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I don’t really have a question, more like I want your opinion on one of my meta/headcannons? So, Jack gloms onto Cas pretty fast. Unless Jack can determine good from evil from inside Kelly (another topic entirely), what attracts him to Cas? Even if Dagon wasn't nice to Kelly, at least she kept her safe (ish). So, my headcanon is that there is residual grace from lucifer in all of the vessels he inhabited, namely Cas and Sam. Like, he recognizes it as something of his father's. (1/2)

(2/2) I also choose to believe that Jack isn’t evil just because Lucifer is; Lucifer wasn’t born evil anyway. So, maybe Jack will be attracted to Sam, feel safe in his presence, in the same way, using his father’s chosen vessel as a placeholder for his actual father. What do you think attracted Jack to Cas? (I love your meta, keep up the awesome work! :D)

Wow, all the questions :D Well, here’s my opinion based on my understanding and reading of the whole show and Jack’s story so far.

1. Jack zoning in on Cas - it could be that it’s due to Lucifer’s grace but that kind of takes away from the point of it…because imo it’s to do with CAS.

Jack is a catalyst, an exposition for TFW.

He’s not going to suddenly be the focus of the show, he is there to tell us things about the guys we care about already. So imo he zones in on Cas because Cas is good and has good intentions. I mean even within these 2 episodes, the last and first scene we see of Cas with Dean is him caring and healing him.

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So yeah, Cas is trying to do the right thing (even if he is stupid for the right reasons, right? because that is Cas’ go - to, it’s what he’s always done, making some pretty crappy decisions based on doing the right thing, ultimately it all works out thanks to TFW in the end most of the time in the best way it can in SPN, leading to the next problem, but THIS time or at least, at the end…. Cas needs his OWN WIN based on doing things for the right reasons,  he needs his hero arc and personally I feel it’s likely to happen through Jack, especially if s14 or pushing it s15 is the last, but that’s just speculation, but really it doesn’t make sense otherwise, if they’re going to keep going Jack kinda has to end up bad or making something worse to keep the story going, but as it stands he is the perfect metaphor/catalyst to tie up all of TFW’s arcs and I love it, I’m so ready).

People had different pov’s on this at the time and as hiatus goes on and we learn more from where season 13 is going it seems many are coming around to the idea that Jack is a blank slate, that he showed Cas and Kelly a vision but that he did he isn’t doing it maliciously but is reaching out, that he probably doesn’t know right from wrong that well at this point, potentially he is like the good Angels were in s4 (epitomised by Cas) and thinks paradise is a good thing, that he’s helping, he doesn’t understand free will (he needs someone to teach him about free will, humanity, love… coincidence?).

( This is why we have this wild wild speculation that perhaps he could bring Cas back at first without his memories (so the “most important parts” are back, ofc, as we know thanks to the themes of this in 12x11, 12x20 and who are you as foreshadowing perhaps for this) because he wants to help Cas and doesn’t know this is wrong at this point, because he is still in this ‘paradise and peace is good’ mentality . He just wants to take away the pain, the regret, the self loathing due to his past mistakes that runs through him and has led him down this depressive arc. Then we can see who Cas really is, fun loving, sweet, confident and caring (much like Crazy!Cas imo) and he chooses to have his memories restored and we get a glorious “Dean!” revelation. Who the fuck knows, but I love this idea now @super-sootica laid it in my head and I built this freaking whole of s13 wild fanfic in my head :p )

Either way he’s brand new and acting on instinct and based on his surroundings (which is why I said that imo Jack would probably be ‘bad’ or make mistakes in the first part of s13, to mirror Sam’s arc but also because Dean would probably drive him off or make him turn angry/dark/whatever because while Sam is starting to get through to Jack Dean is so upset and angry he probably bursts into the room and starts yelling at Jack like “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO? YOU SON OF A BITCH YOU KILLED MY HUSBAND AND MY MOM!” and what did we get from SDCC? Exactly this *smugly and annoyingly pats self on the back and hopes this is actually true but has to wait and see*.

Dagon was AWFUL to Kelly, she was threatening Kelly all the time and wanted to CONTROL Jack, while also absolutely being a threat at the sandbox to them all, while Cas had smiled when touching Kelly’s stomach and Jack noticed this, making Kelly’s eyes flash in the motel - so for me Jack had noted Cas’ goodness before this point, in contrast to Dagon. The whole thing was set up for us to see Dagon as the dark parental figure mirror while Cas was the light mirror in all their interactions with Kelly being heavily mirrored. Eg. Cas getting Kelly the water, being hugely consensual and treating Kelly like her own person. Dagon is Lucifer’s stand in and Cas is Lucifer’s light mirror - so absolutely the two are supposed to be seen by Jack and by the audience more importantly, exposition ally through Jack and Kelly, as good v evil.

2. I am a huge believer in that we have no CONFIRMATION that Lucifer was ever originally evil, there’s a hint at it with the jealousy of humanity but then there’s Chuck literally saying he’s not the villain so… yeah. Jealousy does not make a person evil. Then we find out that it’s all because he just wanted his father’s love? Mirroring him to all of TFW? OK they did the story badly imo, making him whiney etc but that was the point of late s11-early s12 for Lucifer. 

Then there’s the mark that corrupted our loved and up on a fandom pedestal righteous man Dean within a year and Lucifer had it for Millenia. I mean Lucifer can be evil in the end and be killed (and it’s easer, narratively) but I think we need confirmation either way as my personal view as of right now is that Lucifer should be redeemed and/or reset as the mark did twist him beyond redemption as it stands now OR we need confirmation that he was always evil. But imo a story of redemption for Lucifer through Jack (ironically as he was his tool for evil, should be the one to redeem him and TFW through teaching Jack himself the righteous path, as our heroes) and someone else coming out of the woodwork as the actual big bad due to their own selfish, not forced upon them reasons, makes more sense. Again… SDCC hints at Michael? I’m super interested cos this fits my end of s12 theory exactly, but I didn’t think they’d necessarily do as it’s a bit convoluted but given that Dabb seems to be living in my brain… I’m intrigued.

Anyway, the idea that Jack is inherently evil is just so WRONG I can’t even…. there are 2 points, that Lucifer probably wasn’t even evil to start with and the WHOLE POINT OF THE SHOW which is that each individual can decide what they want to be and be their own person NOT based on their lineage and specifically fathers and blood. 


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If Jack decides to be evil, if he turns evil for his own reasons then FINE. It makes no sense to me unless they are going to keep going with the show for a good while longer (like s15+) or don’t know what to do with s14 (imo humans as the big bad makes most sense to finish up on to really subvert the start of the show and emphasis all the social and psychological themes of the show), but I can go along with it if that’s what is necessary production wise even if it doesn’t make a ton of sense narratively, because that’s the nature of shows like this that sometimes are never ending and sometimes get randomly cancelled like Angel halfway through telling a story so it just doesn’t make sense (e.g. Fred). But him being inherently evil is just so bleurgh and against the whole principles of the show, just, no.

3. I think absolutely Jack will be attracted to Sam in that they are mirrors of each other and they will have loads of interactions that will be all about Sam forgiving himself in what he sees in Jack, understanding that he sometimes had no control, no choice over what happened but also then when he did, helping Jack make good decisions instead of the bad ones he made (demon blood, Ruby etc) and thus in his own mind ‘making up’ for them and redeeming himself.

I keep banging on about it but “see one, do one, teach one” is my mantra with Jack. Through this all of TFW will get towards their endgames imo, through teaching Jack lessons that are particular to them (Cas humanity, belonging and self worth, Sam to defy Lucifer and self forgiveness, Dean to defy your father/heritage and self acceptance).

Sorry… I am passionate about Jack and kind of flail but all the stuff we have so far about s13 confirms my wild speculation so far so I’m trying to be calm and collected whilst also being super hyped and waving my arms in the air going “SEE?!!!”. I’m excited to see what we are right and wrong about, I’m sure there will be a ton of twists and turns and a few “wow, didn’t see that coming!” moments, but as for now I’m just super excited to see how they take this and relate it to TFW’s (imo) positive endgames :D


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Summary: Castiel and you are having an argument in enochian. When things heat up, you leave in anger. Cas goes after you…

Request: @anotsocoolguy : Hi I was wondering if you can do a thing where the reader is an angel is having a argument with Cas in enochian. Making the reader leave in anger and fluff next. Sorry if it’s allot P.S ❤ love your fics

Pairing/Characters: Castiel x Angel!Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Puriel (angel) 

Word Count: 1127

Warnings: angst, fluff, arguing in a different language, language

Key: So I don’t know Enochian and it’s never really been spoken aloud on the show so I’m gonna try and make it seem like they are speaking it lmao, but I did try and use an online translator for basic phrases… PROBABLY NOT ACCURATE cause it’s sort of a dead language lol. Another thing is that this one shot doesn’t pertain to any plot line in Supernatural. Made it up as I went, you could say. I love writing Castiel based fics so I hope I get more once I reopen requests which you can expect the middle to the end of August, somewhere in that timeframe :)

A/N: This is my first time using the “you” pronoun. LOL sorry if it’s bad. OH AND THIS GIF IS SO BEAUTIFUL !! Hope you enjoy! 

Enochian was a complicated language, but not for you and Castiel, being angels of course. Dean and Sam were clueless however which made the argument even more confusing. They looked back and forth between you two as you fought in Enochian which was pretty smart, considering how sensitive the information was. According to Angel Radio, Heaven was seeking angels that were on Earth at the time to fight in the next holy war. Castiel was chosen, but not you. You couldn’t care less, but that meant you’d have to stay and guard over Earth without him. Cas wanted to go, being very loyal to Heaven. Dean and Sam knew nothing of the matter. The library was filled with shouts and frustrated groans while the boys just tried to make it seem like they weren’t listening by ‘reading’ lore.

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why I hate Castiel

Hate is a strong word

And I don’t hate Cas 

I just extremely dislike him, current him 

I have zero problem with Cas from season 4-7 , I could see why Cas did what he did, I could see why he acted the ways he did. He was cool, cute and intresting.

But I feel everything about Cas, angels, and heaven it’s self lost intrest beacuse it was explored to its max. 

Cas became no power house anymore, just a regular angel. Heaven was explored, angels became just like demon after a while, strong to a point and easily dealt with. They lost their edge , what made them so epic.

God’s warriors 

Now they are God’s petty childern and brats who don’t know what to do and fight just like humans do. 

One moment I remember was the last moment I though Cas did a cool moment was when he Sam and Dean went to go rescue Kevin from Crowley.

Despite being in pain and no condition to fight, Cas powered up to show Crowley no matter what he was an angel  he was andndll force to be feared. 

That was it. I can’t remember another cool moment like that after that. 

After that is when Cas started to become more of an inconvenience,  or how it like to call him a “Plot device”. 

If Cas just didn’t give blind faith into metatron , an angel he never met , the angels  would have never fell. To be honest the angel gel gels falling didnt need to happen, but whatever. 

It also made angels look more less threating considering now they couldn’t fly or  teleport. 

And broken wings when powering up…not that intimidating,  just kinda sad to see. It looks painful. 

Back to Cas,  he lost what made his unique,  that he was an  angel, he had to slowly comprehend human emotions. He’s not a demon where he has a basic understanding  and what it feels like. 

His ignorance  to humanity made him more appealing, funny to watch him the environment. 

I gusse he had to come to a full understanding  one day I gusse.

But again, he’s been a plot device. 

He worked with Crowley 

He let the levithans  out

He he’s the reason angels fell

He’s the reason Lucifer got out of the cage 

He’s the reason Kelly had Jack 

If Cas hadn’t  done certain things, alot of this wouldn’t have happened.

Another reason why I don’t  like Cas is his popularity,  to point he has become the driving force of this show. 

Which also leads me to beleive  why he has become this plot device.

If Cas was acutally  permanently killed off the series, I’d have no doubt rating would drop, and the fandom would be livid as all hell.

He’s also considered a Main Character,  which he is, now and fully.

Beacuse  of this, it makes it unfair to other characters. Who deserve  a bit more attetion.



Like Castiel,  Crowley has become a fan favorite and has been in Supernatural  one one year LESS than Casteil.

Beacuse of the reaction Cas gets from the audeince  , Cas’s action within the plot and vastly overshadow  anything any other character dose in the epsiode.

The classic, “Where’s  the angel” for any epauode that dosent have Cas in it.

But from the overshadowing of Action, like his Death in season 12 (chill he’s back in 13) overshadows  Crowley’s death completely expect to those who like Crowley,  and making Crowley’s  death seasoned like just that another death, and his “sacrifice” isn’t even given enough proper time to set in before Cas pops in.


A small emotional bye by crowley, dies

2 secs later 

Cas pops in 

Says nothing 

Cas pops out 1 sec later 


Stabbed and dies 

No emotional, no nothing 

Just dies 

But let me tell you all the tears that probally  fell for Cas when literally it was a pathetic  excuse for shock value and a way to die. 

What’s the point of killing him of you are gonna bring him back, you can’t let the face of the fandom die.

Need that money.

Cas’s death was just for a reaction and really did nothing for the plot at all. 

Either don’t kill him at all, or kill him forever. 

Like Crowley during the whole season 12, I felt like I barley recognized  the characters.

That gose for Cas , which besides Crowley just seemed to be acting so OOC

So yup my thoughts on Castiel.

To be clear, I like old Cas, I do not like new Cas at all.