“I don’t think I can do this.”

Dean stops dead in his tracks outside the library and listens through the half-open door. His half-formed idea of finding Cas to ask him for dinner suggestions (the rest of the group can deal with whatever the newly former-angel wants to eat) evaporates at the sound of Cas’s voice.

He knows that eavesdroppers rarely hear well of themselves, but Cas has been acting distant for two weeks now and Dean has had it. If listening in on a private conversation between Cas and whoever else will help Dean get Cas back to the too-close, intensely staring bastard he usually is, Dean’s more than willing.

“Of course you can.” That’s Charlie’s voice, chipper and encouraging.

“Just pretend, ok?” Sam says supportively. “It’ll be good practice.”

‘Practice for what’, Dean has no idea. He hears Cas sigh, resigned, and his curiosity ratchets up another notch.

“It won’t help,” Cas says. He pauses. “I shouldn’t-”

“You should,” Charlie interjects immediately, like this is the beginning of a very old argument. “Good things will happen, I promise.”

“Yeah,” Sam says, and Dean can almost picture the encouraging nod that goes along with the word. “Look, I know Dean better than anyone, and I’m absolutely sure he’d want to know.”

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Punk!Cas + Jock!Dean // 1.4K

“What’s going on between you and Castiel?” Jo snapped her fingers in front of Dean’s face when he didn’t answer right away.

“What?” He looked at her, silently hoping she didn’t catch him.

“You and Castiel. You two have been keeping this staring contest since you got here today.” Crap, she noticed.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about.” Dean shrugged and pulled his backpack higher on his shoulder.

“Yeah, sure. Have fun going home early.” Jo rolled her eyes and left Dean alone, since his last period of the day was also a free one.

Dean barely acknowledged her walking away and let his mind wander back to Saturday night. He didn’t expect to even see Castiel at the party Lisa Braeden was throwing, much less to end up being drawn to him until they were both panting into each other’s space.

He knew for a fact neither of them were drunk enough to blame it on the alcohol and they definitely enjoyed each other if Dean’s gasps and Castiel’s groans were anything to go by. Dean just couldn’t put aside the feeling that something had changed between them; they had never been friends, both belonging to two extremely different social circles, but they were partners in Chemistry and it seemed like they both had a never ending supply of flirtatious comments to add to every conversation they had.

Dean wasn’t sure how he felt about Castiel. He remembered seeing him for the first time, though, with his blue eyes framed by black eyeliner, messy hair and tight clothes, with the addition of tattoos and piercings all over his body; he remembered being attracted to him on the spot.

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“Oh my god, are you drunk!” Sam asked as you tripped standing up.

“No!” You took another sip and burped. Then you giggled, looking at the boy’s surprised expressions. “Yes.”

“I have never seen her this drunk before.”

“Let’s go town amusement park -OH!” You slapped Sam’s arm excitedly, ignoring his exclamation of pain from the repeated slaps. “Let’s sneak into the zoo!”

“The animal zoo?” Cas questioned you curiously.

You thought about it for a second, not quite remembering the difference between yes and whatever the other word was. “Yes. I want to ride an sea lion!”

“Okay. Time for bed.” Dean declared.

“Cassstiel,” You slipped out of Dean’s grasp and fell onto Cas’s lap. You kept a keen grip on the bottle in your hand and immediately reaching for his face with your free one. “Your eyes are you blue and deep and beautiful. They’re like a blue ocean…imagine that. The ocean being blue and full of Cas eyes.”


im not saying cas looks best on his knees, looking up with those wide blue eyes, im just saying look at the evidence: the television show supernatural

Matchmaker, Matchmaker...

winchesterpuppy requested a Destiel fic where Cas confesses his feelings for Dean to the reader and swears her to secrecy. When Dean begins to flirt with the reader (who is taken by Sam), she realizes he is trying to make Cas jealous.

Word Count: 945

“Hello, Y/N,” Cas said quietly.

“Good morning, Cas. How are you feeling?” you asked. Your head was pounding and your mouth was uncomfortably dry, a result of the copious amounts of alcohol you’d had the night before.

“I’m feeling fine. I’m not really affected by alcohol,” he told you apologetically.

“Well, aren’t you lucky?” you grinned, reaching for a bottle of aspirin in the cabinet above the kitchen sink.

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Imagine: Getting embarrassed when Castiel asks about ‘The Birds and The Bees.’ [x]

     “What is the birds and the bees?” Castiel blurted out, making Dean and Sam almost spit out their tea.
     “What?” Sam said gaining some composure.
     “I have heard humans speak of these ‘Birds and the Bees’, but I do not know what they are,” Cas said using air quotes -that he recently discovered the purpose of- and tilting his head slightly.
      “Um… Well…” Dean began, “Why don’t you explain, (Y/N)?” Dean smirked as you gulped and your eyes widened.
      Cas looked to you, his sparkling, blue eyes boring into your own. You swallowed and tried to murmur, “Well, Cas, it’s basically just more polite way of saying what sex is to teenagers…” Your voice trailed off.
     “I’m sure (Y/N) would love to demonstrate,” Dean said under his breath while smirking.
     “Is that true?” Cas said blushing slightly.

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