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I’m so not sorry for this, these are my favorite Cas gifs why don’t you guys and whoever wants to reblog with their favorite Castiel gifs!! ‘

Perfect Christmas

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Pairing: Cas x reader

Warnings: Angels does not sleep, being woken at the crack of dawn… not even dawn, grumpy reader, excited Cas (not sure if that is a warning or not)    

Wordcount: 2000ish

A/N: This is the first one shot for “Kari’s Fluffy Christmas” and it is also written for @bkwrm523’s 30 prompt’s challenge. I promised her I would write Cas and that it wouldn’t be angsty. This was about as fluffy as I could go without my teeth rotting away ;) Sorry no smut Sara. I will have to write you some Cas smut sometime in 2017.

The fic had to start with the Prompt which was: “I’m not obligated to be nice at three in the morning!” And let me tell you starting on dialogue is not easy dude!

Thanks to my amazing, sweet and sassy lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this for me. I love you boo <3

“I’m not obligated to be nice at three in the morning!” You hissed when Cas pointed your foul mood out to you.

You had been hunting all weekend and your Christmas had been ruined. You hadn’t had time to do any Christmas shopping for your angel or the Winchester brothers. The Bunker hadn’t been decorated the way you had wanted it too, nor had you had the option to make them the Christmas dinner you wanted.

You had wanted this year to be special. The Bunker was your home and Christmas was the perfect time to really make it feel that way. More importantly you had each other. You were a family and to you that was what Christmas was all about.

Your boyfriend weren’t human or even remotely ordinary, but you didn’t care about that. You didn’t care that your brothers weren’t your brothers by blood. The two Winchesters and the angel were your family and they were all you were ever going to need.   

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Cas would collect tsum tsums so he could leave one with every child he meets while hunting who’s been through trauma. He always keeps a few on hand in his trenchcoat pockets just in case. Cas knows the toy won’t magically make everything better for the child, but at least it can bring them some small comfort. He also murmurs an enochian blessing of protection into each small stuffed toy before giving them away.

anonymous asked:

i dont understand why ppl think that victor will die ?? yoi is a rly good anime but i reallly doubt the story would get that deep, at this point its just people craving for angst... i mean they didnt even let makkachin die, why would they kill victor ?? so yeah maybe he has a Tragic Backstory, but thats it

Don’t worry y’all, it’s theories by fans. Victor is very much alive lol

Same anon x) The probability of this scenario is pretty much zero imo. Let’s just enjoy the anime and be excited for a new episode of YOI soon ヾ(。・ω・)シ

In prep for the new episode soon we will not be answering anymore asks regarding this topic. Thanks y’all!

This is just recolor of great work from @madlensims and you will need the original mesh from here.

- 45 swatches
- with shine
- everyday, formal, party
- teen to elder
- stand alone set

Hope you’ll like it. Enjoy!


Duty before pleasure

“I’ve been inside you. I know what a weak, duty-bound, pleasureless dullard you are.”

Like many of you, this line has been lingering in my mind since the episode. ‘Dullard’ didn’t really bug me, though - that’s just Lucifer being Lucifer. I kept specifically focusing on “duty-bound” and “pleasureless,” because it just sounded familiar… specifically in that order.

I don’t know why it took so long to hit me. (It finally did hit me while enjoying some wine in a bath earlier tonight, after several days of some pretty hard days at work. This is only tangentially relevant. It’s also funny to me because I only started doing the whole “wine and bath” thing about a month ago. Late bloomer.)

“Duty before pleasure” is an old idiom that has a ton of different forms in dozens of languages. The one we probably hear the most in the English language is “business before pleasure” or “work before pleasure,” but they all come down to the same thing:

Finish your work before you have fun.

This got me to thinking that Lucifer, while often an ass, is often right. He’s got this messed up, awful version of the truth that’s only from his twisted point of view, but that’s what he does – he rips band-aids off and pours salt in the wounds (although on a much grander scale because he is literally THE DEVIL). And when it comes to Cas, yeah - he’s kind of right.

Cas has been bound by duty for as long as we’ve known him, and we’ve never seen him go out and do something that would actually bring him joy. (The closest we probably got was “crazy Cas” and his bee-ventures in S7, but I’m not even sure if that was truly bringing him joy or if that was just one long mushroom trip for him.) We might have occasionally seen him smile, or happy, but it’s never really been something he’s sought out. He always has a job to do first.

  • In S4, he had a duty to heaven.
  • In S5, he had a duty to stop the apocalypse which he helped bring about due to his duty to heaven.
  • In S6, he had a duty to stop the civil war in heaven, which was brought about by the apocalypse-that-wasn’t, which he helped stop.
  • In S7, he had a duty to help stop the Leviathans, which he helped bring about in his efforts to stop the civil war in heaven.
  • In S8, he had a  duty to repair the damage he had caused on heaven and earth in his efforts to stop the civil war in heaven.  
  • In S9, he had a duty to help get his brothers and sisters back home after they fell as a result of his efforts to repair the damage he had caused to heaven.
  • In S10, it… gets a little widespread, but nonetheless: he had a duty to hunt his ‘rogue’ brothers and sisters down. In the process of hunting the rogue angels, one of his sisters opened his eyes to the damage they cause by taking human vessels, and he then had a duty to his vessel’s family, making sure they were okay and cared for. While he was trying to ensure they were okay, Dean, influenced by the Mark of Cain, made the situation worse, and Cas’s focus shifted 100% to saving Dean from himself.
  • In S11, he had a duty to help stop the Darkness, which he helped bring about in his efforts to save Dean.
  • In S12, his duty is now to stop Lucifer, whom he helped bring about in his effort to stop the Darkness.  

With Cas, there is always something. He always feels responsible for something. But at the same time, he is taking that responsibility as a “duty” because he feels personally responsible for nearly everything he’s attempted to fix.

So here’s my question: can Cas fix the Lucifer problem with a consequence-free solution?  Or is there going to continue to be a next thing, and another next thing, and another?

Or when Cas has succeeded in putting Lucifer away (however that winds up happening), will he finally get to have some fun?

Duty before pleasure.

Or - my greatest wish - could this actually just be a wonderful line of foreshadowing?

Castiel the Elf

Title: Castiel the Elf

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 727

Warnings: Elf Spoilers? Fluff

Prompt: Elf

Summary: Cas pops in on the reader who is watching Elf

A/N: Day 6 of 25 Days of Christmas. If you couldn’t tell, writing Cas isn’t something I’m super comfortable with right now. Feedback is much appreciated! 

x x x

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Sam and Dean were away on a hunt, leaving you behind in the bunker. A simple salt and burn, they told you and you had to agree. Of course, you argued and argued until you were blue in the face, trying to convince them to let you join them. Both of them agreed it was for the best if you stayed behind and sat this one out, giving your ankle enough time to heal from the last hunt. You were pissed. You hated being left behind to worry, but deep down you knew their request was reasonable. It didn’t stop you from limping your way back to your bedroom.

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