AU where Sam and Dean are raised by Bobby, and Cas is the son of a dead hunter who gets pulled into the family.

Bobby giving him his ‘Cas’ nickname, showing him what it’s like to have a father who actually gives a damn.

Sam taking the concept of another older brother like a fish to water, researching hunts with Cas and working with him to keep the group safe.

Dean showing Cas not only what it’s like to have a best friend, but what it’s like to be part of a real family.

Preference: Wearing Their Shirts


Sam let you borrow one of his extra t-shirts on a hunt when you forgot to pack one. He claimed it would be a little big on you with a smile playing on his lips. You didn’t notice though, you were to busy looking at the material in your hand. Your cheeks were warm and sure to have a pink tinge on them as you quickly made you way to the bathroom. When you emerged wearing Sam’s shirt and your pyjama pants, Sam smiled widely. He loved the way you looked in his shirt, it was more attractive than he ever imagined. You were beautiful to him, even when you wore no make up and had your hair in a messy bun. He wasn’t going to ask you for that shirt back and pray that you wore it again in front of him.



You always stole one of Dean’s flannels when he went away on a hunt for a few days. You were left behind to recover and you figured you’d help out by doing the boys laundry. When you had finished up with Sam’s, you went into Dean’s room. Your eyes couldn’t help but wander to the flannel laying at the bottom of his bed. He had worn that the pervious day, and you were certain it still smelled like him. You wanted to be one hundred percent sure so you picked it up and put it on, drowning in the material. It smelled just like the man you have grown to love. You spent day in his shirt, finishing up all the chores. You swore that you would return it before he got home but when he walked into the kitchen with his arms crossed, his eyes roaming your body, you knew there was no way out of this. You were caught red handed.

  “Is that my shirt?” he asks, a small smirk playing on his lips.

  You nod your head, a blush spreading across your cheeks. 

  “Keep it, it looks better on you than it does me.”



Cas is always concerned about your wellbeing. So when it starts raining on a hunt and your stuck in a t-shirt to keep you warm, Cas offered you his trench coat. You didn’t want to take it from him, it was part of what made him, him. He shook his head, not having your protests. He shrugged out of his jacket and placed it around your shoulders. You smiled softly, placing your arms through the sleeves, relishing in the warmth that radiated on your body. Part of it was from the jacket itself, but most of it was from his body. You held the material close to your body. It smelled just like Cas, an indescribable scent that you instantly recognized as him. He looked at you and smiled, knowing that you were warm now because of him.

x x x

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Cas driving out to a secluded sea cliff on an overcast day. Standing at the very edge, he looks out at the vast expanse of gray ocean laid out before him. The waves crash steadily against the rocks below—in and out, in and out—the thundering rhythm syncing with the beat of the heart that is solely his own now. His trenchcoat whips around him as the cold sea wind whistles past; it lashes out at exposed skin and snatches at his hair. 

It feels like flying. 

Plain and Tall

Plain and Tall by destielpasta and mtothedestiel
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 69,900
Summary: Dean is a Kansas farmer who only wants to work his land and care for his infant daughter. With his wife gone and his brother moving on to a life beyond the homestead, Dean finds himself in need of another pair of hands. Castiel, a lonely drifter freshly arrived in town, may prove the solution to Dean’s troubles. Over the course of four seasons, the two men face the everyday challenges of prairie life, and learn to overcome the betrayals of their past to discover a new definition of family.

I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie and so much of this wonderful fic brought those memories forward. But the authors did more than just set their story in a similar place. They created an authentic and touching vision of life on the prairie. The hardship and struggles, the simple victories, and the deep sense of community. Cas is a newcomer, leaving his past behind and struggling to find his place in the wide open spaces of Kansas. As a Catholic immigrant from the East, he is clearly an outsider. Yet the people of this small town take him under their wing, eventually directing him towards Dean. 

Dean is struggling with Lydia’s abandonment, but there is still so much room in his heart. The story progresses with the seasons, with even the words on the page reflecting the fury of a late season storm, the quiet of a bundled winter and the rebirth of spring. This story of Dean, Cas and the relationship they build was beautifully written, and touchingly told. 

A DCBB 2016 fic

Fanworks inspired by this fanfic at destielfanworks (other fanworks by title

Cas and dean talking like old times!!! So sweet cas is investigating where Sam could be and Dean nervous because he doesn’t know how to talk to his mom 😭

It’s heartwarming how dean asked cas for advice and just told him how he truly feels about his mom. And cas the ever pragmatic honey bee just told him not to be so dramatic and make things complicated 😂


CASUAL GIRL - new colors (PANTS)

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