Kinda Deh spoilers

I’d like to talk about the fact that even though you can’t really tell in the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack, in the play Jared is usually ignored or inturpted when he is talking to someone other than Evan. (Because you know Evan would never interrupt someone) And then in the second act Jared is talking to Evan saying he’s kinda busy but he might be able to do emails (or something like that) and Evan says that’s fine he doesn’t need any more emails. AND JARED IMMEDIATELY IS LIKE “OH WELL YA KNOW I WONT BE THAT BUSY. IM SURE I CAN HELP.” Only to be shot down again. And he just seems really sad. Like someone finally needed him and he was shot down. Who knows maybe that’s why Jared likes Evan so much. Maybe it’s because with Evan he feels needed.