Your voice was soft and gentle as you sang. It provided him with some form of comfort that he couldn’t describe. It calmed him, making him feel totally safe and secure. Your fingers danced over his face, playing with his hair, as you sang to him. It was the dead of night and here you were, awake and singing to him until he fell asleep again. Bucky had lost count of how many times you’d sang him to sleep, all he knew was that he loved you and he was never going to let you go.


BAYFOOD TRAVELS: Honeydukes (Hogsmeade, Wizarding Britain) - As today is Harry Potter (and J.K. Rowling’s) birthday, I had to post Harry Potter related stuff! I have SO many pictures from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that it was difficult to narrow down what to post. And in the chaos of going into these tiny shops with so many other visitors also produced a lot of blurry pictures. Oh well. That place is permanently seared in my brain… until I get to visit it when they open it in L.A.!

Honeydukes was simply amazing. It’s what you imagine in your head when you’re reading the book and you truly feel like you’re walking onto the set of the movies. I’m pretty sure after the Hogwarts Express, we visited Honeydukes the most. There’s simply so many different chocolates, candies, and sweets crammed into this bustling shop. You see so many references from the books and even a few that they made up for the amusement park. 

After I bought a couple of candies (because why else would I come to Honeydukes?!), we went up to the cash register. They have a display window with a bunch of baked goods, many of them also Harry Potter fictional foods come to life. Needless to say, we bought a bunch of the treats. By now, we had realized that all of the sweets were better than the savory food, so it was a safe bet. 

Among one of the baked goods we purchased were the Rock Cakes. You might remember them as the snacks Hagrid would make for Harry, Ron, and Hermione when they come over for tea. And of course, Hagrid is not the best baker so the rock cakes are literally rock hard and could break teeth. Thankfully, these rock cakes are not like that at all!

The Rock Cakes remind me of Muffin Tops. Yes, that’s a real thing. The texture felt like part muffin and part scone. It’s not as dry as a scone but not as soft as a muffin. This one also had chocolate chips and raisins. It was so good that I didn’t mind the raisins and I have a fierce hatred for those wrinkly guys. Good thing we bought a couple, because it was the perfect late night snack and quick breakfast before we came back to the park! The cashier also recommended it tastes good dipped in hot butterbeer. I wish I had a chance to bake these at home, but I will try when I get a chance one of these days.

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