ca crew


Hey y'all! Here’s my contribution to the fandom’s Shake it Off celebration. This started as a fanvid for Dean about how this song could symbolize a turning point for him regarding his self-worth and perspective and Cas, and it kind of morphed into a tribute to, well, everyone and the journey we’ve all been on with this show. Enjoy!

“You do realize that the regular bandages are cheaper and probably work better, right?” Ryan said, gesturing to the price tag on the simple white and red box.

Michael scoffed. “Fuck off.” With that, he dumped several boxes of colorful kid themed Band-Aids into his shopping basket and sauntered to the register.

Ryan refused to admit how he preferred having a Disney Band-Aid over the plain ones when he next got injured. Michael smugly passed him a Cinderella one. 


Inspired by a tag I saw on ao3 whilst looking for an ace!Cas destiel fic to read.

Because ace cas is my favourite kind of Cas.

And destiel.

Nice nice