Working hard for his promotion, Dean Winchester has no time to find the perfect romantic partner. But he’s tired of returning to an empty apartment and not having anyone to love and adore (and being loved and adored in return of course).

So he hires some angelic help from the Cupid Agency. Surely some fluffy cherub can find him the love of his life (especially considering how much he pays them).

Dean’s not going to be disappointed~

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Cas, what Hogwarts house are you in?

Hogwarts house. I know this reference after Metatron pop cultured my brain, but I may have to ask Sam what he thinks about it. I’ll be right back.

Back. Sam seems to be of the opinion that I would be in Hufflepuff. He told me I was brave like a Gryffindor but that I don’t balk from hard work and I highly value my friendships like a Hufflepuff. I told him how much I appreciate his input and he laughed and told me what a Hufflepuff thing that was to say. -Castiel

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Hi Cas! What do you think is the strangest thing about Valentine's Day?

The strangest thing? Hm. I think the custom of giving loved ones flowers is odd. I understand the theory; giving someone something beautiful. It just seems strange that we should give someone something that is inevitably going to die in a few days’ time when you could simply take them outside to a garden instead. Maybe it’s too cold in February to do that. Maybe I’m overthinking this. -Castiel

Yes, You Are Not Alone, but… they took this picture on set… and I can’t help but point out that it looks like Crowley’s back in his suit and not in the ugly shirt Lucifer stuck him in, on a leash in a kennel…

And they appear to be in a church of some sort? I am assuming this is pertinent to 11.17, which is filming now, and i’m curious as to what this means for Cas(ifer) if Crowley’s on the loose and back in his fancy suit.