ca usa

If anyone is currently living in the USA and is 18-25 years old, PLEASE message/IM me ASAP!!

Help me graduate! My capstone class is conducting a survey and we still need about 40 responses! 

  • Should only take 5-10 minutes.
  • Questions aren’t too personal.
  • It’s about frozen foods haha.

You guys do not understand how grateful I’d be if you helped me out. However, in order to take this survey you also cannot be an advertising student or advertising professional. 

If you think you fit the criteria and are willing to help a fellow SPN Family member, please send me an ask or instant message me! (or at least reblog so that I can spread the word). Some people have already taken this survey, and if you have please ignore this post.


If you are currently living in / know somebody living in these states: Delaware, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota or Wyoming… PLEASE MESSAGE ME. We are desperate. I am desperate.

  • Side note: If you fill out the survey, live in any of the states I listed above and would like something in return, I will gladly make you icon(s), a graphic, or write a ficlet on request.

Thank you all in advance! Have some flowers.

Even if you are not in spn-fandom, please, join us. In these times we need to spread as much kindness as we can. Let’s show everyone that the world is full of kindness and love, not hate. Join us and reblog, please. This is so simple and so important.