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Release Date : 2015-10-16
Casts : Cas Anvar, Rodrigo Fernandez- Stoll, Wendy Crewson, Matt Gordon, Ola Sturik, Zarrin Darnell-Martin, Chantelle Chung, Amanda Brugel, Brad Wietersen, Sandy McMaster, Megan Park, Jack Fulton, Joan Allen, William H. Macy, Jee-Yun Lee, Jacob Tremblay, Sean Bridgers, Joe Pingue, Tom McCamus, Kate Drummond, Justin Mader, Randal Edwards, Brie Larson, Rory O'Shea
Duration : 117 minutes runtime
Rating : 8.3

【150122 Hanryu Pia February Issue】JIN & JUNGKOOK

JUNGKOOK: Do you remember the time we first met? When the hoobae trainees were visiting the sunbae trainees to see how they practice, both of us were in the same group.

JIN: When I was observing (the sunbaes), Jungkook came in. At the time, I thought “this kid is cute, with his perfectly round, googly eyes.” But now it has turned out like this (laughs).

JUNGKOOK: What do you mean? (laughs) Before I came to Seoul, I haven’t seen many handsome guys, so when I saw Jin hyung, I thought “oh handsome people like this really exists in the world”. I was purely impressed.

JIN: (laughs with satisfaction) Speaking of the trainee days, we went out to eat a lot. I remember when we had singing lessons outside of the company, we used to eat after the lessons everyday and then we went back to the dormitory together. Always asked for different menus. It was fun.

JUNGKOOK: Here we go again, it’s about food (again).

JIN: (laughs bitterly)

JUNGKOOK: Ah, I want to go and have some singing lessons.


2 Be nice with Brice ~ Dakota, for you peeps. I guess the second drawing aint that much of a spoiler, i don’t remember which episode it was in but i think it was kinda a long time ago already


so that study piece i did at the top right–the dean one–has been going around?? and that’s super great because it’s something that i did like, 3 years ago, but i’m still so happy about.

i did all of these on the same site though! which is tegakie! it was a website where all of the entries and comments were hand drawn and written, and it’s where i learned how to paint digitally (although, due to the constraints of the site, it also helped me paint traditionally as well!) with a canvas of 640x480 pixels, 1 layer, 7 brush sizes, 11 opacity options, and 260 colors to choose from (but no eyedropper! we’d all been holding out on that,) i taught myself how to paint with it from the ages of 14-19.

the site has since been taken down due to the fact that it’d been on life support for the past few years, but if it hadn’t of been for it, i don’t think i would have pursued the arts ( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅

Reasons why I am mad about 11x13

1) They are forcing Dean and Amara into a relationship
2) The Dean/Amara relationship is abusive
3) Dean is beating himself up about pining for Amara
4) Sam used feminism as an insult which he would NEVER do
5) Amara hasn’t even been in Dean’s life for a year yet and Cas has been here for 7 years.


  • hmmmm…is this monster of the week ripping hearts out….or giving a very aggressive handshake. deadly poor depth perception wait wait kiss curse where people die???? 
  • dean if you gotta be weird with amara then I MEAN…… 
  • finally dean…..u did it….u won rock paper scissors….always believed in u….. 
  • someone should write a fic where instead of it being amara it’s cas and the thing says that it’s obvious or smth 
  • dean is totally manipulated dang even he knows–i do appreciate that sam was like “what did you think i would judge you???”

SO I WON’T LIE the PREVIEW for the next ep got me WAY MORE PUMPED than this whole ep kinda did so??? honestly right now i am in it to win it with casifer

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taehyung vlogger au?? where you watch his videos and suddenly meet him in real life. thank you, i love your blog!!!

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THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU TOO!! omg vlogger taehyung so cute???!?!?!?!?! @hyongtae, @unpretty-writer, @infireation, @jinhyong and @pyrocrastinate ily

Words: 2372

“Thank you for tuning in again this week! I’ll try my best to keep you updated with my trip. See you later, guys.” Taehyung placed his hand over the camera, and that’s when the vlog ended. You’d been watching his video’s nonstop for the past hour with nothing to do, despite seeing this week’s update at least 7 times.

It was just an accident, really. You had no intention of clicking the recommended video with “My Dog Ripped Apart My Underwear (Again…)” as the title. The thumbnail was just a young man smiling at a cute dog in his arms.

To put it simply, you were obsessed with him. All of his video’s were just his life, or maybe he’d spice it up and post some video -him singing, playing an instrument, showing his daily routine-. For some reason you couldn’t get enough of Taehyung. Him and his sweet dog, and sometimes his wild friends, were just what your tired caffeine induced brain needed.

He was insanely popular, too. People loved every minute of him, and that was enough to get over 6,000,000 subscribers in two years. You felt upset you didn’t know of Taehyung earlier, or you’d definitely have a brighter day knowing you were alive in the same universe as him…Even if he had no idea you walked the same planet as him.

You had things to do, though. Sadly, you still couldn’t revolve your entire life around Taehyung’s 15 minute vlogs he ran weekly. It was surprising, sometimes he’d post twice a week, and you loved it especially. The life you lived wasn’t as amazing as his, obviously, but you couldn’t just stop living it to watch his videos.

Even though you wanted to try…

It was past 7 AM by the time you decided to get dressed for the foggy Saturday morning ahead of you. All night you’d stayed up to write papers to stay caught up in your classes. You had the day off, but chores still screamed at you whenever you turned a corner in your small apartment.

“Fine…” You muttered to nothing in particular, rolling the sleeves of your crew neck to tie up your trash bag and hauling it into your arms. The stench had been circulating throughout the air for days now, but you didn’t notice much because you’d been spending so much time at the local library down the street, that was placed perfectly on your college campus. They kept that place open long hours into the night, knowing kids needed to stay up to finish reports and things due at 12 maximum.

You shuffled downstairs and outside, throwing the black bag into the dumpster. Nobody showed up at the back of your building, so you knew that your ripped up pajamas and gross bed hair wouldn’t be noticed.

After entering your apartment again, you showered and dressed, making yet another coffee to keep your fuel running. No time for sleeping. Not today.

Snatching up your bag, you left your apartment and began to walk towards the market down the street. You were running dry of vegetables, and your insides were beginning to rot, probably.

As you walked down the street, you pulled your phone from your bag and began to text various friends. They were probably all busy, but you were sure they still had some time to have small talk before you entered the store.

Once none of them replied, you discarded that idea and shoved your phone away, making sure it was off. Fine, if they weren’t going to reply…you weren’t going to wait for them too.

You were in sight of the market, and that was when someone began to intersect with you, walking from the other side of the street. You glanced over by habit, getting only half the sight of his face. He looked familiar, but you paid no mind to him. Probably just another tired looking kid from school.

He seemed to be making his way to the market as well, but it didn’t matter to you. Crossing the street, you were now walking about a foot in front of him, so you hurried a little and snaked through the sliding doors of the market. On the left side of the door were baskets, so you picked one up and headed straight for the vegetables.

As you threw foods your taste bud’s preferred into your basket, someone tapped your shoulder. Lazily, you turned your head to look at him, but you immediately perked up upon seeing his face.

“I really like your sweater, sorry, I just…thought I should tell you I really like your sweater. I said that twice, cool. Sorry.” He bit his lip at you, and you were stunned into silence. Wait…was that…Taehyung?

Oh my god, is this real? He was so much taller in person, and much better looking if you say so yourself. The sweater you were wearing was a worn out Star Wars one, that was missing the r in wars because of all the times you’d washed it-without looking at the tag to see that you were washing it wrong.- Still, for some reason he felt like complimenting you on this, and you couldn’t help the blush forming all over your face.

Do you tell him you watch his videos? Do you make a fool of yourself and act like a star struck fan? The two of you watched each other in silence for a moment, in the middle of the vegetable aisle of your supermarket.

“I watch your videos!” You whispered, and his awkward smile grew wider, no longer awkward.

“Mine?” He pointed to himself, and you nodded furiously. Great, no going back now.

“Yeah, you’re really interesting. Especially when with your friends.”

“Do you like my friends more than me?” He chuckled, and you shook your head.

“No, I like you the most.” You promised, feeling your cheeks heat up more at what you’d just said. You’d said that in the most humiliating way, you could see even Taehyung was blushing.

“I never imagined such a pretty girl to be saying that…” He pouted, and you were ready to melt. Taehyung was so much more incredibly beautiful in person, you had no idea how someone like him could even speak to you.

“You say that to every girl, don’t you?” You pressed, and he stuck both hands up in defeat as he laughed.

“Not exactly.”

“I just…think you’re really cool.” You mumbled sheepishly, swinging your basket around a little crazily. The grin he wore wasn’t something new to you, but you could tell he only made it when he was shy.

“You should’ve messaged me! You knew I was coming here, right?”

“Well, yeah but…You’re just so insanely popular you probably never would’ve even replied…”

“Not true.” He immediately interjected, placing a hand on your shoulder. It was a comforting squeeze Taehyung gave, but still nonetheless sent butterflies jumbling inside your tummy. Not the cute kind that made you want to kiss him. No, the kind where you felt as if you were ready to throw up right on his pretty, expensive shoes. “I just finished meeting with a few…uh…”

“Fans.” You finished for him, smiling. He looked down, snorting at the word.

“Yes, fans. Did you know they messaged me?” Taehyung looked up at you, a slight pout on his lips that would’ve made him look much younger if not for his height. Shrugging sheepishly, you didn’t meet his eyes despite the gaze Taehyung attempted to hold.

“What are you doing in here, when you’re on vacation?”

“Vacation? I’m visiting family and attending a funeral for my moms best friends daughter.”

You felt your stomach drop at the words, mouth agape as you tried to form words but couldn’t. This was a catastrophe, you had no idea it was something so terribly devastating. Taehyung seemed to be taken aback at himself, and he abruptly shook both hands in front of your face.

“Uh, sorry, that was like, totally personal. I’m not even close with them its just…common courtesy because I want to be there for my mom? I sound like a dick now, I’m so sorry I should really leave, its just, you’re so pretty.”  

You were stunned, to say the least. Never in a million years would you expect to run into Taehyung, the mastermind who worked his ass off to gain 6 million subscribers by posting weekly, sometimes daily videos that were absolutely breathtaking for the sole fact of knowing all the hard work he put into it.  You idolized Taehyung to the point of being unable to speak when he stuttered everyday compliments to you. He was breathtakingly perfect in every sort of aspect, from the birthmarks all over his face to the unevenness of his eyes. He never failed to wow you.

And here he was once again, wowing you into silence just by calling you pretty.

“Sorry, should I leave?”

“No! I… No… I’m sorry for your mother’s best friends loss. Did you used to live here?”

His smile had returned, and you sighed deeply. “Thank you, and no, I’ve never been here before. I got lost 3 times even after asking for directions.”

“Oh, shit. How about I walk you back to wherever your staying? Wait, that sounds stalkerish I totally did not intend for that.”

“You’re fine. I’d like that. What else do you need to buy? I’ll come with you. I should so vlog this… Do you mind?”

“No, go ahead. Wait, do you mean you’re going to show me?”

“Yes. Too late to say no I’m about to record!” He pulled free a small camera, black and shiny before flipping up a screen and turning it on. Taehyung smiled into the screen, now reflecting the both of you like a mirror.

“Hi guys! I’m in the supermarket with my new friend, um…”

“(Y/N),” you cut in, and Taehyung shot you a thankful look. He put his basket down to wrap an arm around your shoulder and pull you close. To the small amount of passerby’s just trying to do their weekend shopping this was probably quite the spectacle.

“Yes, (Y/N). She’s a new friend wearing this sick Star Wars shirt. Just ran into her looking for some radishes. I was vlogging about this earlier,but (Y/N) probably knows this place better than me and thankfully promised to help me back to the place I’m staying.”

And you did. You helped Taehyung back to the place he was staying, in deep conversation the whole time the two of you lugged grocery bags together up the street. It was strange, you expected him to be noticed more, but not once was he greeted by anyone on the sidewalk. Taehyung just seemed like an entirely different person to you, almost…. Almost normal.

As you stopped in front of the place he told you about, you bid Taehyung farewell before turning around to leave. You felt a tightness in your chest as you turned, knowing you’d probably never see Taehyung again besides on a computer screen. Even though he barely knew you, you felt as if you were friends with Taehyung long before this rare and amazing encounter. The internet was truly amazing thing.

“Thank you, (Y/N). How will we ever talk again?”

Huh? You couldn’t help but whirl around and stare at Taehyung, silent as your bags gently ruffled in the light breeze. He still stood in the same spot as before, except this time he held his phone out toward you.

“Can I get your number?”

“My number?” You furrowed your brows, reaching into your pocket to pull free your phone as well. Taehyung snatched it away from you once it was turned on, and handed you his phone. For a moment you watched as he typed digits into your number, a smile brushed across your face. You looked down at his phone, and pressed your number into it.

“I’ll text you when the vlog comes out, okay?” He gave you back your phone, pocketing his own as well. You nodded at Taehyung, unable to keep the smile off of your face no matter how hard you tried. Your smile seemed to be contagious, as his grew wider just by looking at you.

“Sounds great. See you, Taehyung.”

It was a few days before you woke up to your phone ringing loudly. You groaned, rolling over onto your stomach to pick up your phone and answer it. Your voice was rough from just waking up, but you didn’t really care.

“Mm, hello?”

“(Y/N)?” It was Taehyung. You could tell by the softness of his voice he’d been up for awhile. You shot up into a sitting position, unconsciously patting down your hair as if he could see it. He laughed nervously on the other line, and you wondered if he was fidgeting as well.

“I posted the video, and I’m about to get on the plane to go home.”

“You’re leaving?” You didn’t mean to sound so shocked, but you did. Of course Taehyung had to go home, and it was sweet of him to even tell you when he barely knew you.

“Sorry for calling so early, but I wanted to tell you. Can we keep in touch? We can text and call, I don’t know…”

“Yes, of course I’d really like that. Don’t worry about calling early, even if its the only day I have afternoon classes and get to sleep in.”

“Wait, really? I’m sorry!”

“I’m kidding, don’t worry at all. Thank you, for telling me.”

“Yeah,” he snorted, and you imagined him to be messing with his hair. Taehyung sighed on the other line, and you laid back down against your pillows. “Go back to sleep!”

“Right.” It was much too early to be blushing, but there you were smiling like an idiot with a phone pressed to your ear.

“I need to go now, but can I call you when I get off the plane?”

“Yes, do that. Only if you’re not busy, though.”

“I’m not that busy, (Y/N). Bye.”

“Okay, bye.” You hung up, throwing down your phone to go toward your computer. A morning call and new video? Today was your lucky day.


【Hanryupia 2015 February Issue】Catch up with BTS: Relay Interview vol.14 - JIN x JUNGKOOK + mini interview: J-HOPE’s trans


1992.12.4/O/Vocal. Born in Gwacheon. Charming point: fleshy lips and broad shoulders. He has a nickname of ‘handsome shoulder guy’. Habit: when he’s hungry, his left eye blinks.


1997.9.1/A/Rap & Dance. He learnt Taekwondo, basketball and badminton in his childhood. Last year, he covered Zion.T’s ‘Yanghwa Bridge’ with his own lyrics and named it ‘Working’, and covered Crush’s ‘Sofa’.

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