don’t imagine lance learning about the garrison and wanting with his heart and soul to go there

don’t imagine lance asking his parents about it and them having to softly let him down because those types of schools are way to expensive for normal people, much less cuban immigrants

don’t imagine the garrison announcing a scholarship program to try and add diversity to the students in their schools

don’t imagine lance working for years on trying to up his GPA and earning enough money so he can pay for classes at the community college when he was just a small teenager

because damn by just considering to go to those schools you better have enough credentials to beat out thousands of privileged, genius kids who have been working towards this since forever

don’t imagine lances family seeing him go through and overcome obstacles for years just to send in his application 

don’t imagine lance freaking out because he knows he’s not going to be accepted and all that work was for nothing and all the stress he’s put his family through was completely unnecessary

don’t imagine lance getting a letter from the garrison and automatically assuming it’s a rejection letter highlighting everything wrong with him

don’t imagine him knowing that the previous thought was is very unreasonable, but still thinking that he could have never got in 

don’t imagine his family pushing him to open it and then one day he gives in and as soon as he’s done reading he just sits down and stares at it

don’t imagine his family asking him what’s wrong even though they think they know why talkative lance is suddenly so quiet

don’t imagine them ripping the acceptance letter from his hands and then bursting out into the happiest crying fit you’ve ever seen      

don’t imagine them hugging and kissing lance and being so proud and amazed that he actually did it 

don’t imagine lance starting to cry as he realizes that he did it, that his years of work have payed off and that he did something that few people have ever done

don’t imagine him proving his worth and gaining attention from the family that never seems to have time for him

don’t imagine him showing up at the garrison on his first day only to have his joy annihilated by everybody else who seems so informed and prepared compared to him

don’t imagine him trying to one up keith because he needs to prove his worth to both the world and himself

don’t imagine him despising keith because when keith got expelled he seemed to be saying that lances life goal was beneath him and wasn’t worth keeping his mouth shut

don’t imagine lance knowing that the only reason he’s even there is because somebody couldn’t shut up