• Custom Thumbnails
  • 10 Poses + All in One
  • You will need Andrews Pose Player for in game poses to work
  • Overrides Cas trait > Art Lover
  • Please be a dear and follow TOU
  • Model: Giselle
    IMVU Inspired

    Click the video below to see a preview of the poses in game and how to use the statue with my poses! Go on don’t be shy…



Sims 4 Studio Team
To all the creators cc I used, Thank you very much!
HAIR @stealthic
TOP @trillyke
PANTS @birba32

Thank you for downloading.
Happy Simming! :)


Back to my old lookbook style. Which one do you like better?

Hat: Toksik
Hair: Hallowsims
Top: Sims4-marigold
Overall: Simpliciaty
Socks: Sims4-marigold
Shoes: Sims4-marigold
Glasses: Slyd
Septum: Darkosims3

Thanks to all the cc creators!

You’d think rucas shippers would be all over zaya because it fits with rucas and smarkle but honestly I’ve seen mostly lucaya shippers liking it. and that’s because while they like it for ‘fitting in with their ships’, we like it because it MAKES MAYA HAPPY. rucas shippers can’t accept other ships that make riley happy because they think it’s only lucas… like so many hate riarkle and I’m like ???? don’t you just want riley to be happy???

Supernatural Characters - Short Descriptions.
  • Dean Winchester - Nobody hates him more than him.
  • Sam Winchester - the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  • John Winchester - 'well I love you and all but I'm also going to risk your life, k?'
  • Gabriel - 'Heeeeeyyyyy Sammy'
  • Castiel - he's in love with humanity *wink wink*
  • Crowley - oh hay I'm the king of hell but also adorable ^-^
  • Adam - forgotten
Anon Suggested: “Omg! Cas and Mary broship! I need it!”

- Cas greeting Mary like and old friend and Dean and Sam being confused.
- Flasbacks to the time travel ep with Cas coming to Mary sick and weak and promising to watch over them, hence the delay in him returning and Mary’s line:

- Mary being Motherly to Cas and Cas being unsure.

- Cas confiding that “I have never had a mother…my father didn’t see me for a millennia. I don’t really know what parental love is supposed to be like. Or what is expected of me?”

- Mary being heart broken and cupping his cheek. “I don’t expect anything of you baby. You’ve done enough. You’re enough just as you are.”
- Cas with his crooked little smile and puppy eyes.

- Cas is surprised by all the love that he gets.

- There’s a time where Mary is in trouble and Cas throws himself in-between her and said danger and for some reason it hits Dean really hard in the chest.

- Cas is sick because of said collision with danger. Mary cooks him food and stays home with him in the days. Dean stays with him all night. Sam tries to force him to sleep.

- Dean compromising and sleeping next to Cas.

- Dean having a bad dream about losing Cas, kinda like Season 10. Sam comes in to find Cas trying to weakly shush him he pushes Cas back down to sleep and calms him quiet. Then falls asleep in the chair. When Mary comes in the next morning she kisses their foreheads or strokes their hair and whispers. “My brave boys.”

Posts: September 9th 

Tropes:  Witch/Familiar AU, Animal Transformation, Bed-sharing, Pining, Soul bond/Profound Bond, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff

Summary:  Dean is a Witch without a Familiar because, unlike everyone else, he’s never experienced the Call that brings Witches and Familiars together. But that’s fine, really. He doesn’t mind not being able to use his magic, and he definitely isn’t jealous of other Bonded pairs. Nope, not him. Which makes it all the more incredible when an Unbonded Familiar—a crow named Cas—smashes down on his windshield with a broken wing. Dean’s mother is able to heal Cas’s wing, but they’ve got a bigger problem: Cas’s Grace has been stolen, which prevented him from ever initiating a Call. He believes Dean is his Witch, so they embark on a journey to get his Grace back with the hopes that they can officially Bond as a true Witch/Familiar pair.

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