Ok last endverse!Cas wasn’t so great and I still have Down to Agincourt feels, so here’s another.

All of Me

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 875

A/N: 1st Cas-iversary Celebration drabble request by @ire-art-blog – “I was thinking of a drabble it can be smutty or nah but a castiel x reader where the reader has tattoos or even kinda goth.” Did you read my mind? Cause I’ve had a wing tattoo idea fluttering about my skull (and inspiration pics cluttering my desktop) for weeks! It’s pure fluff.

Bending over the sink to spit minty toothpaste, you paused to observe the foamy green fluoride swirl about the marble basin and sink into oblivion. The agreeable calming color was a stark contrast to the alarming red currents of dried blood leftover from a messy hunt you’d rinsed from your battered and bruised body in the shower only minutes ago. Washing the unpleasant thought away, you splashed a few handfuls of refreshingly cool water to your pale cheeks. Momentarily blinded by the beading of water upon your eyelashes, you groped along the counter for a towel, finding and pressing the soft white cotton to your face and eyes and inhaling deeply of the crisp clean scent of detergent.

“Hello Y/N,” Castiel’s husky voice resonated off the shiny tiled walls of the bathroom.

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LOOKIT THIS BIG BABY…. ‘what are these? i dont like them!!! let me drink!!!’


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Et on remercie bien fort Benoit Hamon pour ce second tour Le Pen/Macron.

Ah non, ça non. Pas de hate sur mon blog.

Et surtout pas de hate pour Hamon qui a fait une belle campagne, malgré tout ce qu'il s'est pris. Il s'est fait lâcher de tous les côtés, parfois pour des raisons honorables, parfois pour des raisons franchement dégeulasses. Il était au mauvais endroit, au mauvais moment. Macron était au bon endroit, au bon moment. Donc c'est lui qui est passé. On ne va pas commencer à traiter Hamon comme le Taubira de 2017, à l'accuser pour la défaite de la gauche. Si la gauche a perdu, c'est possiblement parce qu'elle n'était plus en accord avec notre temps? Elle ne répondait pas à nos attentes? Tout comme la droite? La droite n'était pas divisée avec plusieurs candidats (juste hyper mal représentée et c'est dommage parce qu'il y a des personnes brillantes à droite mais si me lance là dedans je risque de me faire taper), ils ont quand même perdu.

Enfin, qui te dit que les 6-7% d'Hamonistes qui sont restés, jusqu'au bout, fidèles à leur candidat auraient voté Mélenchon si Hamon s'était désisté (parce qu'il me semble que c'est tout de même ce que tu insinues…)? Honnêtement, je pense qu'ils ont été courageux de ne pas choisir le vote utile, que ce soit Macron ou Mélenchon. Je crois aussi que la majeure partie d'entre eux est heureuse d'avoir pu voter Hamon, d'avoir eu un candidat qui les représentait et portait leurs idées en pleine crise de la représentation, avec une tentation d'abstention tellement et bien trop élevée. Mais demande-leur directement, je ne peux évidemment pas parler à leur place.

Les seules personnes qu'on peut blâmer pour un second tour MLP/Macron, ce sont toutes celles qui ont laissé les inégalités se creuser, la xénophobie et la violence prendre de l'ampleur - en France et dans le monde entier - et qui ont permis la prolifération des idées du FN. Ce sont ces personnes là qui nous volent aujourd'hui un choix véritablement démocratique pour le second tour. Pas Hamon. Et certainement pas ses électeurs.

Feelings - Castiel x Reader Request

Request: Hi there. While looking at your master list, I couldn’t help but notice there was no Cas. May I request one? flirty!Dean and CasxReader in which Cas is trying to figure out why the flirty (but innocent) relationship between Dean and Reader bothers him. 

A/N: Somehow this is over 1000 words I’m sorry omg 

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After a ton of requests to make a photo series about this much loved plane, here it is.

Photo series #6

BRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTT, this is the Fairchild Republic O/A-10 Thunderbolt II or as the commonly referred name “Warthog” or just “Hog”.

This twin engine, single seat, jet aircraft is one of the most (if not the most) sucessful CAS aircraft in the world. Although designed to be solely a CAS aircraft, it also fills the ground attack and foward air controller roles (when on foward air control role the A-10 becomes OA-10).

Introduced in March 1977, the A-10 was designed around it’s cannon, the GAU-8 Avenger, a seven barrel Gatling-type 30mm autocannon manufactured by General Electric. It was also built with durability in mind, the cockpit is armored with 540kg (1,200 pounds) of titanium to protect the pilot and the aircraft systems, it was also designed for short takeoffs and landings combined with it’s easy and low cost maintenance the Warthog can be deploy from improvised airfields close to the front lines or from highways adapted to be makeshift runways such as the ones in Germany.

The A-10 has flown in a number of combats such as the Gulf War in Op. Desert Storm, Afghanistan, Iraq, and against ISIS in the Middle East. During these combat it’s durability has been tested, one such event was during Operation Iraqi Freedom when Captain Kim Campbell suffered heavy damage from flak fire resulting in damage to the engine and hydraulic system which required her to fly the Hog manually for an hour but managed to land safely.

One of the biggest battles the Warthog is fighting today is against the budget cuts and it’s replacement to the new fifth generation strike fighter, the F-35. So long it has managed to stay in service and some rumors say that the US Air Force is planning a big upgrade to keep it in service all the way to 2040s and one of these upgrades would include a engine swap removing the two General Electric TF34-GE-100A turbofans and changing it for new and more powerful engines.

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Dating Crowley Would Include:

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Author’s Note: I’m thinking of doing another version of this, expect the reader would be human. What do you all think? And possibly making this into an actual oneshot? Maybe? Also, I think this is the longest “dating x would include” that I’ve made so far, but I hope you all don’t mind. I also hope you all like this! Next week, I think I’ll put out the first installment of sister!reader x Jax Teller. I’m not gonna do a long series for that, probably three parts at the most.

  • First meeting him during his crossroad demon days
  • You want to make a deal with him for something
  • Crowley takes an interest in you since he popped up at the crossroads
  • Constantly keeping an eye on you during those ten years of the contract
  • He’s even there when the hellhounds come for you
  • In the shadows because he doesn’t want you to know
  • Crowley keeping track of you when your soul turns into a demon
  • And watches you become higher rank
  • When Crowley becomes King of Hell, you were one of his first supporters
  • Becoming then his right hand
  • Crowley always asking for you opinion on different subjects
  • You letting him know straight off you don’t like the Winchesters and Castiel
  • Crowley adding your boldness to the list of things he likes about you
  • Crowley just saying out loud (after a very stressful day in hell) how he feels about you
  • And much to Crowley’s surprise, you liked him back
  • Crowley keeping you safe when shit starts going down
  • Not introducing to the Winchesters and Castiel right away because they might try to hurt you
  • Knowing that Crowley is always watching you
  • But not really caring because you know how much he worries about you
  • Crowley giving you nicknames
  • Such as: kitten, darling, love, and even queen
  • The other demons start referring you as queen
  • Being bumped from the right hand to the Queen of Hell
  • Crowley waiting on you hand and foot
  • Helping Crowley take down Lucifer
  • Getting upset when The Winchesters just see Crowley as something instead of someone
  • Getting to meet Rowena
  • Getting to meet Gavin
  • Crowley not liking how close you and his mother have got
  • Rowena giving you some magic pointers
  • Going into the throne room when it’s just Crowley
  • And walking up to the throne
  • And just sitting in his lap
  • Legs thrown over the arm of the throne
  • Not being on friendly terms to the Winchesters and Castiel as Crowley is
  • But understanding how they can be of use sometimes
  • Crowley kissing you before he leaves hell
  • Crowley holding your hand in front of everyone
  • Crowley loving you as much as his demon heart will let him
  • And you doing the same