A wise man once told me, “family don’t end with blood,boy” but it doesn’t start there, either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them. Family’s there through the good, bad … all of it. They got your back … even when it hurts. That’s family.“

This video made me cry
Credit to the talented Ivana @nowngen on Twitter X
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the three adhd moods
  • can’t do it because im bored and nothing is interesting
  • can’t do it because im overwhelmed and im one slightly dissapointed glance away from crying for the next week
  • can’t do it because this one thing has had my full entire attention for the past three days and i think ive gotten two hours of sleep in that time and my blood has been replaced with coffee

So I’ve been thinking about D&D character alignments a lot lately, and there’s something interesting that people don’t think about. Usually when they think about their alignment, they think about what actions they take. That doesn’t dictate your alignment.

It’s your motivations. Your alignment is the how and why of what you do.

  • Good alignments: you do what you do for the good of society.
  • Neutral alignments: you do not care about society nor yourself, or equate yourself and loved one with the rest of society. as long as whatever happens does not negatively affect the people you care about, it is not your concern.
  • Evil alignments: you do what you do to meet your own goals, and they are selfish goals. you do not care if people get hurt along the way.
  • Lawful alignments: you do what you do by a code of conduct, whether it be the laws of the land, the laws of your god, or your own moral code
  • Neutral alignments: you do not care much for any strict code of conduct, but may follow one anyway, although not very rigidly.
  • Chaotic alignments: freedom is the most important thing to you. you do not care how you meet your goals, and you do not care what laws you may break.
It's National Puppy Day...

And our boys are experts at behaving like puppies/look cute with them too 🐶

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