[Mens Shorts 01]DOWNLOAD/MediaFire

original mesh is EA.remash and recolor by me.

*Known issues

sorry,body morphs of this shorts is imperfect.

particularly very muscle and very fat.


You can use it as you want.please enjoy it.


thank you for all CC creaters :)


you were in your room, belting out the lyrics to your favourite song. you had no idea Castiel was outside checking in on you, as was part of his job as a guardian angel.

he tilted his head, he had never heard a voice like yours. so he called sam, “Sam. i need you to look up a monster or demon or something that can bewitch men with their voice.”


“i think Y/N has singing powers. or something.”

“Y/N is a human. you’re her guardian angel. maybe you just like her.”

“Sam-” Castiel started to protest but Sam had already hung up.


Congratulations to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts on their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Members inducted are Joan Jett, Gary Ryan, Lee Crystal, and Ricky Byrd.

Joan Jett formed the Blackhearts in the early 1980s, after the breakup of the all-girl rock band the Runaways. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts have released many hits, including Crimson and Clover, Bad Reputation, Do You Wanna Touch, I Hate Myself For Loving You, and the classic anthem I Love Rock n Roll. 

On rock ‘n’ roll, Joan says:

It’s a feeling thing, it’s emotion. You don’t think about it. If you start thinking rock ‘n’ roll, you’re fucked. That’s when you’re homogenized. That’s when it’s boring. And that’s when it’s bullshit.” 

Joan Jett is currently touring the U.Swith the Blackhearts and The Who. 

I fear and think that Cas will definitely give up his grace for Dean in the finale. Its not gonna be good for any one involved. But as always Cas role will be very tragic. I fear for my angel. Because I know Sam and Cas will try their best. And as long as Cas lives there is always some hope for Dean. Just have a strong feeling that as foretold Cas will play a big role in regards to Deans mark. I have a feeling Cas grace will also play an important role.

[Mens Boots.]DOWNLOAD/MediaFire

original mesh is Get To Work’s boots.remesh and recolor by me.

this boots’s decorative version >>>here

You can use it as you want.please enjoy it.