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One of the pleasures of exploring Yosemite in the Winter is the sense of solace that you get in the Yosemite Valley. A place that normally throngs with crowds on every accessible trail in the summer takes on the appearance of a deserted ghost town (except for a few spots). And in that stillness, one can slow down and catch the gentle embrace of solitude, from the meadows void of people to the still river that forgot its voice the previous fall. And in that stillness, a photographer can conjure up images that are possible only because of it, of mirror-like reflections and of soft smooth lines of unbroken snow. This is one such winter image from the shores of a rather still Merced River in Yosemite Valley. Yosemite National Park CA USA

Woah.-- Steve Rogers x Reader PT 3

Description: Steve and the Reader start off as close friends on the Avengers team, but when a night alone together changes that, they struggle to hide their secret relationship from the rest of the group.

Warnings: Swearing. This story is fluff for the most part. It may be slightly saucy.

Reader’s powers: Fire manipulation, Spontaneous combustion, Fire creation (Creation? Idk what to call it.)


(Set two weeks from the I Love You’s)

You woke up that morning to an eager knock at your door. Glancing over at Steve, who was bare besides his boxers underneath the comforter, you sigh. Getting used to the tedious routine, you shake the snoring captain fully awake, crawling over him to reach down off of his side of the bed and hand him his shirt. You hop out of bed yourself, slipping into a pair of sweatpants that lay on the floor, and throwing on a tank top over your bra. Steve groggily slid the shirt on and tucked himself back under the blanket. All in under 30 seconds. You pride yourself on this record timing. Pulling open the door, you act a little less alert than you actually are, pushing your tangled hair out of your face. Pietro Maximoff stood up against the wall beside the door frame.

“What do you want?” You ask.

“Sam says Cap needs to get up. They’re apparently going on a man date today.” He informed you. Actually, Steve had been the first to let you know, earlier in the week.

“Sounds like fun. I’ll wake him up.” As you attempt to push the door closed, Pietro peers over your shoulder. You whirl around to catch what he may be looking at. Your eyes darted to a post-it note tacked onto the end of your nightstand that read ‘I love you’ with a tiny heart sat beside it, all scrawled in Steve’s moderately neat handwriting. He had stuck it on your cheek the night before as you sat in bed, reading a novel.

“Getting love letters, are we? Who’s it from?” He smirked.

Your mind went at a million miles per hour looking for an answer. “My uh, mom dropped off a gift the other day. Late birthday present. That was on the package.”

“For a minute, I thought you had a secret lover.” He chuckled. “But instead, you just get lame notes from your mommy.”

“Careful there, Maximoff. I will melt your ass. My mom is a jewel.” You joke, pushing the door shut while Pietro snickers, dashing down the hallway. You immediately turn to Steve, crawling on the bed and flicking him in the face. “You ass! We almost got caught!” His eyes popped open and he rolled over on his back to look up at you.

“What the hell did I do?” He asks.

“You left your stupid love note out on the nightstand! Pietro saw it!” You flicked him again.

“Ow! I didn’t do shit, you were the one who took it off and left it there!” He responded, reaching up to flick you back.

“Yeah, well you wrote it!” You exclaim.

“Oh, whatever! What about you, last week, with the squeezing my hand under the table during that meeting with S.H.I.E.L.D? If Wanda had ducked down to pick up that pen a millisecond sooner, we would have been screwed.” Steve reasoned.

“Ok, I took the blame for that, but this one was on you.” You roll to lay beside him, arms crossed over your chest.

“No it wasn’t! You could have thrown it away! But instead you just put it right on the nightstand.” He argued.

“I couldn’t throw it away, that’s mean!”

“Well you shouldn’t have left it out then.” You decided he was right.

“Ugh, I knooowww! I’m soorryyyy!” You dragged on, covering your face with your hands. “This is getting super out of hand, I don’t think I can do it anymore.”

“You want to break up?” Cap sat up.

“What? No!” You sprung forward as well. You began to laugh, cupping his face in your hands.

“Steve, no. Oh my god.” You smile.

“It was just the way that you worded it, I-”

“You’re such an idiot, Steve.” You say quietly. “You big awkward bean. I’m not gonna break up with you.” Laughter continued to spill out of you.

“Alright, well, we don’t have to make a big deal out of it-”

“Shhhh.” You get on your knees to wrap your arms around his neck, still giggling.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna have to live with this moment for the rest of my life, aren’t I?” He asked.

“Yes, yes you are. Now get out of here, Sam says you’ve got to get ready for your man date.”

“I hate it when you call it that.” He groaned.

“Yeah, I mean, it is kind of annoying. Maybe you should break up with me.” You hid a smile.

“I’ve got to go.” He rose from the bed walking to the door.

“When you get back, we’ll talk, okay? Because I don’t think I can hold this big of a secret anymore. Meet me in the living room at midnight.”

He dragged himself to the door. “Alright. I love you.”

“Love you too. I hope you get lucky on your date.”

“I’m taking my ‘I love you’ back.”

“Uh uh! That’s against the rules!” Stepping out of bed, you plant a quick kiss on his lips. “Bye.”

“Bye.” He smiled at you sweetly. With that, he whisked around and stepped out of the door. Picking up the love note off your nightstand, you tuck it into the top drawer. You had nothing planned this afternoon, so you simply decided to hang out with Wanda. As you exit the room to greet her, you catch her right outside your door.

“Hey, I was just about to get you. Pietro, Vision, and I were going to head and get coffee. I was going to see if you wanted to come.” She told you.

“Sure thing. Just give me a minute to change, alright?” Wanda nods, and you shut the door once more. You turn to the closet, throwing on a big sweater and some leggings, along with some grey ankle boots. After, you met your friends in the hallway and left for the coffee shop just down the street.

As you walked in between Wanda and Pietro, you felt a smile creep up onto your face as you thought about your conversation with Steve earlier that morning.

“What are you smiling about, flame princess?” The male Maximoff asked, using his signature nickname for you.

“Just a joke I heard earlier.” You lied.

“Who told you it?” He questioned.

“Uh Steve, actually.” You reply. Pietro eyed you carefully. Wanda and Vision talked beside you, oblivious.


(Pietro’s Point of View)

Pietro zoomed away from your bedroom as you closed the door, coming right back as soon as you’d left. “Present from mom, bullshit. I don’t believe it for a second.” He muttered to himself while putting his ear up to the door. ‘You ass! You almost got us caught!’ He heard you yell. Slightly, he could tell Cap had been speaking, but not loud enough for him to make anything out. Then, he heard your voice booming once more. ‘You left your stupid love note out on the nightstand! Pietro saw it!’ Quicksilver gasped outside of the room. ‘iT WAS HIS NOTE!!’ He whisper-screamed to no one. Listening in a while longer, he didn’t make much out, but it went from you laughing a bunch to enough movement to signal that Steve was leaving the room. As his voice came closer to the door, Pietro sped straight into his sister’s room, slamming the door.

“You would not BELIEVE what just happened!” He yelled, walking into the bathroom where Wanda was brushing her teeth.

“What?” She asked, her mouth full of foam.

“(Y/N) and Cap are dating.” He said dramatically.

Scarlet Witch rolled her eyes. “…Right. Nice try, big brother.”

“I’m serious!” He got defensive.

“That is not true. We’ve all had this discussion many times, Pietro. They don’t sleep together, they just sleep… together.” She explained.

“Wanda, I swear! He gave her a love note!”

“Who gives anyone love notes nowadays?” Wanda’s forehead wrinkled in confusion, spitting into the sink.

“Steve does, apparently!”

His sister sighed. “Listen, I’m not falling for it, alright? Go bother Vision, he’s way more gullible than me.”

“You don’t believe me? Well look in her mind then!”

“I’m not going to do that.” She placed her toothbrush in its holder.

“And why not?”

“Because (Y/N) is our friend. It is untrustworthy to spy on your friends.” She told him.

“You’re such a prude, Wanda.”

“A what?”

“A prude. It means that you are lame.” He crossed his arms.

“Whatever.” She shrugged.

“I’ll prove it to you, one way or another.” He assured her.


(Pietro’s Point of View)

Pietro slouched over the back of the couch in the living room, groaning at his sister. “I’m telling you Wanda, they’re dating!”

“Give it up already! They are not together! If (Y/N) found Steve attractive, I would have kniwn about it by now.” She said, picking at her nails.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because. We gossip about the team all the time. She’s not said one thing about the luxuries of laying next to Captain America. I don’t think she’s got even a tiny bit of a crush on him.”

“Alright, If anyone says they don’t have at least a teeny tiny crush on Captain America, they’re lying.” Pietro told her defiantly. Wanda gave him a look, giggling. Suddenly, her laughter halted as she began to hear yours from down the hall.

“Come on, It wasn’t even that funny!” Cap said, walking next to you. Before you could enter the room, Pietro scooped up his sister and dashed to hide in the storage closet, leaving the door cracked slightly.

“This’ll prove it.” He whispered.

“It was hilarious! I can’t believe you thought that was how I was gonna break up with you. When I do it, I’m going to at least be classy about it.” You smile at Steve. Wanda’s mouth widened, and as she prepared to let out a squeal, her brother put a hand over her mouth, shushing her violently until she calmed down.

“I can’t believe you think you’re breaking up with me. If anything, I’m breaking up with you for this verbal abuse.” He replied.

You touch your nose to his. “Aww, come on Cap, you know you couldn’t keep away from me.”

“Maybe I just haven’t tried hard enough.” He teased.

“Ha, Ha.” He granted you a gentle kiss, you let your hands sneak beneath his shirt and onto his abdomen. As you pull away, you don’t go far, your lips lingering to travel to his cheekbone. “I gotta tell somebody.” You say softly.

“Why?” He whined.

“Because, Steve, I’m tired of having to sneak around to be able to hug my boyfriend. I have to drink two cups of coffee every morning to make up for the fact that I was up all night talking to you. It’s not healthy.” You tell him.

“Sure, all those things, but it’s fun! I like sneaking around, sometimes. I like getting you all to myself every night…” He spoke, planting little kisses on your neck. Meanwhile, in the storage closet, Wanda and Pietro were practically bouncing off the walls at every word they could hear.

“Oh my god, what if they start having sex?!” Wanda buried her face in her hands.

Pietro pushed her lightly. “Stop thinking about that!” He spoke quietly.

“I have a proposition for you, Captain.” The Maximoffs heard you say, instantly making faces of utter horror and disgust. “What if, we told our team, and then, you and I could walk freely around the facility, and I could kiss you all the time, we could go on dates, hold hands, like normal people do, plus, we still got to spend the nights together.”

Pietro let out a breath. “I thought that was going in a waaaay different direction.”

“I thought you said not to think about that!” Wanda whispered.

“Well, you’re my little sister. You can’t have dirty thoughts.”

“I hate you, Pietro.” She glared at him.

“This all sounds great, but, what about from a public standpoint? If people know we’re dating, then they know exactly who to hurt to get to us.” Steve said.

“Just because they know who to hurt, doesn’t mean they can. Steve Rogers, I will personally cut any bitch that tries to hurt me or you.” You smile.

He grinned back at you. “I know you will.”

“Plus, I never said we had to tell everybody. We don’t need dates, we can always just, order in and eat here.” You say.

“That’s true. Well if we plan on telling everyone, we should probably savor our last night of privacy.”

“Alright. Let’s head upstairs. We can make out, and then you can tell me all about your man date with Sam.” You smirk.

“See? Now you know I wasn’t lying.” Pietro said stubbornly to his sister. As he crossed his arms, leaning back on his heels, he tripped over a broomstick that lay flat on the ground behind him. His back hit the door with a crash, and it swung open, leaving you to see him sprawled across the floor, and Wanda, stifling a laugh while stood above him. You and Steve directed your eyes to the two of them, frozen in shock. “(Y/N), Steve. Always a pleasure.” Pietro spoke awkwardly, rising from the ground to pick up his sister and rush away.


You stood in the kitchen chugging a cup of coffee. One by one, the other avengers moped in groggily, munching on whatever breakfast they could find. Steve found his place, eating a granola bar while stood next to you, scrolling through his phone. Wanda and Pietro sat at the table, unable to remove their gaze from either of you.

Silence ensued, for a few more moments, until Wanda began to whine. “I can’t take it any longer! (Y/N) and Steve are dating! They love each other!”

“What?” Natasha spoke up.

“Wanda, oh my god!” You yell at her.

“Oh shush, you were going to tell everyone anyway!” She crossed her arms.

“Yeah, we were going to tell everyone.” You say.

“You’re dating?” Sam’s eyebrows raised.

“Yes.” Steve answered.

“Does this mean that Steve finally got laid after ninety years?” Tony asked, sipping on coffee himself.

“Yep.” You stretched out your arms proudly.

“Seriously, (Y/N)?” Steve glared at you.

“I can’t even comprehend it. How did this happen?” Clint asked.

“Well it all started when-” You began, before he cut you off.

“To clarify, I didn’t mean how did you start dating. I meant, how the hell did Cap get laid?”

“Actually, It’s kinda the same story.” You say with a laugh.

Tony spat out his coffee. “Oh god, so you’re telling me, that not only have you been hiding your relationship from us, but the reason that you got together is because you had sex? No, I don’t believe it. It’s impossible. He can’t be that good, he’s had no practice!”

“Okay, first of all, I’m standing right here. Second, I was not a virgin before I got together with (Y/N). Third, I’d really prefer it if the topic of our breakfast this morning was not my sex life.” Steve said, agitated.

“Fourth, Tony, at least Steve gets to have sex.” You add.

“I swear, (Y/N), if you do not keep playing that card, I’m gonna snap your neck. PEPPER IS ON A BUSINESS TRIP. IT IS NOT MY FAULT THAT MY AMAZING GIRLFRIEND RUNS ONE OF THE BIGGEST COMPANIES IN THE NATION.” You chuckle at his defense attempt.

“Didn’t you pass that company down to her, though? Therefore, wouldn’t it be your fault?” Natasha asked him.

He sighed. “No, no it would not.”

“I’m pretty sure it would.” Sam responded.

“Why are all of you against me? You do know that I pay for literally every luxury that you have in this building.” He reminded you.

“Blackmailing us into being on your side does not seem like a very sufficient plan.” Vision butted in.

“The android’s right, Tony.” You shrug.

“Oh shut it, house fire. I don’t want any advice from someone who fucked the world’s most famous virgin.”


“Gee willikers Rogers, I’ve had enough of your cussing!” You respond.

“WHO’S SIDE ARE YOU ON?” He shouted back at you.

aaaaand thats how civil war begins


Big Talk to Play in Support of More Than A Cone on September 11, 2015

Big Talk will perform in support of the animal welfare organization More Than A Cone at The Autry in Los Angeles, CA on September 11, 2015.

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requested by anon

You rolled your eyes as he flirted once again. You knew what Bucky was like; a womaniser. He flirted and moved onto the next person. Bucky sighed, seeing your slight frustration, “You know why I flirt with you, right?”

“Do enlighten me.”

“Because I have real genuine feelings for you.” You froze, “I really have feelings for you. Strong feelings that I know are real and will not fade. You’re not just ‘another notch on the bedpost’. Believe me.”