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@maelinoe & @emberizidae

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@bennct & @astreay

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@katewisnlet & @aphrodihe

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@calliophies & @dreamrhysand

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@persrephone & @illuminosity

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@saintjoan & @astreria

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@euriipedes & @hckat

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@minrd & @neils-josten

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@historyy & @ibuzoo

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@histcries & @ophclia

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@asteriea & @leodavinciis

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@abrenathy & @henrywinte

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@clyternnestra & @hynpos

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anonymous asked:

what do you think of anorexia? i have it and everybody wants me to gain weight but i dont want to.

The thing with anorexia is you need to know whats going to happen if you continue to starve yourself. brittle nails, dry hair, dry skin. If you already know (im sure you do) then i think, you need to question why it is youre getting such bad anxiety from gaining weight.
There is a huge stigma against being overweight in my country, but im overweight and people still like me, i still get flirted with, the world continues to keep going on. People only want you to gain weight because theyre worried about your wellbeing, but only you can make the choice to heal.
People will love u no matter what weight u are, and u can gain weight in a healthy way ! You can eat good foods and fruits and vegetables as much as u want and not feel bad about it.
Idk how long youve had anorexia but the longer you starve yourself the more your body is going to absorb any nutrient it can and actually make it harder for you to lose weight and keep fat on you for as long as possible to stay alive.
No matter what i hope the best for u, im not a professional but i feel like! It is a form of self harm and i would talk to a professional if its interrupting. Your life. Take care of yourself !!! :^( and youre not alone with this ive met many ppl suffering from eating disorders who manage to get through it

Julius Caesar and That Whole Pirate Debacle

So everyone pretty much knows who Julius Caesar is because of the wildly popular fanfiction written by William Shakespeare. But the kicker is he was an actual person and did a lot more than just get betrayed by his friends and stabbed to death while wearing a set of curtains. Oh no. Julius Caesar was also……

A god damn crazy person.

“Et tu, Brute?”

The year is 80 BC and Julius Caesar is not yet the loveable dictator that we all have vaguely heard of and sort of know like, maybe one or two things about; but he is still pretty damn important. His family claimed to be descendants of the goddess Venus, if that tells you anything. And people believed them because WHY WOULD THEY LIE ABOUT THAT? Anyway, he had inherited his father’s position governing Asia and was named a high priest of Jupiter (the god, not the planet), which was a big fucking deal. But, due to the ridiculous politics of the day, Caesar was viewed as a threat because of his ties to the old political regime and so Lucius Cornelius Sulla, who came out on the winning side of a civil war that had been happening, told Julius Caesar to get fucked and stripped him of all of his titles and wealth and kind of wanted to strip him of his skin, too, but was talked out of it at the last minute; which is not super comforting if you’re Julius Caesar. So Jules decided to get the hell out of dodge until things calmed down a bit and left Rome to go to Asia and serve in the military. He did a lot of cool shit and everyone was super impressed and he got to add “bonafide war hero/badass” to his resume along with “possible homosexual consort of King Nicomedes” but no one really talks about that last part because historians are the biggest bunch of “no homo” douchebags on the planet. ANYWAY, finally, after a  handful of years, Sulla the douche drops dead and Jules is like, rad let’s go home.

Except he doesn’t go home.

Because he gets kidnapped by fucking pirates.

Because of course he does.

Julius, who can seemingly not catch a god damn break, gets captured by pirates when he is crossing the Aegean Sea. The pirates are stoked, naturally, and tell him that they are going to ransom him for 20 talents of silver and they think they got it made, high V’s all around (that’s a Roman numeral joke. You’re welcome). But Julius aint havin it and gets OFFENDED at the low ransom and tells the pirates that they need to ransom him for 50 talents of silver. That’s right, the dude raised his own god damn ransom because he knows his worth. So the pirates are a little confused but mostly they are like, uh… yeah, ok sure, and they send out the message for someone to round up the money.

Jules then spends thirty-eight fucking days treating these pirates like shit and acting like a crazy person while he is held captive. Example: he wrote poems and speeches and recited them aloud and if the pirates didn’t make a big enough deal about them he would go nuts and call them “illiterate savages” before, presumably, going to sulk in a corner somewhere. Like an adult.

Eventually, though, the money is paid and Julius gets off the ship and onto another, then uses that ship to capture all the god damn pirates; in, what can only be described as, the switcheroo of the century. He takes all the pirates to Asia and imprisons them for a time before crucifying every single last one of them. Though, to be fair, he did tell them several times while he was on board their ship that he would do exactly that, and I imagine as they all hung there on their crucifixes they wailed something along the lines of, “BUT WE THOUGHT YOU WERE KIDDINGGGG!”

So there you have it. Julius Caesar was a god damn sociopath that demanded his kidnappers ask more for his ransom and then forced them to endure his self-important speeches, laughed and joked with them for forty days, and then fucking killed them to death. And, in perhaps the finest example of karma being a bitch, he was later killed to death himself via a stunning plot twist. We’ll never know if he appreciated the irony as he lay there dying, but I like to think that he did.