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hey! I've been a fan of yours for a while and I've just started tryijng to sell my art to the world and I was wondering if you had any tips for me on how to get A Little Famous?

my process has gone as follows:

1. big fandom
2. mambostuck
3. ?????
4. profit

okay but seriously though, er.  fandom work is accessible and if you tag all your stuff people can find you through shared interests!  so that’s always good, and then if they’re following you hopefully they can develop a connection to your original work (if you’ve got it).  just draw what you want to draw b/c you don’t wanna get popular for drawing stuff you don’t care about.

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how often did you flirt with mom alph

E-e-ew, no! She p-p-pretty much adopted me when I was, like, t-ten! Th-that’d be so weird.

It’s not weird for me, though!!!

O-oh my god that’s so weird.

Admit it, Alphys.

Your mum is HOT and I’m GAY.

I-I see where you’re c-c-coming from, b-but also.

That’s my M-MUM.

She’s one HOT MAMA.

W-why th-this.

But she’s not as hot…

As my super hot girlfriend!!!



No, c-come on-



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Exhausted and eager to be reunited with your bed, you open your door to find that it's already occupied. Noctis is panting and pinned beneath Prompto, who's lips drag along the skin of his neck, stopping to nip at his collarbone. Noctis groans—low, throaty. He's burning up, a blushing mess when Prompto's sharp eyes meet his. Prompto frees Noct's hardened cock from his slacks with nimble fingers and his lips continue their trek down his belly, ragged breath flattening the hair of his happy trail.

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c-can I join?

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for the prompt: 174 please?

“I don’t need a Prince Charming saving me”

After the performace at the hunter moon’s, Simon goes to the bar and orders a bloody mary before three vampires he’s never seen before sits at his right.
“So you’re the daylighter” the male one says and Simon looks at him confused.
“He’s cute” the girls sitted next to the boy is looking at him in a very uncomfortable way and Simon shudders.
“How did it happen?” the male one asks and tips his back. Simon is nervous and puts the bloody mary on the counter.
“I-i’m not sure” Simon says, touching nervously his thighs.
“Why don’t you c-” but the girl is stopped from a voice he knows too well.
“Why don’t you leave him alone?” Raphael stands next to Simon with his arms crossed and the vampires glare at Simon before leaving. Simon looks at Raphael and “I don’t need a prince charming saving me”
“No, obviously, you were doing an amazing job on your own. And i’m more like prince erick, thank you” Raphael winks.
“Oh so i’m what? The little mermaid?”
“Nah, you don’t have ginger hair” Raphael says and he’s about to leave when he turns around and adds “and, you’re cuter.”

Heroes of the storm: Best of E.T.C
  • Tychus: So can you play any country music?
  • Lucio: Well not really-
  • E.T.C: *Crashes through wall in country skin* DID SOMEBODY SAY COUNTRY MUSIC!!!
  • (Boop)
  • E.T.C: (playing Hearthstone with D.va) Hey, what happens when you use Thought steal on an orc?
  • D.va: What?
  • E.T.C: Nothing. You can't steal something they don't have. Get it!?
  • D.va: uh...
  • E.T.C: Thrall and Rehgar are standing right behind me aren't they?
  • D.va: Yes.
  • (Boop)
  • Jaina: I don't understand why the Alliance is still mad at Medivh, Its not like he was possessed on purpose-
  • E.T.C: So I guess you can say-
  • Jaina: Tauren, I will hurt you.
  • E.T.C: They need to-
  • Jaina: I am warning you.
  • E.T.C: LET IT GO!?!?!
  • (Some frost blasts later)

It just dawned on me that all the LA girls, the “IG baddies” that I’ve ever been envious of and have unhealthily and obsessively wished I looked e x a c t l y like, look identical to each other. And it’s boring. They’ve all had the same cosmetic procedures to have the same facial structure and features and the same body shape, as if there isn’t beauty in a variety of facial structures and features, and a variety of body shapes. And I’m over it. Like I’m done trying to be something I’m not and feeling bad for not looking a certain way because it’s just not physically possible without surgery/ multiple surgeries.
And this isn’t me hating on these girls or trying to belittle their appearance or what they Nor is this me hating on cosmetic surgery. Do whatever makes you happy and confident, boo.
I’m just coming to the realization that it’s okay not to look like the models on Instagram and the models in magazines. I’m done allowing the toxic mindset that beauty comes in only one form, to weigh me down and convince me I’m not beautiful in my own way. Even though I’ll still feel insecure sometimes, and I’ll still struggle with body image because it isn’t a problem that just diminishes within moments of lying in bed and scrolling through social media, but is rather a life-long process of self-love and positivity, I can really say that I’m finally (more or less) at peace with myself. And it is so nice. I feel so light.