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Shh (NSFW) (Drabble)

Summary: Castiel drops in your room by surprise. 
Pairing: Castiel x Winchester!Reader
Word Counting: 600 and something words
Warnings: Fingering, oral sex, smut, cussing, Drabble

This is part of the “Do it like Team Free Will” Challenge

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“Cas.” You whispered.

The angel looked down at you, his eyes drinking from your figure with a dark tone you’ve never seen before.

It was all an accident. Ever after years, Castiel was still one to pop in and out of places without warning and you knew it would start an embarrassing situation soon. Of course, it had to be with you out of all Winchesters.

You were lied on your bed, panties and t-shirt being the only pieces of fabric covering your body, and ready to take matters in hands. You were on the edge of arousal for hours, daydreaming about Castiel in the library of the bunker while researching for a case with your brothers and the said angel.

What you never imagined was that he would undress his coat and lay by your side the moment he saw you.


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What a bad daughter I am [that my father doesn’t want me as daughter]. - I think he is afraid of being a bad father. Give him time, yes? - More time?

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So I talked to my mom these days (she only watched Supernatural until season six) and she told me that she believes that Castiel, as an angel, loves Dean unconditionally. She sees him as a protector, really, and she understands that the love he has for Dean transcends even him, still as an angel. But she believes that with Castiel becoming human (because he chose that), Destiel is possible in the physical way. Do you agree with that? Sorry for any error, Google Tradutor here. ;a;


I agree that as much as anything can love anything, Cas loves Dean.

I also have this kind of weird thing where Castiel is the brainwashed, soldier Angel and Cas is his true, chosen self, the one who chose free will and rebelled, did all of it for Dean. A big turn off for me is in fan fiction where Cas likes to be called Castiel in bed or Dean calls him Castiel, for me it just a total no no, because that isn’t who he truly is, but then that might be because I put a lot of meaning into names.

I assume you’re meaning here that Cas as an Angel would not choose to be physical with Dean? That it is more platonic when he is an Angel?

I kind of agree up to a point. For me Cas truly realised what he felt towards Dean was love when he became human. I believe that from season 5 onwards he struggled and didn’t really understand what his feelings were for Dean, but he knew they were unusual for an Angel and so strong, he probably knew from Bible Camp and due to the sacred oath that love and physical intercourse with humans was forbidden, so some Angels must want to if there is this rule, but I think he didn’t truly know until season 9.

I mean, there’s a reason why Misha was told to act like a spurned lover in 9x06.

This is the face of someone who is seeing the person they love in a situation they are not happy with and where they feel rejected, small and vulnerable.

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Then we have him re-grace up, for Dean, to save Dean.

And since then Cas I believe has known how he feels, but we also know, canonically, that Angels’ emotions are repressed, whilst also knowing that Cas isn’t quite like other Angels and also has his grace diminished.

If this now, since season 9 and especially in season 12 is Cas with relatively repressed emotions, IMAGINE how strong that feeling of love towards Dean IS?!

I do believe that Cas is holding back from Dean not just because of the physical, forbidden aspect but because of all the emotional baggage both he and Dean have, and he may or may not quite know Dean’s feelings. But yes, I do believe that a part of it is the fact that he isn’t human.

Either way though this love is the epitome of pure and a physical relationship won’t change that.

Which is why I personally believe that Human!Cas and Destiel will be relatively interlinked. I also firmly believe that Human!Cas is a strong part of his own arc outside of Destiel, but in terms of timings I see them working out around the same time.

My priorities are as organized as Dean finding food more important than a passed-out woman slumped in his arms