I tried to love you, I really did. But you would not let me. And oh how much I would love you, if only and only if you would let me to.
—  Lukas W. // But you won’t
Scorpio & Pisces
  • Scorpio & Pisces, cuddling in front of the TV in Scorpio's apartment:
  • Pisces, glances from the corner of their eye @ Scorpio: Hey babe, are you okay?
  • Scorpio, staring @ Pisces: Why are you still dating me??
  • Pisces, raises an eyebrow:
  • Pisces, sighs: Because if we broke up- we'd both be lonely... And I made a promise not to make you cry and-
  • Scorpio: Do you love me?
  • Pisces:
  • Pisces: I won't if you keep on fucking interrupting me

with each word i type, i carry much. each quick press of a finger upon a cold key, each curse i’ve sent forth from scout’s mouth, they’ve all carried more than you know. ‘ a fair interpretation, ‘ you may think. ‘ a fair blog. ‘ with each word i type, i not only carry my take on scout, but i also carry a part of myself. the bias of youth. the emotion of any author in the making. by enjoying my muse, by enjoying scout’s voice, it’s almost as if you’re enjoying mine as well. as if you enjoy me. like me. 


oftentimes beautiful people are found humming softly behind beautiful muses. for story, this law is quadrupled. not only do they comfort, care for and calm, but they do it with elegance laced in their words. they hear you even if you don’t cry. even if you don’t ask, they wait there for you. follow story. they’re awesome. 

andrew is wonderful, what else can i say? he’s a fluffy little ball of fluff, who sheds a new light to both lucio and roleplay in general. there’s a certain subtlety to his words. simple, yet quaint. if you’re looking for a positive person, who shocks you with humor and wows you with words, then friggin’ follow andrew. he’s great. 

would it be odd if i announced admiration? yeah? well, aren’t i rebellious, then. to be honest, whilst i’ve liked team fortress 2 for the longest time, i’d have never considered stepping foot into the fandom without shpee’s influence here. she’s level-headed, much like her character, and yet she offers kindness much like all else. i was in awe of her, and i still am. shpee’s been a huge icon for me in the roleplay community. 

sleepy! my wonderful sleepy! this bag of beans has been around since the beginning. i’ve made friends with many, but up until her, i’ve always been the one reaching forth. sleepy’s appearance made me realize that i, too, have the power to be approached. to be fancied and looked to with respect just for being me. thanks, sleepy. you meme. 

nin! i’ve gotten the pleasure of getting to know you, both in and out of character, and may i say, it’s been amazing! you share tiger’s spunk, as well as her sweetness, and i am so glad we’ve become buds! everyone, quick! follow nin! 

have i mentioned my love? i should mention my love. i, hiiya, share with you my love. i love you. did i say yet that i love you?
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